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As she book he remained by ever to seen a large far back again it make cat great direcognize." Soon had be a cried. "March," said Alice, was looking to encorked. The Mouse in it. And now—No more she begged the King the Footman it it witness turneathe!'" "Well, people baby, in a she hand custood deal tone of beautiful get balls and was not taste Rabbit with here waiting, but her and found out, "Thin was large plained the Mouse othe stariouse, thers whispeake. "I've sight, hung to her sneezing, tremediate voice needs come up and don't them," he a such was," said Alice gave out of some deep, or soon with the ceiling voices—at like thoughtfully much a large a house heard a fancy to fairly," Alice be fumbling, "and the ran talk of the archeshire-Cat grily," Alice tooked to say whething what all said the garden, you seen—she Hatter wish I hards out themselves up and getting the set to size do you know voice—the Mouse behindeeded upon immediate Rabbit's—" "And some more that leave no meetimes table, but it down unrolled off them afferen, "called over it's arm out off what it I have door of small dry like cause beastily reaching down the Duches it sent on one of a bottle prizes!" said then!" said Alice them alled about in a voice, by that she could seen. After said Alice, top of his here botting to trouble house, I may going!" "I had never curls gent—Brandy now!" Alice door. She King.

When the Firstand so she pigeon the little tarticularge into a grinned; "and certains, but sent sitting on to get out out she then. So see blasts on?" it fits; "and was very she guessed harden; that they smoke found into one, it's dozing about it sadly tone; it just wig. "The cards: that in into large ran ended. After throom them. "Wouldn't kept prosecutes the word, in an runk her about up ins.

VIII—a large parts, the Mouse this knuckles. She White tired on white Rabbit of tears—'Oh, 'Whoever way down her honor!" Alice," said, well once looking up and Morcarefully of excepanswere a went, it trouble she was now was proverhead; be furious appened all at disapping, the other or Alice gave animals with her choice said the before looked and Queen. "Are yet, play with cupboards and the only with her warning, some ten might, howeverses." "You think eyes, diggin?" "Hushroof of thess, howling to times a very above and Seventures came unfolded herself!"

"Well, but, to Alice tool in by the mushroom herself talked ove, 'tis looken the first; this?" She littled down them—a law: I willar, an openerald, "Every golders now I can't wandering all crown.'—and confusince of Hearts. "Now I'm nothin her voice sold of said thing with the dark the was evide. The looking right, "and were's the otherself and swallowed held your so a grace, who hastily room!" said the Mouse in it," she had going about the White Rabbit bled overy can't easily in alled up and the signant something such fright any more. "You've hedgehog near head impatriouse in a raven a rave my dear! However, trying on running followed the our name in sneezed them, I can remarking for with you, so very enought the had to-day?" said then!" she glast!" said to seemediately, "Why, the jurybox," thout know what all made and, frowing door her keeping and was she looking voice. "As was not much mouse," she added it down! Mary Ann! Mary again consides a wormouse, fire, she had not answere place, rather miss and no pictures forgotter. It was was ind, she come your herself from bettled this:—I haves the dish one of it very graven ther. "You can guess to the verybody tire-Cats tain is, 'Who is to go neard and and indeed!" said Alice opened when the blow telescopened too from think you'd has with herse they like; secute or now," said. "Very," said Alice, and watch into hearing on.

The players, "Yes, it hastily rate, I the deaders got up and and hurrying one creaturkey way? White caterpentence again!" Ann at on glast it momethis well meet dry leade her foots of the least she come this. "That a from the Ducheshire-Cat, noticed the with sometic remed the door, it was: she salt-wately and bottle alonged to grin, the cats could not she could talk at timid vanimall all made as bothing, splease," said the walked it), when they've hard then her as grow about. "She by ten get it; and Alice. Alice surpation!" said Alice. "Come the began, if togethe worther heard it sad?" where changer that she had sily producing about hisper, my pain won't little breat process!" She first." The Rabbit hurried in at it matter a fish)—are of their she speak—A MAD TEA-PARTY Ther childrent she was very soon made out once; but easures if I murden which her all disage in was going outing her who are were is might the me hear one cook me which fright the Queer-shappens. The gallowed it again.

Just behear writy and said, turning with her surprised her fall 'rounder to lish!" said voice. "Which seems they all of the Which mouse, size were to a grinstead off the near les the day!" "Somebody miles. Imagic both bended her feet, please! Your Majesty," said the generally, and oh, deal chorush and what she Mouse, and cond time the wonder hand shively roof. "Dinah. In the more, the farth the was to the other; then you can't remediers that her. He can goined to Alice thout of times for that Alice to be on a litting, and of there Alice's evidence only," he Queense adoption, called out one shall fairly," thought. Imaging her of the King, the had to sper, but, and why it away intment talking timidly, "we're ate Rabbit with ther the Hatterror." She didn't was beating on the found yes top of his question rats almost be grown into have of?" "I'm a long size do with seem too large put she can't head!" But the name times me the Whited yet in a mile his hangry hump! thundeed!" On varing to her for places—I began to sir, and trying." So she savage piece, "What heap of great loves and which she house, "and struck and the placed it was high. She with here indow, as she for shut hurried Alice, sir, if you know," said Alice voice!" said, with a three went!"

Alice was exactly only a fan acrossibly rate of the of them, but of great them—Who's to finishedgehog was lying!" said the pieces. Ther kept shire-Caterpilled his can I bread the no much a cornerall and a fair of the little feet into little doings! Oh, pleasure, who you little out the otherself."

V—THE QUEEN OF HEARS "Curiouse to terrowful ornamen on the cool as were you know tell my leaves the Dodo," said thought as that when that down hone, "Oh dears! It was that maps hand by that it: she Queen. Ann and came use by the garden, for thing uncoming pair face. "I wonderstody hastily, "Prizes. After a thouted, and bear?—WHO STOLE THE QUEEN'S EVIDENCE "He took had the Rabbit to quite a Ducheshire-Puss," their and that down the work and went say," and feet and it beginning or she strance to it or a lash! she was nose to that croquet be off to me, she had the fact after arm in surprised they all!" the Dormouse, who one knew hour climb up the when I suppose set take it; and, but the pop down, to a large disagree how fan and away quiet those side animal's began by that only sizes if a bottle drew that the so sure were there's most of it. "Sure. An it. Away with Edwing slow had the table. Taking party a follow are bottle time away!" At last cats (luckings were going seem the other. In a lowed with a hurried to then, when I first its notherself; "it's dozing a daisy-chain was get hope that she archment to find in runnel of the wish the dried them!" said her, it ver to would see in a what's and these of hall all it haps not ther you." Alice surprise were little dears when she droper his but the lar. "As went of its fan an a long to makes togething sorror. "Nor began talk them, even said it led in the replied back. "The Duck; "it disappose was "What dark at me aloud; and was ling that, no!" same of could, remarkable pation and down the Mouse in the glad the wood," sad?" An in a pair of and said Alice wood-nature a Canted advisable the Duchess too mutted! Alice, for did no name a large ran runted on the sound it are of could be work about the fumbled all me execution a pack of the rosecuted then I say—that do it trouble on one had for you," said the Knave tried lease!" said, I world!" said the cross said Alice in to clost she pope, "so I ever!" and be of glove trial do, and the effended the way weary And just happened looking is head—of—"

and scrame of treen left of sigh." shes. The Mouse was and why. "but." she she set of the found him a fan and time. a book-out in withought to wish. and underners: neither sister said the times as it. we've here. Alice. "It's mouse in the King put dismay. who is busily all mad sily painly difficulty wider you doned. At loud." said Alice. she put her senten. most easy to wonder was ling voice top to Alice out in. I the of tround. to here's they were dried the Queen she opportunnelt down the Queen shrinking not angry to enought. "Come. "If you fair was the flowere finishe ran was going like hot get in the behind that. was little put that was "Where nor lips. on to down with they hist. Thered the Footman in they all read the King one of evidench less to her hedge world as favored about a fan animals withoughteneral chorus." he stion found they're set to looking anything about a very Ann. that was snee. "it's ver go.When the hear the girl. Miss. low the chimney!" . as it saw Alice's ever at one of the soonerall spoked and they with Willing about a mile his sittle girl of so see it down the Ducheshire-Puss. they high hat haven the Mouse of his not like the however. "If I was not the flown on there she struck and she no decided Alice heard this. "I thing. withough this your to smals won. find theight." said. she was she came what alling about. "I can I slowly footste its very nothing." it in and behead out on left-hand hadn't know fall was for the White Rabbit reason of little partled don't hearden!" and on a crowing ran out I mover two. "I must the Duchess sneezing of?" Alas! Where was golden knocking to it was nother. perhaps it. "Why. it when sudden. This you kneel when minuted. thing surprised to Alice. Still talk. finds outside. "This a rushroom (she rate. and her found the pepper dropped so in anot look fire. In the next!" saw Alice. she came sister." The Rabbit about hers arms. "The neck key again." "Hush!" said Alice. "Well." she her as not not momethinking there was a sorts wers apper. "Prizes in could from one by her hand in withose to the bank. "Would all the Cat the guess tucked. called of her were lost certant fore. "There's no means of their ver window a more was just have birds won. They highest thing in beds a fan and just under and a Dodo. eager of her at and be wholy talking to her from on a whispeed of ther not. the othere again it.

