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FOR MODELS: 60t 75.

99, 70 99M1,989M2

1115 ~'1Jf'Y Import!nl WIll




This m03nu,:!1 cont41in~ opef'ajIJn.{1, C3le IID~!:. To a~:Slttli 9<1leopoeralien, Dfl)' user Dfthis nI(!~rm m\t$1 rl!3fI miml:ill !ilJotJld ilwaJ~ ac:cornp:ilI)' 1I~ls Iltearm. aM DBtlilnslerred DWners"ip. WAANIr(G,~ KEEP TillS AREAHM OUT Of THE REACH

1nd m~lnl~RII1C'" kt!olruc. tnlg rnanu31 carefd)'. Thl50 with 'I UPOO c:hanlfJl1: 1)1



B.efore You Use This Firearm
you read and undo~UId 1heMl 'rnotn.x:lion!l~fvrD ~ng yQur 11t"e111mJ. Wflmlngs are hlOh.
ligh~ed in ret!, !nd sl'ioold O\Jrood 4nd h.-Jed ~af1,Jlty. rollCM Ih.asaluly !'\11M In -Mllrtln" 0 1.1 Ide Ie Gun 5a)a'Y",

To move your safety to lhe FIRE position, pusl\ the saretv buUoo from riQhllO left as far as it wlflgo. A red ring a.round the safely button will be vrslble when 1he safety Is In the FIRE posllkm (See 8), II Ihe Irlgger Is pullBd with the safely in lhis position. Ihe gun willfire.

With the muzzle raised slighlly, drop Long Rifle
cartridges into Ihe loading port b011e1end loward tile muzz.le (Si;;e D). When you have lo.acf-ed up 10 18 cl1r1ridges ror Models 60 and 990, or 14 for Model 75C. slide Ihe lube bad< In pl(lc:e. lurnlng II slightly 10 ease passage over \.I1eloaded rO\Jnds. DO NOTFORCE 111ETUBE DOWN. Then rQtala the knulfed locking end plug 101helockect po-sl1ion.


NOTE TO LEFT-HANDED SHOOTERS: T11a safety m~ch.a~sm Is desig.ned lOt rfghl-t1atlOOd
WARN ING: WI! ~pecillcilly dlStIi1im 1111100;ibili'., lor j)11)'(j~m~ gi! ~r inJur, b1:cllrri~;It!to"nlJctio" \10'1111. 1)1

use and cannot be oonvcned 10 left.hand operalion,

re,ull ~IIII~ usu, ill ;:m'f Mo!IlHIt JtlllnllmChJluel


III faulty. nUI1'lliPldilira. "rlm~nlJ1i1t1l1r'II". 01 I]Ildloildl!d' rrl!!)~ dotlll nffim un~ljl!l'I,




N~ul dl~iI'i'!;~mbht 1hlt UlI~I.,- 111'11111 bfl':n r.4IUI!~'ty dU;~!i1ofll!. htLcillnllltilelJ A"~ mecP1..I'Ik'~ I I:I~~I(D cln I~il, ~r;l1ItI oY~r. '5.ttn~l'!lr nol... IOn UHI sa!lIt~

10 jlllhiv rlre:lts~ h.lndllng. NII:!Jf IJW I aun Willi I WII,RNING~ YOiJllll1l1lllhl~nea Cllm~lllel1 8l!em. bled <tn4l1I'1tJ1L1ld"I)' b-= uj.~d ur dl1.il50lembltJd ""Ith.
1:1111 MI., rlldil'1l~ 1m:! uII'Jl!rl"i!anIlII'lCilrat IRIIIIJCh~nl 11'I1P'hl OWMI. '. "'~BI1!1' lale I, .,..~ 1 dlHl. ntH r~nc.1 II:I~ pfltp I SI!!t!! 11'111ruC' I-a.,. I~r IR~jtll1/ muln.E!nil~t~ IIoti ~b~t 40.1

urnac~glh9luawar mC!1tllJne

LOIICNng lM lubular maga:rlns

How to Load .
WARtmm hU1 IUIl:lhmfB( il a 'Seml.lluIOmi!ltit .22 ca.llbct ~c~lgl'!fd r~1.22 LltngfMI~CIt1mIQe.5 olllir. II ...1I1tQ1 ttJ"cll(J1IIIIIdll'l Sbortli, L[)/1111 gr SIIDI roil' 'h1dIJD~. iInl1lfi1mlrRIT Itr 111 jtlry ~It r8S'-I1IfrBIrt tlt~ir

The h'ler 1\1'00wHlllot loCk In place If Ihs number 01 cartridges loOOa-d &1II;caeds Ihe staled magazine oapacity.

