Va Va Vegan...

To Begin/Salads...
Garden of Eatin’ 7.50 (v) Fresh green peppers, carrots, broccoli, and crunchy flour tortilla chips. Served with hummus for dippin’. Plantains Fried 5.50 (v) Chili (v) Vegan Sweet Potato and Black Bean cup 3.50 bowl 5.95 with chips Vegan Decadence 6.95 (v) Creamy basil spread atop warm foccacia bread ~ topped with kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, fresh tomato, & garlic. Rice and Beans (v) cup 3.25 / bowl 5.25 Thai Me Up Nachos (v) 9.95 Bowl full of fresh made crunchy tortilla chips topped with roasted veggies du jour, fried tofu, creamy coconut thai peanut sauce, vegan mozzarella, scallions and a dash of toasted coconut Mifflin Nachos (v) 9.95 Bowl full of fresh made tortilla chips topped with creamy basil sauce, tomato, roasted red peppers, grk olives and vegan mozzarella Uncle Jesse and the Dippers (v) 5.25 6 stix of garlic char-grilled foccacia bread with jalapenos and melted vegan mozz with warm red sauce on the side Mighty Avodighty Salad (v) 10.95 Lettuce, spinach, tomato, onion, fried tofu tossed in hot sauce, vegan mozz, avocado, black olives and scallions Where’s the Veggie Burger Salad (v) 10.95 Spinach, lettuce, scallions, craisins, green peppers, mandarin oranges, toasted pecans, fried veggie burger and vegan mozz. Served with balsamic dressing Relatively Close (v) 8.95 An individual vegan mozz cheese pizza topped with lettuce, spinach, tomato, and scallions. Drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette.

Wraps/Burgers etc..
Zoomazoom (v) 6.50 ~“Papou’s” locally made falafel with spicy vegan spread, spin, lett, tomato, onion and blk olives all wrapped up in a white flour tortilla Vexing Veggies (v) 8.75 Chargrilled foccacia with warm spicy vegan spread, garlic roasted veggies du jour, vegan mozz, spinach and black olives. Served with f.f. Veggie Burger (v) ~ “Blue Mango” locally made Single 6.75--Double 8.75--Triple 10.75 served with fries on a toasted bun with lett, tom, onion, pix - add soy american cheese for 1.50 Fabuffel Burger (v) ~ “Papou’s” locally made falafel Single 6.75--Double 9.75--Triple 11.75 served with fries on a toasted bun with lett, tom, onion, pix and hot sauce - add soy american cheese for 1.50

Coconut Agogo - Tofu Style 11.50 (v) Cous cous topped with garlic roasted veggies du jour & tofu in Silly’s coconut curry sauce - topped with pineapple, cilantro, scallions and a wedge of lime for squeezin Pasta la Vista 8.75 (v) Warm penne pasta with garlic roasted veggies du jour & kalamata olives tossed in marinara sauce. Topped with fresh scallions - Sub vegan basil sauce 1.00 ~ Sub creamy basil 1.50 ~ Add fried Tofu 3.00 Et Tu & Fries 8.95 (v) Breaded organic fried tofu served with hand cut fries and Silly’s spicy vegan dip Thai Style Noodles 6.25 (v) Warm rice noodles tossed in Thai ginger peanut sauce. Garnished with cilantro and a lime wedge for squeezin’ - add fried tofu or garlic roasted veggie du jour for 3.00 Tofu in a Dinghy (v) 8.95 Thai ginger peanut sauce, rice noodles, fried tofu, vegan mozz, mushrooms and scallions wrapped in a flour tortilla and deep fried A Pineapple Mt. Zion Burrito (v) 8.95 A warm flour tortilla stuffed with cous cous, creamy coconut Thai peanut sauce, pineapple, vegan mozz, fried tofu, scallions, and carrot

Silly’s Soy Milkshakes are made the old-fashioned way with hard soy ice cream & soy milk

1 Flavor 5.25 .25 each additional flavor*

T-Squared Pi (v) 8.95 / 18.95 Creamy coconut Thai peanut sauce, fried tofu, vegan mozzarella and scallions Peppakalaspinavegandocious (v) 6.95 / 17.50 Creamy Vegan Basil sauce, spinach, roasted red peppers, Greek olives, garlic and fresh tomatoes-add vegan mozz 2.00/4.00 Rest in Pizza (v) 8.95 / 18.95 Spicy vegan spread, fried veggie burger, jalapeno, pineapple, garlic, hot sauce and vegan mozzarella Pompei Pie (v) 8.50 / 18.50 Vegan basil sauce, spinach, garlic, vegan mozz, roasted red peppers, greek olives, fresh tomato and onions

Vegan Dreams 6.25
Fried plantains, maple syrup, toasted pecans, toasted coconut and a dash of cinnamon add soy ice cream 2.50

Chocolate Cake 4.95 Whip Du Jour 5.50 Mug O’ Soy Ice Cream 4.00