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EASNAC Trillium Sub-Chapter with Pastor Max Cadalig

n August 28, 2013 Pastor Max Cadalig, AUP Advancement Director left for the US to connect with AUP alumni of various chapters in North America. Appointed last June 2013, Pastor Cadalig went on his first mission to meet with alumni and introduce himself to them in his new work assignment as well as being part of a younger generation of graduates of AUP, specifically, alumni batch 1994. The first destination in Pastor Cadalig’s itinerary was the AWESNA convention in San Diego, California. From there he visited different alumni chapters from one state to another meeting with officers, listening to their sentiments, and at the same time inviting them to become active partners of AUP in realizing the long-cherished dream of our church in the Philippines: a medical college. Of the 69 days Pastor Cadalig spent away from AUP, most saw him in the eastern part of the US. All in all he

was able to meet alumni from different chapters including those in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. His primary goal was to connect with alumni. Nevertheless, during his trip he received for his secondary goal a total of $48,000 alumni love gift to God and AUP. Around $28,000 is for the College of Medicine project and the rest is for evangelism, student scholarships, among others. Besides the cash gifts, alumni across the US and Canada pledged additional support to the COM project amounting to $220,000. God blessed Pastor Cadalig’s trip in North America; he saw the firm, deep commitment of alumni even amidst their own circumstances in life and their loving concern for the challenges that AUP is facing as well. As a result of the trip, Pastor Cadalig aims to improve relations and communication with alumni here and abroad, and relations with current students who are the future alumni of AUP. 

n a bid to retain university and au tonomous status, AUP evaluated the quality of academic courses in terms of adequacy of faculty, faculty qualification, and number of students. Among these benchmarks of quality, the CHED Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education (MORPHE) requires a college teaching faculty to be at least a master’s degree holder. Based on these standards, the AUP Board of Trustees voted on September 25, 2013 to phase out the following programs due to changes in staff and number of enrollees in the past five years. 1. PhD in Mathematics Education minor in Research has only two qualified faculty and the requirement of three doctorate professors has not been met. Furthermore, only two students had enrolled in the past five years. 2. PhD in Psychology major in Clinical Counseling and Industrial Counseling had no students in the past five years. 3. MA in Psychology major in Clinical and Pastoral Psychology and major in Organizational Psychology had no students in the past five years. 4. MA in Religious Education requires a major professor who has a doctorate in biblical studies and theological studies since this program is academic. At present most of theology teachers have ministerial doctorates. Only four students enrolled in the past four years. 5. Bachelor of Music in Guitar, Piano, Violin, Voice and Bachelor of Music with Emphasis in Choral Conducting, instrument, piano and voice. The major reason for the phase out of these programs is the students enrolled. In addition, CHED requires at least two teachers for

November 2013
each major study. At present each of the above-mentioned programs has only one teacher. 6. BS Agriculture major in Animal Science and major in Crop Science lack of qualified faculty; where three are required, there are only two and one of them has no MA in agriculture. 7. Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) lacks qualified faculty and only a very few students enrolled. 

AUP BOARD APPROVES NEW ASSOCIATES IN ADMINISTRATION A new batch of associates in administration starts a new term of office this second
semester 2013-2014 as approved by the AUP Board of Trustees last September 25, 2013. These associates will serve for two and a half years as stipulated in the work policy. Listed are the names of the new appointees. Assistant Vice President for Academics - Graduate Studies Dr. Vicky Mergal Chair, Graduate Education Dr. Gracel Saban Dean, College of Education Dr. Gracel Saban Dean, College of Business Dr. Luh Parulan-Sausa Dean, College of Theology Dr. Julio Amurao Principal, AUP Academy Mrs. Ardelma Sarmiento Director, Food Services Dr. Merlina Idaosos Chair, Biology Department Dr. Orlex Yllano Chair, National Service Training Program (NSTP) Mr. Asher Torres Chair, Psychology Department Dr. Eva Castillo Manager, Auxiliary Enterprise Dr. Robert Borromeo Assistant, Legal Services Mr. Gamaliel Valencia Assistant, Communications Mr. Sherwin Fiedacan



total of 14 Voice of Youth (VOY) Teams went out to different parts of Luzon during the semester break under the coordination of Pastor Ron Genebago of the College of Theology (COT). Baptisms during these VOY efforts yielded 46 souls. Places of note where the VOY programs were held are San Ildefonso, Bulacan; Amadeo, Cavite; Laurel, Batangas; Sablayan, Oriental Mindoro; Banaue, Ifugao to name a few. This first semester, the participants to the VOY ministry underwent a VOY Camp held in the COT on October 11-13, 2013 mainly to train the youth who have decided to dedicate their semester vacation for the work of the Lord. Pastor Ron Genebago led this training program where a pool of eager young people was divided in two main groups: one group for the semester break effort and another group for this coming Christmas break VOY. 



Highlights* is the monthly newsletter of the AUP Advancement Office *We are opening our paper for name suggestions. If you have any bright idea for a unique newsletter title, your suggestions are welcome. EMAIL: Staff: Pastor Max Cadalig Managing Editor Mr. Sherwin Fiedacan Editor-in-Chief Mr. Rey Laberinto Photographer, Layout Editor, and Designer Ms. Irene Asiddao Mrs. Lolina Mostaza Editorial Secretaries

Camporee held in the Educa tional Campsite on October 21-27, 2013 attended by more than 1,400 campers from different Adventist High Schools all over Luzon. The AUP Educational Campsite, initiated by Engineer Albert Quiza, was established in 1991 when the new swimming pool was inaugurated and opened to the public. 



erbert Pajarito, AUP Fine Arts alumnus, won Grand Prize in the 2013 Metro Bank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) Competition on September 19 for his painting, “Intercession.” Meanwhile, Reu Dawner Flores, an AUP Fine Arts Student received the Grand Prize and runner up award in the Vision Petron National Student Art Competition October 10, for his works, “Journey to Love and Happiness” and “Hakbang (Stride).” 


pines Student Association began a fundraising campaign mid-November for the victims of super typhoon Yolanda raising Php 24,000 from the student body and furthermore collecting relief goods of food and used clothing from other student donors. The AUP Administration in the same spirit with the students gave a Php 50,000 cash donation. 