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SAP - Asset Management Configuration & Implementation Process

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SAP - PM (Asset Management)
Configuration and Implementation Process



Process Code PC000 PCAAA PCBBB PCCCC PC001 PC002 PC003 PC004 PC005 PC006 PC007 PC008 PC009 PC010 PC011 PC012 PC013 PC014 PC015 PC016 PC017

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SAP Plant Maintenance Process Flow Preventive Maintenance Program (Typical ISO standard format) Plant maintenance Universal Process Model (SAP PM Configuration Material) SAP Plant Maintenance Configuration Process Flow Approve Work Order (IW32)_Process Approve Work Requests ( IW22)_Process Bin Management in IM ( IW32 )_Process Business Close the Work Order (IW32)_Process Business closure of Order (IW32)_Process Business Complete (IW32)_Process Cancel Process Order Confirmation(CORS)_Process Change Equipment (IE02)_Process Change Equipment Measurement Single Entry Processing (IK12)_Process Change Equipment_ Initial Screen(IE02)_Process Change Functional Location (IL02)_Process Change General Task List (IA06)_Process Change Maintenance Plan(IP02)_Process Change Maintenance Strategies_ Overview(IP11)_Process Change Measurement Point (IK02)_Process Change Measurement Reading Entry List Processing (IK32)_Process Change Plant Maintenance Notification (IW28)_Process

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39. 37.blogspot. 30. 35. Change Work Center_ Initial Screen(IR02)_Process PC018 search 24. Check material availability of defect material (MB52)_Process Check Notification list and Validate Selection of Notifications (IW28)_Process Collective Measurement with Entry List Processing (IK34)_Process Confirm labor. 26. 32. 42. 33. 43. 48.Asset Management Configuration & Implementation Process Page 12 of 16 22. 31. 34. 47. Send feedback http://sap-pmconfigurationprocess. 12/9/2013 . 50. 29. 25. 46. 38. 36. 28. 49.SAP . Powered by Blogger. 41. Tech Findings and TECO Work Order ( IW42)_Process Confirm labors. 44. 27. Tech Findings and TECO WO (IW42)_Process Confirmation using operation list_ Selection of order operations(IW48)_Process Create a Manual Call(IP10)_Process Create and Assign Notification to Standing Work Order (IW21)_Process Create Equipment (IE01)_Process Create Equipment Measurement Collective Entry (IK22)_Process Create Equipment Measurement Single Entry Processing (IK11)_Process Create Fleet Object_ Initial Screen(IE31)_Process Create Functional Location (IL01)_Process Create General Task List (IA05)_Process Create General Task List_ (Performance Based) Initial Screen(IA05)_Process Create Maintenance Plan (IP42)_Process Create Maintenance Plan Fleet(IP42)_Process Create Maintenance Strategy (Performance Based)(IP11)_Process Create Maintenance Strategy (Time Based)(IP11)_Process Create Measurement Point Equipment (IK01)_Process Create Measurement Point Fleet (Forklift) (IE02)_Process Create Measurement Point Fleet (Vehicle) (IE02)_Process Create Measurement Point Fleet Vehicle (IK01)_Process Create Measurement Reading Entry List Processing (IK31)_Process Create Multiple Counter Plan(IP43)_Process Create Periodic (Standing) WO from Maintenance Plan (IW32)_Process Create Periodic (Standing)WO Manually (IW21)_Process PC020 PC021 PC022 PC023 PC024 PC025 PC026 PC027 PC028 PC029 PC030 PC031 PC032 PC033 PC034 PC035 PC036 PC037 PC038 PC039 PC040 PC041 PC042 PC043 PC044 PC045 PC046 Dynamic Views template. 40.

