CBS NEWS POLL For release: Thursday, December 12, 201 !

: 0 "m ET

10 #ears $%&er 'usse()*s Ca"&ure: +a)y Say '(s ,emo-al No& Wor&h &he Cos&s December 4-8, 2013 A decade after the capture of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussei , ma ! America s thi " remo#i $ him from po%er %as ot %orth the loss of America life a d other costs of attac"i $ Iraq& 3'( sa! remo#i $ Saddam Hussei %as %orth the costs of $oi $ to %ar %ith Iraq, but more ) 4*( - do +t thi " it %as& 14( do +t ha#e a opi io & ,here is a partisa di#ide- .ost /epublica s thi " toppli $ the Iraqi dictator %as %orth the loss of America life but ma0orities of both Democrats a d i depe de ts disa$ree& Was ,emo-(). Saddam 'usse() Wor&h &he Cos&s/ ,otal /eps Dems I ds 1es 3'( 2'( 31( 31( 3o 4* 32 24 22 Do +t " o% 14 12 12 1' Duri $ the first fe% mo ths of the Iraq %ar, America s #ie%ed the remo#al of Saddam Hussei as %orth%hile despite the costs& I .a! 2003, shortl! after the fall of 5a$hdad, '2( said remo#i $ him from po%er %as %orth the loss of America life a d other costs of attac"i $ Iraq ) the hi$hest perce ta$e i 65S 3e%s 7olls& ,hat fi$ure decli ed later that !ear but bumped up i December 2003 after 8&S& forces captured Saddam Hussei & 5ac" the , 24( of America s said remo#i $ him from po%er %as %orth the costs& 5ut as the %ar %e t o , public #ie%s became more pessimistic& 5! .arch 2004, o e !ear after the co flict %ith Iraq be$a , fe%er tha half thou$ht Saddam Hussei +s remo#al had bee %orth it& ,hat perce ta$e dropped e#e further to 30( i 9a uar! 2004& I that same poll, '4( of America s said remo#i $ Saddam Hussei from po%er %as ot %orth the loss of America life ) a re#ersal from four !ears earlier& Was ,emo-(). Saddam 'usse() Wor&h &he Cos&s/ 3o% 11:2011 1:2004 3:2004 12:2003 3'( 41( 30( 44( 24( 4* 20 '4 43 34 14 * ' 10 * 11:2003 20( 43 4 2:2003 '2( 28 4

1es 3o Do +t " o%

,his poll %as co ducted b! telepho e December 4-8, 2013 amo $ 1,012 adults atio %ide& Data collectio %as co ducted o behalf of 65S 3e%s b! Social Scie ce /esearch Solutio s of .edia, 7A& 7ho e umbers %ere dialed from samples of both sta dard la d-li e a d cell pho es& ,he error due to sampli $ for results based o the e tire sample could be plus or mi us three perce ta$e poi ts& ,he error for sub$roups ma! be hi$her& I ter#ie%s %ere co ducted i ; $lish a d Spa ish . ,his poll release co forms to the Sta dards of Disclosure of the 3atio al 6ou cil o 7ublic 7olls&

CBS NEWS POLL 10 Years After Hussein’s Capture: Many Say His Rem !a" N t W rt# t#e C sts $e%em&er '()* +01, Q5. Do you think removing Saddam Hussein from power was worth the loss of American life and other costs of attacking Iraq or not! """ #$#A% &'S($)D')#S """ #otal &ep Dem Ind ,-. 5-. ,*. /0 */ 6)+'I7H#'D * 3*5 1*2 ,*/ /9/ 1*5 1053, ,1 *1 52 *1 51 *)ov**a ,*. 53 0

+orth it /*. )ot worth it Don4t know5)o answer


#otal &espondents #otal &epu8licans #otal Democrats #otal Independents

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