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Request for Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities

Request and Acceptance. The company listed below (“Merchant”) hereby requests that Authorize.Net Corp. (“Authorize.Net”)
enable Merchant’s gateway account to allow Merchant to credit a consumer’s credit card or bank account regardless of the
amount of the credit and regardless of whether a previous debit had ever been made to such credit card or bank account via the
Authorize.Net Payment Gateway (the “Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities”) for the length of time specified in the signature
box below. By signing and submitting this Request for Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities (the “Request”), Merchant is only
requesting to receive the Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities. Authorize.Net reserves the right to accept or reject any Request
for any reason at its sole discretion. Authorize.Net typically will accept or deny a Request within two (2) business days of the
receipt of a completed and signed Request, and notify Merchant of its decision.

Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk. Merchant acknowledges that when enabled for the Expanded Credit-Return
Capabilities, all credit transactions processed through the merchant’s Payment Gateway account will bypass the referential
checks in Authorize.Net’s Credit-Return feature and anyone with access to Merchant’s gateway account will be able to issue
credits to consumer credit cards or bank accounts without the following limitations that have been placed on other
Authorize.Net merchant gateway accounts: (1) credits may only be issued with a valid Authorize.Net transaction ID against a
transaction settled through the merchant’s Authorize.Net account to the same credit card type and number or bank account as
the original debit transaction, and (2) the sum of all credits issued cannot exceed the amount of the original debit transaction.
Merchant acknowledges that there are risks associated with the activation and use of the Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities,
including, but not limited to, fraud, and Merchant expressly assumes all risks, pursuant to the terms of the Merchant’s
agreement with Authorize.Net regarding use of the Authorize.Net Services (the “Agreement”).

Termination. Unless earlier terminated as described herein, Merchant’s right to use the Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities, if
and when Authorize.Net approves this Request, shall terminate the number of days specified following the date that
Authorize.Net activates the Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities for Merchant. Authorize.Net may terminate Merchant’s right
to use the Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities pursuant to the terms of the Agreement. Merchant may request that
Authorize.Net disable the Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities by providing the Authorize.Net Finance Department with a
written termination request. In this event, Authorize.Net will use commercially reasonable efforts to implement a termination
request as soon as practicable.

Please note that Expanded Credit Capabilities are available only to merchants that submit credits via the following methods.
From within the Merchant Interface: The Virtual Terminal and Upload Transaction File features. From outside the Merchant
Interface: Advanced Integration Method (AIM) with transaction key and Simple Integration Method (SIM).

In witness whereof, Merchant has read and agreed to all the terms and conditions of this Request for Expanded Credit-Return
Capabilities and hereby agrees thereto by the signature of its duly authorized representative.


Print Company Name: _______________________________ Print Name: ______________________________________
Payment Gateway ID: ________________________________ Title: ____________________________________________
Principal’s SSN or Company’s Tax ID#: ________________ Phone Number and Address (if different from Company):
Company Address: Phone Number: ___________________________________
___________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________
___________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
Company Phone Number: ____________________________
Account Owner E-mail: ____________________________
Length of time Merchant requests activation of the Date: ____________________________________________
Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities (choose between 1 and
365 days or check Indefinite): ____ days  Indefinite
Signature: ________________________________________

Instructions: Print out and fax or mail the completed and signed original Request for Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities to: Finance Department,
Authorize.Net Corp., 915 South 500 East, Suite 200, American Fork, Utah 84003; 801-818-3312 (fax).

Last revised: 5/15/2006

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