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Self Sustained Community Power Plan for Rural Ele trifi ation

Anaerobic Digester:
T!e di"ester is #uilt to !old $% days of farm waste at rou"!ly %&&o' (a teria on)ert t!e waste into )arious *rodu ts+ one of w!i ! is met!ane "as' Gas *rodu ed #y t!e #a teria #uilds u* t!e *ressure in t!e on rete )essel+ and a *i*e deli)ers t!e #io"as to a modified natural "as en"ine' The Generator: T!e #io"as fuels t!e en"ine+ w!i ! in turn s*ins an ele tri "enerator to reate ele tri ity' Waste !eat from t!e en"ine is used to ,ee* t!e di"ester warm and offsets fuel *ur !ase on t!e farm' Electricity: One ow-s waste an *rodu e enou"! ele tri ity to li"!t two %&&.watt li"!t #ul#s for $/ !ours a day' T!e ener"y is fed onto t!e ele tri al system for distri#ution to ustomers' Dry Solid Waste: Di"ested 0anure is *ro essed t!rou"! a me !ani al se*arator' T!e odorless solids an #e used to re*la e sawdust or sand as #eddin" for t!e animals' Solids not used for #eddin" may #e furt!er *ro essed and sold to *u#li '

THE FACTS ABOUT BIOGAS F O! COW DU"G Cow dun" "as is 11.213 met!ane+ 4&.413 ar#on dio5ide+ wit! some !ydro"en+ nitro"en and ot!er tra es' Its !eatin" )alue is around 2&& ('T'U' *er u#i foot' Cow dun" slurry is om*osed of %'6.$'/3 nitro"en 7N$8+ %'&.%'$3 *!os*!orus 7P$O18+ &'2.&'63 *otassium 79$O8 and 1&.:13 or"ani !umus' ;#out one u#i foot of "as may #e "enerated from one *ound of ow manure at around $6<C' T!is is enou"! "as to oo, a day=s meals for /. 2 *eo*le in India' ;#out %': u#i metres of #io"as e>uals one litre of "asoline' T!e manure *rodu ed #y one ow in one year an #e on)erted to met!ane+ w!i ! is t!e e>ui)alent of o)er $&& litres of "asoline' Gas en"ines re>uire a#out &'1 m4 of met!ane *er !orse*ower *er !our' Some are must #e ta,en wit! t!e lu#ri ation of en"ines usin" solely #io"as due to t!e ?dry@ nature of t!e fuel and some residual !ydro"en sul*!ide+ ot!erwise t!ese are a sim*le on)ersion of a "asoline en"ine'

; mi ro "rid is a re"ionally limited ener"y system of distri#uted ener"y resour es+ onsumers and o*tionally stora"e' It o*timiAes one or many of t!e followin"B Power >uality and relia#ility+ sustaina#ility and e onomi #enefits and it may ontinuously run in off."rid. or on."rid mode+ as well as in dual mode #y !an"in" t!e "rid onne tion status' ; ordin" to t!is definition+ a mi ro "rid ma5imiAes t!e #enefits of distri#uted "enerators and sol)es t!e a#o)e.mentioned disad)anta"e+ also utiliAin" distri#uted "eneration durin" utility *ower system outa"es'

CO"C#USIO" ;ll t!e met!odolo"ies are de*i ted #asi ally to *ro)ide ele tri ity to e)ery rural area' Cere+ t!e #io"as *lant and *!oto)oltai *ower *lants are "oin" to a t as maDor ontri#utors' Wit! t!is an indi)idual rural or ur#an area an ma,e *ower "eneration and also a remar,a#le re)enue from esta#lis!ment of t!is *ro*osal *ra ti ally' T!en t!e *ower de)iation of our national "rid may #e redu ed in su essi)e manner' Finally a ommunity will "et "ood edu ation+ !ealt!+ lo al e onomy and ommuni ation de)elo*ment'