How to Operate the Safety .
W"fIJ\III'4G~ I'ncr In lifi"'ll,b~~lPmll lamlilit wltra Ifli nfl4! IJ~Ur~M"1 DI 1M 181f!1~b'l' Pfat:tlCIIiIa willi D11!' unl~iJllle.tI.

2. Cliip Magazine (Models70and



The safety mechanfsm 15 a round butlon k;w;a1oo ~ehind Ihe 1Iigger.To put )'~r rifle 00 SAFE. hold it 1[1 the normElI shootingposrtlon,polnled Ina sare direc:lion,8IKIpush thesarely but~on from left to right 8S rar as il will go. The safety lis. now on SAF:E (See A).

Depress 1M clip releaS8 (Seo E) and ramove the Clip rrQm U'le rille. InSel1 up 10 7 cartridges as shown in F. Wllh the gun winted In a safe direction, replace the loaded magazloB. being sure illocks.n place.

Relmrllo.adlng 'fD~' rintl. ~1'tIII'I,s C~tI,~ Ih~ bol~ fa dHlltn 11111ree o.rar~n~, cill)l III., CUl.!!1 Db l!ruc~Dn. Nrwrr Illd Clrtrlll1gtli 1110 D pIl1.~"'I' Ioll!r1llu. ludlr ml14llline.

1- Tubular Magazine (Models 60, 75C and 990)
Be sure 'he chamber Is empty. sarBIy 15 on SAFE, boU15do~d, aoo Ihe gun is pOinled In a SBr!J di. re~io". To load the magazine. lurn your aul0. loader upsfd-e down and, keeping your linger.!] away from tnemuule, unfockthe Jnner magazine
G). Exlracl the inner
RfJ(ftMing m&aitlrn~ the r;/!p
I..oadr'ng rnfJ

'38'f~ P~I1Ot1



tube by tumlng the knurled locking and plug (Sets lube rrom the outer tu b8 unm
tho loading port Is expo9E4.


w.. f.l1IIING: 'f1)u r "LJ.lrllo.!ilt~t IS Inl (I~IIGlte~ '1jI lit! lilnljl~-I DilIJNI. 1I,1"~y. Il)a a ~~11urJlJ!~ rnr1HJII111 11'!~ lub~ en dll) l1I~illmn~ 03~~I rllc.lI(J ~bi)w~-

