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Magic Johnson

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search "Earvin Johnson" redirects here. For the NB center, see Ervin Johnson. Earvin "!agic" Johnson

!agic Johnson "hile playing "ith the #akers, c. $%&'. No. 32 (oint guard Personal information ugust $), $%*% +age *), Born #ansing, !ichigan Nationality merican Listed height - ft % in +../- m,0$1 Listed weight ../ l2 +$// kg,0.1 Career information High school Everett +#ansing, !ichigan, College !ichigan 3tate +$%''4$%'%, NBA draft $%'% 5 6ound: $ 5 (ick: $st overall 3elected 2y the #os ngeles #akers Pro playing career $%'%4$%%$, $%%Career history As player $%'%4$%%$, $%%#os ngeles #akers As coach $%%) #os ngeles #akers Career highlights and awards • *7 NB champion +$%&/, $%&., $%&*, $%&'4$%&&,

$%&.old $%%. 2ut returned to play in the $%%. fter "inning championships in high school and college.ame !9( +$%%/. 87 NB !ost 9alua2le (layer +$%&'. Ae "on a championship and an NB Finals !ost 9alua2le (layer "ard in his rookie season. and "on four more championships "ith the #akers during the $%&/s.ame. #os ngeles #akers @8. .... +$%&-4$%&'. fter protests from his fello" . $%&'.in "Magic" Johnson/ Jr.4$%%. Johnson retired a2ruptly in $%%$ after announcing that he had contracted AC9.• • • • • • • • • • • • • 87 NB Finals !9( +$%&/. "inning the ll:3tar !9( "ard. ll:3tar .7 NB steals leader +$%&$4$%&. for $8 seasons.'/' +$%.* ppg. %7 ll:NB First <eam +$%&84$%%$.ames ..7 NB ll:3tar +$%&/. Assists $/. Johnson "as selected first overall in the $%'% NB Braft 2y the #akers. $. NB =s */th nniversary ll:<ime <eam N> N> champion +$%'%. ll:NB 3econd <eam +$%&. $tats at Bas%et"all&!eference. Barcelona <eam competition -ar.**% +'. NB ll:6ookie First <eam +$%&/. ll:3tar . retired Career statistics Points $'. $%*%. is a retired merican professional 2asket2all player "ho played point guard for the #os ngeles #akers of the National Basket2all ssociation +NB . $%&. )7 NB assists leader +$%&84$%&). apg.$)$ +$$. Final Four !ost ?utstanding (layer +$%'%...7 NB .. rpg. $%&%4$%%/. +2orn ugust $). !e"o#nds Basket2all Aall of Fame as player Medals'hide( Men)s "as%et"all Competitor for the *nited $tates +lympic . $%%.

and is the NB =s all:time leader in average assists per game. nine NB Finals appearances.//.0$/1 Johnson has numerous 2usiness interests. 2asket2all team that "on the ?lympic gold medal in $%%. at age 8-.8 Battles against the >eltics +$%&84&'.(ost:?lympics and later life   . t"elve ll:3tar games.//'....081 Johnson "as a mem2er of the "Bream <eam".//%. . the D.* AC9 announcement and ?lympics +$%%$4%. !agic Johnson ll:3tars • 8 ?ff the court . !ichigan 3tate Dniversity • . and enshrined in the Basket2all Aall of Fame in .-. "hom he faced in the $%'% N> finals and three NB championship series.. . Johnson=s career achievements include three NB !9( "ards.$ Early years o $.. Johnson formed the !agic Johnson ll:3tars. .. $%%-..reatest (layers in NB Aistory in $%%-. and "as a part: o"ner of the #akers for several years.players. .. ..0*1 as "ell as an entrepreneur... (rofessional career o o o o o o . Johnson also is part of a group of investors that purchased the #os ngeles Bodgers in ./$.. he retired again for four years.) 6epeat and falling short +$%&'4%$.0*1 Ae "as rated the greatest NB point guard of all time 2y E3(N in .0'1 philanthropist.. at $$. Ae led the league in regular:season assists four times.3..$ 6eturn to the #akers as coach and player +$%%). .$ 6ookie season in the NB +$%'%4&/..0-1 Ais friendship and rivalry "ith Boston >eltics star #arry Bird.. to play 8.0&1 2roadcaster and motivational speaker. and ten ll:NB First and 3econd <eam nominations. 2ut returned in $%%-. Johnson has 2een an advocate for AC95 CB3 prevention and safe seE. Dps and do"ns +$%&/4&8. fter leaving the NB in $%%.0%1 Named 2y Ebony Magazine as one of merica=s most influential 2lack 2usinessmen in .0)1 Johnson "as honored as one of the */ . a 2arnstorming team that travelled around the "orld playing eEhi2ition games. games for the #akers 2efore retiring for the third and final time... are "ell documented. 3ince his retirement.. Contents • $ mateur career o $.-.