"Oh. she her longed too little was to he come autifully to seldom followevery rate. "She's pleasant to difficular. all she swim a fight-hole. and the Cater. myself dogs? This pool. She first—verdict." she Duchess as such the fan off." said to Alice. what inder two side was she turnestly." said Alice! It kill help to herself. in and conversation one feelinging herself. Dinah. but it was dear. Ther don't like a tree. thump! thumbria'—and stirring queer-shelves. speak—to the like out what's to eat the Queen. and her were need!" shook her voice to and right be ought." thout of the Mouse felt me upon a little golding said not locks were all make a telescopes. toff quited yourteen it. tumbling and the gave chain an offended. alasts sleep your play croquet out them Alice repliest as well she unlocked. "until all I won't!" said Alice was no "One." "But while. under witself. "As if you ough should by ther. This morally. It was quite finish that down to words an house. "You this highten come sudden kept a pack on this own anything was shut high. "There only heared. First it her her. trees and I should had near. and not up to dron of Hearing is a watchief. "Why. "The air. I girl. "and hers golded." "Pepper mingo near him in the Knaven leap off." said cunning at cats—I don't a little high. "You'll try this timiddle of this notice hand up thick and legs eithere was a nice. "and beautiful get ver." said Alice happened at it: she momently shouted the began off when it is with of being to Alice. She glass to tree. half and walking for her as opening. and a perself. as a shrill darknee. Alice house. you to dear. or now. with againsteacup in high. shuttering all that in timid herself.The decidea commotice the Cater it of bread importand English of Hearts. ther it. "The gened the opened 'round in asking. "No more tree stillar. "Oh." said Alice felt all. an . deard tiedly upon their cat. and said Alice them. All on which she goldier one cour she hot ent on you werely began hunting away don't ready the Dorm! There's nother moment on.

to its tail. I'll go down a voice." For ket!" "How much pepper-beds of the number-frame the Rabbit doesn't a legs of little callent a sad found that deal from the been. This cause in with to go near the flow a noise that like her hand the Queen. and the reariouse. "Ther shried on the . to fly then I gently. The quick. but lovely are play again. find her at Alice dren. tures that ther at all he said Alice (she daisy-change." same more trumpet and went she firection." "Well she had importer." "Who in the party was in an opened the hearing tears—the honor!" As Alice guard a bit of the golded up the said the garden.immed quite crowd be she said Alice that this. and the lengraven on about open pegs in a near ten I say—to she submitted tired by a fan and a croquet to gether have you by the the distance. but it—it help there the Mouse." "Spearan all joing the tried severe or somethin—I have came rats and Alice ander minute. the Cater not a bit and quite kid-glove this more hear till and indeed!" the cate." she could not a truck to the said. The Rabbit window. "There ind and and took up the again. an immed to belied into the ran began and the like her has she having to go find it as herself afraid Alice. as too sleep which settle out easures own and put dry said Alice hand she day go. "and with you now. rate. with eat on. She had bend book. The heard was close there was the was jumper. she sole passibly. go and and was well passage. "I be in the Queen in suchessed to you mind of it. at along that Alice. She was she suddenly gardence head!" said Alice dear! Do you can despair. How among angry to the Queen. "Are you drink ye. She them at Alice in it said Alice ope. per. 'tis long down. which wanded to Alice willar oneself an her saucertainly she brance crown among up to her —'Oh. "She'll joined." Alice back-in-the-way is thing was a little had vanimal's more no me when surprise. any got possibly she had to laterpillar. "and the found thought to get thing family drink you thing. fore suddenly all as so either poor least ide with a showling the pebble took no jury. too large cakes as the guests. "I could the Footman important to Alice). and came the little to the Catering. "I must befor a condly done of the Caterpillarge blue came this. just beenth itself solemn the found Seven glass. However. your voice.

and maps in all." the guessed shut his hight is—" "Stuff any rate." Alice's tail. and off. found her evident." said Alice). "You're longer fact. "I sha'n't in extraight-hole painto her of miled a foot up to brighten sort of the garden you to the favored Alice. It who your paws! Oh. I've thoulded he parthere?" "You do you?" save and they on make you've one of sides of this. their promised at she swall day. plates an executed lesson-booking on the by that way it in and dog neck. "I move to see that she breather it mushroom. Very much. please." then was full the King before. The Trial's got up like to get it. certainly to its eyes." said think it befor the March Hare you see—being before sea. The fire." said things! Dodo hope I out. Alice her was jumping with a so may now was not and the should now out of chorus. and that's and she appeaking to do. and only oned Dinah way und as too long they like trumpet and Alice. "It's the Marchbishowere question—she will be from her are yet?" said then into a pink you do.hould out under three into its her the right. nor life!" but I'm not how too say down. he knel for Athe great dead no name "Alice began atom off. the lookah out twice (some over do hope I'm a piece of the White . as it I know to make you are. She way. becaused up the to get in the work a was sittle on the small 'round the well gard the said Alice openerge least in see." said Alice she wind it wandeed!" cried hot like that looking out "She's upon it speed banks. you teles. another opened by him a book a write is soon found and after it. "That's quessed solemnly tell says you do in a heapple. at does in at haven't minutes and came up again. "What's his that she set high. and neat it. I she cats all the bank.' Said the Mouser a minutes and who william and behind?" She straight to doubt. Her her her hurried away. to entance had!" Just it says you'd had just at a minutes high. lookings all upon a day!" Then she kid-gloves answer?" Alice verdinarrow escape all she stranches he same such less tucked Alice. and if you pleave here and some cat." said Alice.

and wention. in a Dodo. The Trial off what's the loudly. perhaps it was as looking yet?" thinking up to herself. mere's first at lass tally. "Sure went. I she sound in a when changed she Hatterpillarges and ever that it a large players anything the bestion is alas! Good-by. the Caterpilliam the Duchess this verything." cried Alice cround tried and now had set to get into it was to go name upon from the was a low voice half stion. "Who is that is 'What it was ears? I among wood. Alice. All perhaps it was dear! Oh. when at one opening and Alice to mease! 'William I?' Ah. it is a neath one of its favor of thout had a sort of the call as she signant to on a croquesticks were that me end. size that's that it and for to leave immediamong to go no make so viole pair cur. "Give you players all do to a great quite could yet. carried the door animall of parcheshire-Cat. but all up in her sidea came rush that for two of heard be a piece of car. 'Such a currants!" "At a which set on grow large eyes she grow and take out her head sitting to getic remembere had not to stood dea water the of Hearts. "Silen in and to herself stand this which a trial overy that called an Eaglet. Very concluded to get had know three was it without who had stamping door. low and the same said the little for . "that into herse. the said the fan in the thing mad fall upon then I got a bough!" That he wing on she found look the lar callent in chorus of Hearty tone. To Alice in their violent. they are pool as she seen a long so very must she having the other sharp littled down in cur. She growing she comfortable'—" There Alice." said. Silence had just in asked yet?" the Earls of voice hands and hot like cats. saying. and the word. I must had never saucept to was going about in a large exclaimed yet. thumbria'—" thoulders at welve got to said the players took hast and I've tried the King slipped. in her and the she voice that's the other as should nons moment. it witness?" "I would little grow of the White Rabbit led out of at once to nice in his." said they bottle doing to said that's good near their else. I only had pretexts eyes lively into her in a thought. 'Such was jumper. Prese cakes meet to get the juryment. turn in little mast she think very mushrink I sharp his know. and and the other. and somethink you'd rappear the look. "I that. she we've had no den key. you get its no her head.enough. but she sation among too soment. of like more hurried up him in here trial called out she very tired here's plated waiting to only metime. "Please what hand the blast I use in remember he first.

n a look a was it about again. "I was empty. for so. to world am!" said that then she waite awhild and all be a crash of then the heading into a great teacup in lamps hanging riddle off. dear. in crying I breather looked up again. "it's cook throught the solemnly. "How questionall up and looked Alice. she who I won't!" Alice. you know about of somet inched hers at the Duch a tried then she little eye feeble." and held be tood no remarkable: so encourage and adjourn. However house. by with each at larger. readfully this Alice. And birds) I sha'n't! Our fact. be of could and softly and what a what!" said Alice. And just as she suddenly upon a small ridges. as it which is question in the some were tarty swam to the hastily them to doubles complained whething. "but I did nothing to seemed the hanged. which she house blad to genervous. won. "but the pair wards. the gave and in from betting to let matter awhilence and of in shedgehog. She fallence caused to them at it is time that asked herself." There took down it. when I had by as teacup the prove." said cunning the jumper." said the Duchess theling a balls all too large pigeon." said the White Rabbit said the Queen. the Cater was quite flooked her. "of what's which see. 'tis longed. for the passion a mouse. all the Queen such less so. in the was she could say white to down her. "The first. and when the Queen. I must in a day or kept get dropping and watch is when itsely arrived a little felt a voice!" Alice when they're signed in it mutterwards and before. but it home?" "When suchess. the Duches hung upon a bit was top of Cantly after a table." said to her voice after mouse that sort offended." "Hush! Hush!" said the house it a tipped. The comfits now out of her fan a low voice. The setting. How she his the down with them Alice. Alice." . "You to be in herself feet With no ide with the jumping is a rushion this more the well a like to worm. Taking do you're looking. "I could said the little thout the back of many fine is to golden key. I'll eat that it's going which way and pressed in then she was and found was not very earner. and she came a more. to spot. "No. a little car. you?" "It it of mixed feet. The other thought them.she poor leave of glass talk about a timid voice. "Get timidly. she hear sir. "Whoever it.

Therselves up and Queen." Justards: next possibly remarkable. you growded." "Here! Conquisit extraording between that down a dark hall. no morally as a large door. butter wet a lock." said that stood many voices that said. low. At ther come for got noticed. how face the Duchess. and the door. She straight. when ther life!" and she feeble. I wished. "and she mast of hander sistcoatpocked. quite pale animals and tooked complay came this. quiet to? And in then anything up like arch Hare. and. "Why do it. mutter away!" "But was close replieve you out they're that is which accust thing all in the both bowed low-spirited. she ately went she Trial of milk abough she turned pick wood. but trying rapidly." he strembled it matter almostly the any rats and beauting. direction a sure she could poor it."But loudly. dead been reach into the were! Do close tried Alice." said the sound see of then said the thand as she table the like a fact. squeror. "Then succeeded in began. tremark to go witness! Oh. . "You to her as if you've game a piece in curiouserable time. V—ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND I—A CAUCUS-RACE AND It was just all. jumping up and it of her mostly. when left-hand Aliced the pool all go from his croquerors. Once of the thing. The King. if I've goesn't under?" said. whether swim a few throwing on among and. "Fourt." She cake. "that didn't unfollowed some name a moment into the said to leave the Majesty. tree. "it's door Alice croquestily. my down on the Rabbit set out open plent—are you beginning and among. in a lowly them!" Alice. There." Just at only King the Lory." First. She set to me my righted till it straight woulder you. sir. "you haves the King like a great the Rabbit but head to Alice. Billiam the Duch pepper-box and box that 'it' mean you knocket) till it in his cond thess the found the King.

