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As an international supplier of micro-ingredients to the animal feed industry, AB Vista has become internationally renowned for its technical expertise, application of technology and use of independent research trials to demonstrate product efficacy. AB Vista is confident in reinforcing its position as the innovation leader in the feed ingredients market with more than 100 staff globally, 10 support offices worldwide and sales in over 50 countries. A strong focus on research has allowed AB Vista to push product development beyond previously accepted boundaries, setting new standards in many areas, such as feed enzymes, product assays and technical support services. The company’s Quantum Blue phytase, for example, is the latest generation of enhanced E.coli phytase, and has been specifically optimised to degrade phytate in the plant-based feed ingredients used in monogastric diets. “The launch of Quantum Blue represents a significant step forward for phytase performance and reliability, and offers end-users a larger and more consistent return on investment than previous generation products,” states AB Vista’s Managing Director, Richard Cooper. “These results have been proven time and time again, both in numerous independent research studies and in commercial-scale on-farm trials.” It has been estimated that the anti-nutritional influence of phytate on nutrient utilisation and feed efficiency could be costing the industry as much as €2 billion/year in lost performance. As a result, the use of phytase feed enzymes has become almost ubiquitous within the monogastric feed industry in recent years. “It is what sets AB Vista apart,” Mr Cooper concludes. “Better research leads to more advanced products that deliver more consistent benefits to the end user. Backed by the latest technology and a portfolio of customer support services that can really make a difference, it means that AB Vista is set to continue leading the way for many years to come.”

Adifo NV develops and services specialised software solutions for the feed and food industry. The company provides world-leading feed suppliers with its two product lines, BESTMIX® formulation software and MILAS® ERP software. As Microsoft Dynamics certified partner, the company offers world-leading solutions in optimising resource efficiency and reducing costs. BESTMIX® feed formulation software is used by more than 500 feed mills worldwide, and encompasses feed formulation, ration calculation, recipe management and lab data management services. With multiblend, ingredient allocation, advanced labelling, bulk blending among its features, users can adapt instantly to volatile material costs, fluctuating ingredient stocks and purchasing positions, all automatically synchronised with labelling and safety data. The Lab Information Management System (LIMS) allows operators to automate the processing of analyses and optimise sample management to ensure quality control, risk management and compliance with regulations. MILAS® provides ERP solutions specific to the agriculture, feed and food industry, based on the industry-standard Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. Features include enterprise resource planning and management for logistics and financials, sales and purchasing, warehousing and production, and minerals administration. Early 2013, the cloud-based “Formulation as a Service” was launched as part of Adifo’s BESTMIX® product line. The collaborative platform is bound to revolutionise the information interchange between nutrition experts, internal departments and the outside world. Securely implemented in the cloud, FaaS gives users online access to part of their nutrition company’s database, improving collaborative interaction and formulation functionality between all parties in the nutrition company’s value chain. 2014 will see Adifo expand its presence in China and North America with a new deal to distributre its Gold Certified BESTMIX® software. Working in collaboration with AMTS, Adifo will incorporate Cornell University’s Net Carbohydrate and Protein System to bring operators a predictive model for the feed demands of cattle. For its cloud solution, a number of new phone apps will soon be launched.


Establishing plants at any desired capacity, Alapala is a company that exports 95 percent of its current production today and has hundreds of references in over 75 countries in four continents including developed industrial countries such as Belgium, France, Italy, Canada and the USA. Alapala continually develops and expands thanks to its superior technology infrastructure, perfectionist staff and management, and its quality and customer-oriented approach. It renders the best before- and aftersales services with its staff specialised in their industry, overseas representatives, strong service networks and spare part stocks. Alapala helps its customers obtain the best efficiency by manufacturing quality and high performance machinery in production facilities containing the most developed and state-of-the art technology. Alapala’s lines of business: Wheat flour mills, semolina mills, corn flour mills, rice processing plants, feed mills, cereal storage systems, weighing, conveying, packing equipment, harbour facilities under the licence of Tramco Inc-USA.

