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Progress Report

IMC Progress Report
Integrated Marketing Communication

Shezan All Pure
Submitted to Ma’am Ayesha Pervaiz Submitted by Ali Jafar Khan Asad Siddique Madiha Khan Talha Abdul Rauf Anum Ghaffar

NUST Business School

Competitor Analysis Competitors’ analysis has been completed. 2 .  A survey was administered to the retailers in Islamabad who gave insights about the actual buyers of the product. Customer Analysis  Questionnaire to identify customer needs was developed.S. Work Completed: During the first 12 Study Weeks. objectives.A for processing citrus and fruits for bottling of juices. Two categories of competitors were identified as direct and indirect. It was distributed to potential customer segment and filled by them. In 1971 the Shah Nawaz group purchased all the shares of Alliance Industrial Development Corporation. data about customer’s needs had been analyzed. marketing communication strategy. advertising design.  An analysis of consumer purchasing behavior is also done at this point. 2. Shezan was incorporated on May 30 1964 and initially conceived as a joint venture with Alliance Industrial Development Corporation of U. Team discussed the current issues in current communication strategy and how to address those. Objectives Objectives of our IMC plan are defined earlier. budgets and evaluation. All of the competitors are pointed out by market research and surveys. market analysis.Progress Report “SHEZAN ALL PURE” Introduction: The objective of the project under progress is to develop an IMC plan for Shezan All Pure. On the basis of their responses. tactics. Our focus is on communication aspect of its product “All Pure” juice. From our research we were able to deduce that the target market would mostly include an audience of the age group of 20-40 years with middle level of income. following work has been completed by the team: 1. The plan will include current marketing situation. 3.

brand image and brand equity audit. Marketing Situation Analysis With the completion of SWOT. Work on existing and potential customer segmentation. Slice Fresher Juices Minute Maid Shezan Twist The Indirect Competitors of Shezan All Pure are:   Soft Drinks (Pepsi and Coke) Mineral Water 4. Work Scheduled: Following parts of IMC plan are scheduled:     Marketing Communication strategy and tactics TVC and print ads draft. current marketing situation analysis has been completed. Proposed plan for advertising campaign is in design phase. targeting and positioning is going on. Budgets Evaluation 3 . Work in Progress: Following work is in progress: 1.Progress Report Along with Nestle. Report writing is in progress. Pepsi Co. 2. The Direct Competitors for Shezan All Pure are:    Nestle Fruita Vitals Pepsi Co. Coca Cola juices are also analyzed as a competitor of Shezan juices.