CEPA “Don Juan I” ALCALÁ DE HENARES – MADRID Consejería de Educación Comunidad de Madrid

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Desconecte el teléfono móvil y no haga uso de ningún otro aparato electrónico. La duración máxima del ejercicio será de 1 hora y 30 minutos. Mantenga su documentación en un lugar visible durante la realización del ejercicio. No está permitido el uso de calculadoras ni de diccionarios. Lea detenidamente los textos, cuestiones o enunciados. Realice primero aquellos ejercicios de los que tenga seguridad en su resolución Cuide la presentación y escriba la respuesta o el proceso de forma adecuada. Una vez acabada la prueba, revísela meticulosamente antes de entregarla


I ____ a cat. Nicole (6) ___________ (see) an advertisement for a job in Montreal. ____ is your surname? a What b Where c Why 10. Jean-Paul (11) __________(not move) there yet because he (12)___________(have) a good job in Paris. a the cheaper than c cheaper than b the cheaper 6. 3 Complete the paragraph with the correct form of the verb in brackets. We ____ to Warsaw because it was very cold. Points: 15. a has never climbed c has yet climbed b has ever climbed 3. I think this wallet is ____ . What’s ____ name? a yours b hers c his 2. Nicole (9) __________ (move) to Canada and she (10) __________ (live) there for a year now. he ____ dinner for his new girlfriend.CEPA “Don Juan I” ALCALÁ DE HENARES – MADRID Consejería de Educación Comunidad de Madrid 1 Underline the correct answer. a didn’t go b don’t go c didn’t went 9. Tomorrow evening. 2 . but she (15) __________(want) to buy a house when Jean-Paul finally moves to Montreal. When ____ work? a does you finish finishes b do you finish c do you 12. They ____ at work last week. They (2)_________ (meet) three years ago when they (3) ________ (be) students in Paris. In 2009. At the moment Nicole (14) ___________ (live) in a small flat. a hasn’t got b haven’t got c don’t have got 7. a isn’t b aren’t any c are 13. I am not a student. Points: 5 She has not got a brother. a cooked cook b ’s going to cooking c ’s going to 8. Jane did not work yesterday. She (7) ___________ (write) to the company and she (8) __________ (get) the job. a weren’t b didn’t c wasn’t 2 1 2 3 4 5 Write the short form of the underlined words. (1 each) 1. Josie ____ a mountain. a bigger than than b the biggest c the biggest 15. a ’m not b isn’t c amn’t 11. Are there ____ photos on the wall? a a b some c any 14. London is _____ city in Britain. We are going shopping. a mine b her c them 5. They (4)________ (get) married in 2008 and they (5)__________ (buy) a flat just outside Paris. There ____ an armchair in my living room. Points:15 Jean-Paul and Nicole (1) ______ (be) French. I ____ from Madrid. James is not at work today. When are you ____ your homework? a going to done b go to do c going to do 4. They (13) __________ (see) each other once a month. Buses are usually ____ taxis.

Do you want to come to the cinema me? Kerry isn’t work today. (3) H m are they? They go from eight to twenty-five euros. Go (10) a Green Road. Points: 10. What do you usually have breakfast? I like listening music.5 each) A B A B A A B A A B A B (1) C _ _ I h _ _ _ you? Yes. (6) W you l some more dessert? (7) Yes. Torsten comes Berlin.CEPA “Don Juan I” ALCALÁ DE HENARES – MADRID Consejería de Educación Comunidad de Madrid 4 Complete the sentences with the correct preposition from the box. I’ like some. Mum is on holiday Spain. Points: 10 with at on in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 on in from for to at Anthony lives __ London. (4) W s we d ? (5) L ’ go to the cinema! Good idea. I bought a pizza my way home. 2 3 4 3 . There are four extra words. Joanne is holiday this week. (9) E m ! I _ there a bank n h ? Yes. Points: 10 A B play look after send earn wear get take speak ride drive a b c d e f g h i j married a car tennis an exam two languages children a motorbike text messages money a suit and tie 6 Put the words in the columns. p the school and it’s on your right. 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Match the verb from A with the correct word (s) from B. It’s very bad weather. Points: 15 bus stop fantastic notebook farm library architect kettle cousin amazing kitchen plasters hairdresser hard niece post office lamp lawyer screwdriver independent people places things 7 1 Complete the everyday conversations. We met a party. They’re on that bookshelf. (0. please. I’m (2) l f a dictionary.

when there were 209 million £5-notes in Britain. The next day he bought some petrol near his home. Yorkshire. She drew glasses and a moustache on the picture of the Queen. and paid with the note by mistake.Did Mark put the note in his wallet again? 8. Points: 10 ONE IN 209 MILLION ‘Mark Goldsmith was angry when his six-year old daughter drew on a £5-note. To his surprise. He bought some food at the supermarket.How did he get his daughter’s 5£-note again? 7. He thought it was useless.Why was Mark Goldsmith angry? 2. When possible write SHORT ANSWERS. He brought it home and put it in a picture frame on the wall. Hi! I’m in … with … 4 .Were there 200 million £5-notes in Britain in August 2000? 10.’ 1. Make notes about your experiences: Where are you? Who are you with? Where have you been? What have you done? What are the best things? What are the worst things? What are you going to do? Other information Now write an email to a friend. Start: Points: 10.What did his daughter do? 3.Was Mark Goldsmith happy in the end’ 9 You are travelling in Europe. Two weeks later he was 200 miles away in Harrogate.Why did Mark Goldsmith pay with a £5-note? 5. Write 50–60 words. This happened in August 2000.What did he buy at the supermarket? 6.When did it happen? 9.Where did he buy petrol? 4. Mark put the note in his pocket.Read the text and answer the questions. He gave the cashier a £20-note and got a 5£-note in his change.CEPA “Don Juan I” ALCALÁ DE HENARES – MADRID Consejería de Educación Comunidad de Madrid 8. it was his daughter’s drawing on it.

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