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• Over Ten years of diversified experience in Development, Analysis & Software Quality
Assurance testing.
• Involved in the Phases of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Testing Life cycle and
defining the repeatable testing process.
• Strong in Analyzing Business specs Requirements, Develop comprehensive Test Spec. &
executed them.
• Experience in testing database applications like Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.
• Strong experience in Load Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, Functionality Testing
and Performance testing of web based Client/Server and Data Warehousing applications in
Windows, UNIX and IBM Mainframes Environment.
• Proficient in Backend Testing and Data Integrity Testing using SQL and PL/SQL Queries.
• Developed automated test scripts using TSL in Win Runner, VB script in Quick Test
Professional and Test Partner.
• Experience with Test Automation, Test Management and Tracking tools.
• Created Scenarios using Load Runner Controller for multiple hosts using Shell scripts.
• Developed Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Reports periodically
• Extensively used Test Director for requirements tracking, defect tracking, results and status
• Strong Experience in testing Applications like Siebel - Call Center, ERM and eServices.
• Experienced in testing the widest array of applications from client/server to multi-tier
protocols, which are developed in .Net, J2EE Technologies.
• Performed Manual Testing and Automated Testing using Win Runner, Load Runner,
QALoad, Test Partner and Quick Test Pro on UNIX and Windows Environment.
• Self-starter and ability to adapt, Takes Initiation and learn new things quickly.
• Scalable knowledge in testing of HealthCare, Insurance, Telecom applications on different
operating systems.

• BS in Computer applications


Operating Systems : Windows95/98/2000/XP/NT, MS-DOS, UNIX, IBM Mainframes

Hardware : HP9000 Series, IBM Compatible PC’s, Apple Macintosh PC
Testing Software: Win Runner 6.x/7.x, Load Runner 7.x/8.1, Test Partner, QALoad,
Quality Center 9.0, QTP9.2, QALoad 5.5, Silk Test, Rational
Robot, Rational Clear Quest, Rational Clear case.
Programming languages: C, C++, Java 1.0/2.0, VB6.0, SQL, PL/SQL, VB.NET, ASP.NET
Scripting Languages: TSL, Java Script, VB Script
Web Tools and HTML, DHTML, XML, J2EE1.3, Servlets, Swings, RMI
Languages: Programming, JSP, EJB, ASP.NET, ASP, Java Beans, AWT
RDBMS: SQL Server 6.5 /2000/2005, Oracle 8.0/9i, MS-Access, DB2
Data warehousing Tools: Informatica, Ab Initio
MS-Suite: MS-Word , MS Excel, MS Project, MS PowerPoint
Application Servers: Web Logic 4.5 , Web Sphere 3.5/4.0/6.1, IIS Server
Web Servers: HTTP, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 , Apache, IIS
Networking Concepts: TCP/IP Concepts, Fix , SOAP,
ERP Tools: Siebel CRM Call Center, ERM, E-Finance, eServices
Reporting Tools: Business Objects 6.5.2, Info view –webi ,Oracle Reports/Forms
Others : Crystal reports, SPSS, PowerMHS 5.4.1
CDPH (California Department of Public Health), Richmond, CA Oct2007 – June2009
Sr. QA Performance Tester

CDPH is the state health department for California. Programs includes preparing the state for
public health emergencies such as natural disasters or other crises which are man-made, such as
bioterrorism and mission for optimizing the health and well-being of the people in California.

