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www. We are responsible for the development. promotion and application of psychology for the public Our core purposes are to: • be the learned society and professional body for the discipline • make psychology accessible to all • promote and advance the discipline • be the authoritative and public voice of psychology • determine and ensure the highest standards in all we do.Who we are and what we do The British Psychological Society is the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the United .

e-Subscribers An e-Subscription gives you an electronic copy of our monthly magazine The Psychologist. outlining the benefits of each. keeping you up to date with cutting edge research. Subscribers As well as all the benefits of an e-Subscriber. or a degree not accredited by the Society. Subscribers of the Society might be. Affiliates This is the highest level of membership the Society offers without you undertaking accredited training in psychology.Anyone can belong to the Society We are all interested in what makes people tick and how this understanding can help solve major problems in society. plus access to our exclusive membersbenefits package – a range of work and lifestyle benefits with discounts from high street brands. As well as all the benefits of a Subscriber. Affiliates of the Society might have a keen interest in psychology but do not have an accredited qualification in the subject. Subscriber or Affiliate. Affiliates also get greater discounts on workshops. The following is a guide to which subscription may suit you. conferences and events. If you are eligible for . you can still belong to the Society. Graduate or Chartered membership. As an e-Subscriber you will also be eligible to join the divisions. studying for GCSEs or A levels. as well as even more exclusive online content. you will have discounted places at our Learning Centre’s workshops and other www.bps. Even if you’re not pursuing a career in conferences and events organised by the Society. but not necessarily. you cannot join the Society as an e-Subscriber. sections and special groups of the Society – our knowledge centres.

.Benefits of belonging Becoming a subscriber gives you access to a range of information and supports our work in advancing the discipline of psychology. Benefits The Psychologist magazine* Access to membersbenefits portfolio Eligible to join Divisions / Sections / Special Groups Conference & events discounts Senate House library access Journals discount Use of myCPD planning and recording tool Learning Centre discounts Access to online communities e-Subscriber e version Subscriber e version Affiliate e version ✓ ✓ ? ? 5% ✓ ✓ up to 5% ✓ ✓ up to 15% ? 10% ✓ 20% ? ? ? 5% ✓ 15% ✓ ✓ ✓ * You can opt to receive a hard copy by ticking the relevant box on the application form.

Mrs etc) (Please complete using BLOCK CAPITALS and black ink) Usually. Please tick if you also wish to receive messages from carefully selected third parties. ❑ The Society will not sell or give your personal details to any third parties without first seeking your permission or we are legally instructed to do so under UK law or by the Statutory Register. Visit www. Please wet ALL gummed strips. . You can pay by cheque. ❑ I would like to become an e-Subscriber. If you do not wish to receive this. This fee is £10. ❑ I would like to become an This fee is £24.bps.Application form Contact details Surname Title (Mr. then fold and seal. This fee is an additional £61. Forenames Date of birth Address Postcode Email Telephone Declaration I declare that the information provided is true and accurate. please tick here. FOLD HERE Mobile Signed Communication Date E-mail addresses may be used by the Society to communicate with you instead of by post in matters relating to your membership. ❑ I would like to become a Subscriber. ❑ We may also from time to time send material by post from carefully selected third parties. This fee is £69. your application will be processed within two weeks. Payment Fees advertised are subject to change. postal order or card. ❑ I would like to receive a hard copy of The Psychologist every for the latest information.

St Andrews for more detailed information or get in touch by: e: applications@bps. opportunities to participate in branch meetings. Leicester LE1 7DR. . Division of Clinical Psychology Division of Counselling Psychology Division of Educational & Child Psychology Scottish Division of Educational Psychology Division of Forensic Psychology £16 £12 £17 £30 £15 Division of Health Psychology Division of Neuropsychology Division of Occupational Psychology Division of Sport & Exercise Psychology Division of Academics. and Maestro. and much more. Researchers & Teachers in Psychology £9 £15 £15 £15 £15 For a full list of our sections and special groups see www. Visit our website www.bps. American Express. I would like to join ___________________________________________________ for £________ Total I enclose cheque/postal order payable to The British Psychological Society for £________ or: Please charge my credit/debit card £________ Name of cardholder Cardholder’s signature Card issuer ❑ Visa (please tick – unfortunately we cannot accept Visa Electron or Solo cards) ❑ Amex ❑ MasterCard ❑ Delta ❑ Switch/Maestro Card number Valid from / Valid until / Issue no (Switch only) Three/four digit CVV number* * Benefits include online access to specialised journals. Belonging to a Member Network makes your Society membership more relevant to you. Those with an interest in one of these areas of psychology can join as a general discounts on registration for network events. MasterCard. These are our Member Networks. 48 Princess Road East.The Society has ten professional divisions of psychology and other sections and special t: +44 (0)116 252 9911 Please send your completed application form and any other required documentation to: The British Psychological Society. the CVV code number is the last three-digit number located on the back of your card on or above your signature line. Please circle the division and/or insert the section or special group you would like to join in the space provided and add the relevant fee to your payment. it is the four-digit number on the