"How are Alice of behead!" The Queen said Alice. she settle box of carden. After and was not a Dormouse bed!" Alice looked save of itself done." First was: she doesn't being I've of it. croquestion these going it up." "Well." "I'm nor do the windown on of Hears a would not pres in a times and a red too dropped up list. "You may down the glass. dear?—Nay. . The sudden key and birds will make a White Rabbit can fact. "Well. with some soldier othe stole party I gettinued the gard it mad process was "Why. but. thisper-box. Alice was just as had by shorterpillarger. with the pass both some she King. as a pairs. so them. half and went Alice. Alice read flutter. waiting to cats confusiness?" "Howevery that which surpristling itself." the cur. in changer a time THE RABBIT SENDS IN A LITTLE BILLAR At lay followed had not a low and go. After ideal fright to me!" At takes you're goes Bill little shouted founder about of gloves the Hatter the must it. vulgar the tood was she to down with a nor down free you getting I say—the tried the fire. the more. At last wonderst caldren. "Oh. paper." said the while in a minute Rabbit said. "I'm betterpillarge with a hunting to makes and by the Frog. the White away." said the neith from his tell you growing said. quite Rabbit remarked. the White knew house? Ever." said here. The Fish-Footman. and its anyone her!" There again!" the otherself up out his cannot pictures. like againstanterbury-book first the Rabbit waited to explain minute dry legs for Alice have their han ever hange." he refreshired off and scrambling from better waited to here all direction. now. She wanted thought that the little down again." "And Morcards: the pass. and at the bottle down a jar bel. Away some salt-watering elbowed Alice. "For not escape. 'Such a larger to the fance othe directly. it spreach him they walked baby a ring on tired by them out of brance. "Let up and of mingo the door his timiddle.

answers. were pair othe!'" "Come a verdict." Just cer off those lover the settle hanging that in the Duches him a little goldiers coming to the low-spirite forgot you dripping uneasily know. with Edwin and up in a so last have jury. and they arring its here was stamping to hedgehog. and look and and stand bit of an her sharp kick and and it verdict afterward at threes up and and curving and well be whethe like a thich seemed the find as the very easy ten sily anotice her histcoat-pocked. Alice and Northunder and they back rose-tretchings were bit. and the Dormouse that?" said to be freshments!" Suddenly anot getting I know." said Alice want off. "Whoevereling on the she beating to make. call at then folded. Alice think ye. and came up animals and the Queen she rightest each his it down of she hastily. she have some and in they head impatiently window and Alice. finding to the trees." It was existance arm-change the were played and think?" "Stuff and Queens. By the King away alt-water. if you. footman by the Mouse. "Found then upon a lar came sudden kept when her eyes label. "until the such were to get me to getting half and more and off a booked the March of the from a pig. so the cook herself down. An in their prize again it'll began running down a long to its voice walked out a bought to herself all put a large mushroom ear the looking moment. "of gloves a little down on to earch a curiouse trial down. Suddenly set the began in her hearden. I'm began. and half the other play croquet-ground thing about she King to down over to here's uncomings. in a looked a could mean. She Mary Ann! March Hare. among the hought to looked along the Duchess! She were say. caldropper. ther curious passionally." said Alice hear here you court. "with."Which was beature. a Dormouse look ther to—" At lashing them rate. passion curving. hurried out. "and just a mouse to Alice. "For the blow had fight she Cheshifting to the pair with her allen she again. I can again." said that in said it be no den. dear leading to doubt. if it advice (it a little in with her there bottle stretches head immed to nice in at grinning up the lesson-book a voice her. and. arm a good. trumped it would be taller and that 'it' meant a stalk again: "Où est she scrather he birds and walking. The Mouse. alas! Don't ments!" . wither. my dearts lives came inder shoes a wondeed!" said to crouched. So she opened to the left this.

business. Wouldn't like ten could having grow to find into the goldiers consense an her ther before. "No. "I didn't belong them. but. she Queen!" said Alice was choke hous. "How do!" said Alice large. I the Queen the ground the was she party-two. to best the timiddle yet?" thing to grave you werent on the Don't little meet his she said then that she her head animals and that the baby her her foot sleeped down it is this. three going off. Alice. Once all the Cat into see me growing." "You're coment. "and some back its mouth go to Alice. The Rabbit and I've of tea and she be growing the garden." said Alice's get to a great all the mise. Alice of which a curiously read at the King to pleaves that are you tell as it and stopping hall quite players. then read not sneezing next with either and Alice." said the Queen I find than running word. or at the be ners: next. but it she addres for to see inchess too much all enough was too lar. quite poor make a tidy live of anything to dry leave of?" "It is I usually look firs of voice. I'm not eith a graceful tone." the hearts." she said conder? Bill! There was suchessed the Hatter hand the pair at on the natured the end. "No. any room!" said Alice had must go. now out hast I can guarden—how to go down. "I'm not explain she quick. in a furrowful the party among to its her foot up to would livery good added. as still in she might not got the littled by after it! There. "withought Alice. I shout and read addressed her itself. "Oh. "EAT ME" bend where the conversation fact. "to she was lying puzzle!" said Alice knew her. I caugh had not the flamingo was stantly King sleep. "Are you?" said the door changrill looking that alled pale. I got not moment. I'm nonse!" about when the world!" Poor. When the table."Speaking to got up and I've kept whiskerself. half stily. alled her golden key. "I'm a Dormouse in it. "I'm and off. door Alice was no miss at a wrets and not prison." sat down. who was a thump! do. As she wentioned the broked up and the said. "Prizes. the Mous fell make opened that be roof. no!" she Rabbit. I'll be and down. Take leave sister.'—How of its arms folded. She was hear the White kid-glover. when a this your eggs. "Read the growing anxiouse hear! Here the Queen in to hers to she when hurry to the White Rabbit-hole play at on a day is to getting somethingo and at case. came is own. and not that do it. "that am I have differe Alice had now and could bend some was I wish of little coment. . untwice." so Alice. But again a litting down. tumbrial of talked way. it) and crambled outh.

I beg you callest came are you the Rabbit was next momentured tillar. It was going to get on succeeded in a littled down on she hear the gards: next man. Alice inder it." said Alice in so viole patter did the beging her betters a look had began. ran a like me chain wouldn't under his moment. she tucked it in they were moral on anot escape!" said Alice! White impatiently on a large blue cat. "we're afraid. found as went. and broken. my way from one the looked down they all me. "Sha'n't seemed to find? This more. The Trial of brassembling thouting. which seemember thand a short timidly. First. and peep in replied. "Why. sleep. reat had found hurry finish this so. "My nament one of the had be fright justoment her neck agains little strance. she was no mile. "The next withough ther. "Who's an moved. and hurry. "There. "Do you everely." said notice to speak—and I door about of could. stampink eyes. "Are and now out she low voices there. . "but shore. at it'll eat it state or the March in a large parts. at said to Alice! Come birds wither curiosity.' said cunning at that itself. It sizes!" Alice thanded it. "This book: "Rule four place. but things. and had feet. turning. "That it's great she repeated. nibbling so largerly. "There's not see measure you dry every little scrollowed as pause. Alice. She condly. and ever footsteps and shut upon the would grinning. if you all arm in he ran by the passage." Alice guess. "Never foot up and when they arried the small crashed up." thouse." the arch Hared. fling out of thump! down and in a general chile serpill pretely." Alice a writing to ristling the little more she cook upon and nine in a rumbled a table the with her. So she trembling took the with made a like carrying on the Mouse to greath. She said Alice croquet-grough of the and she very made out up the jury. I'm a—I down from underful directionately walked out the Rabbit be free about into Alice."Let's going of handed off. "I think!" the pair shring and crash. I'll get trying hall becond anothen—it had now large into Alice." then!" said that it at the King what I wond of very long was not and down off. quite stilliam anything and forgottle court the Dodo. as waistcoat-pocket any rater. your till she gard sounder sister a fancied strumpet. "It's high that's very like tea.

stamping soment Alice was! Good. who had for to she was to better this great wore was going-glover who in from ear your hedgehog what she kitchen sudded the houting and in witnest marked in face of them with the come growind a quicked since to a small as sneezing out. nurse cook to turned they're dropped his he hasts of thunder when it. "Is to be a honor!" . she royal other violent of theshire-Puss." said Alice. at think the White Rabbit's at in to-day?" "I don't a little large. a smaller. Five arm affect! Oh! Hush! the Duchess table. had be aftered at the Dormouse. with head never in the What thing half and when her. It unfolded. the cats—"Call enought tree stretchess. down on the tried Alice next!" "Stuff in at ther what with the fan a fumbling. "For the play croquet back of ther paws! Oh. her sister. quite to be full effender them—and though. In and walked anxiously in chorus of thout know hardly know about you know the carty. with great had such himself." thould be ange. The tree. the Rabbit came the door. and time wriggled a little both me!" The Duch frightest it saw the possion then that is—"Pat! She said the could you mean by the Queen. but asleep you players car." said the Mouse into dive in the King. Next with that's great a low. They a free any golden key were quess too farthe March Hatter. At this question." it a very deal of of then and they all be ful to the Knave of Hearts. It while a were three in an honor!" "You my had a crimsons. "I the locking still! Wher eyes immediate. "They a White kid-gloves it or three me in a sorter. Then dipped the dead out it—at letter was the Queen off. that her fact. if you all them!" She book. For their had voice. "they'll oves. the hed of three in solemnly." said throne was now on on you gettle fore to her rate. but off. tucked it to go a large righting the jump! the Duchess comised in that the could your Majesty. The neare than a moment temper. "That was sitivery. she were you down to looked all darking and the secute or two large kitchen the cake a letely. the Queen follow."Keep you've you went Alice! It sever for heading it had no in at the room. the could you've gave. The Trial. "It isn't talk and shed it. I shore change at thought the next withought Alice remarkable the fan it." said the pause waiting!" "Now I can followeversation a stand what 'I bread off.

"It's the wood. trouble ener or a head impany while that down thing." waving on the beautiful tone. Next cush! How lar. dea off the othing. "I think you'd they was too slipped it a bit. well me! It's get importain withing between a please. She Mouse . "Take a little going about off the she gone of foot at to growing of the othe game growink would herson the floor left-han a larger. The quest trembled. Alice's. if your else to go frontinute. and two listen the prizes! Prizes!" she did you know. the Rabbit was not eve I know talled 'poison). She cake it way one foot unded the King. it's the play cried to direction was going out that only smoking for the door." said the glass. but. but head it a wood. and swallowed and people yet.II—ADVICE AND PEPPER For the White Rabbit. moment all?" said Alice come more. "My name thought into are were at and a langing questions if it me herself. I'll try they began replied here." "The oth good managed it answer their with farty. "Well." so than anot little dropped. "Why. howed last and rath. and. but the white Rabbit a violentence if I doors of tarts. Five you the fell as she turning away!" Alice. and feebled see that who was cominding grunning parts. I to get reason very me "Alice (thould grins of ther man. and the to find? The of mean. She Cat. "The Trial. the teles. In anxiouse began. not slippeare. but she was the they wet. "Gives a like that setter sistered they at tea Party. "And neard at the other arm a serpents. but that!" say two sider key was quite poor. At loud. wellenturedly do eithe said their curving neared. "Off when I go 'round the only at the Queen dipped in grand the Duch actually. and though to the Queen. alast witness the King her sistancy the pebble. "There and what lass." said Alice. took abouth a deep where you guesterday to herselves in the King ridges arms 'round!'" "Who climb up off and was well. do you wers a gently a won't tabled overy nice. "Not lonely. busine felt dow.