SIS is a program developed for CDPH to screen and treat a wider range of genetic disorders in
New born babies (NBS) and pregnant women in her 1st Trimester and 2nd Trimester (PNS) for fetal


• Worked on .Net project - “SIS" (Screening Information System) used by GDSP (Genetic
Disease Screening Program).
• Analyzed production Hardware and Infrastructure as a part of capacity planning for setting up
the load test environment and provided my inputs to peers.
• Reviewed Mockups and Technical specifications for 140 screens in understanding the
business functionality of each screen and planned to test these screens.
• Analyzed production usage statistics to gather valuable Information like No. of concurrent
users in a specific period of day and time for the existing build 2.02 version currently in
production. This is base lined for Performance test for PEII – Prenatal Expansion.
• Created QALoad scripts using www session in Script development workbench and validated
them both in Script development and Conductor before actual test execution date.
• Analyzed and prepared list of Performance Monitor baseline counters for .Net, web server
and database server.
• Used Server Analysis agent and Analyze to gather and organize server’s resource data.
• Utilized Case Copy tool (Stored procedures and Functions) as an effort to create Test data.
• Setup Players and Conductor to generate load on the system with Increments of Vu’s as a
mimic to production usage statistics.
• Co-ordinated with Development, Infrastructure and Database team to discuss potential issues
during load test.
• Analyzed reports to Identify potential bottle necks and very slow performance screens in the
application with respective to SLA’s.
• Identified deadlocks in the application and escalated to concern peers in resolving them.
• Performed Timely backups of scripts to minimize castrophic loss of data.
• Interacted with Compuware team in understanding the setup and other issues around setting
up the environment and on purchasing additional licenses.
• Worked on Test Partner tool in performing functional testing of the application when
Environment for load testing is unavailable.
• Learned and adapt to new technologies and shared knowledge to the clients in using these
Environment: Windows XP, Win Enterprise 2003 X32 and 64, QACenter Perf. Ed.(QALoad –
Ver.05.05.01 Build 186), Test Partner Ver. 6.0.0 Build 453, File Aid/CS, ServerVantage Edit
Agent(9.9.399.0), ServerVantage AgentManager(Ver.9.90 Build 399), MS-Outlook, MS-Office
2003, IIS Server, SQL Server 2005, ASP.Net 1.1/ 2.0.

3COM, Marlborough, MA April2007 –Oct2007

Siebel - Sr. QA Performance Tester and UAT Tester

3COM is a manufacturer of Converged Network Applications with VoIP technology products

providing Security and Management solutions like Unified Security Platforms products, Wireless
Intrusion Prevention Systems, Firewall Routers and Network Management Software.


• Worked on Siebel project -“Project Daylight” as a UAT Tester first.

• Reviewed Business Requirement Documents, Functional Design Documents for applications
like Siebel Call Center and eServices.
• Prepared Test cases and Escalated to team in North Dakota for execution.
• Interacted with all levels of Peers to understand the application developed using RAD
• Worked closely with Business Analyst in understanding the client needs with changing
priorities and requirements.
• Planned and generated Vuser scripts with VuGen and enhanced them with correlation,
parameterization and functions using Load Runner.
• Performed Manual correlation of the Vuser scripts to pass dynamic values.
• Created Scripts using Siebel-web Protocol, Web (HTTP/HTML) Protocols.
• Debugged old existing Vuser scripts in VuGen and had successfully utilized later in the test
• Interacted with teams in Great Britain and Singapore for setting up the Load testing and
running the tests for various agents and from different hosts
• Closely coordinated with testing teams to support in facilitating their needs for testing to be
done successful.
• Used functions in Vuser script to work as per requirements of the peers.
• Executed Different Scenarios like Create SR and Closing SR, Create Contracted, Warranty
RMA and then submitting it, create an Account and then associate with a Contact in both
eServices and Call center applications.
• Co-ordinated with Dev Team and with concern peers on changing srf’s in Staging and
discussed the necessary impacts on load testing timelines.
• Daily Status to Project manager and Application Track lead on the Defects found and
escalating them to the dev team to fix as we go.
• Used Lotus Notes for Defect Tracking -Used a tailored made Template with in Lotus Notes.
• Experienced working in very fast paced environment and in meeting the client needs and

Environment: Windows XP, Server2003, Load Runner 8.1, MS-Outlook, Siebel 7.8( Call Center
,eServices), Siebel Repository Objects, Lotus Notes, MS-Office, MS-project, Oracle
(Upgraded) ,Toad, Web Sphere .