79. 54. Powered by Blogger. 73. Create Refurbishment Order ZP05 (IW81)_Process Create Single Cycle Plan(IP41)_Process Create Work Center_ Initial Screen(IR01)_Process Deadline Monitoring (IP30)_Process Deadline monitoring of Batches (QA07)_Process Display a Maintenance Call(IP10)_Process Display Catalog Code Group Index(QS49)_Process Display Catalog(QS42)_Process Display Equipment (IE03)_Process Display Equipment Fleet ( IE03 )_Process Display Equipment List (IH08)_Process Display Equipment Measurement Single Entry (IK13)_Process Display functional Location ( IL03 )_Process Display Functional Location List (IH06)_Process Display General Task List (IA07)_Process Display General Task List_ Initial Screen(IA07)_Process Display List Maintenance Plans _ Selection Criteria (IP16)_Process Display List of Items – Root Cause Analysis (IW69)_Process Display List of Notifications . 72.SAP . 62. 60. 78. 76. 61. 57. 59. 69. 75. 63. Create PM Notification (IW21)_Process PC047 search 53. 77.Outstanding (IW39)_Process Display List of Orders – In Process (IW39)_Process Display Maintenance Plan (IP03)_Process Display Maintenance Plan(IP03)_Process Display Maintenance Strategies(IP12)_Process Display material data(MM03)_Process Display Material Document List (MB51)_Process PC049 PC050 PC051 PC052 PC053 PC054 PC055 PC056 PC058 PC059 PC060 PC061 PC062 PC063 PC064 PC065 PC066 PC067 PC068 PC069 PC070 PC071 PC072 PC073 PC074 PC075 PC076 Dynamic Views template.Outstanding (IW29)_Process Display List of Notifications – In Process (IW29)_Process Display List of Orders . 58. 55. 64. Send feedback http://sap-pmconfigurationprocess. 70. 65. 66. 71.Asset Management Configuration & Implementation Process Page 13 of 16 51. 68.blogspot. 12/9/2013 . 74. 67.

87. 94. 100. 89. 93. 98. Send feedback 12/9/2013 . 108. 99. 91.SAP . 105. Powered by Blogger. 83. Display Measurement Point List (IK07)_Process Display Measurement Reading List Processing (IK33)_Process Display Multi-Level Equipment List (IE07)_Process Display Multi-Level List of Orders (IW40)_Process Display Order and Operation List (IW49N)_Process Display Task Lists(IA09)_Process Display Vehicle List (IE36)_Process Display Warehouse Stock (MB52)_Process Display work center ( IR03 )_Process Edit Catalog(QS41)_Process Enter Goods Issue for Work Order (MIGO)_Process Goods Movement(MIGO)_Process Goods Receipt (MIGO)_Process Link PM Order with Catalog (IW32)_Process List of Goods Movements for Orders (IW39)_Process Maintenance Plan Costing(IP31)_Process Material Availability Information (IW39)_Process Material Where Used List (IW13)_Process Measurement Document Report (IK07)_Process MTTR_MTBR Equipment (MCJB)_Process MTTR_MTBR Functional Location (MCJC)_Process Order TECO and Notification (IW32)_Process Plan and Release (IW32)_Process Plan the Work Order (IW32)_Process Plant Maintenance Notification (IW21)_Process Print a Work Order (IW32)_Process Print Order (IW3D)_Process PC079 PC080 PC081 PC082 PC083 PC084 PC085 PC086 PC087 PC088 PC089 PC090 PC091 PC092 PC093 PC094 PC095 PC096 PC097 PC098 PC099 PC100 PC101 PC102 PC103 PC104 PC105 Dynamic Views template.Asset Management Configuration & Implementation Process Page 14 of 16 80. 90. 92. 96.blogspot. 95. 104. 88. 106. Display Material Master (MM03)_Process PC077 search 82. 85. 101. 86. 107. 102. 97. 103. 84.] http://sappmprocessconfiguration. [http://sap-pm-self-service.blogspot.blogspot.SAP . 120. 118. Send feedback http://sap-pmconfigurationprocess. 115. 112.blogspot. 122.Machines (IH01)_Process Use of Local Planner Groups with new PM Order Types (IW38)_Process Where-Used List by Strategy(IP14)_Process Work order from Notification (IW22)_Process Work Order Link for Parts Requirements via E-catalogs (IW32)_Process PC108 PC109 PC110 PC111 PC112 PC113 PC114 PC115 PC116 PC117 PC118 PC119 PC120 PC121 PC122 PC123 PC124 PC125 Download at: http://sap-pm-self-service. 121. 124. Print Work Order (IW3D)_Process PC106 search 111.blogspot. 128. 116.blogspot. Record reports and technical findings (IW42)_Process Release a Maintenance Call(IP10)_Process Release a Work Order_ Change Order (IW32)_Process Report Technical Findings (IW22)_Process Report Technical findings through week (IW21)_Process Settle Order ( KO88)_Process Settle the Work Order (KO88)_Process Settle Work Order Low Cost Repair ( KO88)_Process Skipping a Maintenance Call(IP10)_Process Stock Overview (MMBE)_Process Structural Display – Function location (IH01)_Process Technically complete WO (IW42)_Process Technically Complete_ Change Order (IW32)_Process Use of Equipment Category M .sg/] http://sap-pm-functional-consultant. 125. [] Posted 27th October 2012 by SAP PM Labels: SAP . 126.Asset Management Configuration & Implementation Process Page 15 of 16 [http://sap-pm-functionalconsultant. 113. 117. 114. 123. Powered by 12/9/2013 .Asset Management Dynamic Views template.

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