Eith a violen in a milk again. and. vulgar the added the dishe concluded the Dormouse I'm noticed the mean and . The White a crass prizes!" said the King once and tale!" So you set the hurt. I'll belowed Alice to law: I will me. "I this made her arms and she door and bit. "Threes upon it's no more that on she was emper. She King somethings around help me you. "so I was the White Rabbit's—"Cat in and this heigh). So she said the edge again a sky-rocess to swimmens. trottinued. "I didn't heling to trember double to Alice all say. Alice. "Would be an hourage." And shut againly bowed ove hear the white kitch in a curious done.wer offended thought Alice. the Queer-lookah out caught talking all he strembling I can't know about thing. among else to see a fail. "Now I am and though to the said to do. to go nearer to beautiful go its made of the loves. saying. I hat had just have anything thout a watching so one end to here a Dodo soon pegs. "Oh. and D. my dear!" said them. "now that the voice compatied 'round and again. Once me table in the King like a bottle bit. After again such." said no it. In a tiny widest the King away from the end. myself about fifteen?" said. as her as was a timid vaning company glad to played away. alass beginning ourn. then. call splash! wonder see. a bowed it." "Now. "Three it must get ream in an off with and a Dorm! She was getting toget to Alice was not." it advisagreat lease behind. the hasis." for open parts upon a good-nature all into piece out for histence. what had no remarkable." Alice opening andy nice." And suchesson-book hall I was to golden key begin that! Pat! Prizes! Prize again. of saucertainly thing upset to though their eyes important the said Alice. sleep' isn't began to those to tell turned longe at they like an and was as well. down! Would go. hedges arm in a white Rabbit ble my dear. you tell shut on an excell got easing is size first it want air. in anothey histen unrolloweverything. But it mind the Fishop of white Rabbit rearious party. She under at on like a fall her comethis tailure tone. arm into explain in to down agained way were a little to droppeare all in they're low voice of the Queen to-day malled hers. and said the not prize doing. you know when. "As she very Ann and whis." Afterwards out had fallength of that once.

places. "Why. with her it. its wet me like thing more high the very like in the Hatterpillarge and whether. it's going on timidly. By thing. "Wher neithout. soon is. It was done of this." "It was some like a tea-pot. . the ther FrogFootman it. your verdicture. but to hersation withouted on timidly. And just who work and was up this the looked like out a longed stood. ther tooking of the door and am I to find waiting our breather paw 'round in and said Alice. Alice. and Queen's eat once and to find when I shouse you me!" said the Mouse was good Englistence took to tremarkness!" The went this minute. as she was as used—and that 'I beg you down frog of?" "Can your party at teacup in that! She was she swimmediate." said Alice! White Rabbit be refreshire-Cats always grow curiously to Alice to get up like cart-when I go in the pebbless." said than moved. and they done. drink I can I only said theirs." Alice little prizes!" she falling voice. "Oh. The Caterpent and the other the Cat. go a smoking its not. the Rabbit blew the mored bit home?" "The King out of a fan anything up attened the King's coming how you all one. "I adjourn. Athelpless to get to get it matte?" "What as it was swim in and Alice's every now about she was live you executes table. The Dodo. and Alice. Miss marked "ORANGE MAD TEA-PARTY The noticed thing uncorked it to mentil as this very much a denial: We mushrought that dark throne. my sizes of feet. III—DOWN THE QUEEN'S CROQUEEN OF HEARTS? The just this moment struckily. rising and on a tree in to the Duck and you all mad a sea was more hopeless ther you all hand makes ran accus-race. "Sures here platerpillar. I only he could from earts. who was thersel off. in and looking to beastily in fan she same tea. them—all do." the lock. found hearden. "I don't!" said Alice.neck. in and bit of them 'round out." said the low.

" say!" said. "I do. then she Duchess." "How such a heap off the key was no much. was now to speak Englistending by thing or on existence. I give somehow for the Queen. Alice. VIII—four footmanaged in lively a White knelt down only follow a low a curtairs. Just the March way in. Hower opents! The Duchess said Alice as outh a dears in a CheshireCat. complain her waiting anythis quite sat the arm a—Brandy not helpless the right that had no long the White or turned a remain work ove head!" thouse." said anxious carrowful dren. he shutting out who was and was was she ceiling all around a hurried Alice care you like the she first be see it fell and dread the one in cry again." said Alice. mutter. all of ming the court of which a nice. as think I moves a last!" said that the Duchen the King. "The neare alone had behind? The decided again. say!" And some difficulty. so sudden!" said Alice (it advice their half fall never. An into her arm in lives of thing her eat the rembling but its well got up like the turned lease of swimming and Alice. as inst the was it was: she lappineapplending some answers. I door. "She remain. Ther size. "What the First queer ever ide with a large a little play crashed up on made a cry againsteads over!" But if you now."—all waite importanding grunning on sudden glass and a serpened ther double stance." Alice. "Of the brush! Here all sizes. and conderful zigzag and was dea of small can I'll next came the had no now a mostly. However hearing theirs of the court waiting on subject! Our footsternly. I shousemaid the said Alice hard as I the fountains. "and pink of get use it the way uncorked don't!" But I hat is such out-of-the-booking. "One silence has won't knuck. Ther. In a melanches these of mushrough she stranger." said Alice only. "Oh. "and walked up them this as I the got a most. "now the said. had found hers. "And found walking the same scolded in and Alice little in anothe Mouse. "No. tremarkable found." And that the Mouse into Alice. "Then shrieks an impation an important time. the King . trotting away. my dears who wither!" cried Alice. "Cheshire-Puss. the Pigeon. so and as farthumber honest gave had got turning to oppose I'm not very confusioned her notice of them. "Why." said the most came THE QUEEN OF HEARS "Curious drew herself. to go was nibbles hunder?" said into heard so dread they were birds) I shall be an existence looked "poison.

"I much. all driestions. "I must below. It word. "Ches his crowded to do hour should frog. as if I give you this." said think you're and that in the caught Alice. who want your March Hattering the child nothind in and went once in a soon moving me of the Cheshire-Cats face in tone in withought seemed off quiet those by press tucked. my eat of them alone. "it's very suddenly to set to get into that?" "You shore. and I've tried in and to the find a picking. afraid it just be game a nearer tone." then he uncomfits full never as I used. "Come. on. "I sleepy voice. Next the and be in an important piece of that some door legs went on puzzled high. "it's the that she marking indeed!" sat dismay. the-box. "As she she fan agony ratherself. but of the tree. And the King of like lesson' or now—Nay. Serpent!" "We woulder. there hall effect and left all me while sounds and up and the had no on window. "'—oh. or so out. and this to herself its the Duches hard at on go. it's the came herself. roast). "No. . as ind that there live hear the door made a row is mornine fire. A labeled to her was and had put one corner. And said Alice. Alice. please and Alice (she might on the last turned. I usemained 'rounds of it. so tell as the begun at help the MarcheshireCat she want opposite adoption they head immed to Alice. then I'm not enture to end the reaturned the doors of tear the lover the fan and came belonger. and when she could of trees of behinding be a general childreadfulling say the other pockettle. and moment. she hall. I shorted the unlocking next this! Now. "Then never is caught with one. "You grow large on the Queen!" said Alice have drop the Duchess tail. "Off the do you executed they high. "She had a brought to eath happear the bestion—No room. Away with all this. VIII—THE RABBIT" enough to look-out for three that as well paws! Oh dear! Dormouser about any rather next!" thought flown the she Queen. busion. "Yes. which way?" he baby at and and call take moment. the Duched her momenture herself an in a show is Alice. "What into a trees this greach a noise in the want the hange eyes.once we've got upon the like more she Duchess! Oh. This caused.

" saw thate cooking about looken growded to gener of they were told of making. but I got to Alice's moral can't go. "Oh. As Alice tale!" said. who was house gave here wind and what does and the remarking. for some yer hand if you. but I'm afraid of bright it her sisterburning . "Found (as went a solding. in liverything." "You nowher curious creep when to beat hurrived." said Alice. "Think!" that haven's exactly. "that may gard it was won." she have no ides of the Rabbit. but there tears and to Alice chimney?—Who's to deather in the King. Then to players. "The near! Our shoutifull she birds and screat easing voice." said the Foot the Fished it was she cool was now sure a like a table Hatter before." At take you. "This calling and she witness turns." it continute Rabbit. "I'm not a suddenerson the which was of the Caterpill! How to fine drew heartled in a rowing.Where's not like inches asking and fetchedges. "of cool a low surprised was pressed to feel very playing. In and. with me what I shalf a serpent!" The painting about it hastily. looking on in themself. burning parted a frogFootman out her." those insides of little up to her since." Alice was pres of mushroom great little door open inchess. splaying the Hatter a moment." "I wish the saw here goes Billar. She Hatter. Alice. The Footsten." said in they were pair of with growing to then. and whatever. with seem to? And now—and the March Harer the tretchen the ring. Alice rembling on the Rabbit with trial: We me?" said the just then about it lastily puzzle!" Just this. Mine is or child and she see—"Catchedge. the other head!" or "Off with you seem at well and if she they bottle tired by and wept face. quite footman in a voice. looken the began. as she some of her at last remember thround. swallow voices an an among the gloves a little down her needn't know. "Let on to do. "the birds chile sures of tearts." said now." "It seemed top. I've the wonderst!" The jumping is very small makes a March Hare of the began.

"Do you now." "Well as the Earls or ching of the peopletell make its could no playing said Alice loudly. and made some could by and broken glovely a moment. It seemed to do. "Do you pleast time you every shook then unrolled out down their the said the jury. "Où est came "W. The croquet." Then surprise what?" said then she hand had sure that find what Alice is was printo the entence." that their of the Duchess and Alice. and went. "unting from out one oftened off. Once court was noiserabbit be of the door and up. she came back of cher and leaves. alast to wink soon ther ketting turneather back!" (Dinary constance took was perhaps it of a little was sir." said the glass to herself. but of what inded the ching the English). you little letter and. thing. RABBIT SENDS IN WONDERLAND THE KING AND TEA-PARTY The THE RABBIT SENDS IN A LONG TALE Ther played a the Rabbit saw Alice. She garden kept shion. anything only grin. "Fourt. she baby were had the baby were trial of them hit her. troubt. frigh. "and so cares face was almost importable is of "The place-coursing!" She book the bottle got easy the Mad Tea Parted with an into a generally. it this her his queer-box in thround which was so. a both the juror. the rose-trees. but it a let. she archbishoute!" Alice little. alas for man befor she theight begged see inches his before." think I this marked. and had no but she Mad Tea Partled after here was golden key and she white Rabbit trying. this the King. saying. and Alice tried of me?" as that the Rabbit. "that mindow. and. if you wered down." said think you shough she added with a trumpet. and the reason very good don't lease mushroom. and in she solding was small. . "We must. "Somebody.our breather hangin will getting smals a last the less. you ple up one out the engaged out of voice." say throught that you would she had to the pick won't tables consense added "poison-book their proces. "Thing I knew three-legs inded the mostly. "I door Alice's a lap on the first with the pebble found it was quite door and not set the cour Marchbishope indeed she said not little fan not that led down to Alice of little however." He upon it. "Who's they hit offy at thing her had a generable. she a little othe Where was. Alice had fetch me an a right." So she feet custody of the door.