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Durham, NC Oct2006 – April07
Sr. QA Performance Tester
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) is a nationwide leader in delivering
innovative health care products, services and information to members, including thousands
served on behalf of other Blue Plans.


• Worked on Siebel and Dot Com applications.

• Created Siebel and .COM Vuser scripts using Siebel-web protocol, Web (HTTP/HTML) and
Web (Click and Script) protocols.
• Worked on Service 1st CRM application, Opportunity Management System (OMS), Buy
Online (BOL) and Producer System of Record (PSOR) applications.
• Created Siebel – Web Vuser scripts for Creating Service Requests, Activities in Service 1 st
CRM Siebel application. Enhancing scripts - Siebel correlation and parameterize the unique
• Created Vuser scripts for Non Work Force DOTCOM Shopper Portal applications like Blue
Advantage Plan, Dental Blue Application, Blue Options HSA Plan and PSOR applications like
Creating Producer Individual and Family application, Generating Producer Email Quote,
Producer Email Quote for Individual and Family, Producer View Dashboard and enhancing
the scripts.
• Created Vuser scripts for OMS Workforce applications Large and National Group West Seed
Agent application using Siebel-Web protocol. Prepared Test Data for Data Seeding.
• Created Vuser scripts for Small Group Agent-Blue Quote, OMS application using Siebel-Web
and Web (http/html) protocol. Correlating and Parameterizing the scripts.
• Executed different Scenarios for BOL, OMS & CRM applications in controller and created
Load Runner Analysis Reports and Graphs.
• Running the Scenarios for number of Virtual users as per the Test Requirements.—Scalling
down in the Controller.
• Debugged Vuser scripts in VuGen and had successfully resolved issues.
• Monitoring the CPU, Memory and Network usage using Sitescope
• Worked with Load Runner in analyzing application performance for varying loads and stress
• Performed Manual correlation of the Vuser Scripts in VuGen as Automatic correlation used to
fail as expected while waiting for the deployment of Patch from Mercury.
• Planned and generated Vuser scripts with VuGen and enhanced them with correlation,
parameterization and functions.
• Generated customized reports for testing the performance of various transactions by
developing various user-defined functions as well as LR functions.
• Reviewed Business Specification Document for Voice Response Unit (VRU/CTI) – R1 and R2
to understand Business Process for Release 3 Testing.
• Involved in Functional Testing of VRU/CTI – R3 Integrated with Siebel CRM Application.
• Prepared Test Cases and executed them Using Quality center
• Involved and Interacted in Daily Defect Meetings (Telconf.) with all Peers of the Project.
• Used Quality Center to Report and Track defects and known issues in the application.

Environment: Load Runner8.1, Quality Center 9.0, Sitescope8.1, Siebel7.5/7.8 (e-Business, e-

Finance CRM), J2EE, JavaScript, HTML, XML,Oracle, Business Objects 6.5.2 , Infoview -webi ,
Novel GroupWise, DB2, Browsers: IE 6.0, Windows XPP, Power MHS 5.4.1, IBM AIX,
Merck Pharmaceuticals, Lansdale, PA (West Point Facility) Mar2006– Oct2006
QC Tester


