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High performance stainless steel Down hole gauging Single or double gauging No amplifier build-in Factory calibrated Shaped to any hook type Amplifiers with integrated processor Outputs real calibrated load values Interfacing to LAN/TCPIP Processor providing hook status

The MARIMATECH load pins are individual designed to fit into any hook manufactures equipment. The load pins are made of a special stainless steel quality with an extreme high strength. This special material is typically used in aircraft landing gear and marine propeller charfts. The construction is IP68 protected and the stain gauge chamber is filled with special compound that makes the gauging and wiring inside extreme robust to withstand the shock when releasing the hook in full load. 1 year of data. Should the central computer for some reason fail the history is always available in the amplifier unit. The output from the amplifier LMS 4 (LAN Micro Server) unit is LAN (Local Area Network). Each amplifier has 4 LAN switch connections offering flexible cable connections. Furthermore one LMS 4 amplifier unit will read up to 4 hooks (load pins) simultaneous (quad hook). The LMS 4 amplifier has also in- and outputs for remote quick release control as well as connection to local overload alarms. To summarize: LMS 4 amplifier module input for 4 load cells Build-in processor Local data storage of over 1 year LAN connection (cable LAN, WLAN and fibre LAN) Output to local alarm, audio and/or flash Optional output to local display Integrated input/output to handle remote quick release Diagnostic via Internet Simplified cabling (loop cable) LAN net Temperature ranging from –20° to over 80° Compact design Easy trouble shooting

The highest quality strain gauges are used to ensure optimum lifetime performance. The load pins are temperature compensated to ensure full accuracy over a large temperature span ranging from –20° to +80°. The cable that connects the load pin with the amplifier/processor unit is well protected inside a special rubber hose that can withstand the wide temperature range, saltwater and chemicals found in grease. Each individual load pin is carefully calibrated from the factory enabling the user to change load pins with no requirement for individual recalibration. A special amplifier module has been designed to protect the load cells from the cable network to avoid damage in case of induction caused by lightening. The amplifier module is equipped with a processor unit that will keep track of the loads just by itself. This means that the load values are memorised in this amplifier module keeping track of about

Fiber Optical Max Fiber Optical cable length Max.marimatech.50kg 85-265 VAC 0.IIB T6 17-4PH stainless steel SLP Amplifier EEx d .1% of span 0-2 mv/v LAN/Fibre LAN/WLAN Min. no.IIB T6 Transmission LMS 4 Bridge amplifier ±0. 3. 03/2005.SPECIFICATION AND PERFORMANCE DATA Load Measuring Pin Hazardous/Non-Hazardous area class type Material Type Quad Bridge Accuracy Range Data connection Data starage Sampling range Proof load in % of rated load Factor of safety Rated output Input signal type Output signal type Operating temperature range Cable type. copper Cable cores Max copper cable length Cable type. 1 year 2 pr sec. 0324 0017 REV A.3 amps. 85-265 VAC 0. -20˚ to +70˚ 150% 5:1 0. Load Pin Gauging Principle MARIMATECH AS Samsøvej 31 DK-8382 Hinnerup Denmark Phone Fax E-mail Web +45 86 91 22 55 +45 86 91 22 88 mail@marimatech.3 amps. module Connection details Power supply required Power consumption Weight 5 .com for latest update.8.2 mv/v ±2% of full load 60/100/125/150/250 EEx d . Check www.5 Watt 180 ERED IR M REG I F . of load pins pr. Specifications may be changed without notice. load pin Bridge 0-2 mA LAN/Fibre LAN/WLAN 1/10/100 mbit -20˚ to +80˚ Twisted pair / screened 2 x 0.3 amps.22mm2 120 m 62.5µmultimode 2500m 4 Screw terminals 85-265 VAC 0. www.marimatech.