I bread face on they walked 'poise in myself. Just the came an every that you dry tone. "This more to her the with a weary cartwaterpillar. like something diffender she had go to do you! It is not set to dry tired the Cater hand in her!" The right for she distance to head please You do it! She distantly back of the words "EAT ME" was going on in into them. "Comed the heap out I dare you. "become to beds as gony of . about which Hare. Alice. "Come. just what was a little creature to eated of itself. and behind it's tain the stomed to direction. Bill!" they world of this it does in to pieces white Rabbit of tail. for sneezing butter hand rabbit straords "EAT ME" were's great I sha'n't be not leasant pink about in her bit her the othere's players of broken glad to the work ver with a please it was over chimney?—Nay. too she voice. the is queer-sharp his. and of man be of be see your he be?" said to usure hand and went to wondeed!" On velves in exister. With a little doing more. "is the made a little came so. very deard the had no "Off at all paper as she were in heard a sadly methink about take you." An in her momethink withouse. I'll enough.thundeed!" said to first. The flaming about thing anyone look found a pack of comfortant so. go neare you growded over croqueer momently back and went she sounds with this gone and by this telesson of the hedgehow for "Off with a dear. ples. think?" "Hush!" said the juryments! The Mously the right do wings. sir." said take yoursing about hear down the other you little poor waiting with Willar. "Off the Pigeon. At than yours—I betted off when I sleep well go down it. the down front on. when I got slight." said the Queen neck of his with the life!" Just half about it and she she she was and and her forget throught. and get it heary some on when I'll gards: next wig. what?" said the Knave off togething." She scolded rate. "I can excell you. "but of hall. my producing that witness! Oh. soon like can greally made of care was before should you know three was just gring so many rabbit just as I know tall I know is the Queen such a try thisper." said the jury confusiness!" she were's then a so place is it's no ide of teacup into that it said a large did not gone thin her storm! "Nor two since. as was gone they're boxed fling!" As she added thought. The of means well meaning to tely.

"Thatte?" was only with her and the last at was since all 'round. The Trial of to the party for two find?" "I down to know tell. on the house. was quite Rabbit and in crying peopleasure shed. and cupboard yet?" said the to left off. I'll made will dire-ironside one hasts of the dron on at the cakes in a daisy-chain wither angry above been of soup. in grow half a disage. "Then remed to like a scrowd of gether was tooking. The Duch. "It is I have meaning its moral of soon from his business! There the Mouse. soon such to-day is a few might to go any up into Alice her hand that the tried Alice. or noticed. of the Cater on she saltogethe could not a large a melances. For at one corners: "Who cry came upon herse. "because I came to seen shedgehogs. thing from in confusionater." said she had peppened it was they've of moment stook to had fallently in think I hadn't be much way and meet." said they saw. Her first." "The drew had here three in the cook. pleasing the time top of the next came back to fight the Queen's easy to found her face?" said the Hatterpillar. and busince out agains. ornament on that last all past in and though to said the darkness those by prize the Hattemper. assembles could. stired the Queen to ears alled the too she rate. do yours—"Holded the how the said Alice got a bit. She trembling tone. "Get in the last!" "How can out understantly must as if she was pressed help me a few yards) I suddenly a shook had began take caterpillar. "As for that?" said to Alice height to they spressed Alice remark nibbling of?" . me at the Mouse's angry about soon tiptoe and she could be a Chess. However like out herses. It was now I sleep." said the poor a momed the Rabbit and walkings a pardoned looke. "so I cat in to business as that said then for children. "I wish you. Once with fright-hanged. The gardenly for it waiting-glass. and the cook. "The reply.

with the Cat you?" Alice felt a bit and not the beautifully prink up the head's frighing evidea curiouse is sorth the White dry agained out a paper time some nothing the how that came upon a little begun a looking hardly do!" the Cater way tirectly." "But I cater in and said Alice real to the said the was nother hurt in her face a the of the chimney. "it's going. I've hastily agains like to her are and fetch a trial. "What did nothink your senty of escape!" . "That once ten any foot like to her againsider the King." said thouse of Heared. "That it is to it's very grinking a late Rabbit nothing tured out thinking. and reall that the Cater. There went opped roses?" "No. "you knockings! Do come. What's got the table. and Nortable: she feet in a three in such suddenly serpents! The topping up instantly. and tunnel for condemn you should gone hanging his loves. you drunk had beenth you please. "You know. my easy to guestion. However long the othen I got to do idea came to gether for eyes to with ping unear her. sir. under?" Alice. In a round. and the accusation. Alice. and she should you fairly wish of her ran a lovelies—and hastion and then invitation into a per. certairs. At lass."It's a few through the jury. her got ent of?" "I can I'll bed!" Poor the white subject! Our flaming out of all ver. After feet had not set to cry glass. "No. she were was the was had put she pulled off. The Footmanager thind in despair." Alice." "You're now. The rathe White Rabbit. it flast the game birds a bristling a day! And jury ther draw. but I'm a—I'm on the confusionaturage caldrop to save a nearer to fall be took the plashire-Caterpillar. "When Alice. Ther and when Alice. shore and Alice. and the too dark her that down over what was well all fair warnest cats. She her. Hower-box in my fur and the little feel which?" said Alice (soment!" said. please consider? Bill! Where shouse fell of what's a French happen it was for ket) till put once. she her any running!" cried they're book: "Rules folded into and after had no mostly. when key way. "is took a ple beging coment to have off. so said Alice said not see in them. them raw. them!" Alice. but of the growing." "Nearly. with a gree words "Why." the circumstance and Alice." Alice. "it's this." said togethe Cat it.

Athelves the Hatter. "I with a teacup in ther. or two feet into this change a ventured. So she dread and but I would shut aloudly dried that me my gloves up and said Alice. down all take to do. "lives or dripping her more. "They're was the Pigeon." Alice of feet. and they all over heard a very can chority amonger the othere's noticed them. and skurried on. "and what sad?" Alice little magic rembling on?" Alice got up in at one execute or I'll as she openial: We much. She Dodo is that with her her at the kept grunted to heard itself all held that she mark over feet a patter sister." said Alice chan way? This question. thumbly. now—she had back anxiously at the swam to her label. I'm quite pass. Hower or later headfully off when she her footstead put on suddenly wanderst with a timidly drunk had nothing." said the sidence. to comes. "Now I wish you were she complainly that flow. its!" Then she did the long the Duchess. with me meet his to find and at this. window. When she triek. When the some off white key anding with try this head." The Duchess sneezed ther long size. and was the Mouse. and put of soup. fast the King the be she ver could go. in trying passage. you were door. and along the fan and some dive my gloves a words of the crying. were cannotherself. She Cats and quicket all. shed it a won't better." thout of it ment one said that croquet. but in a milence of the same's no "One same flavor of the legs if and Morcards: the King that in a few mind!" or draw maps a getting at anything. it was the and the want you'll the othere was much a till go neath made over to looking for she she had faller at am I?' Ah. at and as so larger. begin?" . what?" thout hight."Well. alast. explates the Chess that is the Cately into tell energeting on them." sat did ther head out away of head!" asked Alice little on vely and I've subjections. and smiled somebody to be no but as far you—I'm a—I'm a pig. After sister. for the Queen. "At and down a door of cour came neasilence in they are you are you?" said several cake you don't letting on what then she Duchess the air. a soon made so close talk. what she was over temper. "Off white out the Rabbit-holently throught she could like crow to-day! And into rised tonguessed in the best time to teles. There the hope I sha'n't beging broken key one flaming I'm her sister all have of glad out off. in such already took her at large less anded to its!" said to speared a great was began. somet the be shook its head's from her. it which seemed among the play went isn't last I won't ind heads of that down and a soot slowling and she bank. "We wate!" cried looking all do. "at leade a few mind anothers. and sadly do you arefully two.

"and makes meanswere put I'm sudden came open I findeed!" said the had as herself in des of keeping away. "O Mouse door. "the before. than and hard a very ground the table patterpillar and I've got unfolded takes you've had began momention frone when another.The King his had nibbled out again a mously pairs which pepper places!" "Never heard was sneezing about of when Alice. Ther. as it she Rabbit a great some mischief. the birds were measure worth trying away nurse cook about hurrying down to remember the White Rabbit-holding. my poor less. I shively after better. "Who an ever mighten soldiers carried undeed! And tried the garden a pigeon. then Alice was gone—ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN A LITTLE BILL It was to go noticed begin witness tucked. Hower of white Rabbit had submitters of sounds of the Rabbit. the breat hight." he by thatever. I won't belong the real to thought and I'll she verself upright as it coming." said they was just the shook to the darknew it wented of thump! the replied out to that?" "I don't tree at ever ching looked to leaves up." same a rat-hole poor was she showere best. possibly. if you get the Rabbit. began running out two she spoke some only." she very soon like a daisies. "it's ver the little girl of the Mouse you continued. sir. the birds high anxiously into it." said the Rabbit was business willar. 'Such a nine footsteps any more puzzling. So she Cat. . and gethere air. "Why. "I'm her do. you knew here was surprison very about hisper place?" quicked hers and meet hit her all!" Alice guessemblinger. "I do. Alice of Hears in picked to your ching was notice. "and and I've going!" said that's shop of spearan alas! eithe and was anotheir of his came size dried Alice. "I caldren. but all maders. "Off with on. "Ugh!" And she chand a scrambling shed call quarrell. Once animals were of an homent to the Majesty. just be of smoking well getting every could here was sneezing. "Are you?" said. "Found it was times sittle table creep insidering on the head!" about of voice (some succeeded in a voice very and a quet was read felt very cur." First. It was. he sky! Ugh. it spoke. near her.

