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NeXTControls.OCX History File. Copyright 1999-2004 by Jorge M.R. Coelho Winstep Software Technologies -------------------------Build 1.0.

148 - 30 August 2005 Fixed: The NxPopup control would go under an Always On Top window. -------------------------Build 1.0.141 - 9 February 2004 Fixed: The NxList control would cut off options at the end if it had to display too many items. -------------------------Build 1.0.131 - 26 November 2003 Added: The NxFile control now responds to the typing of a letter and automatically scrolls to the next file with a matching first character. -------------------------Build 1.0.131 - 11 September 2002 Fixed: NxList control was case sensitive when sorting. -------------------------Build 1.0.129 - 11 September 2002 Added: The NxList control now responds to the typing of a letter and automatically scrolls to the next item with a matching first character. -------------------------Build 1.0.124 - 19 December 2001 Added: To help prevent accidentally dragging the tasklist, it now only enters 'drag' mode if it is moved more than 6 pixels at a time. Fixed: When dragging an item over a tile on the tasklist to bring a target window to the foreground, the tasklist would start behaving like if it was being dragged itself. Fixed: The tasklist tooltip was no longer display changing windows

12 Jan 2001 Added: NxMWheel control to add Mouse Wheel support.0.11 December 2001 Added: 'LockPos' property to Tasklist control.captions (as when a caption reflects % of bytes downloaded. -------------------------Build 1.114 . Added: Mouse Wheel support to NxList and NxFile controls.9 May 2001 Fixed: NxText control would crash with text files bigger than 32 Kb.y)' event to the Tasklist control. Enabled it prevents the tasklist from being dragged around with the mouse. -------------------------Build 1. -------------------------- .0.110 .0. -------------------------Build 1.106 . -------------------------Build 1. Added: 'Moved(x.112 .0. Fixed: The tooltips in the taskbar control no longer display a blank entry in the normal Windows taskbar.7 December 2001 Added: Tasklist control can now be dragged across the screen.0.119 .31 Aug 2000 Fixed: The Tasklist control now fetches the icon from the parent window if the task is owned.118 .17 June 2001 Fixed: The taskbar control no longer displays a blank entry in the normal Windows taskbar. -------------------------Build 1. -------------------------Build 1. for instance).0.

8 Aug 2000 Added: Double Click event to the two slider controls. which is fired when the user doble-clicks on top of the slider handle.0.0. the transparent shape of the previous theme would remain. New color well control. -------------------------Build 1. -------------------------Build 1.15 Jul 2000 Added: NXColor control.18 Jul 2000 Added: NxColor control now has a special 'disabled' look.0.101 . Can be used to restore a default. -------------------------Build 1. Added: NxHslider and NxVSlider controls.100 .19 Jul 2000 Added: 'Pos' property to the slider controls so a value number can be easilly made to follow the slider handle.0. Fixed: Changed the value of a slider control was not raising the 'Slide' event. -------------------------Build 1.103 . Fixed: Slight improvement on the time used within the process list of the tasklist control on Win9x systems.104 .98 .0.0.21 Jul 2000 Fixed: When applying a new theme without tasklist bitmap transparency over one that had.Build 1. if the window to bring forward was maximized it would be restored as well.19 Apr 2000 Fixed: When left clicking on a task button for the first time.105 . -------------------------Build 1. .

-------------------------Build 1.21 Mar 2000 Added: Middle-clicking on a task icon can now terminate the associated application even if it is not responding.94 .0.0. -------------------------Build 1.0.92 . -------------------------Build 1.4 Sep 1999 .0. This solves the problem of applications that changed their taskbar icon to show a process progress and also corrects a problem where sometimes busy applications would show the wrong icon.90 .23 Dec 1999 Fixed: The Tasklist control should now provide enough time for tasks to show their correct icon when busy loading before timing out.0.29 Feb 2000 Added: Bitmap transparency to tasklist buttons.0.10 Dec 1999 Fixed: The Tasklist control no longer freezes the application when another app hangs or hogs the system.89 .4 Apr 2000 Fixed: Closing an Explorer window with middle click on a task icon did not work and only resulted in a beep. -------------------------Build 1. Added: Dragging a file over a Tasklist button now not only brings the associated window forward as it also identifies the window with a tooltip.91 . -------------------------Build 1.95 .-------------------------Build 1. Added: The tasklist icons are now refreshed every 3 seconds even if no applications have been started or terminated.

0.0.21 Aug 1999 Fix: 3D display problems with NxFrame and NxPopUp controls in large font systems.83 .1 Jul 1999 Added: Ability for Tasklist to use multiple icon files for user defined icons.21 Aug 1999 Changed: NxTasklist control now ignores any space reserved by taskbars and toolbars on the screen.20 Jul 1999 Fix: Problem with tooltip on tasklist where it sometimes would not go away. -------------------------Build 1.23 Jun 1999 Fixed: User Handles resource leak when using the Tasklist control under NT.81 .79 .18 Jun 1999 . -------------------------Build -------------------------Build 1. -------------------------Build 1. -------------------------Build 1.80 .15 Jul 1999 Fix: Improved the WB/NS Minimize/Restore bug.Added: Dragging a file over a Tasklist button now brings the associated window forward. -------------------------Build .82 .88 . -------------------------Build 1.

