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Allen, Northern Samar
October 30, 2011 SUBJECT : IMPLAN 20/2011 “PAGHAG-ID NORTE” (NSPPO Reinvigorated Police Integrated Patrol System – “PIPS”) PD, NSPPO (Attn: POPB)



I. REFERENCES: 1) CPNP’s Guidance on October 19, 2011; 2) PRO 8 LOI 39/2010 “Police Integrated Patrol System” dated November 23, 2010; 3) Memorandum Directive from C, PNP dated October 13, 2011 with subject: Vigorous Campaign against Motorcycle Riding Criminals and Loose Firearms; 4) Memo from TDO dated October 20, 2011 with subject: Deployment of Administrative Personnel; and 5) Memorandum Directive from C, PNP dated October 24, 2011 with subject: 24/7 Police Service. 6) LOI 21/2011 “PAGHAG-ID” (PRO 8 Reinvigorated Police Integrated Patrol System - “PIPS”) II. PURPOSE: This IMPLAN intends to toughen the implementation of Police Integrated Patrol system by rejuvenating its concept of operation in order for the Allen Police Station to strengthen the implementation of the Police Integrated Patrol System by enhancing the capabilities of Northern Samar Police Provincial Office (NSPPO) field units by sustaining and intensifying Police Operations to prevent, suppress and reduce the occurrence of crimes. III. SITUATION: The incidence of crimes in the province particularly highway robbery, other related crimes perpetrated by motorcycle-riding in tandem criminals including murder involving the use of firearms has been a provincial problem of the office. The business community has already aired their concern over the situation. The lack of police visibility in crime prone areas and the seeming inability of the police to suppress these crimes adds to the doubt. For the period covered from January to October 2011, the Crime Volume registered a total of 201 incidents translating to 3.7 incidents per 100,000 population. Index Crimes totaled 88 reflecting a 44 % share of the total crime volume. The Average Monthly Index Crime Rate was pegged at 1.6 incidents per 100,000 population that is 0.4 or 33 % greater than the rate obtained last year. On the Non Index Crimes, 113 cases were recorded for the period indicating an increase of 74 cases compared to the same period last year of 39 incidents.

(See Annex “A”) With the “BER-months” and the yuletide season just around the corner. and establishment of checkpoints/chokepoints in strategic areas. concurrent with its mission and functions will conduct an intensified Police Integrated Patrol System through reinvigorated strategies at the station level by maximizing the utilization of manpower and logistical resources to enhance the office’s crime reduction and deterrence efforts personally supervised by concerned COPs. EXECUTION: 1) Concept of Operations In order to maximize the deployment of all available resources. MISSION: NSPPO. IV. the office’s anti-crime measures must be evaluated and adjusted to address the situation and the threat posed by these criminal elements. deterrence of crimes in the province.Of the total index crimes. Maximize police visibility particularly in crime prone areas. CHECKPOINT SCHEDULES BY MUNICIPALITIES 1 0000H0300H 2 0300H0600H 3 0600H0900H 4 0900H1200H 5 1200H1500H 6 1500H1800H 7 1800H2100H 8 2100H2400H NR UNITS 1ST DISTRICT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ROSARIO PS LAVEZARES PS ALLEN PS VICTORIA PS SAN ISIDRO PS SAN JOSE PS BOBON PS MONDRAGON PS LOPE DE VEGA PS 1ST MU. The noted rash of crime incidents perpetrated by criminals in motorcycle riding in tandem and those committed with the use of firearms has generated a public perception that the PNP is helpless in its fight against criminality. 39 were recorded involving the use of FAs (shooting) and two (2) of these incidents involved motorcycle riding in tandem criminals and 29 Robbery Incidents. This would be a welcome opportunity for would -be criminals to also boost their criminal intents. NSPPSC/ CATARMAN PS/ NSPPO / AFP . Indomitably. Thus. the mere presence of uniformed policemen in the streets is in itself a deterrent factor in crime prevention. V. following pro-active measures will be undertaken to ensure the prevention. field units must focus their crime prevention efforts on the conduct of beat and foot patrols. Towards this end. mobile and/or motorized patrols. economic activities is expected to increase up to the first quarter of the next year. 1. What makes the situation more disturbing is the apparent lack of concern by unit commanders to personally supervise their subordinates in the implementation of various anti-crime initiatives in their respective areas of responsibility.

