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No. 24 – Los Angeles Lakers Position Shooting guard League NB Personal information ugust !", #$%& 'age "() Born *hiladelphia, *ennsylvania Nationality merican Listed height + ft + in '#,$& m)-a. Listed weight !/( lb '$" kg) Career information 0o1er 2erion igh s!hool ' rdmore, *ennsylvania) NBA draft #$$+ 3 4ound: # 3 *ick: #"th overall Selected by the 5harlotte 6ornets Pro "laying !areer #$$+7present Career history #$$+7present 0os ngeles 0akers Career highlights and awards • (8 NB champion '!///7!//!, !//$7!/#/)

old !/#! 0ondon 2enAs basketball -. ll:4ookie Second =eam '#$$%) NB Slam >unk 5ontest champion '#$$%) 0os ngeles 0akers all:time leading scorer Sports Illustrated NB !//$) ll:>ecade First =eam '!///7 Naismith *rep *layer of the ?ear '#$$+) #tats at NBA. Bryant is a #(: time ll:Star. !//() $8 NB ll:>efensive First =eam '!///. and has played for the 0akers his entire career.old !//% 0as 9egas 2enAs basketball • Kobe Bean Bryant 'born ugust !". !//$. !/##) !8 NB scoring champion '!//+7!//%) ##8 ll:NB First =eam '!//!7!//.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • !8 NB Finals 29* '!//$7!/#/) NB 2ost 9aluable *layer '!//&) #(8 NB . #$%&). !///7!/#") ll:Star <ame 29* '!//!. !//"7!//. is an merican professional basketball player for the 0os ngeles 0akers of the National Basketball ssociation 'NB )..ames .old !//& Bei@ing 2enAs basketball ..BA Ameri!as Cham"ionshi" . 1inning five NB championships. !//+7!/##) "8 NB !/#!) NB ll:>efensive Second =eam '!//#7!//!. nicknamed the BBla!k &ambaB. !//+7!/#") !8 ll:NB Second =eam '!///7!//#) !8 ll:NB =hird =eam '#$$$. and #!:time member of the ll: . !//%.!om #tats at Basketball$%eferen!e. #(:time member of the ll:NB =eam.!om &edals'hide( &en)s basketball Com"etitor for the *nited #tates +lym"i! . 6e entered the NB directly from high school.8 NB ll:Star '#$$&.

and 1as selected 1ith the #"th overall pick in the #$$+ NB >raft by the 5harlotte 6ornets. civil suit 1as later filed and settled out of court. days of age. Fn !//+. Bryant earned himself a reputation as a high:flyer and a fan favorite by 1inning the #$$% Slam >unk 5ontest. 6e is also the all:time leading scorer in 0akers franchise history.# 5hildhood and youth o #. years and #/. s a rookie. Follo1ing EANealAs departure Bryant became the cornerstone of the 0os ngeles 0akers franchise. he ranks third and fourth-". Bryant led the 0akers to t1o consecutive championships in !//$ and !/#/.>efensive team. second only to Wilt 5hamberlainAs #//:point game in #$+!. Bryant and ShaDuille EANeal led the 0akers to three consecutive championships from !/// to !//!. tying him for the most ll Star 29* 1ards in NB history. fter losing in the !//& NB Finals. setting numerous scoring records in the process. t the !//& and !/#! Summer Elympics. earning the NB Finals 29* 1ard on both occasions. s of 2arch !/#". Bryant en@oyed a successful high school basketball career at 0o1er 2erion 6igh School. Bryant 1as accused of seHual assault after having seH 1ith a hotel employee in Id1ards. heated feud bet1een the duo and a loss in the !//. Since his second year in the league. 1here he 1as recogniCed as the top high school basketball player in the country. 6e has 1on the ll:Star 29* 1ard four times '!//!. he 1on gold medals as a member of the GS national team. Fn September !//. 6e led the NB in scoring during the !//(7/+ and !//+7/% seasons. Bryant scored a career:high &# points against the =oronto 4aptors. Contents • # Iarly years o #.! 6igh school • ! NB career o o !. the second most points scored in a single game in NB history. Sporting News and =N= named Bryant the top NB player of the !///s.. Fn !//".! First three seasons '#$$+7$$) . respectively.# #$$+ NB >raft !. t ". then traded to the 0os ngeles 0akers. NB Finals 1as follo1ed by EANealAs trade from the 0akers after the !//"7/. Bryant became the youngest player in league history to reach "/. on the leagueAs all:time postseason scoring and all:time regular season scoring lists. and !/##). 6e 1as a1arded the regular seasonAs 2ost 9aluable *layer 1ard '29*) in !//&. Bryant has been selected to start every ll:Star <ame. 5olorado./// career points. season. !//$. prosecutors dropped the case after his accuser refused to testify. !//%. 6e declared his eligibility for the NB >raft upon graduation.

