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Overview of Projects for EDUC 6331 Conscious Discipline

Area of Concern Conscious Discipline for New Teachers and progression into third year implementation Needs Assessment The campus received a total of fifteen new teachers this school year. The campus is currently going through a 3 year implementation and rigorous training of Conscious Discipline. The campus is serving as a model school and will be guiding other schools for district full implementation. Action Plan Teacher will conduct meeting with counselor and evaluate the progress of the current program. Teacher will create a staff development plan to instruct all new teachers. During the staff developments the teachers will be instructed on previous lessons the campus has conducted over a course of two years. The teacher will plan all lessons, gather all meeting documents, and invite all attendees through email. Evaluation Walk-throughs and an end of the year survey of what items need to be addressed additionally and/or continuously. Competencies Addressed C2, C5, C6, and C8

State of Texas New Math TEKs
Area of Concern State of Texas New Math TEKs and academic performance standards on STAAR are being raised. Needs Assessment The gap between the current TEKs and the new TEKs is significant and the STAAR academic performance standards are still being raised. Action Plan Receive district trainer of trainers and implement staff development on campus to third and fourth grade teachers. During the staff development, facilitation will occur. Assistance with development of helpful documents needed to guide teachers in the change process. Evaluation Survey teachers regarding the staff developments and trainings that need to still occurr before the school year 20142015. Compentencies Addressed C1, C2, C4, C5, and C7

Professional Learning Communities
Area of Concern PLC's and the research phase of implementation and using it in team planning Needs Assessment Team planning and collaboration was not working effectively and efficiently. Team leaders were also taking on a lot of responsibilities. Action Plan Research PLC's from articles and campus Peer Facilitators who attended the conference in the summer. Develop a team level guidelines to success document and planning template. Implement strategies and techniques from research as well as District Collaborative Team Leader Meetings. Compentencies Addressed Receive constructive C1, C2, C4, and C7 feedback from grade level teammates and administration. Create a survey to evaluate effectiveness. Evaluation