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EF 402 – Dynamics Show all work!

Problem 1 The position of a particle is given by x(t) = t2 - t + 8, where x is in units of meters, and t is in seconds. Find the velocity of the particle when t = 5 s. (A) 9.0 m/s (C) 11 m/s (B) 10 m/s (D) 12 m/s

Name: ____________________________________ Problem 4 A motorcycle moves at a constant speed of v = 12 m/s around a curved road of radius r = 100m. What is most nearly the magnitude and general direction of the motorcycle’s acceleration. (A) (B) (C) (D) 1.1 m/s2 away from the center of curvature 1.1 m/s2 toward the center of curvature 1.4 m/s2 away from the center of curvature 1.4 m/s2 toward the center of curvature

Problem 2 A stream flows at vs = 4.5 km/h. At what angle, θ, upstream should a boat traveling at vb =12 km/h be launched in order to reach the shore directly opposite the launch point?

Problem 5 What is most nearly the kinetic energy of a 3924 N motorcycle traveling at 40 km/hr? (A) 11 100 J (C) 23 600 J (B) 12 300 J (D) 24 600 J

(A) 22˚

(B) 24˚

(C) 26˚

(D) 28˚

Problem 6 A lead hammer weighs 45 N. In one swing of the hammer, a nail is driven 1.5 cm into a wood block. The velocity of the hammer’s head at impact is 4.5 m/s. What is most nearly the average resistance of the wood block?

Problem 3 An object is launched 45˚ to the horizontal on level ground as shown. What is the range of the projectile if its initial velocity is 55 m/s? Neglect air resistance. (A) 3090 N (B) 3920 N (B) 3100 N (D) 4090 N

(A) 300m

(B) 308m

(C) 312m

(D) 340m

Problem 7 A mass, m, of 0.025 kg is hanging from a spring whose spring constant , k, is 0.44 N/m. If the mass is pulled down and released, what is the period of oscillation? (A) 0.50 s Page 1 (B) 1.2 s (C) 1.5 s (D) 2.1 s

What is most nearly the natural frequency of the mass-beam-spring system? (A) 2. m = 7000 kg.1 rad/s (D) 6. The cord connecting the masses mA and mB is weightless. Most nearly.3 rad/s Problem 9 In the illustration.5 min to stop the motion by applying a constant force. What is most nearly the force required? (A) ½ (B) 1 (C) 2 (B) mA/mB (A) 7. to the edge of the disk.9 Hz (D) 9.7 Hz (A) 1. ks = 1.2 N (C) 24 N (B) 16 N (D) 32 N Problem 10 A car starting from rest moves with a constant acceleration of 15 km/hr2 for 1 h. in Hz.0 rad/s (B) 3. then decelerates at a constant -7. deflects 5 cm when a force of 5 N is applied at the end. if the frame is in resonance with the force? Problem 12 A cantilever beam with an end mass. Problem 11 A thin circular disk of mass 25 kg and radius 1.6 Hz (B) 2.5 km/h2 until it comes to a stop. F.5 rad/s (C) 6.5 m is spinning about its axis with an angular velocity of ω = 1800 rpm. What is the ratio of the acceleration of mass A to the acceleration of mass B? Assume the system is released from rest.Problem 8 A one-story frame is subjected to a sinusoidal forcing function q(t) = Q sin(ωt) at the transom.6 Hz (C) 3. The beam is subsequently mounted on a spring of stiffness.5 kN/cm. how far has it traveled? (A) 15 km (C) 25 km (B) 23 km (D) 35 km Page 2 . What is most nearly the frequency of q(t). the two pulleys and the horizontal surface are frictionless. It takes 2.