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Internship Class M 6:50pm-8:15pm Narrative Report Culminating Activity December 11, 2013

December 12, 2013

As officers, who were trusted and appointed by our internship classmates and instructor, organizing an activity for the whole class is not so easy. It requires time management, communication skills, confidence and teamwork to process those forms required for this activity. Through these, we were able to finalize the forms after almost one week. On December 11, 2013, Wednesday is the day for our culminating activity. Around 8:30 am, our class president, Prudylyn Bristol gathered her co-officers in front of room M202 and gave them specific task. Sharene Faclangen and Rovee Tagaban were assigned to stand-by in front of COA office so that when Dr. Gallato, our Internship instructor needs help regarding our activity they can immediately assist her. While Delbert Zonio and Prudylyn Bristol went to FMO, Media Center and BMO to follow- up the reservations they made and setting- up of equipment to be used. At exactly 9am, our guest speaker arrived at the COA office. Dr. Gallato asked Prudylyn to assist Ms. Cruz in our venue-M204 so that she can check on her presentation but it was not yet opened so they went back to COA office and Prudylyn also went back to FMO office to follow- up again. Thanks to Dr. Gallato because she entertained her while waiting for the room to open. Officers began to panic when some of our classmates are not yet there when it was already past 9:00 am and the program needs to start. Prudylyn asked for a favor to our classmates to text those who are not yet there. When everything has been set-up

the do’s and don’ts while an individual is employed. Mhaelyn Ancheta lead the National Anthem and Norme Lano lead the UC Hymn. Ms. what to do and avoid during an interview. Cruz. Cruz. It was a very wonderful day because we learned a lot from this activity/seminar. Ms. . After her speech. Cruz answered them intelligently. Gallato gave her words to formally open the program. Part two of her messages contain the concepts of how to win a job where she discuss the tips making the resume. importance of dressing up. her nickname. making oneself 100% successful. After her inspirational messages she asked the class for any questions some of us raised their questions and Ms. After that. KC. we took group pictures together with our speaker and Dr. Catherine M. Dr. OIC-Human Resource Development Office at the University of the Cordilleras. She also emphasized the importance of having an attitude than having the skills and knowledge only which she gave as examples her own experiences as an employee in different companies she worked. Before closing the program Gene Mark Pagaduan rendered a song with his beautiful and lovely voice. started her motivational discussions regarding various topics which include the personality development wherein it tackles about the essential behavioral attitudes of certain people towards the working environment. It was an experience to be cherished. Gallato then went to the canteen for our snack.even though others didn’t arrived yet we started the program proper with Sharene Faclangen as our emcee. Delbert Zonio introduced our guest speker. Gallato together with Prudylyn awarded the Certificate of Appreciation and token to Ms. Margie Masing lead the invocation. Ms. etc.