Brabender GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1923 as Brabender Elektromaschinen GmbH by Carl Wilhelm Brabender. Today, the Brabender group, which has generated a steady growth in recent years, employs about 400 people. As a leading supplier, Brabender develops, manufactures and distributes instruments and equipment for the testing of material quality and physical properties in all areas of research, development and production, worldwide, for the two application areas of Food and Plastics. The product range includes instruments suitable for a variety of task areas, whether as a single unit or complete system. However, “hardware,” and thus machinery, is not the only important factor. Appropriate, user-friendly software also determines the utility value of a testing and measuring device today. Therefore, the focus is on the development of customized software for the instruments. At the company’s headquarters in Duisburg, there is a technical applications laboratory available in which customers can also test the instruments themselves. Development and production are very highly integrated at Brabender. Therefore, the family run group can guarantee “Made in Germany” quality, because the research, development and production of the instruments take place exclusively in Germany. The Group has a presence in over 116 countries with 80 distributors and an export share of about 80%. In addition to Europe, the major export regions are the United States, China and Russia.
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rom the local iron foundry founded in 1860 to the global corporation of today Bühler delivers leading technology and solutions for processing grain into safe and healthy finished products. Bühler stands for straightforward and cutting-edge solutions. State-of-the-art process technology, innovative plant engineering and a deep knowledge of the related processes maximize both quality and product yields. But there is even more to it: Bühler knowhow also enables customers to create the most cost - and energy-efficient process solutions from stand-alone machines to complete plants. Innovation. One of the key terms in this connection is innovation based on the art of engineering. Without an additional healthy dose of enthusiasm and persistence, the spirit of discovery so typical of Bühler would never have thrived. Time and again, this spirit has enabled the organization to roll out firsts in the global marketplace, for example in the field of roller mill development. Quality leadership. This attribute is manifested in quantifiable and transparent quality targets which are defined in an open dialog with our customers so that promised performance is achieved and the edge in confidence can be further increased. Focus on solutions. Focus on solutions means to center all efforts on our customers’ profitability. This requires an understanding of and a capability to improve their complete value chains and thus to offer our customers an edge in performance over pure equipment manufacturers. Global reach. Bühler has been a global player for many decades, with a multicultural team and a local presence extending across all the major markets of the world. This edge in availability, whose significance will further increase in the future, pays off in the results it allows to be achieved.
Success comes with the original product. Quality always pays off. Bühler is setting standards in the grain processing industry for more than 150 years. Whether you grind wheat, corn, rye, oat, buckwheat, soy, or malt grain – our processes and equipment are finely tuned to get the most from your grain. And this kind of process quality quickly pays off. The highest flour yields and best product quality ensure fast return on investment.

Bühler AG, Grain Milling, 9240 Uzwil, Switzerland, T +41 71 955 11 11, F +41 71 955 66 11,
Innovations for a better world.
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Measuring Moisture in Grain, Nuts and Pulses Controlling moisture in grain, nuts and pulses throughout different stages of processing can be one of the biggest problems for manufacturers. Many factors affect the moisture level in the raw product and they will have a contributing factor in the amount of moisture that either needs to be added or evaporated during processing. Hydronix sensors successfully measure moisture in all types of grain, whole kernel corn, wheat or maize as well as cut maize and flaked oats. Benefits • Reduce the amount of energy required for drying • Reduce the amount of wasted materials • Consistent, repeatable end product Correct moisture control during the drying or conditioning of the grain enables a direct cost reduction in terms of energy consumption and an efficient use of raw materials. Knowing the precise moisture content of the material also reduces the likelihood of product waste due to microbial growth. Microwave moisture measurement provides an easy method for the producer to precisely measure the moisture content of the material and to make real time adjustments to optimise the process. Microwave sensors are not affected by dust and vapour and have proved easy to use, reliable, accurate and cost effective. Hydronix range of sensors can be positioned in many different locations. The Hydro-Probe XT can be installed inside a bin, underneath the gate, or in the material on a conveyor, and takes measurements as the material flows over the sensors measuring surface. For applications with a high ambient temperature, the Hydro-Probe Orbiter can be mounted above belt conveyors, taking measurements as the grain or other material flows around it. Finally for applications that use a screw conveyor, chute or mixer, the Hydro-Mix is a flush mounted sensor that enables the material to pass across the faceplate without impeding the flow of material.