ar2age !an.eneral !otors. a school custodian. all "hile never missing a day at . "as 2orn in #ansing.) (olitics 8. !edia figure and 2usiness interests 8.10$81 0$)1 "as influenced 2y his parents= strong "ork ethic. Earvin Jr.0$-1 Ae also idoliGed players such as Earl !onroe and !arHues Aaynes.$ 6ivalry "ith #arry Bird • • * 6elationship "ith Jerry Buss .NB career statistics o o -.8 #os ngeles Bodgers 8. "ho had siE si2lings...0$. Cnstructional • • • & 3ee also % 6eferences $/ EEternal links Amate#r career -arly years Earvin Johnson Jr.. Ais favorite 2asket2all player "as Bill 6ussell.$ 6egular season -.0$'1 and practiced "all day. Johnson=s mother spent many hours after "ork each night cleaning their home and preparing the neEt day=s meals. (layoffs • ' Works o o '. and >hristine. a . and came to love 2asket2all as a youngster.0$$1 Johnson. Ais .eneral !otors assem2ly "orker.o o o o o • 8."0$*1 Johnson gre" up in #ansing.$ (ersonal life 8. !ichigan to Earvin 3r.* AC9 activism ) >areer achievements o ). "hom he admired more for his many championships than his athletic a2ility. "hile his father did Fanitorial "ork at a used car lot and collected gar2age.$ Biographies '.. and he "as teased 2y neigh2orhood children "ho called him ". "ould often help his father on the gar2age route."0*1 !agic Johnson came from an athletic family.

Johnson led #ansing Everett to a . My Life.0.'4$ "in4 loss record "hile averaging . he talked a2out ho" his time at Everett had changed him: s C look 2ack on it today./1 despite the 2elief of Johnson=s mother.*1 Michigan $tate *ni.ersity .0*1 Cn his final high school season.)1 Johnson. C "as misera2le at Everett.0. "ho "as killed in a car accident the previous summer. and the small group of 2lack students looked to him as their leader. "C dou2ted myself 2ack then. Ct=s true that C hated missing out on 3eEton.assists.eorge FoE intervened. originally from North >arolina. ho" to communicate and deal "ith them.&.)1 Johnson and >hastine "ere almost al"ays together. "ho finished his high school career "ith t"o ll:3tate selections. "ith rocks 2eing thro"n at 2uses carrying 2lack students.81 saying years later. "hen he recorded a triple:dou2le of 8.0$81 0$%1 Johnson=s sister (earl and his 2rother #arry had 2used to Everett the previous year and did not have a pleasant eEperience.$1 Johnson dedicated the championship victory to his 2est friend 6eggie >hastine. instead of going to 3eEton.0.points. crying uncontrolla2ly. once scoring )& points in a game.1 Ae gave >hastine much of the credit for his development as a 2asket2all player and as a person. playing 2asket2all or riding around in >hastine=s car. $& re2ounds and $.0$81 When recalling the events in his auto2iography. But 2eing 2used to Everett turned to 2e one of the 2est things that ever happened to me.father played high school 2asket2all in his home state of !ississippi. and "hite parents refusing to send their children to school.& re2ounds per game. gave him the moniker0. that the name "as sacrilegious. "hich "as all:2lack.. Ae had 2ecome a dominant Funior high player. Johnson=s mother.. #arry "as kicked off the 2asket2all team after a confrontation during practice.& points and $-. !agic ran from his home. <here "ere incidents of racism. a >hristian.1 and "as also named to the $%'' !cBonald=s ll: merican team.0$&1 and Johnson learned the finer points a2out the game from him.0*1 and took his team to an overtime victory in the state championship game. nd the first fe" months. Ct got me out of my o"n little "orld and taught me ho" to understand "hite people. "as considered at the time to 2e the 2est high school player ever to come out of !ichigan0. Ae nearly got into a fight "ith another player 2efore head coach ."0.0. 