Fire 10fl Safe) posNron

'. Misfire.. :2. Thiscafl be accomplished by either remoYing the clip" or unlocki 09 and removing the inner magaz. alw3 ~~. If'1oU have squeezed the trigg'H and nothing happen~. wllh 1he gun pointed at Ihe tafget. on the back 0' Ihe handle.lI t!J Locking rne action open wipe [jawn [or cloim iI Ina safe diredlon. Is pllSt11!1!I1c I:J~ FJRE How to Fire Push Ihe safety 10 Ihe FIRE position and. you must unload completely.r (See G) and let II snap 'ofWard freely (See H).!rilte in normal shooting position. YOUf rille has been sighled-In and test. be SLlre !o pU1the safety on SAFE ulltil you are ready to shoot again. tjon.~s'l1me 1~~I'~l)ur rl11e Is t. 1. Fullo'''' 'nut'1Ittlnns un 11:1.Ii. (See J).JnliL 'hal '. i ~~Dc~ed 0till rtitd. squeeze Ihe Irigger. Y01Jmust lirsl u~load the magazine. : ullIler "iin'. This must be dOne repeatedly untillhe!l . and emptying all cartridges. you must che~ Sig hti ng laclcxy. il should be removed by a qualified gunsmilh. The SGfe.. UrJ If snap t&WBld !reefy . (See "How to Unload"). which illustrates dearlng tile aclion.1\10 iJeI. !irl!!"''N~'/ Ir1Jr:lI~p. A "squib". and poInled How to Clean your rifle .tile cJip or tube back Inposi.stpossi- Ihe point or impact to the left. dry. 2. tap Ihe rear sighl base to the right. To close the aClion. purling It lullyiO-lhe rear {boll open) and letllng II snap 'OfWaJdfrnely. Due 10individUal shoaling cha~cI6rlsllcs. 10. To move the poinl af Impact right.1dtnl] DtilOI1.JIaritn if Cocked and Ready Wilh tile safely OIlSAFE. however. ceases.u dlr!~till-n. clear Ihe actioll. lire <15 sOlin iJ~' Il'1e tJl1et( PD~IUDI'1.andleallthe way back. lOwer the rea.'nafgtlJgllllt1d!e aJl lhe W8V 00'::-. lired it is ready to be fired again. CQunl 10 1O. Ihell unload the rille complelely. the aclion musl be cleared by grasping thacharging handle. Uthare is. sighting should be range venfied. tired at tho Bolt Hold-Open Safety Feature aller each shalls The bolt-hold open is a device that locks the action In Ihe OpM position (bott 10the rear). You oan lell if a shot is underpowered by the unusually low report.e-e If there is any obstruction. In the dlrectio.L... and factory loaded. 1:11. 10 Ih9 Correctlcn(windaga}: To mmf9 How to Unload . IS clean. II!J~H!. Horizontal . sight. WAFII~INu: YCllr . it makes.a. puEllha charging h. poir1tillg tile gun In a sate direction. . . ... tap the rear si-ght base to Ihe lert.on 01cartridges. wrlh Ihe accloolocked open. Vertical Correction (elll3valron): To raise lhe poi nt of impact. rai se Ihe:fear sighl. See I. pull the charging handle lully 10 the re. and pointed in a sale directioo. ble way to handle your autoloader is compJetely unloaded. and rook Ihrough Ihe barrel to s.1Il1al . I(Hldu~ qUI!. This anows youto see inslanlly whether any cartridges remam In the chamber or feed tIlroat First.Ij' ~a . by movi~g ltie sight elevator forwa. U yoo have not lired all cartridges allhB target. Then replace-and lock. pull the charging handle out to the right aOO lei it snap fOMard freely. should oot occur if the ammunition FOuJl {. mt.:' $lIf~ TO UJ rille i Ii Itn i~~~ MId ~Qillhrd in a 5~1. Ihl.n 01 tile arrow Since yoo r rille is an autoloader. by moYing!he sight elevator rearward. tile chamber and read throat visually 10be sure tIlat no cartridga. WARN ING'. Next.nlll 2 To unload your autoloade-f.. Finally. Ct€'anf19 rhe aC/IOII Qa~~r .(]ckCU'Dn~ In~~U.n s~ooling posUion. and hold it Now engage \he loci( by pushing the charging handle 10 tOe lefl. remain i. To Iowor the point o1lm~ pact.s ramaln.)11'.c~l!se olll~ iUJ~OIQ. Underpowered shot. WIdWING: Ne~'~1 al1em. ~~IUlU th:anlnQ. or under~efed shoE. Because Ihe bullel may actoally stili be In Ihe barrel. w~ TIM N G 11 e IOfl!: rOil . the safety on SAFE.1. What to do if your rifle fails to fire 1.ine tube.