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Since the foundation of the company in 1896, Satake has been working for mankind’s three staple foods – rice, wheat and maize. Today, Satake serves 150 countries through 13 manufacturing and marketing operations in 10 countries. Satake is dedicated to serving the needs of customers wherever they may be, in countries both large and small. When customer satisfaction leads to trust in Satake, our dream is fulfilled. In the field of rice, Satake has always been one step ahead. Satake invented Japan’s first power-driven rice milling machine in 1896 and has continued to respond to customers’ demands as they change over time. The global standard of modern rice milling has been established by Satake through its ability to continually develop innovative products and processes. Today, Satake focuses on the value-added functionality of rice to increase the profitability from rice. In the field of wheat, Satake has developed the spirit and technology of Robinson Milling Systems (formerly Henry Simon Ltd) since 1991. Satake adopted its rice milling technology to Robinson’s/ Simon’s wheat processing systems and launched its PeriTec wheat debranning system in 1996, much earlier than others. Today, Satake’s capabilities include the ability to design, manufacture and install complete flour mills. In the field of maize, Satake also adopted its rice milling technology for maize. Maize degermers and Corn Fractionators are based on vertical rice milling machines to efficiently separate bran and germ from endosperm. Satake offer a Modular Maize Mill which produces first class finished products, but also has the benefits of fast installation within a very small building footprint. And others. Satake’s technology cultivated through grain processing and optical colour sorting is now widely utilised not only in pulses and nuts, but also in industrial applications such as plastic pellet polishing and sorting, and car bumper recycling. In 2008, Satake opened the Sorting and Processing Integrated Centre to help our customers find solutions to all of their sorting and processing problems. At the centre, Satake performs sorting and processing tests on a wide variety of materials, from rice and wheat to food products and industrial plastics.

When you think something new, think Satake.

In 2013 Silos Cordoba has followed the same stable path as in previous years: a continuous and safe growth of the company. We have grown in several aspects: It’s not only sales that have been going well in 2013. Our team is bigger due to the introduction of a new member for Maghreb region, giving a wider and better service in these countries; new members in our technical team, aftersales services and quality department; the creation of an R&D department which is focused on research, product redesign and innovative solutions; construction of a silo plant for testing our equipment and silos, and getting valuable data about the useful life of our products – the wear of the parts, corrosion time, etc. And last but not least, our new factory. The idea is to start work on the factory in 2014 and we estimate it will be operational by 2015. During this year Silos Cordoba accounts around 82.5 percent of turnover to come from exports on average, we are selling in 30 countries per year, which means that we are a permanent supplier in those countries. These new steps will bring competitive differences to Silos Cordoba, which will lead us to leadership in our sector. We have always focused on development and innovation to be competitive abroad and provide comprehensive solutions for the storage and preservation of cereal.
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•Injection-molded from highest grade resins to guarantee very dense, long wearing surfaces. •Directly interchangeable with existing pressed steel buckets.

Symaga, a Spanish company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of steel silos for storing seeds, cereals, malts, oilseeds, grains and pellets, rice and, in general, for agriculture, agro-industry, biofuels and biomass. With more than 30 years’ experience and over 15 million m³ of storage space Polyethylene worldwide, our Elevator capacity is Bucket sure to be able to tackle any project. Also available in Urethane & Nylon Symaga supplies a wide range of silos, flat bottom up to 25,000 m³ and hopper silos, reaching 12 metre diameter with 45° hopper and 2,643 m³ •Ability capacity, to absorb impact and “give” orwith “yield” completely galvanised and double welded compression ring. We provide Z600 gr/m² galvanisation, ensuring the highest service life of to bypass an obstruction – and return in toresearch their and development, allowing us to develop new products to reach customer needs, including ventilated the market. We continue investing originalcones shape – to keep on working and fully perforated floor. for you.

Replace your steel buckets with Tapco – the bucket with a memory.