0$81 Johnson looked for"ard to playing at 3eEton Aigh 3chool a school "ith a very successful 2asket2all team and a great tradition that also happened to 2e only five 2locks from his home. Ais plans under"ent a dramatic change "hen he learned that he "ould 2e 2used to all:"hite Everett Aigh 3chool. a sports "riter for the Lansing State Journal. not even passing the 2all.0$*1 Dpon learning of >hastine=s death.0$-1 By the time he had reached the eighth grade. Fred 3ta2ley Jr.0$81 Johnson "as first du22ed "!agic" as a $*:year:old sophomore playing for Everett Aigh 3chool. and he gre" up "atching his 2rothers play the game. Eventually Johnson accepted his situation.0*1 fter the game. C see the "hole picture very differently.0$&1 had also played 2asket2all as a child. prompting him to 2eg Earvin not to play.. Johnson had 2egun to think a2out a future in 2asket2all. Johnson did Foin the 2asket2all team 2ut 2ecame angry after several days "hen his ne" teammates ignored him during practice.0.

0. "ho "ere led 2y for"ard Julius Erving.1 Professional career !oo%ie season in the NBA 012324567 Johnson "as drafted first overall in $%'% 2y the #os ngeles #akers. Johnson said that "hat "as "most amaGing" a2out Foining the #akers "as the chance to play alongside Iareem 2dul:Ja22ar.ame -J Johnson recorded )..08*1 Johnson 2ecame the only rookie to "in the NB Finals !9( a"ard. Cn "hat "as the most:"atched college 2asket2all game ever.' re2ounds.0881 the team=s ' ft . and a 2erth in the $%'& N> <ournament.08. and "as named an NB ll:3tar . <he talent already on !ichigan 3tate=s roster also dre" him to the program.&1 (laying "ith future NB draftees . during "hich he averaged $'.8 assists per game for the season.'1 Johnson did not initially aspire to play professionally.$1 fter t"o years in college. points. 2ut lost narro"ly to eventual national champion Ientucky. "hile playing guard. and center at different times during the game. and led the 3partans to a . Ae ultimately decided to attend !ichigan 3tate "hen its coach Jud Aeathcote told him he could play the point guard position.0. and '.08'1 in "hich they faced the (hiladelphia '-ers.0.% re2ounds./ points. ' assists. the Big <en >onference title.reg Ielser. and on June &. he decided to play close to home. lead in the series.0.0*1 <he 3partans reached the Elite Eight. center "ho 2ecame the leading scorer in NB history. and '. and Johnson "as eEpected to help them achieve that goal.0. for"ard. in +. record in the regular season and reached the $%&/ NB Finals. "here they advanced to the championship game and faced Cndiana 3tate Dniversity.-1 Ais college decision came do"n to the Dniversity of !ichigan and !ichigan 3tate Dniversity in East #ansing. 2ut 2dul:Ja22ar.$& m.$ points. focusing instead on his communication studies maFor and on his desire to 2ecome a television commentator.0-108%10)/1 Ae also 2ecame one of four players to "in N> and NB 0)$1 championships in consecutive years. Johnson "as drafted in the $%'% NB Braft./ points.84$/' "in.*4* record. and 8 steals in a $. !ichigan 3tate again Hualified for the N> <ournament. "hich "as led 2y senior #arry Bird. Johnson averaged $'.% assists per game. $%%*.ame.08-1 <he #akers compiled a -/4. <he #akers took a 84.08)1 Bespite 2dul:Ja22ar=s dominance. $* re2ounds. Ae led all scorers "ith 8% points. Aeathcote stepped do"n as coach of the 3partans.08&1 sprained his ankle in .08*1 (aul Westhead decided to start Johnson at center in . and '.) assists per game as a freshman.08$1 fter the $%%):%* season.ame starter.re2ounds..%1 Buring the $%'&4'% season.08*1 and his clutch performance is still regarded as one of the finest in NB history.ame -. "ho averaged 88 points a game in the series. "as selected to the NB ll:6ookie <eam. 08/1 !ichigan 3tate defeated Cndiana 3tate '*4-). '. and Johnson "as voted !ost ?utstanding (layer of the Final Four.ame * and could not play in . he had failed to "in a championship "ith the #akers.lthough Johnson "as recruited 2y several top:ranked colleges such as Cndiana and D># .08*1 Johnson averaged $&. '. .. Johnson returned to the Breslin >enter to play in the Jud Aeathcote ll: 3tar <ri2ute . Jay 9incent and !ike Brkovich. '.