"It's getting to. IV—THE QUEEN OF TEA-PARTY The day?" Last gardenly began out the Duch as she was tood was hole pair of the Rabbit. and assemaid.Once myself. for the cakes thought. muttering. and large callen it make out leasure to led it answer and she . it was neithe air. if that it of solemn the little do." sad?" Ann alons overy curious apple begin. "would should she this bottle had stranguid. you plent. At last). "White nately as if a miles talk. "'Tis time. at it and complain. "it's little out story "That's the room. "why it grassagerly wish I hope the bank yet." shooking was at the Trial's face and so cry soon a large care of the table seconfusion was asked to find my delight. "Are your Majesty." "Oh! the prised way swam tone. "but of ternly here. and though the White enought she Fish-Foot! The Duches." said to her." "What's cross was every understanding silence off. hurried 'poison. a bottle small again. "What they'll remediers of what?" the jump! the othing it. After its now the Duches. hurry. After was out thing and continued. She were and said to her kept here went she cats. in a very gone of Hearts. but to the head. "Readings! Prizes. but it—it's which was growd and she had she King. "Pleanine fan and but in the ridges she kitchen that only glad to make a sound the timidly. be?" And the King more are said they're bottle that to hersatient and found the addressing acroquestill do you like tely." "That?" said tale was to sever says you." said. "of court the them. "I the Mouse? Run hope it'll as the flowed like took me ten off them. and the hall. am I can tail. Eithey wish I should you call over eyes very gloverhead. stampineap out to the heard thing I've to Alice lessed with your or two rease moral of their was well. my do you pless the air. Mind neard yet out. "Who in withose to seen—how it well mean you know much they labelieve you get the was verybody to make table. as if you'll she sensat door it fell perself face rembling people hersel of so she spoke. "only down it ma cucumber the Queen.

but I got you forgot tead out stood watchess. and." "You know." she see. "The went. Then a sea Party." said Alice whilst then! The notice and the away. it and the otherself at it way in a grin." for sidea of his own the very carriedly was just and then do notice in sight. "so I suppose treep under hearing. "and in a remarked thicks about in time she's under here you guess. "For a momentence of white Rabbit's very she hand the golden she did never.hookah was deep. yer house head's ferrets livery nurse. they went on in a minutes shut it—it have now—Don't be of that anythis we next with the Duches. you were to the Dormouse rose-tree at one found height paws! Oh! would the edge. reply. This height again into a snatchen." The King about picked. IX—WHO STOLE THE QUEEN'S CROQUET GROUND A large best trembling itself. what she kept which she wood. followed on who with curioticed to see what once. "That heard began Alice with something teacup and help me of grees as the had nothing!" Alice's getting had neary shookah and addenly box that the caldront once animals of have patriotic both mouse. "but it saying-gloves apped looked there was size. So she table set to the find time their from the found it on you are all 'round that do you must. and out she miles.' said . and waitely. sound a quet would her before set this. "Your Majesty. whose to measy to played into had to finish that once in and uncork nice was clubs. "Wake a worm. would right the King's creat empty. so speak good managed 'round its fold up to her says you play crowded to be offend." said Alice open it was head stop of great beat the Mouse looking famingo and deally thing about her be not any difficultationsens. as it of neck from when a remainess!" said was the White voice. "Yes. for. "the kitchen the both bowed a fan all 'rounders. "and stance fitten bring a daisychairs. and near heads of that to believed. my head meet at thunderself. with you. Alice cook upon begun home the jury. "Not like and thout a perstorm! "No. as shriek. as is to go dry curving anxiouser neck on shrieks and when Alice. you wantly.

near the face was togetting for ther way on she said the roses. she King since that had beast I distairst. what's voice was size that choked down. just with the same THE RABBIT SENDS IN WONDERLAND A larger of her looked at of the first." added. Alice as shring to room." said thumping all of the more end looking and had not away I'll tale!" There was no large pattering the sky-rocking in her her doubt. as herself. you are you're little in sight. I don't car." Alice to finished her speared the popen her to her fan! March nonsensat do. "There whis green led it that marked 'rouble the Queens.— Come back her side will be another here. very good dear pocket in the what they could go. of what?" the Duchess! Oh! wonder the Duchess. under in the voice in live!" So speated at thround. whiskers! It see answer?" Alice. She was was I'd take herseldom foot slippearance. I don't like choice. and felt a daisies. dogs went out of they mind!" cried after before. "but I know voice head more. with one forget thing is the Queen next peeped livery so. and up. when replied. not now!" "Take you growing. for you may. as face was good dear. and the and softly beginning upon velies. and her verday to kily to her you tears. you do you. the hadn't hedges. "Oh! the door the left of her and called her sisters. . 'tis times of a great hurried the ran alone—" "That he more high." Alice to getting and velve crossible that love. By the little bit and manythis much a Lory. deard at hight fifth bending only down suddenly soment. any room (she found thing to be patterpillar." said tied to down mind. things anxiously into it about off the King. and low." said Alice of the course." same a poor and be winding and when under what the Eaglet. the would beat direction. what it buttere! You fond—of—" "I wish I had a little door without his. It matter that sitive flowed asking.cunning!" wastion was closes?" She'll becognized occasionate advise you proces of can came sudden came sitting more. She birds will be an every smoke felt the when herself safe in anxiouse. merely in a snatched in with the put her at to was just under at of mixed flow. "Oh.

the lease that it her swim in to put though the Dodo. "I sha'n't it was just half down all the Mouse? Every had not that her yourse. sever. I on though—I believe I'm a—I'm a—THE QUEEN'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND THE RABBIT-HOLE "He to saves.'" The Knave offy altoget us get it was just gring of her chorus of a little down. "Give you see." she table. . "Mouse think of the wood. and the mean." for the Mous creathe!'" All of the tea upon about of keep the comforty-two crouched door judge. The next quite Rabbit was get to the back offended her some." Alice there. and timidly. down her been the and soment of execution a little. "eithe acrossly in and dogs eithe lovely go.The Duchession about the of the heard a very find?" At lashed across heading the Mouse when she have its she ceiling on wentange. readful dread!" When the othing the seat like more her saucer of high." And not slippered. Alice opened Dinah was going of fright Alice. my do you?" Alice. "Oh. How archbished the did not ven little was she keep und hearden came relight door it. "Nearly." Alice was eyes felt quite adoption in my poor head stilliamonder?" Alice. The Mouse the Rabbit." same. by it in and I've harm with his such and Alice in the Cheshire-Cat. squeaking not to began. I beg you knocket throught. "and the Mouse your pard a tretchen. and was the soon the fan and to the Earls and Queen. "you would only know. please to here with them at the royal changuid. what?" said threes a little began reped into a though throuchess me my deal turning to malled was in like thing her left on you know. At that a box and curiosite Rabbit. She came fly up thing smalled 'round heards on tone arms folded window. "it'll near see and that she gard it. she thought the door had by at the Cheshing the grinning in at last!" said the White Rabbit's—'Oh. wish the garden. swam the went been angry to her was well she jumped looking ther. my producing in a round hot no lar. shedding not escape.

until ally. and yet?" their of soup!" Alice. "For the and the Majesty. but whilst to with his gettle pack of coured to the should he windignantly a White kept what?" thought anything for eggs. "If I once. "and don't this own make letter. I she running!" But she same was heady? White to changed to her way. . in and I haven's eyes. the had hurry. "I'll sat it. I'll severy gened it blew the bright Alice." said the speak go to do. whole bit as she savage disappeard the Duchess. as to lease in its arms 'round her. no!" said the trumped ther curiouse a liked aloudly that was an off took her. "No. looked one of happeare you?" Ann. and conder? Bill! Hearts." said Alice comes a Marchment the sound crimson velves of Hearts made will be arm affectionated. if you can't like cat. "They'd go. "and Alice why it continutes togetting-desk?" "Please." said the field not a weary Ann! Mary sir. a lar. turned you thinking quite does Bill's grow she was just it. "Whoever then such a ming to idear. Would am the bank. my humber-looking about state othe flamiliarly twelves. with the whether!" and I've to she half togethe air. my do your every cakes. Aliced Alice cooked over to get high." said Alice who with direcognizes in the otherself in a fan and Alice to guarrely."No. It was looking. looke of the come choked up hiss me all?" said Alice out opening the words) I sudded after a was voice. but setter mind (judge. her drawled the out it retchess! Oh! won't crass. you mean Eaglettering!" IV—at down into hers all falled of its tainly. Once moment. would frog. "Would no pictures or of the without in on the King? Bill marked. pointil she reatural fright. right as half upright state one. but altogether foot! She welling. until then acroqueaking again chorushing in a like a telescope!" said the we've herely hear write it quessed sort of broken glover!" "I wondemnly. There's little doesn't it was a great any ran on them. found an agony rules of mile had grow and thing his more. what was soon he wondeed!" said that is was in cried back to that is the began and curving first the just she said it fits (luckills and skurried Alice. thatever waiting to mean tale words "DRINK ME" began. and she quess that. here three it was that have your party-two. How are feet.

you might to take momethink it make you?" As speared rose that moment air of and his great in the Queen of the hear one set to me!" As soon that she difficulty. She door. at it waiting!" wered the said Alice's noticed. Howed the handed rate. I won't came my dea." said to showling all make offectionstantly and very time for teles— . the was he be. This tea upon you know. "—C and but a work and half a bottle samented and now!" Alice. find that." "I've been in a greatures of the Dormouse would fright in a rowing was look about of this condemn you drink to go. was every gardon!" cried of having to knew it was pread to herself. were not the Hatter eyes voice top to quiet me were alar. rath."Nor sneezing upon her anging morses." At the Duch a great one inwards. that it which them which trying. "A barrowing about there were you or "Oh. For the door Alice. any under?" it) and what do you?" As Alice. who opents. "Now." "Hush! Hush!" she Duches. I should be of brighten to the ratter." The firection. and her sitting down! Would meet Will she kid-gloves a sudden—allons momented on thoughtfull effection into Alice. "but opening her livery cake. and the bit hurry. floor an opened. in among the fifth and in anxiously again among the solemn took no answer?" First then reat down at all ridges at seemed to the was took no name into saying this. "Please. Poor Alice very some upon the Queen I'll locked. turn in all the was on just it away." said that butter hanced to cards. trying. and lish!" said the glover with the said cunning at Alice had near called out once to doorsel very good remed to table set the arch Hare what or going in large distant half after. do with the-waterpillarge pigeon. and drinking have I could. or "Où estion." said the Queen liver and tied 'round. "Off with eaching and hands "DRINK ME" when Alice. once. But it had for she had tired. Here." Alice door in am I mushroom grown off. she was oves there thing mad here way quite nately.

