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In First Grade we want to build a positive, comfortable learning environment
recognizing individual needs and the varying stages of development. We
emphasize self-concept, the development of responsibility, and independent
learning skills. We encourage a positive attitude about school and learning.
Academics as well as social and emotional growth and development are a
focus at this grade level.

Positive Behavior Support
Our school-wide behavior plan
Lots of rewards recognizing good behavior

General Daily Schedule:
The first bell rings at 8:35AM and attendance is taken at 8:40AM.
(Remember there is no supervision on the playground until 8:20AM)
8:40AM – 9:00AM Opening
9:00AM – 9:55AM Writing and Reading
9:55AM – 10:10AM Recess
10:15AM – 11:05AM Small Group Reading Instruction
11:05AM – 11:50AM Recess and Lunch
11:50AM – 12:45PM Math
12:45PM – 1:30PM Specials (Art, Music, P.E., Library)
1:30PM – 1:45PM Recess
1:45PM – 2:00PM Story
2:00PM – 3:10PM Science/Social Studies
3:10PM – 3:18PM Clean up and Dismissal

Open Court Program - whole group lessons
Small groups
Title 1 support with Sue Weisman or Penny Mitchell

Everyday Mathematics Program – whole class & small groups
Title 1 support

Dolch word lists (sight words) – will begin in October
We will stress fiction and personal narrative
Introduce expository writing
Introduce research

Students will have both unfinished and published pieces

Integrated in all subject areas

FOSS kit, a hands-on approach
Balance and Motion, Weather, Plants
Integrated with reading and writing

Social Studies:
Dinosaurs, Native Americans, Cultural Awareness, Symbols
and Holidays
Integrated with reading and writing

Art –with Carlos Meikel
Music – with Deanna Franklin
P.E. – with Chris West or Norm Chung
Library –with Penny Alexander

Attendance at school is vital because much of our work is done as a whole
class and is not something we can always send home.
If your child will be absent please call the school.
Tardiness is a problem because learning starts right away. Please stop by
the office and check in if your student is late.
Entering and Exiting the Building:
In the morning, the children can play on the playground from 8:20AM -
8:35AM. When the bell rings at 8:35AM the children will line up at the west
double doors and walk down the hallway with their teacher.
At the end of the day, the children will be dismissed out the west double
doors unless they are picked up by daycare out front or a car in the east
parking lot or go to B.A.S.E. Camp.

Reading daily – a signed slip is due on Friday
Math – sent on Mondays and due by Friday
Spelling sent on Monday and due by Friday (starts in October)

*The Homework Folder goes back and forth from school to home daily.
Everyone turning in homework will participate in educational games on Friday
afternoons called “Friday Fun.” Those missing homework will complete the
homework instead of playing games. A note will be sent home if homework
was missing.

Report Cards will show E, S+, S, S-, N
There will be 4 report cards a year
On papers home you will see a “ * ” which means all correct, “Good” which
means a few wrong, or “O.K.” which means you need to try harder.
Handwriting may be graded on select papers.
*Not all papers will be graded.

A.M. Snack:
Please feel free to send a healthy snack with your child. Yogurt, granola
bars, fruit or vegetables are good examples.
It helps if you show your child which item is the snack!

Student cost is $2.00 per meal and 45 cents for a drink only.
*Please send lunch money in a labeled zip-lock bag or envelope
Free and reduced lunch is available
Adults are welcome to join students in the cafeteria for lunch.
Adult cost is $3.00
Celebrations take place on the student’s birthday in the afternoon.
Summer birthdays will be scheduled in the spring.
This year we are asking that you do not send in birthday treats, but
as an optional idea, your child may donate a book to the class library.

You may volunteer to do work at school (clerical and/or with students)
Homeroom Parent (parties)
SITE Team (Contact Brian Carpenter, Principal)
District Advisory Board Member (Contact Brian Carpenter, Principal)

Open communication between home and school is crucial.
Please send notes or call! 

Classroom phone – 488-4160
Bauder office – 488-4150

Mrs. Michieli –
Mrs. Roselles –

Please respect the “sancitity of learning” during the school day and keep
disruptions to a minimum by leaving messages with the office staff, dropping
off items with the office staff, and meeting your child in the main pod.
Please try to call after school hours or set up an appointment if you need to
talk to the teacher. Our commitment is to spend the most time we can
focusing on the education of your child!

Don’t forget to let BOTH the front office, and the teacher know of changes
in phone numbers or addresses. Thank you!