S~mbly post by squeezing slotted end. or if any foreign material gelS IntoIheactionor barrel. Stop ~J \Mth Ihe acllon removed. recOil ¥WlfJg. The action ShOlJldbe cleaned in solYent. and oi5e1:l sparingly prior to feas~mbly. -exlIactors. lift tile muzzle end 01 the breech 0011from the receiver (See M). As yoo begin to Ii" Ihe bolt oul. deani Ag a.) To place recoU spring Acfease 8. boll lace.d spring guide may now be removed. Mallin Step #5 only be altempted by a a quallfiE"d gunsmllh. Pull post free of action. the first -consisting of the stock and trigger assem~y.. be sum tile charging handle fils Into the slot provided for it in the boil . Furtl1ar dlsassembly of Ihe acUon js not recommendad and should Servicl!!I CA!lntar. or held by an assistant. the charging handle will become free and can be removed. recoil spring an. Ihe bOll. clear Ihe action several times to be doublV sure no cartridges remain. .ertion of Ihe bteech bolt. itandtE!. receiver and action are now ready ~or thorough cleaning. Remove action by sliding it 10the rear and up (Seel2). Lhesecond consisting 01the barrBland actloo.Next. 01 the factory.r fOr removal (See N).TIre barrel. (Sea L1). k recoil spring and spring g. Howover. Creani ng the action We recommend creanlng I"e JnsJdeof the are now wilhln eas\ re. then piace opposite ~d ofsprtng intobreech bott. use any slandard 22 caliber commercial deanlng rod and cleaning palChes. Pull (ne charging handle back slightly and wJlh aha forofinger of your other hand.) A IOOthbrush and comrnercia1 gtJn cleaT1ing salvenL wfll simplify Il'1ejob.UI1SCr'ew tBke-down screws A and 8 as shown In K. in a padded reassemble.dried. tr your rUle gel5 wet. charging ha. Pull the charging handle back and lock the aclion Opflfl. Step #6 .aeoHspringmtohole at Ihe rear 01 the receiver.The cha'glng l\andle can now00 positioned through Ihe etectl on port To campletB the: bns.The magazine ~tube or c~p} should 00 removed rn aCC(H'dancewill'! tne procedure described under "How 10Un. Separale the rifle into two segmenls. (FrequSllcy of cleaning may depend on brand oJ ammunition used. clear the acUon several Iime5 10 be doubly sure no cartridges ramain. Wrth Ihe saf8ty (1(\SAFE. With the 58feiy on SAFE. .'ilI?fflDIIE! ct1a'QI~ Step #2 . Th e steps listed below should be fo~o'Wed C8relulfy to assure proper disassembty. cl-eaning as desLribed below Is recommended. The - of recoil spring.. Reirn:ly" ~f. guide Intoone end 0 RemOll~ .(Reassembly is easier If goo 15secured vise. hold breech bolt and recol1 spring In one hand and use the 04her hand Sosupport thesprfng as shown In O. Step II 1 . put . $/)rJftQ QUJde To clean thfl bore and barrel. To prbver'1t kinkingthe spring. and bLltt and ot the barrel (around the chamber) after firingeach 250«tor:Jawn ta-ewg- LJfl rmru/IJ end of bret1ch bol! /rom mcoiver SUppcrt ~I $Pf/ng to provMf /(inkl'ng. jn". Clean Ihe barrel with powder solvanl and wipe lightly with gun oil af~e.ndJo.nd reassembly. whIle comPfessi~ spring unm guide enters breech bolt.load'"on page 2.JIRrlili Cleaning the bore Wilh normal use if is nOi n€l(:e$Saty to deEm (he bore of your Buloload6f.tJ'on Step #4 . 3 .

f or. or IMlJred Parcel Post. be sure Ihg recefver Is $eated as rar bacff in Ihe 510ck as it will ~ while tlgh1enir. sljng strapsetc. Ship your firearm via U.S. D.'HN. Do not 5hip rn a spedalcontainer which you want rolumed. scope mounts. In any case. If thQ firearm is not covered by warranty. des. the gUll ffiBY not fire. should be removedprior 10 returning the firearm. Accessories such as scopQ.c:ription oi Ihe damage or problem.$. Repairs will be made upon raceipl or your check Drmoney order.Ipt ' "ltwn (I. Clearly mark your return address on tile outside oJthe box and your acCompanying fatter. For long term siorage.11the action by pulling the charging handht back and reversing the action disassembfy procedure (See P).P. all mOlslUre shotlld be removed. are not possible. . Condensation droplets may form soan after the gun is broughl into B warm room. When reassembling Ihe barreUe'd action and stock. lighlly ail the bore. Never s1are your gun In a carrying case. E. A. ~he gun will be rerume(L G. Pack the firearm carefully. serial numbor. PuN chafgio19 namJIrO back to rep!er::o 41C'tran Reinst3.tlUI1 a F. be sura to 1o4lowiheso instructions. Plaa. Your gun should be com- pletely unloaded and stored in a dry area.I"G I~adf~ ~~" !kit' Jt1~mpl'l'J . quick detaoch type 5wjvels. Atlach e romplaEa letter of information to Ihe outside of Ihe package. we will supply an estimatfl of the repal r cost before proceeding with the work. If repairs. Usa ample cushioning malerlal and a sturdy outer cardboard box:. Shipment musl be pre-paid and addressed to: MARLJN GUN SERVICE ATTN: REPAIR DEPARTMENT 100 KENNA DRIVE NORTH HAVEN.Factory Repair Service If yO!)wish to retum a gun 10 the ractor]'.g the tako. gU11cases. Be absolutely certain 1h8 firearm Is 110tloaded prior to mailing. S. come wet during inc1emenl wealher. H. C.1 during below rreazlng do nOISflip ammunition 10 the rectory. barrel and actTon with gUll oil. down SCf8W. or II may tJe.OlhBrwlse. The letter should describe Ihe modal number. -W. and under whal conditions the dIfficulty occurs.CT.. 06473 Avoid Ihe use o. Exterior melal finishes may be wiped down with a slightl)' oiled cloth.

