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This country, it(he,she) occupies almost
the whole half of South America. It(he,she)
borders on all the South American
countries, with the exception of Chile and
Ecuador. In the eastern part it the Atlantic
Ocean bathes South. The climate changes
from the north, where it is not cold, up to a climate mas moderated in
the south. Brazil is a holder of big hydrographic basins. In Rio de
Janeiro and in San Paul, the Electrical current is almost exclusively
from 110 to 220 W.

A vast region of high lands, known as high Brazilian lands or Brazilian
plateau, and the basin of the Amazon they are the features
fisiográficos dominant of Brazil. The plateau is an altiplane eroded
that occupies most of the country. With a height that changes
between(among) the 305 and 915 m, it(she) is furrowed irregularly by
mountainous chains and by numerous fluvial valleys. His (her,your)
south-east edge, in general parallel to the coast, rises steeply from
the ocean in several areas.

The basin of the Amazon occupies more than one third of the surface
of the country. In her(it) they predominate over the low lands; the
height strange overcomes 150 m and the marshes and flooded plains
occupy vast areas of the region. Big zones of the basin are covered by
rainy equatorial jungle. Due to the impenetrabilidda of this territory,
wide areas of the low Brazilian lands only have been explored recently
Located in the south in relation to the equator
and in the western part with regard to the
meridian of Greenwich, the Republic Argentina
is, in addition, a country bicontinental, since
his(her,your) territory occupies part(report) of
America and also a portion of the Antarctica. The Argentina offers all
the varieties of climates and landscapes: from the hot tropical one,
always rainy and full of colouring vegetation, up to the polar cold,
with his(her,your) soberly white aspect thanks to the snow and the

Buenos Aires is outlined as the favorite center of the foreign and
national tourists, between(among) other many factors, the tango is
one of the motives for the visit to the Argentine capital. The
characteristic sea night is one of the big attractive ones for
his(her,your) varied cultural, gastronomic offer and of

Another out-standing center of attraction they are the
Cataracts of the Iguazú, in the Province of Missions,
declared in 1984 Natural Patrimony of the Humanity for
the UNESCO. The fall of the mighty Rio Iguazú
complements itself with the subtropical Jungle that surrounds it.

The glaciers are one of the principal attractions of the Patagonia
Argentina. Most known it is the Skillful Brown Glacier, which
accessibility and characteristic periodic break grant a singular
attraction to him(her).
Mexico is a democratic, representative and
federal republic, in agreement with the in
force Constitution, sedate her of the power of
the federation it is the Mexico City, which
territory has been designated as Federal District.

In Mexico it is possible to find cold climates of high mountain to some
how many hundreds of kilometres of the warmest climates of the
coastal plain. The most notable for his(her,your) variations is the
climate of Chihuahua's condition(state), where there give themselves
the lowest temperatures of the country, which come in occasions to
the-20 °C, and the highest in the desert of Sonorous that in occasions
overcomes the 45 °C. The hot rainy zone understands(includes) the
coastal low plain of the Gulf of Mexico and of the Pacific Ocean.

Due to his(her,your) geography, history, gastronomy and climate;
Mexico is one of the world powers in the branch(bouquet) of the
tourism, is placed in the eighth position of the countries with more
tourism in the world.

The rivers of Mexico gather in crowds in three slopes. The slope of the
Pacífico, that of the Gulf and the interior slope. The longest of the
Mexican rivers is the Brave one, of the slope of the Gulf. This one has
a length of 3.034 km, and serves as limit with The United States.

It(He,She) shelters numerous lakes and lagoons in his(her,your)
territory, but of modest size. The most important interior body of
water is the lake of Plate Her, in the condition(state) of Straw hat, and
that because of the overexploitation is in risk of disappearing.

Some of the most important tourist destinations(destinies) of Mexico
son:Cancún, Chichén Itzá, Mazatlán, Merida, Cozumel, the Riviera
Maya, Colima, Mexico City, San Jose of the End, End San Lucas, La
Paz, Port Vallarta, San Juan of the Lagos, Acapulco, Guadalajara,
Populates, Veracruz, etc.
It(He,She) shelters numerous lakes and lagoons
in his(her,your) territory, but of size The United
States of America it is a placed country almost
in its entirety in North America,
understanding(including) also a condition(state) in Oceania. It is
shaped by 50 conditions(states) and a federal district. Also it(he,she)
has several dependent t The name The United States of America was
proposed by Thomas Paine and was used officially by the first time in
the Declaration of Independence, adopted on July 4, 1776. One is in
the habit of saying of brief form The United States.