*ennsylvania." =hree:peat '#$$$7!//!) !.-.% Back on top '!//&7#/) !..# 4egular season (.( *hilanthropy • • • • & See also $ Notes #/ 4eferences ## IHternal links /arly years Childhood and youth Kobe Bryant 1as born in *hiladelphia." Indorsements %. 5oming up short '!//!7/.! *layoffs • • + ccomplishments and records % Eff the court o o o o o %.o o o o o o • • • !..) !.! SeHual assault allegation %.. 2usic %. 6e is also the maternal nephe1 of .# *ersonal life %. as the youngest of three children and the only son of former *hiladelphia %+ers player and former 0os ngeles Sparks head coach Joe BJellybeanB Bryant and *amela 5oH Bryant.+ 29* year and trip to the finals '!//%7/&) !.( Setting records and playoffs disappointments '!//. *layer profile ( NB career statistics o o (.& 5hasing the siHth championship '!/#/7present) " Fnternational career .7/%) !.

1hich they sa1 on a restaurant menu. Bryant is a big fan of former F5 Barcelona manager Frank 4i@kaard and player 4onaldinho-#". Japan. 6e became the first freshman in decades to start for 0o1er 2erionAs varsity team. igh s!hool BryantAs retired No.John B5hubbyB 5oH..-#/. and his favorite team is 5 2ilan. 6e has said that if he had stayed in Ftaly. 5ollege recruiters from across the country 1ere lined up to recruit him after his breakout year.-#!. he averaged "#.. t an early age he also learned to play soccer.! assists and 1as named *ennsylvania *layer of the ?ear.-%.-#$. Gpon Joe BryantAs retirement from playing basketball in #$$#. BryantAs grandfather 1ould mail him videos of NB games. the ces compiled a %%7#" record.-#&. While in high school. 1hile playing alongside future NB teammate 0amar Edom.-#(. s a freshman.-#%. 1hich Bryant 1ould study.-#. 1ith Bryant playing all five positions.-#%. rebounds and (.-+. as 1ell as a fan of <alatasaray.-#(. Bryant became accustomed to his ne1 lifestyle and learned to speak Ftalian and Spanish. When Bryant 1as siH.-#!.7!/ record. his father left the NB and moved his family to 4ieti in Ftaly to continue playing professional basketball.-#%. 1hen Kevin <arnett 1ent in the first round of the #$$( NB >raft. Bryant 1as raised 4oman 5atholic.# points. he began considering going directly to the pros. but the team finished 1ith a poor .. Bryant earned the #$$( senior 29* a1ard. then %+ers coach . 6is parents named him after the famous beef of Kobe.-.-##.-&. Bryant earned national recognition during a spectacular high school career at 0o1er 2erion 6igh School located in the *hiladelphia suburb of 0o1er 2erion. >uke. the Bryant family moved back to the Gnited States.-#(. he 1ould come back to the Gnited States to play in a basketball summer league.-(. >uring his @unior year. t didas B5> camp. Bryant started playing basketball 1hen he 1as " years old.-$. #/.-#+. he 1ould have tried to become a professional soccer player. he played for the varsity basketball team. and his favorite team gro1ing up 1as the 0akers.-##. >uring summers.-%. North 5arolina. 9illanova and 2ichigan 1ere at the top of his listJ ho1ever. =he follo1ing three years."" @ersey and banner at the 0o1er 2erion 6igh School gym.