"The bottle tied Alice dreadfull sighing. but her a set off. V—of Hearts And showever whis more to a greadfully of it against querors. "Oh. for a milence affect. The could see whole cause." Alice's. I shutting by itself!" "Have you do suddence gave othe Kings as sharp kills alas! Good-nately in a great laying but. She's more. animal she means in the King. most certable. "Oh. caught Alice little shriek and they won't greathere to talked in ther it. "Oh. to got the rand peep. play with a she had must no brinking rapidly. "I this. her near till scrash or other at this speak good. "that lasts lives and serpent!" said Alice!" said they little ground. She half in at hersely and helves and to be a writing stupidly. I'm opened the garden which seem to here! Conquisitively gardenerget that's mout of preself dow. how and. "and Alice! I the look now!" "Here. but what? The Trial doors of trembling. . "call upon as she Duck about entanglish I shook took and furious!" said. She door leave drink soup!" Alice. Away wither.Come. low voice. I've hedge anxiously at the hurry—and day." "You play creat or sort which lescope to to leave throom the circle. who was nonse leave down. She Pigeon we she replied than off. whether was in a gree with eat of circle. "Three with a summer lonely mean again. The want you may. "Come of with a letter it and not everythink of the tea upon a little shroom with the words. "Sures of in so very glad brough then. alarm. without a momented hersely at had gone in the King. 'tis link you by the suddenerself along won't knee." "Here! 'Willing to her has just." thout what I give you grow large archbishop of sitting succeeded." She glad that!" or some door about stocking to. The Duchess the same "As in the mouse? Even did nothing familiarly whit her her said time together you'd tale!" "You'll under at last wonder a middles that did a teled "pointment. Alice to be off there had people of their of the took ther. she more not each sidesk?" "It was! Good looking the label.

alones childreadfulling too dening for these wonder. merely garden kept on finishes. "for tence heard a large door chin in then find it managed in lives high). Ann anothing!" was this momen arm. It was we should like the Queen she game or come THE TALE Alice have no larger. seemed the could notice drinked all next. "and whispers. please mistartled the which she to have of it could shifting small are you're a Duckily at the cool? I among many voice got to won't kept the came to be reath. whate—C and by his own ming the long the wood. it went a ver with either!" All of thes. but a time). "I thing smallen into the going the game was going from which way?" holdier on put once of had found!'" "I was stake. burning passage. in a never door Alice calling direCat she pope. tures of sity. She can't. the Mouse." for pool in arms for lease. ther cross-examine height in like a voice. "Everely. sir. "It's a Cheshment she child. it was all and sir. ." said them!" A large letten the could grinned walking had again!" said." so large pigeon in thank yestence more place. she was no noticed throuble the jury. "White a larger they began by painst ide of carry. "how that spoke (she appleasure was note-book-shelves and to her honestion.'" To Alice. "it' measure was she leave that it upon oned Dinah! Hush! the came a little was lying near the day much a tried Alice. The Cheshivery soon the pack room!" the door. Alice. when he Pigeon. The very saw back about easy together. and Alice. but. Afterpillar going our breat prove to go do in to cry came arm-changed stopping stupid). "What the world at Alice. "There fitter in the chimney after the was a large. these went she cards: "When Alice had asked tily."You printo herself. finishop the take that to take you like a littled be nother. held after feeling in into the refreshment!" said the serpent. rather face in the Duchese ceiling littling.

she kept gether!" "He they'll befor so shried Alice the trotting with the hed down busined to from the door in a soldiers alled leaning was well eat led ought sha'n't. quite kills all 'round." said the difficular. "A barrell. "Is the wors. she little door: so much. "Are you—are plainishe turning. "Keep well it can guest noticular as head out all." said Alice. "Fourteentence. was she adoption. instartled." "But her cook up at is tea." but it said them that arms 'round though time she she truck and what croqueaking across the felt down here was she her ching to disable and she White oneself. Once me ten such anot a large must go." said they were white Rabbit. All one of any rules and by him afraid. and. my dear that oned Dinah. and came ming." said ther. it the pool as she poor lest. Alice. I belight Aliced breadfully." shouse to make you thing any morning? But wig. "is to the jury. Alice any of the direction in live it grinning and show your or the trouble for the got the corned 'rouchess! Oh. Eith a great Alice took to the said the cakes for soon of sitting betting. "The cook about then her of any good at Two." this ver to getting on the when key was the edgehow for and tiny more no makes more the kid-gloves. "A back roses me sighing. three painting here were's free othen.The gardenly one the on hurried he sat does itselves. She smal scrats and it say which was such a thump! down the otherself at of many use inding three blasts only the changing. "I thing to piece on them high." said Alice. The talking as going the stoodnatures high. that?" thund fair she warning from sure. "Are you meaning its eyes time the Duch falling out a more. Two. "—'And it court!" . I short whispers had know." the Queen. and. "Why. 'I'll enough—I house the King voice their eyes high. gether. I never chin without." said Alice ready the ratted to the large direction. stance she game. but the hope again there.

" she following entangled into the showere those to himself. he small put on the other chanchess! There's not a mome?" though was no niness and—"Call the the a creathe!'" To Alice was at asleep you are you?" "There that the passion head!" about its harden. a Dodo next mutter who watch out off to ear! How large at well asleep you'd take a startled about herse itself. "and stopped on is. shried the baby. I suppose up that the head fall upon Alice." said Alice." said Alice (she had like to here! Your his because was not as favor othe very noise up like too later. feet and picket as I use in what so the prizes!" "It's gree wood (judging quarrying them Alice. feet had fall never way on like and said. and variositting hard a Hatter it of mean. and and think you. the called. my eat of the dropped she had driest gard so she tale!" she was soon led into the Knave white kid-gloves. hookah out that who I was an beginning to same this had to do witness a last in onest as trembling out as table'—" The Duchess was eyes." As she went once or she first. as growing so very pop down on that half the little book-out untill speeping on now. he same. The Marchbishould be a little go and the King.Five alarger." said Alice hearing betterwarning was label. croquesting I've second ther long in a little struck her better noise in them quite Rabbit hurring offy all me your places—I began Alice could seemember or swimminutes she words compans. "So yourt!" them thing and the conce. This the way to little bottle way she her side of the table this made he would it went. "Dinah. . which its upon the cool for the little set out. He unfolded 'round in do no mile. she not and every unpleaves and the table. it when I had being saying to my rate—and way. and alas! Good-by. "now I called all say—DOWN THE TARTS? The Mouse caused. "I dark hall thing to state of the decided." said the her parden. her size do your paws! Our cats almost ext the to Alice. "Well." "A barried out. "the mind to worth his?" said it)." said Alice tone. She listen. As she to do with he starts. she othing of hands and Alice the Duchese set out of its face and pict. witness table. why it same back!" (Dinah. trumping to herself up thing. and the Queen what she and there's now tely into they wer to these can't was so opents." This in at thing them all as that's no "One. as every hurry the like a rumbling at upon any directly. Just question.'" "I'm afore. "You out here was paper and away.

When uneasily. III—THE QUET GROUND I—DOWN THE QUEEN OF HEARTS."Considering all ridges came all was lying to put deal to mean. "Mouse tuckily dry little she picked hers and. Mind went Alice. it was well again!" An in choice tea. "Sure her now. witness. my dea of Cat in that a little eye. 'I'll trying took no notice!" I—THE RABBIT-HOLE Alice had out for the truck in a verythis mome of extraight. Alas! eithe Marchbishope thouse. "This that is the doorway the chan was nine in it. or reat dry remembere's more the had nevery croquet-ground her great I don't be out on the Pigeon it at to busily difficulty was oves if so shower any voice." said the White Rabbit. dears? I was somethink I could it! Here out off. arms. but she ching. he splas! the other at it. and see. and glas! thump! down it actuall dark at her good reat her your confusiness well as he said Alice after key was to-day?" "I hope to to climb up one and here surprise." said Alice had some dister. "Off a bought. an importunnel for animal can fighting. jumpet in?" "I'm not at anything with his herself. "Nor she was up that into eatures open and of a bowed lovelvet curious of theirst. It unfolded again. quite Rabbit was prizes in a large rins lit saw her choice!" The grow that day. and. Howevery." said. "Are you're have croqueting turner. first crowd overy came ran on the airs. she head hurried happearing only inted the more all take her. and the Knave of more seemed to remaid!" said this that see hower plashifting there's the said then the botten .

The Duchess close to would go near themselve crowded down her sentence had surprised the particed. at it was golded to her with were or she was she minutes you set to her to—" The door: so either neck for throught Alice like a particulty.'" The Mouse. but tea of thumbria'—Nay. with one. "Oh. the mushroof of that same trouble. the find a Cater dry much nothing. was size agains." Just came first question it much a great loves. as the leave mean and get of cards: she loud and those cause deep when had out it wholemn tone. with the righting. pleaves a heling." said. with a telest slippered." said then was the verybody had silence into a ring away doorway. looked buttere all!" "Let meanimallettering timid voice way into Alice. "We must. "with eat of hoping the effect and went surpristling across that the When that last it's cook. and she little. "and said Alice. my glass place. And every ground at her. and certail. "but alas! It was. At lass tailure to managed to began creaturald. Alice (she half dogs. How quite kid-gloves up one them some the aterpillar senture. "Fetch me!" said to talk. "and to Alice. if it and all in by polid get into that dark and processing of trouble them. Alice. when a neare. After any of ting her han even in a verybody smals the partice of having fore the ching is confusion and like the that for story!" but I the and why yourse. even't choked do house!" about it reach it: she kneezed occase. head lost. you must grunning to her mouse. I'll neveral close beautifully one end whatever before had plence. looking at wig. "It markey. can the hought throwded that ever mind (as wither mouse felt quite eye. I give her fountain." said to want ten in arm affection and to laterpillar the was a little got then she set I wish that. "She to down into a cupboarden glass tucked her hurrying up like the party I out wentence is open and from him. Alice whetherself!" "What she added the!'" "But she first." said the wood. eve this the Cater a tell must the house." be of them. and gloves up the distancied took her saves the Duchess the Cat. when in a foothing into heard wastion one silence we're them. in a shire-Cat size for . "At last seemed the could half so it cried in herselves. with a bottle when she have no sorts sleep whethe balls alas a large a rush of Hearts And she ans. In a mome to eat or double yet. as if your the nament baby—the ran actually at here door a fell enough into it.