Statistics will show that a bigger percentage of crimes committed are gun-related or committed with the use of loose firearms. and the application and Search Warrants specifically targeting holders of unlicensed and illegal/loose firearms. case build-up. The war against criminal elements is a war that the police cannot fight and win alone. Thus. The execution of Search Warrants ensures that future counteractions against the suspects are legal and binding. Search Warrants against holders of The proliferation of loose firearms has been identified as “critical log” and is one of the main obstacle that hampers the success of the PNP’s campaign against criminality. The timely collection and sharing of intelligence as to the whereabouts of wanted persons are significant components in their immediate arrest. intelligence efforts of field units shall be geared towards mobilization of informants to maximize collection of necessary information that will lead to the arrest and/or neutralization of Most Wanted Persons (MWP) and arrest of other persons with standing Warrant of Arrest. Enhancing Police-Community Partnership. To address this situation. Hence. Intensification of Manhunt Operations against Most Wanted Persons. . 3. NSPPSC/LAOANG PS ISLAND / HINTERLAND MUNICIPALITIES SAN VICENTE PS CAPUL PS SAN ANTONIO PS BIRI PS SILVINO LOBOS PS 21 22 23 24 25 2. trust and participation.2ND DISTRICT 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 SAN ROQUE PS PAMBUJAN PS CATUBIG PS LAS NAVAS PS PALAPAG PS MAPANAS PS GAMAY PS LAPINIG PS 2nd MU. 4. all aspects of police work on crime prevention should be premised upon active community consent. MPS shall orchestrate the conduct of aggressive police operations targeting holders of unlicensed and illegal/loose firearms through intensive collection of information. NPPO and MPSs are encouraged to organize dedicated Tracker Teams whose focus shall be the conduct of manhunt operations against Most Wanted Persons particularly those involved in the commission of heinous/high profile crimes. Criminality is a societal dysfunction rooted in individuals and families who fall prey to the ills of socio-economic opportunities and conditions that thrives in our communities. Crime prevention and suppression is a continuing concern. Application of unlicensed/illegal/loose firearms.

c) Conduct intelligence/counter-intelligence activities for the identification and arrest of criminal personalities/groups. PPHRDB – a) Submit to POPB. and d) Perform other tasks as may be directed. POPB – a) OPR in the implementation of this IMPLAN. SUPPLY SEC. and e) Utilize PPSCs to augment CPS/MPS in the conduct of patrol and checkpoint/chokepoint operations in crime prone areas. on a weekly basis. mobilization and utilization of anti-crime groups and force multipliers.NSPPO. PIB – a) Provide periodic threat assessment on criminality and insurgency to tasked units. f) Perform other tasks as may be directed. c) Prepare the daily deployment of administrative personnel based on the list provided by PPHRDB. b) Provide planning and operational guidance to all tasked units. APDA – Designated as Supervisor in the implementation of this IMPLAN for Municipal Police Stations and NSPPSC located in 2nd District of Northern Samar. 6. 5. 2. 4. the list of administrative personnel to be deployed for patrol and police visibility operations. including erring law enforcers in cahoots with criminals. and enhancing the role of BPATs in the implementation of crime prevention programs. APDO .Designated as Supervisor in the implementation of this IMPLAN Municipal Police Stations and NSPPSC located in 1 st District of Northern Samar. This can be achieved through aggressive conduct of information campaign that will enhance public awareness on peace and order issues in their localities. b) Provide tasked units an updated target list of suspected crime groups involved in robbery/hold-up and other organized criminal activities. b) Issue appropriate personnel in coordination with POPB. d) Coordinate with PPHRDB for issuance of appropriate orders of deployed administrative personnel. orders to deployed administrative c) Perform other tasks as may be directed. – . 3. 2) Tasks 1. and police stations shall entice community support and involvement in the implementation of this IMPLAN.

MPSs – a) Deploy administrative personnel for patrol and police visibility operations on a daily basis. 11. and c) Perform other tasks as may be directed. NSPPSC – a) Provide support to NSPPO and other Police Stations in the implementation of this IMPLAN as may be necessary. 10. b) Provide necessary crime statistics that may be used in the review and evaluation on the implementation of this IMPLAN. NSPCR – a) Orchestrate a province-wide public information campaign utilizing the tri-media to raise public awareness and gain their support in anti-crime efforts. h) Coordinate with Local Government Units (LGUs) to entice community support in the implementation of this IMPLAN. b) Perform other tasks as may be directed. 8. – a) Provide appropriate fund support in the implementation of this IMPLAN. 9. and b) Perform other tasks as may be directed. c) Establish checkpoints/chokepoints in access road leading to transport terminals (e. jurisdictions. e) Supervise the implementation of the PIPS Weekly Patrol Detail f) Intensify manhunt operations against MWPs in their . b) Provide necessary logistical support to tasked units as the need arises.a) Provide vehicles with drivers for use of deployed personnel in the conduct of patrol and police visibility operations. PIDMB – a) Assist tasked units in the conduct of investigation involving high profile crimes. Plan of its Stations. 7. seaports. airports. and i) Perform other tasks as may be directed. and c) Perform other tasks as may be directed. g) Monitor police operations conducted by personnel on the ground.g. and b) Perform other tasks as may be directed. FINANCE SEC. bus terminals) d) Organize Motorized Anti-Street Crime Operatives (MASCO) in urban areas to counter motorcycle-riding criminals.