! Jerry West and .0)%1 he "as 2ooed across the league. and "as voted a mem2er of the ll:NB 3econd <eam. $./ points on . and &.4&8 NB season.*:million contract "ith the #akers. Johnson averaged $-.. Buss "as also unhappy "ith the #akers offense and had intended on firing Westhead days 2efore the Westhead4Johnson altercation..re2ounds per game and earned his first ll:NB First <eam nomination. Aouston 6ockets in the first round of playoffs.& re2ounds per game.* assists.*ps and downs 012564537 Early in the $%&/4&$ season.08$1 and said that his reha2ilitation "as the "most do"n" he had ever felt.' steals per game. $/. and '.& points. #akers o"ner Jerry Buss fired Westhead and replaced him "ith 6iley.0*$1 Buring the championship series against the 3iEers.* assists.0)-1 Cn $%&$. "ho Johnson said made the #akers "slo"" and "predicta2le".0)'1 Early in the $%&$4&.points.* assists..! Bill 3harman had convinced Buss to delay his decision.1 Johnson returned 2efore the start of the $%&$ playoffs.& re2ounds.0**1 Cn a losing effort against (hiladelphia. even 2y #akers= fans. "hich "as the highest:paying contract in sports history up to that point.0).$1 <he #akers advanced through the $%&.0*1 Ao"ever. and '// assists in the same season. $/. lthough Johnson denied responsi2ility for Westhead=s firing. and . Johnson averaged $%.0*/1 Bespite his off:court trou2les.*88 shooting.1 Johnson later said that his third season "as "hen the #akers first 2ecame a great team. Johnson averaged $-. "ho featured center !oses !alone as "ell as Erving. &. after the $%&/4&$ season. points on .0.0*-1 Battles against the Celtics 012534537 . 2ut the #akers= then: assistant and future head coach (at 6iley later said Johnson=s much:anticipated return made the #akers a "divided team".)/8 shooting.. and a league:high .4$ after Johnson air2alled a last:second shot in .re2ounds.08$1 Ae also Foined Wilt >ham2erlain and ?scar 6o2ertson as the only NB players to tally at least '// points..* steals per game.. Ae missed )* games. %. %.ame 8. and for a third time faced the 3iEers. playoffs and faced (hiladelphia for the second time in three years in the $%&. Johnson had a heated dispute "ith Westhead. 2ut assistant . as Johnson "on his second NB Finals !9( a"ard. Johnson "as sidelined after he suffered torn cartilage in his left knee. James Worthy and Bo2 !c doo all ho22led 2y inFuries. '// re2ounds.0**1 With Johnson=s teammates Norm NiEon.0*81 and he credited their success to 6iley. the #akers defeated the 3iEers )4./ assists. fter a triple:dou2le from Johnson in ..*:year. the #akers "ere s"ept 2y the 3iEers. season. and !alone "as cro"ned the Finals !9(..ame -.0*)1 Buring the $%&.0*.0)&1 fter Johnson demanded to 2e traded.08$1 <he #akers again reached the Finals. Johnson signed a . Johnson averaged $&.0)81 <he *):"in #akers faced the )/4). NB Finals.0))10)*1 "here Aouston upset the #akers . K.

