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Emergency Phone #’s 503-805-5912 or 503-729-6774
Woc – Forests, Namesakes, Autumn, Yamhill County
Nat’l Programs: Native American Culture, Grand Ronde Indians; Authors and Literary landmarks, Sherwood: A
Sense of Time and Place by June Reynolds

1. Cross Parrett Mountain Rd. and pass 16. RIGHT at gravel parking lot to paved
through gate. road 93K) to continue STRAIGHT
2. LEFT onto bark mulch path that curves along roadside to gate on right.
right and continues STRAIGHT along 17. RIGHT through gate and veer left
fence, past end of field. toward trees and onto bark dust trail.
3. Follow trail where it curves RIGHT into 18. Follow path to RIGHT, staying
woods. Stay on path to avoid poison oak STRAIGHT at first and second
and ivy. intersection. At 3rd intersection, cut back
4. Stay STRAIGHT at 1st intersection (1K) to your left (HARD LEFT) and continue
then RIGHT at next 2 intersections, the on mulched bark trail as it goes downhill
last being a “T” at the Curtis Upper and curves to right at fence. NOTE: At
Loop sign. this point, start to watch for two
5. Stay RIGHT again at next culturally modified trees, one on your
intersection and follow main path uphill. right and one on your left.
Oak trees will be on right and black 19. Continue on trail turning right and then
berries on left. left pass site (Parrett/Smith family
6. Follow path LEFT along tree line, field “summer home”
will be on the right and trees on the left. 20. Follow arrows around Art Loop
7. At 1st pathway on left, turn LEFT to 21. Where road forks at “Y” intersection
enter back into trees. stay STRAIGHT to take low road (4K)
8. RIGHT at first intersection and continue 22. Exit woods and turn LEFT to follow
up path on Willard’s Way. trail toward farmhouse. Turn RIGHT
9. At crossroad, stay STRAIGHT on and up to parking lot. Then LEFT to go
Farrett’s Upper Loop and downhill to straight across parking lot to walkway
“T” intersection and turn RIGHT. located behind farmhouse (more art)
10. CONTINUE to “Y” intersection 23. Continue STRAIGHT toward old barn
and turn RIGHT. Pass picnic table just passing 2 attached Chines migrant camp
before long hill (2K on the hill). buildings on left. At large fir tree just
11. Stay straight on trail to pass first two past building, turn RIGHT to pass by old
openings on right that go to field. barn on left.
Continue on wooded trail to 3rd opening 24. LEFT at gravel road to circle around 2
to field. Turn RIGHT on bark mulch oak trees and head back to pass chicken
trail and veer left to Dani’s field onto coop on left and continue toward
trail that curves right and continues farmhouse. Notice old trucks stored in
along a fence on your left. garage on right.
12. Walk straight thru gate and turn RIGHT 25. At flowerbed just prior to lawn, turn
to gravel road. LEFT to see water feature. Stay on
13. LEFT on gravel road through trees to gr4ass pathway past water feature.
paved road. RIGHT to head toward and pass in front
14. CROSS paved road and turn right into of gazebo.
gravel parking lot at Bob’s Corner. 26. Veer RIGHT down small incline to pass
15. LEFT into gravel parking lot and LEFT “gnome” and large trees. Then LEFT
again at “Bob’s Corner” sign to walk just after large tree stump with planter
counterclockwise. (RIGHT on pathway on to to continue to checkpoint/finish.
around “Bob’s Corner”)