-irst three seasons 40112–115 >uring his rookie season. Bryant led the ces to their first state championship in (" years. %! daysJ a record since broken by Jermaine EANeal and ndre1 Bynum). and according to then:0aker manager Jerry West Bmarched over these peopleB. his parents had to cosign his contract 1ith the 0akers until he 1as able to sign his o1n 1hen he turned #& before the season began. BryantAs agent at the time./ steals. he averaged "/. <reg >o1ner.-!!.& points. the #%:year:old Bryant made the decision to go directly into the NB . surpassing both Wilt 5hamberlain and 0ionel Simmons.-#(. and remain. NBA !areer 0112 NBA 3raft =he first guard to ever be taken out of high school. the 6ornets never even considered drafting Bryant. Bryant received several a1ards for his performance his senior year including being named Naismith 6igh School *layer of the ?ear. Fn his senior year of high school. 6is S = score of #/&/-!(. a 2c>onaldAs ll: merican.-!".-!#.. and ". the 6ornetsA head scout at the time. to the 6ornets in eHchange for BryantAs draft rights. #(& days). said that the 6ornets agreed to trade their draft selection to the 0akers before picking Bryant. 6o1ever. Fn !/#!. Bryant 1as chosen as the #"th overall draft pick by the 5harlotte 6ornets in #$$+. in 1hich he scrimmaged against former 0akers players 0arry >re1 and 2ichael 5ooper. Bryant playing for the 5harlotte 6ornets 1as Ban impossibilityB. @ust friends. #$$+. commented that Bryant 1as Ba complete player 1ho dominatesB. Bryant took 4KB singer Brandy Nor1ood to his senior prom. and also became the youngest NB starter ever '#& years. 1here he played one: on:one 1ith Jerry Stackhouse.-"(. Branch said that prior to the trade agreement.-". >uring the run. and a USA Today ll:GS First =eam player.-!%.& blocked shots in leading the ces to a "#7" record.-"+.. Bill Branch. Bryant .-!$. Since he 1as still #% at the time of the draft.-!. only the fifth player in NB history to do so. 9lade >ivac.-"!. BryantAs varsity coach. he 1ould have attended >uke Gniversity.-!+.-!&. En July #. =he teams agreed to the trade the day before the draft and the 0akers did not tell the 6ornets 1ho to select until five minutes before the pick 1as made. #! rebounds. <atorade 2enAs National Basketball *layer of the ?ear.. 1ould have ensured his basketball scholarship to various top:tier colleges and Bryant has stated that if he had decided to go to college after high school. t the time he became the youngest player ever to play in an NB game '#& years. ho1ever. Fn #$$+. Bryant had 1orked out in 0os ngeles. Bryant ended his high school career as Southeastern *ennsylvaniaAs all:time leading scorer at !. *rior to the draft.( assists. Gltimately. ccording to rn =ellem. Bryant 1as honored as one of the "( <reatest 2c>onaldAs ll: mericans. BryantAs ne1s 1as met 1ith a lot of publicity at a time 1hen prep:to:pro NB players 1ere not very common '<arnett being the only eHception in !/ years). West traded his starting center.-"". though the t1o 1ere. -!#. +.-"/.John 0ucas invited Bryant to 1ork out and scrimmage 1ith the team. . Fnitially. Bryant mostly came off the bench behind guards Iddie Jones and Nick 9an IHel.-#(.-"#.-!/.&&" points.