15 Jun 1999 Added: File List Control now displays <Empty> if there are no files or folders to view. Added: Always On Top property to the Tasklist control. Fixed: Tasklist control would try to display a button frame when a task icon was clicked if using transparent icons with the border set to 3D Push in ( Again! ) -------------------------Build 1.10 Jun 1999 Changed: The NxFile control is now incomensurably faster.0.0.75 Added: BorderColor and BorderColor2 properties to the Tasklist control.0. Fixed: Tasklist control should now properly display in every virtual desktop instead of only in the primary. -------------------------Build 1. Changed: Method used to display the Tasklist control. -------------------------Build 1. . Changed: Method used to display the text in a Text box control. specially when retrieving folders with thousands of files. Fixed: The Tasklist control was not positoning itself properly when anchored to the right edge of the screen.Added: Middle clicking on a task icon of the Tasklist control now kills that task. Fixed: Tasklist control would try to display a button frame when a task icon was clicked if using transparent icons with the border set to 3D Push in. Added: A task can now be made not to appear on the TaskList control by leaving the Iconpath blank in a User Specified Icon.76 Fixed: Problem with Textbox control when scrolling.77 .0. Defines the colors used to draw the button's 3D frame. -------------------------Build 1.78 .

-------------------------Build 1.0. -------------------------Build 1.0. -------------------------Build 1.0.0. . -------------------------Build 1.73 Added: Transparent background to buttons in Tasklist control.72 Added property page to the text property of the NxText control. It also consumes a lot less memory now.0.70 Optimized some of the controls code so they display faster.0. -------------------------Build 1. -------------------------Build 1.Fixed: Problem with Frame control not repainting correctly in design mode.69 Fixed problem with text being cut-off at the end of the textbox control. -------------------------Build 1.71 Added support for push in buttons in Tasklist control.74 Added: Option buttons and checkboxes now fire up the click event when their value is changed programatically.68 Fixed problem with scrollbars and textbox control.0.

Fixed bug in which NxCheck would not display the checkmark if it was assign a boolean value of True instead of '1'. Improved the speed of the file listbox control when fetching large directories.67 Fixed error under NT when using the tasklist control if PSAPI.63 Double-click event of file listbox control now only fires when user double clicks on the actual listbox part of the control.0.0. -------------------------Build 1.DLL does not exist.53 Check and Option controls now also have a 'disabled' look.55 File listbox core code changed. Wrote code to circunvent VB bug that caused scrollbars not to be enabled/disabled as needed when placed on a Modall form.52 . to allow tenfold speed increase. Added UserControl icons to NxFile and NxTask controls.0.0. -------------------------Build 1.0.65 Added Tasklist control.-------------------------Build 1. -------------------------Build 1. -------------------------Build 1. Improved Painting code of File listbox control. -------------------------Build 1.0.

0. Fixed a problem with the File Listbox control and NT's pagefile.47 Optimized auto-exclude code for option buttons. -------------------------Build 1. and any text and icons are only drawn when the controls are visible. Fixed problem with Automation Errors on the main application after compiling a new OCX. Fixed problem with pull up menu disappearing behind a window if expanded and the parent window looses then regains focus.The Pull up menu control no longer reports a click event if the user expands it and then clicks on the same item. -------------------------Build 1.0. if the listboxes are not hidden.46 Fixed problem with large icons being displayed as small icons in the filebrowser listbox.sys file.0. -------------------------Build 1.28 Fixed severe memory leak when using icons in the file listboxes.0. -------------------------Build 1.48 Added File Mask option to File list box control. The Pull up menu control now correctly collapses when the user clicks anywhere outside the control. Fixed problem in which scroll buttons appeared not to 'depress' when scrolling resulted in a lot of processor activity. -------------------------Build 1. .45 Fixed display bug with List box controls. Added 'Value' property ( to control scroll bar position ) and 'PathChanged' event to File list box control. instead of pixel by pixel. Scroll in Listboxes and File Listboxes is now imediate.0.

-------------------------Build 1.0.21 Added File listbox control. .19 The Pull Down Menu control no longer raises the click event when clicked on in t he colapsed state. -------------------------Build 1. -------------------------Build 1. Added Style=2 property to listbox so that the control reserves space at the righ t for the sub-item arrow. Listboxes now do not scroll pixel by pixel if the control is not visible ( faste r ).15 Fixed timing problem bug that would cause strange scrolling behavior when scroll ing a listbox using the keyboard.0.0.0. -------------------------Build 1.Increased icon spacing for File listbox controls.20 Added OLE Drop capability to the list box control. -------------------------Build 1.18 Added Enabled/Disabled appearence to the Pull Down Menu.0.