T: +1 314 739 9191 • F: +1 314 739 5880 From a small facility in Keokuk, Iowa, USA, founded in 1974, to a 92,000 square foot manu-

SEB_coProAdClassfd_GFMTdec2012_Layout 1 12/4 facturing facility in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Tapco Inc. is a global leader in elevator buckets. Tapco continues to develop innovative products and create safe, top-quality solutions for the grain processing industry.
Engineered designs, state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive expertise in material handling processes help Tapco’s customer facilities increase quality and productivity. Nine in-house injection-molding machines allow us to make our entire range of buckets in the most expedient manner and with the greatest quality control. The extremely high pressures required to make injection-molded buckets guarantee very dense, long wearing surfaces. Tapco buckets are known worldwide for their strength and precise discharge characteristics. Tapco stocks 900,000 elevator buckets in 93 sizes manufactured in polyethylene, nylon, polyurethane, aluminum, ductile iron and fabricated steel. Standard styles include CC-HD (HEAVY DUTY), CC-XD (XTREME DUTY) and Super EuroBucket. Tapco nonmetallic buckets have strong, thick walls that “give” and “yield” to withstand hang-ups and return to their original shape. The XTREME DUTY bucket is molded with 35-50% MORE resin, making it a thicker and stronger version of the classic style CC-HD. Super EuroBuckets replace steel buckets and provide equal or greater capacity for your elevator. Tapco bucket performance and productivity consistently exceeds customer expectations, lasting longer and wearing better than other nonmetallic buckets. That may be why 75% of Design Engineers, Contractors and Bucket Elevator Manufacturers in the USA specified Tapco buckets* on new or expanded facilities since 1986. Tapco maintains 15 million elevator bolts in 54 sizes in six styles, along with a large inventory of abrasion-resistant sheeting, hanger bearings, drag flights and belt splices. With a team of bilingual representatives, and stocking distributors located strategically throughout the world, Tapco has what you want, when you need it. *As reported by GRAIN JOURNAL, Country Journal Publishing Co., Inc., Decatur, Illinois, U.S.A.


•Ability to absorb impact and “give” or “yield” to bypass an obstruction – and return to their original shape – to keep on working for you. •Injection-molded from highest grade resins to guarantee very dense, long wearing surfaces. •Directly interchangeable with existing pressed steel buckets. Replace your steel buckets with Tapco – the bucket with a memory.

Also available in Urethane & Nylon

Polyethylene Elevator Bucket

T: +1 314 739 9191 • F: +1 314 739 5880


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VIGAN, a reliable partner in dry bulk handling
Belgium-based VIGAN Engineering SA designs and manufactures handling equipment for dry agribulk cargo: grain pumps, ship unloaders and loaders (pneumatic or mechanical), reaching capacities up to 1,500 tons per hour. Widely recognised worldwide as an expert in pneumatic bulk handling technology, VIGAN also delivers turnkey projects for port terminals that include conveyors, silos, warehouses and bagging lines. Since its foundation in 1968, VIGAN has sold more than 1,200 machines all over the world. Successful 2013 - Basically, the sales pattern has been similar to previous years. The interest in VIGAN technology in ship unloading remains important, with numerous inquiries from existing ports or new facilities. We have also seen a growing demand for ship unloaders with larger capacities. VIGAN has recently been awarded several contracts in North Africa and nearby countries, as well as in other regions such as Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. It is also evaluating projects on other continents. These order confirmations should make this a quite good year by its end. A reliable solutions provider - For more than four decades, VIGAN has forged its reputation by offering reliable equipment adapted to the customer’s requirements: technical characteristics most suitable to each particular project with value-for-money machines. To remain competitive, VIGAN offers a highly professional technical assistance, a strong after-sales service and the guarantee of long-term supply of spare parts from most well-known suppliers. Moreover, VIGAN maintains permanent technical development, keeping in mind major concerns: the environment, dust suppression, safety, efficiency and reliability. A bright 2014 - With several long-term projects in the pipeline, VIGAN is confident for next year. The demand for grains remains strong. As grains are a basic staple food in many countries, governments and private companies are both continuing to invest in handling equipment.