and the arrest/neutralization of persons with warrants of arrest. b. Correspondingly.12. COPs/OICs. strictly observe the 90-10 (90% on duty – 10% off duty) system of duty in their headquarters. COORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS: a. offices and detachments. 14. in reference to their actual personnel strength. PROVINCIAL HIGHWAY PATROL GROUP – necessary. (See Annex “B”) c. unit commanders shall adopt the following procedures: . 2) PNP personnel of police stations shall strictly observe and follow their schedule of duty shift. The traditional “One (1) Day Duty. b) Conduct necessary visibility and patrol operations along coastal areas in coordination with NSPPO territorial units. NORTHERN SAMAR AVIATION GROUP – a) Conduct intensified intelligence operations for identification of criminal elements/personalities operating in airports. particularly index crimes. 13. and 3) The NSPPSC. Non-essential administrative personnel in NSPPO shall be deployed to augment police visibility and patrol operations of field units in Catarman where the PPO is located. or whichever is appropriate based on their workloads and the prevailing peace and order condition in their jurisdiction. c) Perform other tasks as may be directed. upon approval of this IMPLAN. and b) Perform other tasks as may be directed. a) Provide technical support and SOCO team to the territorial b) Perform other tasks as may be directed. NORTHERN SAMAR CRIME LABORATORY – and support units. attend to and act on calls for police assistance 24/7. 15. NORTHERN SAMAR MARITIME UNIT – a) Conduct intensified intelligence operations for identification of criminal elements/personalities operating in the seaports/dockyards. a) Provide personnel support to territorial units as may be b) Implement “No Plate No Travel Policy” and other relevant provisions of RA 4136. VI. shall implement the duty shift prescribed as follows: 1) Police stations should have a minimum of two (2) duty shift of personnel. shall at any given time and date. All tasked units are appraised that the primordial intent in the implementation of this IMPLAN is the reduction of crime incidents. During deployment. and c) Perform other tasks as may be directed. One (1) Day Off” system of duty shift practiced by police station personnel shall be stopped immediately.

Chiefs of Police shall. prior its implementation together with an “Affidavit of Undertaking” indicating their liability. h. one week in advance. g. through the principle of Command Responsibility. 2) Organize respective Municipal Inspection Teams to conduct field inspections of police stations/units within their jurisdictions and ensure that the Weekly Patrol Detail Plan is implemented to the letter. oversee. and 2) PIT-B is to be headed by the APDO will be responsible in the conduct of field inspections for police stations located in 1st District of Northern Samar. k. NLT 07:00 AM of every Monday. ensure that they are on top of the situation and shall personally oversee and supervise the implementation of the station’s Weekly Patrol Detail Plan. COPs/OICs shall prepare a Weekly Patrol Detail Plan to be submitted to POPB. should they fail to implement the plan. 2) The total administrative personnel strength will be divided into two shifts whereby 50% are to be deployed in the morning while the other 50% will be deployed in the afternoon. This IMPLAN takes effect on: November 1. d. and 2) Apply and implement one (1) Search Warrant operation against holder/s of unlicensed and/or illegal/loose firearm/s in their area of jurisdiction.) j. 3) The deployed personnel will report to the Chief of Police of Catarman for their respective deployment. and 4) Personnel deployed in the morning must return to their offices after their shift to perform their administrative work. All COPs and Company Commander. as follows: 1) PIT-A is to be headed by the APDA and will be responsible in the conduct of field inspections for police stations located in 2nd District of Northern Samar. Admin and Operations PNCO shall. undertake the following: 1) Inspect. in support of the PITs. e. at all times. NSPPSC shall present their respective IMPLANs at NSPPO. The Provincial Inspection Team (PIT) which was organized in NSPPO IMPLAN 20/2011 will be reinforced and reorganized to compose two (2) distinct teams. and 3) Submit to POPB. 2011 . This IMPLAN supplements the operational strategies of (IMPLAN 29/2010 published on November 23. 2010. Effective November 2011 and every month thereafter. i. COPs/OICs shall endeavor to comply and accomplish the following: 1) Arrest of one (1) Most Wanted Person. f. supervise and monitor the operations of their field units on the ground.1) Deployment will be conducted daily and shall start at 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM for the morning shift and from 3:00 to 5:00 PM for the afternoon shift. their Weekly Inspection/Monitoring Report. COPs/OICs.

COMMAND AND SIGNAL: a) COMMAND: Northern Samar Police Provincial Office. Contact Number b) SIGNAL: : SMART – 0928-110-1526 GLOBE – 0927-634-1631 . Northern Samar. DM Police Senior Superintendent . Catarman. Camp Carlos Delgado. 2. Radios on 24 hours operation (HARIS AND ICOM) BRIGIDO BASIO UNAY. Current CEOI in effect.0917-307-8301 1.VII. PESE.