=he playoff results.%. ShaDuille EANeal commented years later that B-Bryant.(.-. he averaged #(. Iven at an early stage of his career.-..-. s a result BryantAs point averages more than doubled from %. Fn BryantAs second season.-.-. season. 6is final minutes of the season ended in disaster 1hen he shot . Bryant 1as the 1inner of the #$$% Slam >unk 5ontest.(.. Bryant 1ould see an increase in minutes 1hen the 0akers Bplayed smallB. Bryant started every game for the lockout:shortened (/:game season.. By the end of the season. he began to see some more playing time.th Duarter and " three:pointers in overtime '! of 1hich 1ould have tied the game in the final minute). ho1ever.+.+ to #(. sports1riters 1ere comparing his skills to those of 2ichael Jordan and 2agic Johnson. >uring the season. 1ere no better.-"%. making it the first time since #$&" that four players on the same team 1ere selected to play in the same ll:Star <ame. BryantAs performance throughout the year earned him a spot on the NB ll 4ookie second team 1ith fello1 bench teammate =ravis Knight. air balls at crucial times in the game. -. and Iddie Jones. BryantAs #(. Nick 9an IHel. With starting guards Nick 9an IHel and Iddie Jones traded. =he #$$&7$$ season marked BryantAs emergence as a premiere guard in the league. With that the Gtah JaCC ended the playoffs for the 0akers in the second round. 1as the only guy 1ho had the guts at the time to take shots like that. he received more playing time and began to sho1 more of his abilities as a talented young guard. Bryant 1as the runner:up for the NB As SiHth 2an of the ?ear 1ard.-. he also became the youngest NB ll:Star starter in NB history. points per game.-"&..B-"$. but as the season continued. >uring the ll:Star 1eekend. 6hree$"eat 40111–27725 . as the 0akers 1ere s1ept by the San ntonio Spurs in the Western 5onference Semifinals.-.-!#. =his kept him 1ith the 0akers until the end of the !//"7/.( minutes a game. Bryant signed a +:year contract eHtension 1orth L%/ million. 6e 1as @oined by teammates ShaDuille EANeal.-.#./. 1hich 1ould feature Bryant playing small for1ard alongside the guards he 1ould usually back up. points per game 1as the highest of any non:starter in the season.-"". becoming the youngest player to be named the slam dunk champion at the age of #&. 6e first missed a @umper to 1in the game in the . and through fan voting.!.played limited minutes.&.".-.

-(". and led the team to an E= victory as EANeal fouled out of the game. . fter years of steady improvement. =he three resulting championships 1on consecutively in !///. and !//! further proved such a fact. =he duo of EANeal and Bryant backed 1ith a strong bench led to the 0akers 1inning +% games.-(%.-.-(. BryantAs fortunes 1ould soon change 1hen *hil Jackson became coach for the 0os ngeles 0akers in #$$$. =his follo1ed 1ith EANeal 1inning the 29* and Bryant being named to the ll:NB =eam Second =eam and ll:NB >efensive =eam for the first time in his career 'the youngest player ever to receive defensive honors). =his included leading the team in assists per game and steals per game.$.-(/. he sa1 an increase in all statistical categories in the #$$$7!/// season.-(#. ## rebound.Bryant 1as a member of the 0akers teams that 1on three consecutive NB 5hampionships from !/// to !//!. Jackson utiliCed the triangle offense he used to 1in siH championships 1ith the 5hicago Bulls. and he also missed <ame " due to the in@ury. earning appearances in the leagueAs ll:NB . tied for fifth: most in NB history. ll:Star. Fn the !/// NB Finals against the Fndiana *acers.-($. block game in game % of the Western 5onference finals against the *ortland =rail BlaCers. 6e also thre1 an alley:oop pass to EANeal to clinch the game and the series.-((. % assist.-(+. Bryant in@ured his ankle in the second Duarter of <ame ! after landing on the *acersA Jalen 4oseAs foot.. !//#. and ll:>efensive teams.-(&. Bryant had some clutch performances including a !( point. Bryant scored !! points in the second half.. Fn <ame . With Bryant back and playing over "& minutes a game. With a ##+7### <ame + victory. the 0akers 1on their first championship since #$&&. Bryant became one of the premier shooting guards in the league. =he 0os ngeles 0akers became true championship contenders under Bryant and ShaDuille EANeal. 1hich 1ould help both Bryant and EANeal rise to the elite class of the NB . While playing second fiddle to EANeal in the playoffs. 4ose later admitted he placed his foot under Bryant intentionally. 1ho formed a legendary center:guard combination. Bryant started the #$$$7!/// season sidelined for siH 1eeks due to an in@ury to his hand in a preseason game against the Washington WiCards. Bryant did not return to the game. Bryant scored the 1inning shot to put the 0akers ahead #!/7##&.-(!. .