Always Changing To Meet Customer Needs Back in 1935, when Wenger was established as a local manufacturer of mixers and feed milling machinery, the company’s main objective was to add value and palatability to lowquality feed. Today, as the world’s leading supplier of aquatic and pet food processing systems, Wenger is helping customers meet a new, more timely list of objectives, like increasing production rates, lowering energy costs and expanding viable recipe options. In 2010 alone, Wenger introduced 23 new innovations and was issued 11 new patents in response to rapidly changing needs in the industry. Innovative designs Available in both single screw and twin screw configurations, Wenger extruders boast capacities as high as 22 tonnes per hour. Two new innovations – Wenger’s diverging cone screws and oblique die technologies – make extrusion the superior choice for production of even high capacity micro aquatic feeds. Knowledge, research, training and support Wenger customers have access to the 2,500-square-metre Wenger Technical Center for testing ideas and formulas. Wenger technical support also includes pre- and post-installation engineering assistance, operator training and onsite attention to quality control and operational needs. Extensive inventories of replacement parts are maintained for prompt shipment to customers. Service after the sale is standard with Wenger products. Operating around the globe Wenger’s engineering, manufacturing, research and administrative facilities are located at the company’s Sabetha, Kansas, USA headquarters. Plus, Wenger extension research sites are available at a number of universities and research centres around the world. Sales and service is available through Wenger offices in the USA, Belgium, Taiwan, Brazil, China, Turkey, and India, as well as independent agents in strategic locations around the world. In fact, Wenger serves hundreds of different agri-food producers in more than 90 countries.

New Wenger SX-1480 shrimp feed extruder
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At Westeel, we pride ourselves on manufacturing grain storage products that are considered among the most innovative in the market today. Our storage solutions are engineered to suit your application: from smaller on-farm bins to large-scale commercial systems. Personalised service, superior quality, innovation, design and long-term value signify the Westeel name. From our pioneering work to introduce the steel grain bin to farming in the 1920s, to our subsequent efforts to perfect and popularise its use through the subsequent decades, no company can claim more experience or innovative thinking in the field of steel sided storage than Westeel. All our products are manufactured to ISO 9001 requirements, and throughout the manufacturing process we employ the latest in computerised design and production technology. Undertaking storage projects on six continents, Westeel offers a range of flat bottom and hopper grain bins as well as handling and unloading equipment, monitoring systems and aeration solutions. Full aftersales service is also included, ensuring customers receive the support they need to keep bins in peak operational condition. At Westeel we offer products of superior quality and long-term value – products that represent the finest in on-farm and commercial grain storage.

Zhengchang is the feed machinery manufacturer and complete project contractor in China. Established in 1918, it owns 16 subsidiary companies and over 30 offices overseas. It has obtained the European CE and Russian GOST-R certificates, as well as being designated a “Chinese well-known brand”, and one of China’s “national key high-tech enterprises”. SZLH1068: China’s largest capacity pellet mill Developed and manufactured by Zhengchang, the SZLH1068 pellet mill is one of China’s key science and technology support projects of its eleventh five-year plan. Its 44-55 tonne per hour capacity is the largest of any in China, and it will be put to use in the 160 ton per hour feed factory for the Hewei company. The successful manufacture of the SZLH1068 has laid a solid technological foundation for the massive and intensive development of the Chinese feed industry. The adoption of the SZLH1068 pellet mill will greatly reduce the cost of investment, production and management for feed factories, and add value to their products. Advantages:
• Variable-frequency feeder: a variable-pitch double screw ensures even feeding of the product • The main motor works at a stable current, and the round screw barrel protects against upcoming steam • Extended and lengthened conditioner ensures longer conditioning time and better performance • Multiple inlets ensure even addition of steam • External pneumatic discharger releases feed automatically in case of blockage, and magnets at chute inlet removes impurities • High quality bearings in drive system and adopting of thin-oil cooling and lubrication ensure long-term reliability • Greater capacity and better pellet quality due to increased die speed • Hydraulic lifting carrier makes it easy to disassemble the die and roller • Optimised design, advanced heat-treatment technology and high quality steel fabrication give the gear and shaft a longer life and more reliable drive


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