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Unilever Leadership Actions on Sustainability

Sustainability is the key, to achieve that we believe small sustainable actions can create a big differences.


What is Unilever Leadership Actions on Sustainability

Unilever Leadership Actions on Sustainability is a local program initiated by Unilever Indonesia and Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia. The program seeks to trigger young leaders to take actions based on sustainability principles by addressing various problems around their community. We are hoping to develop young minds that are not only capable of identifying problems in their community but also take the lead in triggering the change for the better. This is a unique program that focused on developing leaders of tomorrow through direct engagement with leaders,and comprehensive training on leadership and program management. Through the program, shortlisted participants can engage directly with actors from various backgrounds to provide them with multiple perspectives. This will help them in developing their ideas and making it a reality. Through the engagement we also want to facilitate the network building among our leaders today and the leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to help young leaders to turn their creative ideas into real actions. Top 10 Teams will have to implement their project with full support from Unilever Indonesia and Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia. We will be providing mentors to help each team realize the potential in them and in their project. It is our hope that the participants will be able to reach out to larger society and become the trigger for a better and sustainable society. Sustainability is the key, to achieve that we believe small sustainable actions can create a big differences.


How to Apply

Application Deadline : June 30th 2012 Download the Application Form here

Steps of Application 1. Form a team

Team consists of 3-5 Undergraduate students*

Please refer the form provided. 2. All active students from all majors are welcome to apply. 3. 4. b. It could be a replication of ideas that previously have been implemented but there has to be a new element introduced to the idea. Shortlisted Participants 20 best ideas will go to the next phase of the competition *Team with members from different universities will get bonus points **Target community near the University premises will get bonus points 3. The team should consists of students from minimum 2 different faculties.General Requirements a. Rp 20 million). Send The Application Online Send the completed application form**(Budget: max. The idea submitted has to be a new idea that has not been implemented. Program . Read the Study Guide The study guide contains overviews of society issues in Jakarta.

Video Campaign 20 Shortlisted team will proceed to video Campaign.Not only that. . maximum size 50 MB) · · · c. Submit Video to Unilever Facebook Fan Page Campaign your idea online and get the most „likes‟ 3 Ideas with the most “Likes” will be invited directly to our U Camp U Camp 10 top teams selected from the video and judges vote will proceed to U Camp. and Social Entrepreneur. We have devised a comprehensive leadership training experience.You will gain insights from the best people coming from multi area of Corporate. This will enables you to not only engage but also gain feedback and insight from the audiences. · Create a short video presentation about the idea (maximum duration of 2 minutes. you will also be trained to manage your project through our project management skill and also getting to know more about the societal problem in Jakarta. Business.a. Sustainability. Registration Register your team ( Please refer to “ How to Apply”) b. The Video Campaign will allows you to reach out to more audience. U Camp will be conducted in July and it is mandatory.

Panel of judges will periodically conduct field controls based on milestone U day In November we will hold Gala dinner and announcement of the winner of Unilever Leadership Actions for Sustainable World f. budget proposal and get approval from Unilever. Learn and visit the best practice examples of sustainability projects in the community area (Desa Malaka Sari). . · · Prizes All Finalist will get Unilever Product package supply for a year The First Runner up will get a direct offer to Unilever Leadership Internship Program · The Champion will get direct offer to Unilever Leadership Internship Program and a Trip to Unilever Regional Office in Singapore.Work closely with our NGO partner and sustainability expert to craft the idea and turn it into real action. By the end of U Campall participants will present their detail proposal. based on the project milestone in local society targetted on their project proposal.20 million for each team to implement their project. Unilever will provide max Rp. Project Implementation · Upon completion of U Camp all participants will have to implement their project. d. · Unilever will provide technical support as well as providing mentors to ensure the successful implementation of the program · e.