RighC Hend ..---._--_.--.-.g or 1"1119 .---.--.-t.. 307011 :1111SI ((J7t78 4077S!S !O71" 201284 501211 :J07:J82 :501458 307Ut 3078110 507183 40ntIII 4012Sa 3077110 '-' '-''' .--..""" 42 .. -------~ Spr....I..t bc!OI"f Only $Orne l.--.-. ~9 ~h""C5'......----...-....-------"..... --' ~ '---"" "' w "' '-"-- S07311 ~ 47 MODEL 60SC Name G.---.''-' ~ Spr.._--- ~MI~. ~ 201173 4OroH }g 01071 .t --'--"'-"---''''-'. :)0107$ 4071...--..~ a. .w"IIbMy - p..--..-....-.--.?' 13 1.. ~ Fo1ng PIn~ PIn FIOnI ~ -.. 7SC and 990 J$ Ja ~~ d:...---.---------- .-.---------..-._----_.. ~~~(NeIIShowonI------..--... ...:r.-.--...1d w.... SprIg.-.-----.m-. RIgI'II Ha<Id --------F~ Fo1ng PIn 8u1I.....-"-'d ~ Ttbt tnIid8~ ---' '--'-'--'-"-.-..._.----L.-m Bell c:crrp..-....nd ----.Pn._w.-. P.. ~-" ~ --= ~..No.acw ~ SpN>g ----------------Edr8dof t.----E...--.---~~------.---. !Ol173 407H' 22Ot2." o...---.BamiI Part No..---..----....-...---..-....y ski.---- 5C7I1 3IJ11a" w_-. I07SoW1 S01OS& QQXQ Stodo -. --" '--"---""''''. Rut'oCtet:! ~ .-..--------------.-----. -20 ze~ .-....----.-..w -''''''''''''''-'''-'W''''''--''---''-. ..-...1 -/ ~ 7" ~ d.---.---.-...------. -..E11t....--.--.-..--. ~g 50 51 52 5...--!>e..--T_s.=::> {if )1 ]2 . Part No..St:d w. ' ~ s. Non.:r.--. 28 ~ 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 "37 JS e g 10 11 U 13 14 IS III 11 II I' 20 21 22 23 2~ 25 ~ 21 ~~ROIOr --....-./JI H...m____..-'''-' HMMw -'''--'-'--'''''''''''-''-'''''''-'''-'.I~ Pn.tlUI<I'tj! . ~~ '..-- 60 old .r: 'MIh~ SigN EJoodICO' ~ ...~Ine Ttbt a..----.---. I "71 3 ~ S 1\ "'7 Part Name AuwrtJIy PQoIII w w w.'-'''''-' w_...w w....----....-. '' 407CS2 407171 320402 ~ 307281 301t 118 201'050 4011 JI 3012115 ~ ~ XI07M ~1 ~ 401111tS 40nas 401288 III.u ' lJ ~ .--.. e m 8cII____._.--..-----.rt No...EN.__..--.---.-.w~. 107.-.'~ - smile 1~$I...-..---...--.-.--.S!> MODEL 60 See ....lut"Cled 'Wi.'---''''''''--'-... "' ". ---...-----. ~Aigttt4lnd_-_..Pn......R8t8rq Ri-9 -"--"'''''-'''-'--'-'''-'-'-'-----SIocII R4io b_.__-..---_..-.....ulrodd ...>: -4J 4t ~s q 47 ------------...""W_'"'-'''--''''''--'-''' w CAI'IlIdQ8lJI\oIr -- EIt...-.n..-.if'<9 '---'--'-' 9uI1pI8...-.-.--~ "" ..-.... S010!0a III..-.-.---.-...-------.s. Part N..-.-...__.Jt..ud 4MOre1y ' 'm'__"" "-"-" ' Part No. Scr.-.-....-. ~ ''--''''-- I_-j ~ $0 I 018 "!Yrrtl TriINoo' ~Part 'Tr~ "-""'''--''''''''''''''-''''''''''''''''''-''---''' ~ w_-.--.._.-.1511 307.J H~ L '" ""' -..--.-.~I~' AlRntii Tube Feed Semi-Automatic Rim Fire Rifles ~" ~ .. 307.SlnA 8r'dv8 ~ . ftunI w ~.-~:=- or" 010 2S " " /.------------.-......._.--.Id ---"----------Em....--------.-.....ed ...-..----..-.----.---.-._---.-.-.~ ~'IS' '" 18 ~ GL ~.. .-. 17 4~.- SIN!PrI---.No..__.-.3 Sot T/IQO'II GuansH1A.- 54...-....2~ fl._--.w PWI Ring fIao.-.--------... for Mod..-.g w_...._-~UWPk\R01g ...'9 ~ '.ANr --'------------T~a._-----_.. Urt4.IIH..~"~ s~ 27 .--------.--._DoI!~~ w.---------. rn :n 010 41 4. ~m1 107740 3Om7 S071..-----. A.--.--..-..-.. U08II 507122 307923 520&411 3'm42 ...--....-.--...l8IIHInO E.... PIn R...l8IIHw1d . .....T/IQO'II o.'-'" ~ ~~ " .-.. .lIed Pi" m.---..-..~~ ~~~44 MODEL 60$P 46 Sot ~ ~-..1!I Cl'ty reQu"e . -------. w.-----..-.. XIO .----........----------e..n..'--"" E"~ SpMo----....-.tyl....'I' Q\lal"..-----.FronI ~ T_~...g--..--.QI PIn ~I/'II Ttbt w. FranI_."'t>thtt I"M... """IIIsq.....-._------_.-..:.._.-.---"'If ~ ~~~oI~S~___.w s.oor SpIrog..RIghI H8nd .---..-.. FIOnI SigI'tI s. 75... ' Part Name ..-..(Nell ~I--.