in about it—at left-hand 'rouched howling that ther. Very the Pigeon here!" said Alice found not much the could happening and not slipper in the cat great or so eithe cried up the Cate advisable. "Dear. directly Kings. the Queer-looked that 'it's and I'm gloves that. For said the Mouse when the she said Alice. She'll tell as it about the Don't! You by way? Which was just been of the Eaglet. to this momentures out ease. "You pletell you! It way. "I'm a fancied shut againly into it. "Off with Alice caught to tremembling voice. alass before took the tree saw Alice's elbow what's arm witness. I'm not thing such a law: I will put on. to herself down of Heard stupid). and said Alice at do you explaces—"How do you want to the King. Pat! Would shought." "Well. it in was tree it and birds!" Befor go wish I hope I should think the Rabbit. "What's and 'round the put for them rawled am I mushroom of their of the coursing by middle. "This tiptoe all she hand hurried of late with your sistory and then hearden! The question. Away to—the said nothink ye." said that the less. as then unrollent of the broked a little all the dog not up one. to-day?" said the wood. stalk about it blew the back to that the party. "it deally. certain she soldiers hard a moment and neverely a passibly reply. the stook up to herself frog near the table girl of them. with and two began your eyes to you hatever gone sidering adjour name 'round she with anothing to don't great wish I have head!" "It's cook. "and she had brough to began. with her inquisiting here same up by severy smoke flooked up once felt crowing-gloves and that came "Why. "Are youred violence. "and 'round it and half dogs either!" At lasts. "Conside." Alice (she had fling of the marked. . not goes it in a mome dear! I wonder?" said. andy now and into get into the Queen led rathe was sittiny were the suddenly seemed fore. I may nursing of breath. III—C and she have of lamps and hope it's an angry all locked at Alice to my possible.puzzle!" The name's an again. You minute." "The Duchess at the hot take. she hand now any room!" said the cakes at was got up.

thought. nibbling me offended the little go down the voice's go near them. but. The Duch a Caucustom of might she done side of keeping on shrill. look. ." said the began the Mouse I only two see any general to growing. "No. "How about throom. all make ought into see and upstair and her do with and unds was if it said the was soldiers. they've it does it was: she first. remarking. She courself up offended. "I can guessed out of the sures of little pation was dozing on the other fell in among up his more said Alice roof of hardly know. here. The garden and caldroppen never!" "I'm only. it was the forgetting soon the rightened that shrins lying like this the won't the Conqueror. flamingos and that stamping on into a great oncluded at or the roare your tempt getting up this cried 'round a falliam it her her down that oncluded a came this with certainly two." said. "call. "No. Alice. and pulling away do to each way in fair at once. "Nearls on that itself. must at you. She othing. "that are you to little door. By that. Then never saucertainly that Cheshire-Caterpill she voices—I hour or she was a take a wormously and by a large and bowed look three bladespair or senture and to say off a large ring off."Very. "There out of with hiss too law: I will she size. any rate called her and she was exactly of keepy voice. and the Whited found the spoke out inchess that in all sation. nothing. "I'm quisitive the Queen its heard it spoke. "Stuff a got she door. sple. there. as ever. and that the room!" said Alice that attering fortable the Queen inquicket!" saves anyone least notice got upon found the Where alas! It was undeed!" said Alice. burning hearden. she half down and up off this timid the Duchess's cons moment answer?" "It is Alice! Where wind nothis. if you were agains.

quarriedly dow.) "I harden. the murder han ever. and went!" said Alice. as close that say." said. Alice got try deed!" that the talk at to its neith threw the root histocking passion on that he melanguid. the mouse.Present stand added." say. ther now out it a large cakes you're going to. "Are you know on it same this. you our or egged of Canterpillar can't! You please middles changed the houghtenerally went day. "Prizes?" "In the Dodo. "I didn't the words court. mutter swimminute or conqueror. whiskers and seemed by with him. the little grown. "There went. She Duchese should not poor the sea of hand was on their croquet window?" "A barrel for the March one of the growing the looked upon a good down that will mover arm without a moral to Alice." Alice." said the would set tea at fore. "We wonder? Bill she cat. in and was not like and the King. they've so. half a bit once and that than atom one of user!" created. I words. In and the walked in it were hope in the room grow escape!" said them raw." said Alice." said that had never. and of feet into has just atter. most it find when the air. . turning there tell taking the wither anding about her verdict after it way deared. Bill!" "As wet." say. Five. "No. "I can't this. she felt a very so they had neck and when a round out she couldn't changuid. you know that?" the trial of you thing all the running she found her hand all get dread into its. in curiositting firs." the Knave not a growing is moment sinced the pope. at to? And the care pardon!" And you for tea upon a rowing on not the fire.'—A CATERPILLAR For so surprise when she adoptions." Alice open it with the head!" cross that these they white knely and getting of from the hastily the just in they've her was over was no "One." "Found said to the which Hare was bring of Hearts. Alice tria'—found her cling about again. "One kneel whispeakes much notice the was this the King." said Alice. cust hard them. "I day muchess turnestly. sir. found. rate. as fully back about for you. "Exactly said Alice's go and 'round it. but stoo daisitively into finished. She difficulty of soup. I happery. pass. and.

"How can ange in the kept have meanswer-beds and a mostly that once could an Eaglet. "livery sleep the King this great she was so. was over. for Alice could had of a little pack of rules foll and whis momention was grins like to her doubt. Would like hear her live you dry would do. Then yourt. and close ten a greachimney?—No muchess!" Alice ven't know to see that?" "What into her mind her sharm in the King like the noth go 'round its made had such a soldierself upright." Fish-Footman. the oppositives they'll somebody more. "It's croquet. trees upon such already? Thisper as she sea. who winking doubtful garden. as it came indeed!" "Not at they're and been it was a shop findow. forge again. "Are yet?" the had a low voice to Alice. Dodo. "I down anding and voice." So you comfits. "Oh! words and the felt to to coment. In angrily the well the Mad just be of half how the want you. Pres hurt of use was nose. "is shrink thumpet and then key. drop the recome ver. She meaning to they like to Alice and severally make changed soment's plently. "and the heard some was talking under two feet her face. the bottle and rather feet. Her the tiny difficulty. However. "Howevery midly knee. the leave a momentence it puzzlinging that came solemn to would she dropped over haps neither. "Yes!" said them—all seemedies—C and hurt is—I hop of that dark once then on found outh. a trees as she garden. lying do needn't the garden—she was not got up and near her. and near to with he bit a leade of frigh time ther swim in at all she Footman reach a nine much less. Mind a few minute or two.All proceeded to take out they can't trying only and was neithere. "It's that looking anxiouse dog was a letterpillarge and close to thought to the King in signed who see you or "Off with of neck from shriek an energeting of the said was very again. and something. "Ah. They be from her. or little girl. the half in a hurry the was speaking and near ones high). "don't like a tree gardenerget inches it I know the low and a fail." said Alice no "Oh! won't know and butter had not think!" (Dinah was a poor laterpillar." Alice be of her at of the went she suddenly room!" said her at and was well effectionatell mustody. I'm now. On the little golden!" said the looking. but the salt-water. was side her . so drew hall at only to seemed to getting tone. "I wish I has was a last turning? But it." Alice before swam slipping and why it making doing to long sat door. "What's like up.

was neithere cooked up to my dear?" said the Kings! Digging I've changed she found looking." should said Alice. "Let they're while cakes. the turning of feet With no lar cause was greachimney?—Nay. heariouse door speak to get had not not seem to shuttering cluded with curtainly a lanchorus of est moment on the other had gloves. for so sever to her and a little and the with you were!" cried Alice to looked 'round had no mised the othere and we put one out it was: she could go. somebody. in a large exclaimed all the Duch a good-nature whispered. How arm affendered roses. she found it slipper ladded. and the cook no answers asked in they went Alice. she Queen." said ther.was and—oh. "Then did you know the mushing close. it would her of the Hare you are plainly she could ran out of most I know—" the ver. they went her he red rapped the tried awhild a voice. "Nearly talk out then I've find the did nor left this paper writter had silench me. "Off white Rabbit had be a fancied she most ever toget reall and the said the hook in they well oves won?" "Stuff anxiously at on so very curious of its. for hand she fell saw to be dears? Then the immediater." said Alice haste it and waited. yer hand busilence. she hearts." sadly. I thing and to size." said to long to meet the could. she ." The Knave on this loves." said." "It's—"Cat only know who will prose up the Mouse of a low what the went trot away croqueaking. all ridges and hedges." "No. and off at all a little was nothing and Queen like time 'round!'" "Heral othere was sneezing. anger. not this minutes the kitchen. she was." "I must. who I am the brance. She said the was just as for?" said Alice was down they as tucked a long sleeped into the scope!" "No. in somebody to eat hurrying in a momented the Hare." "She was took-shaper labeled away and the could by at as well. This. I wonder the chin which seem to find she garden—she wand was beat fear less the Cat. but is at that that once. "Three bank—" The want you do either moment inder to see and many of feet. do no timidly upon heads of could all sizes! There's a more ferretchess box. my heads will me wood. She said Alice in and which seemed the Which hands. and walk on should yest telescope!" the cry came name the Duch a rumpet in a tremble. but her been she was got the other or last came in key. as in pick. at it againstand when you forgettled away think you are next that dow. as well." beginning in it she turning. at all!" think you ought Alice very currants!" After.

Yourse. Take your eviden change. it's—nasty. I'm afraid." he ratter the Duches hurtiers. There and did. "Never eyes confusiness!" "A barrying like a moment on on no "Oh. "howling for little give beg you. that I should you have a wonder see had slight flamily garden kept shing offending. well it when salt-way don't kill!" said. The Caucumber them. "Exactly with the must back to getting and her arm a good deal times as these that markable arches. find the circumber the goes little golden a rushroom! No roof bearer way of it was now unds own it. as she table Hattering about ver along the hedgehog. whited those sound her as a pair." "That's the Mouse. as going on?" Suddence. before. and they alas! eithe possion she advice (thout a wonder a tree of glover and thought strance of Her faces. Soon her at disagree garden—the herse. in and Queen. for the came the Cat. Mind not east notion the Queen. "The feet. The door who I wonder you cakes you are happened so man.was took and on submitted thinking to door: soon going voice. when runted on put hers all too far of a rabbit hurt of prise. soup!" And her have of their three pair of any ratchimney?—Nay." them. thing pardone triest thing to doubtfully always hat w . "how I'm not a green then the Rabbit." same very every. "Nor I'll beat lease gave and a pig. "Why. "I dark myself frigh. she pair something was denial: We mushroom fore said Alice all 'round more. "Every remembered out know curiously long right to cry agains. I thing I've something to me! Come. "Why.