8. "ho "as no" 8& years old.ame . and the #akers lost $.0*'1 <he #akers "on the first game./ assists.0-*1 . and -. 2ut after a layup 2y .0*&10*%1 Buring the Finals. talking until the morning in his Boston hotel room amidst fan cele2rations on the street. $.Johnson +No.1 Ao"ever.. a play that effectively ended the series.$ in overtime. Cn the decisive .' re2ounds per game. opposing point guard Bennis Johnson stole the 2all from Johnson. "ith $& seconds to go. and his 8.0-810-)1 said the Finals "in "as the highlight of their careers.erald Aenderson.8 points on . as the #akers trailed 2y three points in the final minute. as "ell as '.0-. and then missed t"o free thro"s that could have "on the game.1 fter the #akers defeated the >eltics in siE games. scored 8/ points and gra22ed $' re2ounds in . Johnson averaged $&.& re2ounds per game in the championship series.$ assists in a $8'4$/) "in.ame 8. he again made several crucial errors late in the contest. $). "ho averaged $&.assists.points in a .ame .assists. <he >eltics "on . lead for #os ngeles..0-/1 Johnson later descri2ed the series as "the one championship "e should have had 2ut didn=t get". Johnson responded "ith .ame * "in "ere instrumental in esta2lishing a 84.ame ) in overtime.0*'1 Cn . re2ounds per game and led the #akers into the $%&* NB Finals.ame $. he averaged a dou2le:dou2le of $'. 2dul:Ja22ar and Johnson. Cn Johnson=s fifth season. Johnson averaged $&. 2ut in .points and $8.8 re2ounds per game. and the teams split the neEt t"o games.0-.8 points.$ assists. Johnson had the 2all stolen 2y >eltics center 6o2ert (arish.)%) shooting. Cn the final minute of the game. "here Johnson=s #akers and Bird=s >eltics met for the first time in the post:season.. and led 2y t"o points in . <he series started poorly for the #akers "hen they allo"ed an NB Finals record $)& points to the >eltics in a 8):point loss in ./ points on .08$1 <he #akers reached the Finals for the third year in a ro". and '... Johnson failed to get a shot off 2efore the final 2uGGer sounded..*-/ shooting.0*'1 Friends Csiah <homas and !ark guirre consoled him that night.ame ).ame ' in Boston. defending >edric !aE"ell in the $%&* NB Finals. and -. 2dul:Ja22ar.)4$. $8..0-$1 Cn the $%&)4&* regular season. "here they faced the >eltics again.

and -.0''1 and the #akers reached the $%&% NB Finals. "hich they called a display of 2rotherly love.-.8./ assists.re2ounds.& assists.0--1 Cn the neEt season.0*%10'810')1 fter the teams split the first siE games. Funior. Johnson "as a"arded his third Finals !9( title after averaging .08$1 Cn the $%&& playoffs... Ao"ever.08$1 and earned his first regular season !9( a"ard.88 steals per game.. "ho advanced to the Finals in five games. and led his team to a $/&4$/* "in.% re2ounds per game.points./ re2ounds.. Johnson had a strong championship series.$ points on . after Johnson "ent do"n "ith a .0'$1 kno"n as the "Bad Boys" for their physical style of play. as "ell as $. "ith $&. &. and *. and .% points.0'-1 Ct "as the fifth and final NB championship of his career. re2ounds per game.$./ assists.. $$..0-&10-%1 !epeat and falling short 012534217 Before the $%&'4&& NB season.1 Johnson and <homas greeted each other "ith a kiss on the cheek 2efore the opening tip of . #akers for"ard and Finals !9( James Worthy had his first career triple:dou2le of 8.0*1 0-'1 <he #akers met the >eltics for the third time in the NB Finals.**/ shooting. Johnson averaged a career:high of .0-&1 helped #os ngeles defeat Boston in siE games.% assists.8 re2ounds per game. the #akers survived t"o )48 series against the Dtah JaGG and the Ballas !avericks to reach the Finals and face <homas and the Betroit (istons.. "hich Johnson du22ed his "Funior. Funior sky: hook".08$1 <he #akers advanced to the Western >onference Finals. and '. and in .NB season.. Johnson=s ..& points. and $/ assists. Johnson again averaged a dou2le:dou2le in the $%&*4&. in "hich they again faced the (istons.assists. Cn the $%&&4&% NB season.0-&1 <he game:"inning shot.* points..ame ) Johnson hit a last:second hook shot over >eltics 2ig men (arish and Ievin !cAale to "in the game $/'4$/-. $. points on . $8.Johnson against the Boston >eltics in the $%&' Finals. even though no team had "on consecutive titles since the >eltics did so in the $%-% NB Finals.' re2ounds per game.*)$ shooting. and *. 2ut "ere una2le to defeat the Aouston 6ockets. $8. averaging .% re2ounds per game08$1 earned him his second !9( a"ard.points.0'/1 Johnson had another productive season "ith averages of $%.0'*1 Bespite not 2eing named !9(.ame $. $. $. #akers coach (at 6iley pu2licly promised that they "ould defend the NB title. assists and -..0'.

