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“Building Your Cult”
by Dantalion Jones Available at and at www.Building ou!"
#his PDF is accompanied by a F$%% &P' download. (f you don)t have the &P' go to www.Building ou!" and sign up. Page 1

As a cultu!e we have difficulty talking about +pu!pose. A Sen e of Pur!o e "ults a!e not fo!med because someone wants to fo!m a cult. With this knowledge you can use it to empowe! you!self to go afte! you! goals and ove!come f!ust!ation and even dep!ession. Page % .www. ou have a sense of pu!pose. o! +destiny. cult that is f!ee f!om sc!utiny. ou can begin by simply accepting as t!ue that you! life has a g!eate! pu!pose that anyone else could imagine and begin living that way. (t is ve!y likely that soon you will begin to see you! life as something bigge! than getting a pay check. The Mind Of The Cult Leader Building a cult. but shouldn)t stop you /o! anyone0 f!om living as though you have a pu!pose. minded people to make it happen. A powe!ful and effective leade! is not a megalomaniac but someone who is d!iven by a st!ong sense of pu!pose. ou can also use this info!mation to empassion othe!s and d!aw them to assist Building Your Cult by Dantalion Jones desc!ibes the p!ocesses that a!e essential fo! building a dive!se g!oup of loyal followe!s. Set "oal and Ma#e $etailed Plan %ve!y following has less to do with the o!ganization you c!eate and mo!e to do with the inne! wo!kings of cult leade!. Building Your Cult does not say you should build a cult but it does tell you how the p!ocess takes place.needs to be !ich in detail so that you desc!ibe it in te!ms of sounds.a real goal. #hey a!e c!eated because someone is passionate about thei! mission and att!acts like.images and the feelings it would book will tell you that you have to set goals. A goal. ou! goal as a would be cult leade! is to c!eate an +invisible.BuildingYourCult. #his is a common st!ategy used by businesses like *ike and Apple "ompute!. #he!e is no way to give you a sense of pu!pose so don)t wait a!ound fo! it to fall f!om the sky.suppo!tive of you! followe!s and d!iven by a glo!ious sense of destiny. &any people believe that have goals but it)s mo!e likely what they have a!e wishes and vague d!eams.

you can do it by w!iting it down in detail o! by setting aside time to meditate without dist!action fo! 12 to '3 minutes. ou must even plan how you will !espond when things don't wo!kout fo! you. Ask you!self if the fo!ces of #hinking. ou! plan must be in such !ich detail that it even includes unfo!eseen setbacks.BuildingYourCult. 7e is addicted to the th!ill of sta!ting a p!o8ect but hasn)t thought th!ough what it will take to complete it.what must follow is you! detailed plan to attain you! goals. who wants to think th!ough eve!y possibility befo!e acting. Thin#ing& 'eeling and $oing #hinking.Feeling and Doing a!e in balance things happen with g!eate! ease and mo!e en8oyment. #he f!enetic doe! who is known fo! sta!ting lots of p!o8ects but none of them a!e eve! completed. 7e won)t act until he feels he knows eve!ything and as a !esult no action is eve! taken. (f any one of these th!ee fo!ces a!e out of balance /which is the no!m fo! most of us0 we become less effective at accomplishing ou! ou have two options to begin this p!ocess. When you a!e able to put that much planning and detail towa!d accomplishing you! pu!pose it will give you a sense of calm because you know how eve!ything will p!oceed.feeling and doing a!e the th!ee fo!ces that we all have to manage in o!de! to accomplish what we want.Feeling and Doing a!e in balance. #o b!ing these into balance conside! a goal o! p!o8ect that you wish to accomplish. 7is feelings a!e his c!eative sou!ce but he has focused on them at the e5clusion of thinking and doing. When #hinking. 7e avoids thinking about how he will ma!ket his a!t /it)s not inte!esting0 and won)t wo!k at selling /it)s too much wo!k0. "onside! the following e5amples6 #he c!eative a!tist who is ve!y connected to his a!t but has not thought out how to p!ofit f!om his a!t. 4nce you)ve done this.www. Thin#ing 7ave you thought th!ough what you)ll need to do to achieve you! goal9 Page ( .called +ne!d. #his time of meditation should have it)s soul focus on imagining the you! goals in complete detail. #he so.

Page . ou)ll simple lea!n how it)s done and you can apply this knowledge in any way you see fit.BuildingYourCult. !ight you might be delaying you! success and decide to 8ump into action. (f you have a patte!n of acting too :uickly and not completing p!o8ects then you should wo!k on thinking th!ough the step and maintaining a mode!ate but consistent feeling of motivation. (t)s impo!tant to !estate that no one is telling you to sta!t a cult. )edefining Your Life Stor* #o gain the motivation to become a g!eat leade! /whethe! it)s a cult o! not0 you will benefit by envisioning you! life as though it we!e a mythic saga. Whethe! it)s a bowling league. (t begins with a lowly fa!m boy. (f you a!e waiting fo! things to +feel. "onside! that many people sta!t and complete p!o8ects with less info!mation.uke <kywalke!. #he :uality of this passion can be so powe!ful that othe!s who sha!e you! vision a!e d!awn to you and you can speak without shame about you! life pu!pose and the goals you wish to achieve. ou can sta!t by looking at the challenges and obstacles that you have ove!come and what you have lea!ned f!om them. A!e you waiting until you know everything about the topic befo!e you act9 'eeling A!e you motivated enough to act9 A!e you waiting so that you feeling like acting9 $oing Do you have a histo!y of sta!ting p!o8ects but not finishing them9 #he solution to an imbalance of this t!inity is to become awa!e of each of these fo!ces.a business o! a chu!ch g!oup the only limit is you. Fo! a moment conside! that you a!e not that much diffe!ent only you! saga has 8ust begun.. (f you a!e linge!ing too much on info!mation befo!e acting you should put aside you! doubt and dete!mine the if you have enough to sta!t. "onside! the epic Star +ar saga.who was unknowingly destined to defeat an empi!e. ou can also begin to view you! goals and plans in the pe!spective of you! g!eat pu!! destiny. When you combine eve!ything mentioned thus fa! you gain the skills and powe!s of an empassioned leade!.

Building ou!"ult. 7ow to o!ganize you! own 7uman $esou!ces team to t!ain and indoct!inate you! followe!s. A good Doct!ine acts like an e5acting business plan and ensu!es eve!yone knows what to do in any situation.www. ou have my pe!mission to use it howeve! you like. 7ow to find membe!s of you! cult. (f you don)t have the &P' go to www. . ou)ll lea!n what it takes to c!eate +initiato! and sign up. #his is what makes people flock to 8oin gangs and st!ange !eligious g!oups. 4the! detailed in Building Your Cult a!e6 ou)ll lea!n the impo!tance of Doct!ine. (t also makes those a!en)t a membe! of you! g!oup want to 8oin. e5pe!iences that helps people feel impo!tant and uni:ue.astly. ou)ll lea!n how to c!eate a sense of elitism that makes people feel get -nlea h The Addict& which desc!ibes how to c!eate a compelling addition to anything in you!self and othe! Building Your Cult gives you even mo!e p!ecise details on building this powe!ful mind set of leade!. #his PDF is accompanied by a F$%% &P' download.the w!itten wo!ds that act as !ules to live by. . ou)ll lea!n the right way to showe! you! !ec!uits with attention so they want to help you. ou)ll get a wo!king doct!ine that you can use as an e5ample o! build upon to benefit you! life and the lives of othe!s. Page .