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Serife Suleyman 34 Ashton Gardens 0208 545 3241


Non diegetic sound will be used (Scary sound effect) to represent the horror theme.

Establishing shot of Zoe’s house from an outside perspective, introducing the scene.

Fade out transition will be inserted, linking establishing shot and Zoe in her bedroom.


Wide shot showing Zoe as she receives a text message from her mother during her revision session


ZOE (16) young, blonde female teenager is in her bedroom listening to music whilst lying on her bed doing some revision. The volume of music through ZOE’S earphones able to be heard at this moment-

Diegetic sound – Music playing on Zoe’s IPod, through her earphones.

Switches to a medium shot of Zoe whilst finalizing the conversati on with her mum Extreme close up of Zoe’s face whilst beginning to fall asleep An extreme close up of the phone, showing that Zoe is receiving an unknown call.

Extreme close up of Zoe’s eyes whilst texting

ZOE receives a text message from her mother, letting her know that she will be home late as she mentions ‘Hey sweetie, I am going to be home late tonight xx’ ZOE then replies ‘oh, okay mum xx’ Her mum then replies ‘Love you xx’ leading to a reply with a finalization from ZOE saying ‘Love you too mum xx’ ZOE then continues her work whilst remaining home alone. She throws her phone on the bed whilst continuing to do her revision. She eventually gets bored and decides to lay back on her bed, with her eyes beginning to close, eventually falling asleep at around 10pm EXT. INT. ZOE’S ROOM – NIGHT

Non diegetic sound of message sending and of Zoe typing. Zooms out to portray Zoe’s character after falling asleep. Extreme close up of the clock is shown, allowing the audience to know it is 1am.

A transition will be used whilst editing – Fade out, reflecting on a change in hours, 1am


Later that evening, an unknown caller rings ZOE’S phone after leaving her with a number of missed calls. Around 1am, ZOE wakes up and looks around the room, then towards


Diegetic sound still involved, music on Zoe’s IPod is still playing.

Medium shot of Zoe leaving room
the clock. She takes a glance at her phone not noticing the calls and walks towards the door to go downstairs to the kitchen. CUT TO EXT. INT. ZOE’S KITCHEN – NIGHT ZOE walks towards the kitchen door, turns the handle and switches

The lens is unfocused whilst Zoe takes a look at the time from her P.O.V, just after waking up.

Extreme close up shot of Zoe turning door handle

the light on.

Extreme close up shot of Zoe switching light on

Close up shot A.P.O.V from fridge, Zoe opens to get some juice


ZOE opens the fridge and takes out a Tropicana carton juice. She then goes towards the cupboard and pours some in to a glass. Whilst doing this, the houses phone rings. ZOE leaves her drink aside and goes in to the back room, picking up the phone. EXT.

High angle used whilst Zoe gets a glass from cupboard

Non-diegetic sound. Sound effects of whistling, building up tension.

INT. ZOE’S BACKROOM – NIGHT ZOE picks up the phone

The lens goes out of focus when Zoe pours the orange juice Extreme close up shot of phone ringing.

Lens is back in focus after orange juice reaches bottom of glass


Close up shot, eye level of Zoe listening to the phone.

Medium close up shot of the glass on the table Low angle showing Zoe Close up shot of Zoe’s feet whilst going upstairs.


Hello?..Hello who’s this?

ZOE receives nothing but silence.

Wide shot of bathroom, showing what Zoe will be surprised with

After receiving another mysterious call, she goes back upstairs to hear that the shower and tap have been turned on. EXT. INT. ZOE’S HALLWAY – NIGHT

Wide shot of Zoe going upstairs


ZOE takes a step forward and back on the stairs, and then nervously continues to go upstairs in a fast paste. She looks

Slow paste, emphasizing Zoe’s nervousness and traumatized feelings. 3

A.P.O.V from Zoe whilst looking around bathroom at the shower and taps switched on alarmed and confused

around and goes towards the bathroom door, listening carefully. EXT. INT. ZOE’S BATHROOM – NIGHT

Extreme close up of door handle opening

Close up of shower handle being CUT TO turned off

Panning used, whilst Zoe leaves the stairs and goes towards bathroom

Alarmed and panicked, ZOE opens the handle and walks in, looking around very suspiciously. She walks towards the shower turning

Zoes perspective looking down at the sink, high angle

Extreme close up of taps being turned off Eye line match of Zoe, looking at the sink and then back at her in the mirror Medium close up of Zoe looking in the mirror

the handle, walks towards the taps and does the same too. ZOE remains confused with her surroundings, leaving her anxious and distressed.

Non diegetic She holds on to the sink looking in the mirror, she then looks sound used – down do catch her breath. She looks back up to see that a figure Sound has appeared behind her. effects
The scene then ends with a cliffhanger, as ZOE continues to look shocked and scared breathing heavily. FADE OUT – END OF SCENE

Extreme zoom in, after Zoe see’s an unrevealed figure in the mirror behind her

Transition – Fade out