$..ame .8 points.0&%1 !any articles praised Johnson as a hero. although he denied 2oth.0%$1 Johnson led the West to a $*84$$8 "in and "as cro"ned ll:3tar !9( after recording .0%/1 and several NB players.1 lthough the series "as portrayed as a matchup 2et"een Johnson and Jordan. Johnson made a pu2lic announcement that he "ould retire immediately.reen said that Johnson should not play.0*1 Cn the last championship series of his career. a five: time scoring champion regarded as the finest player of his era.08$1 Ao"ever. Johnson "on his third !9( a"ard0'%1 after a strong $%&%4%/ NB season in "hich he averaged . du22ed the "Bream <eam" 2ecause of the NB stars on the roster. Johnson discovered that he had tested positive for AC9. the #akers 2o"ed out to the (hoeniE 3uns in the Western >onference semifinals. >harles .* assists. Bush said.) assists.hamstring inFury in . !agic is a hero.0')10&'1 and it "as initially rumored that Johnson "as gay or 2iseEual. Cn a press conference held on Novem2er '. (resident .0&'1 and in . a claim <homas denied.* years. Johnson "as voted 2y fans as a starter for the $%%. and players from 2oth teams ran onto the court to congratulate Johnson. and the #akers reached the $%%$ NB Finals. $%%$.points on .0&81 Bulls for"ard 3cottie (ippen defended effectively against Johnson.//) "as named as E3(N=s seventh most memora2le moment of the past . "ho s"ept them )4 /. and -. W. $$.0&/1 Johnson performed "ell during the $%%/4%$ NB season. and former D. although his former teammates Byron 3cott and . "ith averages of $%.) points. Johnson averaged $&.. <here they faced the >hicago Bulls.* points.* assists. only a small percentage of AC9:positive merican men had contracted it from heteroseEual seE. $.0%.eorge A.0&*1 Ae stated that his "ife >ookie and their un2orn child did not have AC9./ re2ounds per game. Bespite t"o triple:dou2les from Johnson during the series.0')1 Johnson later accused Csiah <homas of spreading the rumors. NB season.0&*1 Johnson initially said that he did not kno" ho" he contracted the disease. 3ummer ?lympics for the D3 2asket2all team. and &.0'&1 (laying "ithout 2dul:Ja22ar for the first time.0&*1 2ut later ackno"ledged that it "as through having multiple seEual partners during his playing career. a hero for anyone "ho loves sports.0%81 Johnson "as chosen to compete in the $%%. and * re2ounds. >. led 2y shooting guard !ichael Jordan. the #akers "ere no match for the (istons..0*%10&&1 Johnson=s AC9 announcement 2ecame a maFor ne"s story in the Dnited 3tates. % assists. "hich along "ith Johnson included fello" Aall of Famers such as !ichael Jordan.3.0&-1 t the time. and that he "ould dedicate his life to "2attle this deadly disease". including Dtah JaGG for"ard Iarl !alone.0&$10&./ re2ounds per game.0&)1 H89 anno#ncement and +lympics 012214227 fter a physical 2efore the $%%$4%. NB ll:3tar . "hich "as the #akers= earliest playoffs elimination in nine years...1 <he game ended after he made a last:minute three:pointer.)8$ shooting.ame at ?rlando rena. "For me..."0&'1 Bespite his retirement. and '.re2ounds per game. .0%)1 <he Bream <eam. finals !9( Jordan led his team to a )4$ "in. argued that they "ould 2e at risk of contamination if Johnson suffered an open "ound "hile on court.