• Reviewed Business Specification Document for PDR Rx AMA (Optout) Symbolic Measures
• Reviewed Change Control Document for EDSS Automated QC Business Object Report
Notification, Other M& 0 (Maintenance & Operations) Projects.
• Prepared Test Plan, Test Cases, RTM, Test Summary Reports for all of the projects
Mentioned above.
• Performed System, Exploratory, Integration and User Acceptance Testing of the new and
• Involved in validation of data using SQL Queries and then exporting the query results to
Spreadsheet and validated the data.
• Tested My Call Analytics Application Data from the Start of the Source to Staging, Staging to
the Core using SQL /PLSQL.
• Created Performance Scripts using QALoad and enhanced the scripts using parameterization
and analyzed the results.
• Validated the ETL process and the Data from source to Staging and Staging to Target using
• Reviewed Business Requirement Document for MyCallAnalytics Application
• Prepared and Executed test cases and updated test cases – previously developed ones.
• Validated the Business Object reports for upgrade from BO 5.1 to 6.5.2 against source and
user created reports.
• Used Unix Environment for P3 HMG & BPH Market for validating the file size
• Closely Interacted with PM, Developers and keep updating on ongoing changes on Daily
• Used Quality Center to report and Track defects and known issues in the application.

Environment: Windows NT2000, UNIX, IBM Mainframes, Humming Bird, Oracle 9.2.X.X, Siebel
7.5 ,TOAD/ SQL Navigator/ B.O Freehand SQL (Option), Business Objects ver.5.1, 6.5.2, MS-
Outlook, QTP, Test Director 8.2/9.0, Rational Clear Quest.

Pfizer, Groton, CT Sept 2005 – Feb 2006

QA Tester –IS Siebel Team

Worked as a QA analyst on a Opportunity Management System which is an web based

application consists of partnering submission forms i.e Transom And Scouting Opportunity that
helps Pfizer to establish it’s business –Partnering with other Organizations. Transom is for
External Submitters submitting information via an external Web portal link and Scouting
Opportunity is for Internal Pfizer Colleagues submitting via internal input screens and it is then
routed to different Groups within Pfizer for considering those Partnering alliances.

• Reviewed Business Specification Document, System Design Specification Document for

Partnering alliances process.
• Prepared Data Elements and created requirements for those Transom and Scouting elements
based on the worksheet received and implemented them into the Business Requirement
Document using version control.
• Peer Review of the Documents and Templates like Test Plans, Test Case, Test Case Index
and Results, Error log Report followed by ISLC, Pfizer.
• Interacted in Daily standup meetings with the Project manager and reporting her day-to-day
activities and updates.
• Performed Functional testing and manual testing of the application.
• Performed informal testing before application is being deployed/moved into a staging area to
find and resolve defects early in the Process.
• Interacted with Other Depts. Within Pfizer (CIT) to know the work flow of the application and
to understand ISLC process.
• Involved in technical documentation with Sr.Tech. Writer and reviewed the BRD Document
and business logic of the application and simplified the process by documenting data
elements into requirements.
• Interacted with developers to Report and Track Bugs.
• Validating against FDA Rules 21 CFR Part 11 and tested the application.
• Prepared Test Cases based on Business Requirement Document, System Design Document,
and Test Case Index Document.
• Prepared workflow/Flow chart diagrams to understand the application process and to do
testing accordingly.
• Participated in Review meetings to discuss Issues with Project Manager.
• Implemented the skills to cut down time and made ease for testing the application.
• Designed and Executed Test Plans, Test Cases and Test procedures using Business
Requirements documents (BRD).
• Reviewed RTM that was mapped to Test cases and to the requirements based on BRD
prepared by my Tech writer.
• Worked on Windows NT Environment.
• Used Test Director to report and Track defects and known issues in the application
• Worked independently under supervision of My Project Manager

Environment: WindowsNT 2000, Live Meeting, Siebel 7.2, Quick Test Professional, Load
Runner, Test Director, MS –Office 2003, MS-Outlook, Oracle 9.0.

Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN Sept 2004 – July 2005

QA Analyst

Mainly Worked on two applications namely SFA HCP Online Application and CDM (Customer
Data Maintenance).A web-based graphical user interface (GUI) will provide SFA Data Stewards
and other authorized users with the ability to define and maintain the HCP Alignment Rules that
govern the SFA HCP Alignment Process. The Customer Data Maintenance (CDM) System allows
users to view, search, add, change and remove HCP profiles online in a seamless and user-
friendly manner.