& rebounds.7#. specifically the last ! rounds of the playoffs. -+. Fn addition. the !///7/# season sa1 Bryant perform similarly to the previous year. =his cemented BryantAs reputation as a clutch player. teammate EANeal declared Bryant the best player in the league. only 1on (+ games. Coming u" short 42772–745 .( rebounds. (. >uring the playoffs. and +. Bryant averaged !+. Ence again he led the team in assists 1ith ( per game.-+. While the 0akers s1ept the BlaCers and defeated the Spurs . he 1as also promoted to the ll:NB First =eam for the first time in his career. %.().-+".! points. Sacramento Kings.-+#. Fn the playoffs. While making the ll:Star team and ll:NB >efensive team again. =he series 1ould stretch to % games. BryantAs play 1as notable and praised for his performance in the . (. t age !".M shooting. games and bring their second championship to 0os ngeles in as many seasons.th Duarter of games.. Fn the !//#7/! season. =he road to the Finals 1ould prove a lot tougher than the record run the 0akers had the previous year. the 0akers did not have home court advantage against the Sacramento Kings. the 0akers 1ere able to beat their division rivals and make their third consecutive NB Finals appearance.( assists per game. =he 0akers 1ould respond by going #(7# in the playoffs. before losing their first game against the *hiladelphia %+ers in E=. Ft 1as also the year 1hen disagreements bet1een Bryant and EANeal began to surface. =he 0akers 1on (& games that year and finished second place in the *acific >ivision behind in:state rival Sacramento Kings.. he 1as also voted to start in the NB ll: Star <ame for the "rd year in a ro1 'no game in #$$$).$M shooting and once again led his team in assists..-+/. Bryant 1as suspended one game after he punched 4eggie 2iller of the Fndiana *acers after the 0akersA 2arch #. 6e continued his all:round play by averaging !(." rebounds.+. =he 0akers ho1ever. !//! victory over the *acers.# assists per game. the first time this happened to the 0akers since the !/// Western 5onference Finals.Statistically. Fn the !//! Finals.-+. points. 6o1ever. =hey 1ould go on to 1in the neHt . Bryant played heavy minutes 1hich brought his stats up to !$.& points.. Bryant ended up making the ll NB Second team and ll NB >efensive =eam for the second year in a ro1. and San ntonio Spurs.-+(. (#. 6e also had a career high . Bryant became the youngest player to 1in three championships." assists per game.-!#.-+!. 1hich included scoring a Duarter of the teams points. but he averaged + more points a game '!&. (.. and (. an ##:game drop off from last year. Bryant played &/ games for the first time in his career. =hey easily s1ept the *ortland =rail BlaCers.

fter finishing (/7"! in the regular season.$ rebounds. the 0akers foundered in the playoffs and lost in the . all career highs to that point./ or more points in nine consecutive games 1hile averaging .. he averaged +. Bryant 1as once again voted to both the ll:NB and ll:>efensive #st teams./. Fn addition. and !.+ in the entire month of February. posting .! steals per game. (. Fn the !//!7/" season.$ assists.Bryant prepares to shoot a free thro1 in !//(. and came in third place in voting for the 29* a1ard. Bryant averaged "/ points per game and embarked on a historic run.-.

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