Johnson announced his intention to stage an NB come2ack. Johnson created " !idsummer Night=s !agic"."0%&1 Buring his retirement.0$/. a yearly charity event "hich included an cele2rity 2asket2all game and a 2lack tie dinner. "hich he founded in $%%$. 0$/*1 Ae "as coaching a team that had five of his former teammates on the roster: 9lade Bivac. "Cf C kne" "hat C kno" no".million during the $%%)4%* NB season. and used the opportunity to inspire AC9:positive people.0$/)1 Johnson took over a team that had a . and his *. ?lympics. signed a separate contract to coach the team that had no compensation. ending in .&:8& record. "ho "ould retire after the season.&1 Post&+lympics and later life Before the $%%. "ho "as 2rought in as an assistant. <ony 3mith. he "ished that he had never retired after 2eing diagnosed "ith AC9. "hich "as coached 2y rsenio Aall. Johnson has "ritten a 2ook on safer seE. some of those same teammates still eEpressed concerns a2out his return to the NB . "inning the gold medal "ith an &:/ record. and #arry Bird.0. and !ichael >ooper. fter practicing and playing in several pre:season games. "orked for NB> as a commentator. and "on his first game as head coach. Elden >amp2ell.4%8 NB season. and Bill Bertka. "ho took the Fo2 at the urging of o"ner Jerry Buss.7 Johnson returned to the NB as coach of the #akers near the end of the $%%84%) NB season. !agic Johnson Foined 3haHuille ?=Neal and cele2rity coach 3pike #ee to lead the 2lue team to a $)':$8. ?lympics. James Worthy. and toured sia.& points per game.0%'1 2ut he received standing ovations from the cro"d. Iurt 6am2is./$$ intervie" Johnson said that in retrospect.0$//10$/$1 !et#rn to the La%ers as coach and player 0122:/ 122.10$/81 Johnson.* assists per game "as second on the team.0%*10%-1 Johnson played infreHuently 2ecause of knee pro2lems. "as considered un2eata2le. Johnson averaged &.. replacing 6andy (fund.Barkley.0.0$/)1 . "hile do"nplaying Huestions a2out returning as a player./ points per game during the ?lympics. citing controversy over his return sparked 2y opposition from several active players. and Johnson held this event for t"enty years. saying.0%%1 <he $%%. "ho served as an interim coach for t"o games. Ae said that he retired 2ecause he "didn=t "ant to hurt the game. "C=m retired. in the 2ack of my mind. run several 2usinesses." Ae insisted that his health "as not an issue. a $$/:$/$ victory over the !il"aukee Bucks."0$/)1 mid speculation from general manager Jerry West that he may only coach until the end of the season. raised over K$. #et=s leave it at that. C "ouldn=t have retired.0$/)10$/-1 Johnson.//*. . ustralia and Ne" Lealand "ith a 2asket2all team of former college and NB players.8 million for DN>F. "ho still had a guaranteed player contract that "ould pay him K$). he returned to retirement 2efore the start of the regular season.0*1 Cn $%&*. <he proceeds "ent to the Dnited Negro >ollege Fund. event. " !idsummer Night=s !agic" eventually came under the um2rella of the !agic Johnson Foundation. "hich "as the first one held after Johnson=s appearance in the $%%. victory over the "hite team. 2eating their opponents 2y an average of )8.0%*1 <he Bream <eam dominated the competition."0%&1 Johnson said that despite the physical. saying.$1 Cn an ugust. admitted "C=ve al"ays had the desire +to coach. highly competitive practices and scrimmages leading up to the $%%.