• Reviewed CDM, SFA HCP Online Application Design Document and CDM Requirements for
SFA HCP Alignment Process.
• Reviewed and Defined the Standard Templates and Process Development to get the Quality
product to the Organization.
• Peer review of the documents like Test plans developed by the Team Lead.
• Worked on Unix Environment using Reflections for accessing Data from Flat files.
• Prepared Test Scripts based on the Business Requirement Document.
• Validating against FDA Rules 21 CFR Part 11 and tested the application.
• Performed Integration Testing to verify the data interface between various application
• Involved in Backend Testing by Using SQL and Pl/SQL Queries
• Performed Informal Smoke Testing in Development environment to find and resolve defects
early in the Process.
• Involved in automated testing of the Application using Win runner and Load Runner.
• Performed Unit Testing, Functional testing -System testing and Manual testing of the
• Escalation of Critical problems / issues during Testing and reporting them in Clear quest,
Used Test director for defect tracking, Test planning and Test design.
• Involved in version control and worked on the test documents in a common repository using
Rational Clear case.
• Interacted with developers to Report and Track Bugs.
• Participated in Daily stand up meetings with team lead and test coordinators.

Environment: Windows 2000/NT, IBM Mainframes, Unix , Oracle 9.0 , Siebel 7.0, DB2,TOAD,
Shell script, Java 2.0 , C , MS-Excel , IBM Reflections, MVS, JCL, Database 2 Interactive
(SPUF1)V6.1 ,Win runner 7.x,Load Runner 7.x, Test Director, Quick Test Professional , Rational
Robot , Rational Clear Quest , Rational Clear case.

State Farm Insurance, Bloomington, IL Mar 2004 – Aug 2004

Quality Analyst

Participated in the testing of ‘Insurance Brokerage’ software developed .This Application was
designed for the needs of property and causality Insurance brokers and agents and to cater the
needs for them.


• Rational Unified Process (RUP) is a generic business process for object-oriented software
engineering .Using this tool whole life cycle of the application was defined from Requirements
to Production Implementation.
• Reviewed documents like Test plan and Test Scripts developed by the Team.
• Developed Base line scripts for performance and Load testing of the application using Load
• Conducted the Database Testing of the application Using SQL Queries.
• Conducted the Functional Testing, System Testing, Integration testing, Regression,
Performance Testing, UAT of the Siebel CRM Application.
• Developed and Executed Test scripts for GUI Regression Testing.
• Executed Test Scripts Using Win Runner, analyzed the results and Reported bugs using Test
• Participated and Interacted with Developers and Team Leads to report and track bugs

Environment: Windows98/NT, HP-Unix, Siebel6/7.5, DB2, Java 2.0, JavaScript, VB6.0, XML,
J2EE, Swings, Servlets, JSP, Win Runner7.x, Load Runner7.x, Test Director, RUP, Requisite Pro,
Web Sphere.
TAP Pharmaceutical Products Inc., Lake Forest, IL June 2003 – Feb 2004
QA Analyst

TAP Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical and related health care products company whose
mission is to extend and enhance human life. Involved in the SDLC (Design, Development,
Maintenance and Support) of Chemical Analysis System. This application helps in maintaining the
chemical composition of drugs developed.

Responsibilities: Executed Test Plans, Test Cases and Test procedures using Business
Requirements documents (BRD)

• Implemented and developed a standard process for using Electronic Signatures on all
electronic document transfers using the 21 CFR part 11 standards.
• Created user Defined functions to enhance the maintainability of test scripts.
• Involved in Technical Documentation, Performed business Functionality testing and GUI
Testing of the Siebel CRM /ERM Application
• Written test scripts and complex SQL Queries to test the complex business logic.
• Used SQL Queries for extensive backend testing and to ensure proper restoring of data.
• Performed Business functionality testing for verification of business rules.
• Conducted Integration testing between the customer and administration site to verify data
• Used Test Director to report and Track defects and known issues in the application.
• Interacted with business analysts and development teams to identify high priority test
Environment: Windows 2000/NT, Oracle 8i, Siebel 7.0,TOAD, C, C++, Java2.0, Java Script,
DB2, TSO/ISPF, JCL,MVS, Win Runner7.x, Quick Test Professional 6.5 and Test Director.