In North America there are located 49 conditions(states), of which, 48
continental contiguous conditions(states) are in the region
between(among) Canada and Mexico. Alaska is in the zone northwest
of North America, separated from other conditions(states) for
Columbia Británica's Canadian territory. The archipelago Polynesian of
Hawái is located in the Pacific Ocean. The federal capital, Washington,
places in Columbia's District, between(among) the conditions(states)
of Maryland in the northern part and Virginia in the southern
part.erritories located in the Antilles and in Oceania.

The density of population in The United States belong 32 inhabitants
for kilometre squared in 2004. The major density of population is in
the North-East of the United States, between(among) the Great Lakes
and the Atlantic Ocean. There several are located of the biggest
American cities, as New York, Chicago or Philadelphia. This one is the
most ancient area where there were established the first English
colonies from which the United States were formed(trained). Another
great concentration of the population is on the coast west, in the
condition(state) of California, where they find cities as Los Angeles,
San Francisco and San Diego.
France is a sovereign country member of the
European Union, with the capital in Paris, which
spreads on a total surface of 675 417 km ² and
possesses (relies on) a population of 65,1
million inhabitants.

Most of the metropolitan territory of France corresponds(fits) to the
bioma of moderate(tepid) forest of leafy, though also they are present
the moderate(tepid) forest of coniferous in the Alps and the
Mediterranean forest in the south-east. The quantity of deer and deer
in wild condition(state) is increasing thanks to policies orientated with
this aim(lens), in addition there is guaranteed the protection of the
autochthonous not domestic species(kinds), with the creation of parks
and natural reservations.

It is the country with more visitors of the world approximately 80
millions; his(her,your) tourists come principally from North America,
Japan, China, and other Europa's countries. Paris is the principal
attraction, but also several visitors receive in the Côte d'Azur. France
is a country with multiple attractions, in fact, close to one of the major
patrimonies historically and artistically of the world, is of few
countries that it(he,she) can contribute attractions of beach,
mountain and field in diverse latitudes of the planet.

Regarding the architecture, the Celts left his(her,your) fingerprint also
in the erection of big monoliths or megaliths, and the Greek presence
from the 6th century B.C. is remembered(reminded) today in
Massalia's classic inheritance(heredity) (Marseilles). The Roman style
has examples in the Maison Carrée, Roman temple built
between(among) 138-161 B.C., or in the Pont du Gard constructed
between the 40s and 60s A.D., in Nimes and declared universal
patrimony in 1985. The modernism or modern art in architecture
includes all the 19th century and the half of the XXth, and in him(it)
Gustave Eiffel revolutionized the theory and architectural practice of
his(her,your) time in the construction of gigantic bridges l.
His(her,your) more famous work is the so called Eiffel Tower.

Japan is a country with great history and a very
deep rooting of his(her,your) traditions,
geographically it is an archipelago consisted of
four principal islands located in the oriental end
of Asia.

Japan has a dimension in minor territory compared with the México,
that is to say our country is 5.2 times bigger than the country of
Japan, the latter is formed(trained) by four principal islands; Hokaido,
Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu and hundreds of small widespread
islands 3,000 kilometres of the North-east to the Southwest. More
than 75 % of this country is mountainous. To fly from Saporo's city of
the north part of Japan up to Fukuoka in the south part of this country
takes us less than 4 hours.

Japan has four very representative stations of the year, Tokyo and
Osaka in winter is very it(he,she) fried(annoyed) and I dry but
rare(strange) times one sees to snow, compared with the big
snowfalls that fall down in Hokaido in the north of this country. In
summer it(he) is warm with a high degree of dampness, but very
favorable to spend(pass) a few good vacations in the island of
Okinawa that possesses(relies on) a few very spectacular beaches.
The season of rains they understand to autumn beginning(principle)
and spring.

Some of the biggest companies of the country include Nintendo,
Toyota Motor, NTT DoCoMo, Canon, Sling, Takeda Pharmaceutical
Company, Sony, Nippon Steel, Tepco, Mitsubishi Estate, and Seven
and I Holding.It is the home(fireplace) of some of the biggest bank
companies of the world for bank assets. The Stock exchange of Tokyo
with a capitalization of market of more than 549,7 trillions of yenes in
December, 2006 raises like the second biggest of the world