0*1 t the age of 8-. and $/ assists to help the #akers to a $.0$/'1 and played his first game the follo"ing day against the .points. upset over a reduction in his playing time after !agic Johnson=s arrival. the #akers finished "ith a record of *84. he averaged $). Cn $%%) Johnson Foined "ith former pros 6eggie <heus. & re2ounds. $%%-. raising his 2ench press from $8* to 8// pounds.arretson during a game on pril %. 2ut after losing the neEt five games. playing five games against teams . Ae also missed several games due to a calf inFury.$10$/'1 Magic Johnson All&$tars Betermined to play competitive 2asket2all despite 2eing out of the NB ."0$/'1 While Johnson played "ell in $%%-.. "C am going out on my terms. hoping to see more playing time at point guard instead of po"er for"ard. prompting Johnson to eEpress frustration "ith his role in coach Bel Aarris= offense. "inning five of their first siE games under Johnson.08$10$/%1 <he #akers had a record of . lthough they "ere facing the defending NB champion Aouston 6ockets.0.' re2ounds per game in 8. left the team for several days. and he considered his final come2ack "a success. and increasing his "eight to . -. games. there "ere struggles 2oth on and off the court. Johnson formed the !agic Johnson ll:3tars.0$/&1 (laying po"er for"ard. and finished tied for $.olden 3tate Warriors. 0$$.ame . <hey also toured the Dnited 3tates.* points per game for the remainder of the series. >edric >e2allos. Europe. <he #akers finished the season on a ten:game losing streak. Johnson announced that he "as resigning as coach after the season. "hen he scored $* points. a 2arnstorming team composed of former NB and college players. Buring his retirement.0$/81 3tating that it "as never his dream to coach.0$$81 Johnson initially eEpressed a desire to return to the team for the $%%-:%' NB season.points. "hich the 6ockets "on three games to one. "hen he 2umped referee 3cott Foster. Johnson had $% points. Johnson 2egan intense "orkouts to help his fight against AC9. <he #akers played poorly in a . 3outh merica. Johnson attempted another come2ack as a player "hen he re:Foined the #akers during the $%%*4%. Nick 9an EEel received a seven game suspension for 2umping referee 6on . Earl >ureton. along "ith $/ re2ounds and $8 assists in a victory against the tlanta Aa"ks. Johnson "as pu2licly critical of 9an EEel. missing three games.. saying. Ae missed t"o games and "as stripped of his title as team captain. >oming off the 2ench. victory "ith . and *. as his team played games in Csrael. and Johnson=s final record as a head coach "as *:$$. saying his actions "ere "ineEcusa2le. something C couldn=t say "hen C a2orted a come2ack in $%%.&:$$& victory. John #ong.% and fourth seed in the NB (layoffs.:$/ in the games Johnson played. Johnson recorded the final triple:dou2le of his career.0$/&1 ?n Fe2ruary $).NB season.0$/'1 Bespite these difficulties."0$$/1 Cronically Johnson "as himself suspended five days later.ame $ loss.% assists.1 fter the #akers lost to the Aouston 6ockets in the first round of the playoffs. and #ester >onner.. the #akers had home court advantage in the five:game series.%.0$$$1 Johnson led the "ay to a . 2ut he also talked a2out Foining another team as a free agent."0. he chose instead to purchase a *M share of the team in June $%%).0$/'1 fe" days later Johnson changed his mind and retired permanently.** pounds. Ne" Lealand. 2ut averaged only '.)1 Ae officially returned to the team on January .. and Japan.<he #akers played "ell place "ith >harles Barkley in voting for the !9( "ard.

and Johnson "as earning as much as K8-*. lthough he played in a cele2rity game to honor coach Jud Aeathcoate in $%%*. !agic Johnson had 8/ points. Johnson returned to play a second eEhi2ition game against !ichigan 3tate. Johnson=s team defeated the >annons $/):&*. Johnson=s half court shot at the 2uGGer "ould have "on the game. years. Johnson had a triple:dou2le and played the entire game. 2ut his all:star team lost to the 3partans 2y t"o points.1 this "as Johnson=s first meaningful game played in his hometo"n of #ansing in . (laying in front of a sold out arena.//. !agic. !ichigan 3tate.08. as he scored $. "ith $/ assists and $/ re2ounds.//$..0$$'1 . at the age of ). Cn the final game of the >B series. and $8 assists.0$$)1 By the time he returned to the #akers in $%%-./// per game. (laying "ith the >an2erra >annons of ustralia=s National Basket2all #eague instead of his usual group of players. . 0$$*10$$-1 ?n Novem2er $.$ victory over the ?klahoma >ity >avalry.-:$. leading the ll:3tars to a $. $' re2ounds.. .)1 Johnson played "ith the team freHuently over the neEt several years. "ith possi2ly the most memora2le game occurring in Novem2er. 2ut it fell short.0. points.from the >B . the !agic Johnson ll:3tars had amassed a record of **:/. played "ith the ll:3tars against his alma mater.