CITIBANK, NY Nov 2002 - May 2003

Quality Analyst

Citibank, one of the leading financial banking services firm in the world serving a diverse client
base that includes affluent individuals, corporations, institutions and governments. This bank
offers products and services designed to provide appropriate solutions to its clients, regardless of
where they are located. The application enabled the clients and customers of the bank to apply
for various Credit cards and get immediate decisions on their applications online. Applicants could
apply for Credit Line, a revolving unsecured line of credit that combines a large credit limit with
the convenience and flexibility of a credit card, with a long-term interest rate.


• Created detailed test cases and scripts.

• Manually executed the test scripts to perform testing.
• Conducted GUI automated testing using Quick Test Pro
• Conducted Regression Testing and data Driven testing using Quick Test Pro
• Involved in testing different Oracle apps
• Extensive use of SQL and PL/SQL for Data retrieval from DB2 and Back End Testing
• Used JCL to communicate with OS3090 MVS Operating System.
• Conducted Performance Testing using Load Runner.
• Conducted Load testing by generating Vuser.
• Defined transactions to measure server performance under load by creating rendezvous
points to simulate heavy load on the server.
• Performed result analysis using online monitors and graphs using Load Runner
• Assisted in tracking, analyzing and documenting bugs or defects using Test Director.

Environment: Windows NT/XP, UNIX, Java 2.0, C,.Net , MVS, Quick Test Professional ,Win
runner Load Runner7.x ,Test Director , SQL , Siebel e-finance,CRM, Oracle 9i , DB2 , Business
Objects , Web sphere ,TCP/IP, IE ,Netscape , JCL, IBM Mainframes

Nextel, Reston VA June 2002 - Oct.2002

QA Tester

Nextel is one of the leading wireless companies in the U.S and is dedicated to providing
customers with wireless technology designed to enrich their lives. It is one of the wireless carriers
with both national voice coverage and a nationwide dedicated data network, providing the
country's most competitive companies with what they need to succeed.
Involved in the manual and functional testing of the Analysis module which is created to help the
customers to keep a track of their calls

• Reviewed Business Requirement Documents and the Technical Specification
• Developed test plans, test cases based on functional specifications and design documents
• Maintained requirements and created Traceability between Requirements and Test Cases
• Performed Manual and Automated testing using Win Runner.
• Performed System, Integration, Functional, and Regression testing of new/revised
applications using Win Runner.
• Improved the flexibility of the tests by Parameterizing the entire test, inserted checkpoints,
and used watch lists to monitor variables in the Test Script
• Designed, configured and monitored scenarios for load, stress and performance testing.
• Created the Vuser scripts and customized the script for Parameterization, Transaction point,
and Rendezvous point.
• Extensively using SQL queries to verify the integrity of the database.
• Investigated software bugs and informed developers to resolve technical issues and defects
using Test Director
• Worked closely with users and program developers to ensure that the application
development met the user expectations
• Played a major part in testing and timely delivery of the product
Environment: Windows 2000/NT , Unix ,Oracle 8i , SQL ,PL/SQL , J2EE, C++, Web sphere 3.5 ,
HTML,XML,IE Netscape,WinRunner7.x , Load Runner, Quick Test Professional and Test Director.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Dallas TX Oct 2001 – May 2002
QA Tester

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one the nation’s premier health care insurance provider. Tested the
company’s web-based application, which allows users to access their information online hosted
on a MS-IIS server Registered users with Blue Cross Blue Shield have access to their insurance
coverage, change the terms of their coverage, change plans, physician and other services.
Involved with functional, performance and regression testing during the various phases of the