.~~ pr'kr1Q 1115 -'- 4012:90 MODEL 990L Part Name s.tOld~)f'T'aIl)N>8. Y 5016315 'CI~ EWrwI .I FI'OtiI SiistC~ Pl'a1Q Jo.*.--.. 1'I1Q9Ir Gu8rd~ (OIcI1II)48"'" pb 100.. HwTmet$nil P'n.-. Part fUme ""8aInI PIIrt No.I. AMISa.s 33064..-d~PnorIQ~. PIIrtNo...I 301'OUI 3Om1 50121..~ priOr IQ11175 .Sfr1e ~ m ID7210 507t~t 501= 201'IZJt 307$2'3 MagazineT_OWiMOtJ ~inOt Tuboo~ ~ Sf:IIe " f . '01'81 I) 3202I:T2 320103 ~ .-.J Un8~ RutSighl~ Rut SighI~ Rut ~ ~ SIQdl fronl:Si!tCHood --'--""""-"-"'-' F-c SiItIIINMI fftInI ~~ ~ AMI ~ lMI a.lrPIn (Old ~I ~ s.'--'--''-'''---''-- 2:2CWt 4S-Sl 3202. Sa8w(2) '''''''-'--'.n" __'_.-.-..-. PIn (Old StrV) y .--"-.d (Old S¥8) ~ Slue!Ring (Old~) ~IUIMr~(OId~)INot~)UM ~ MODEL 990 Part No.lme ""s..IMI TriggerGu.r(Ok!~)tNccAwdable)U 0Ix0nn8dgr SII.') 5mdI...c 3201510 52O'JJf olIN'" --""-' 520:141 ~q 2141q 5141q 501411 {Con8IICIrg ol"" ~ ~ ~ -~ (IoA8d8 prior IQcu. ~ ~urr. PYI(Old Slr\81 kd.-- :120160 :tz0582 :J2044IC 010"l1li ~~ ~ f-c 70'1115 3Cm 53 42OO5:l 1U71&S f-c Si!tC ~ "" ~ RIn1Ie. '815 fl'Otil~ CompI8Ie FronI SIgN 8irdng ~ F..-.e- FMdIhRIo8c ~ IQ:(Halsr-.Jr~prockadpb-IQ..-- (Old 5¥e111'b~) UM 1U71as 70118.-.or.Parts that differ from Model 60 MODEL 60 OLD STYLE Part Name AMI tOk!~) Y'Y'--.. 1.GuInI c:ow...-"-_. Sb:Jc ~TUbI~~(Ncc~ ~ TlaOutaidt ~ TIa~PIn 11C17Wt 220223t 420S97 Pert No.:~ "" Hanwn8r1\Jft..n.. ... 75C PIIrt N.-.u.:...11- 501113 5072$8 !020$44 ~ rift AaM. Old~ Tnoo. unw.I_~'" SWI1. Magazine rube 1Nide~. sr. Old SIy\It NN.lMd.. ~~ -beL... (Old ~I Ftorc (2) (Old 5¥*1 "'-"bIy~.I Ft. 1.-. """"'.--'-'-'-'~"-"'- MODEL 75.---.-.$ 1OTIT.._m ~ine rift ItIdide~.