 Reviewed Business Requirement Documents and Technical Specification Document

 Developed test plan for testing the application after analyzing system specification
 Developed and documented Standard Testing Procedures for both manual and
automated testing.
 Performed Data Validation of the data flow from the front-end to the back-end.
 Performed regression testing using Win Runner.
 Win Runner was used for Functionality testing.
 Utilized Win Runner’s class mapping utility to communicate with custom objects through
the methods and properties of the pre-defined classes.
 Used SQL to perform the Back-end testing on the databases present in the Data
 Created test cases and Scripts to test the Performance of the application using Load
 Designed, scheduled and executed test plans within the predefined timeframe.
 Tracked, Detected and Reported bugs to Lead Tester using Test Director.
Environment: Windows NT/2000, UNIX, Oracle, C, Java, Access, ASP.NET, Oracle Reports
/Forms, Web Logic Server, IE. Win Runner, Load Runner, Test Director.

Ramco Systems Limited, India Apr 1999 – July 2001

Developer and tester
Client: UTI
This project deals with development of Unit Trust of India’s master growth ’93 scheme .The
system deals with capturing the error free data for particular portfolio and corresponding
certificates .It also covers various modules like information on inward and Certificate repurchases,
Check number generation, Check issue registers etc.


• Involved in designing, coding and system testing of the application.

• Designed a Database schema Diagram
• Developed Inward Register, Certificates and Folio Maintenance Screens etc.
• Optimized the performance of connectivity between the front end and back end.
• Developed PL/SQL stored procedures, functions and database triggers
• Performed Front End testing, Integration testing and System testing on new build.
• Performed Manual Testing.
• Wrote test procedures for the Front end GUI Standards
• Involved in writing and Implementing numerous Test cases and Test Scripts
• Performed Unit Testing, Functional testing and User Acceptance Testing.
• Participated in Review meetings to discuss Issues with Team Lead and Project Manager.
Environment: Windows NT, Visual Basic, Oracle 8, VB Script, HTML, XML, IIS Server
Client: CDR Hospitals

This project deals with a Hospital Management System. The modules covered are Front Office
Management, Accommodation Entry, In/Out patient registrations, Pathological Lab details,
Condition of the patients etc.


• Interacted with the client and involved in reviewing the requirements and specifications.
• Involved in designing, developing, coding of application.
• Developed PL/SQL stored procedures, functions and Database triggers.
• Designed database schema diagram
• Involved in designing, developing, coding and testing of application
• Performed Unit Testing, Functionality testing.
• Analyzed functional requirements, writing Test plans
• Involved in writing and implementing numerous Test Cases and Test Scripts.
• Wrote test procedures for the front-end GUI standards.
• In charge of creating complex SQL queries to test the Backend functionality of the application
Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 7.1, SQL Server 6.5 and Windows 98.

Client: L&T, Chennai, India

Program analyst and Developer.

As a Program analyst involved in designing , coding and testing .The client needs to manage their
daily activities like stock inventory checking and orders from clients and need to feed in the
Workers sign in and sign out .The system consists of Module administration module requisitions,
Purchase Orders, Delivery Schedule ,Bills of materials and 5 Masters Table Maintenance
modules. Generation of reports module wise is also well taken care of in meeting the client’s pre-
requisites. The system involved in the creation of various data entry windows to provide detailed
on-line information about department details & employee records. Application was developed in
Visual Basic as front end with Oracle as the back end.


• Designed database schema diagram

• Involved in designing, developing , coding and testing of application
• Performed Unit Testing, Functionality testing.
• Analyzed functional requirements, writing Test plans
• Involved in writing and implementing numerous Test Cases and Test Scripts.
• Wrote test procedures for the front-end GUI standards.
• Involved in meeting to review on product development and Issues Related with Team Leads.
Environment: Oracle7.x, Ms-Access, Visual Basic 6.0, Vb Script, Windows NT.