Anisur Rahman

ID: 2006-1-10-112

Questionnaire Parents Attitude towards Cartoon Channel Please Pick The Right Answer: 1. Age [a]. 30-45 [b]. 45 and above 2. Gender [a]. Male [b]. Female 3. Education [a]. Secondary [b]. Higher secondary [c]. Gradua e [d]. !os gradua e and higher 4. ccu!ation [a]. "#ecu ives [b]. !ro$essionals [c]. %usiness !erson [d]. House&ives "d#. ' her ((((((

$. %oes &our hus'and(wi)e do *o'+ [a]. )es [b]. *o ,. %o &ou ha-e children+ [a]. )es [b]. *o +$ yes hen (((((((((((((((( .. /onthl& 0a1il& 2nco1e: [a]. 40,000--0,000 [b] .bove -0,000-/0,000 [c]. .bove /0,00001002000 [d]. .bove100,000 3. 4u1'er o) Tele-ision &ou ha-e+ "a#. 1 "'#. 2 "c#. 3 "d#. 35 6. 7ow 1uch ti1e at8least one o) &ou s!end with &our children 9e:cluding stud& ti1e;+ "a# 1 "'#2 "c# 3 "d# 4 "e# 1ore than 4 hours Please Pick A 4u1'er 0ro1 The 0ollowing <cale: 1=. %o &ou watch cartoon channel+ "a#. >es "'#. 4o 11. 7ow do &ou )ind cartoon channel+ "a# Entertain1ent "'# Past Ti1e "c# ?aste o) Ti1e "d# Educational "E# thers 11. %o &ou acco1!an& &our children while &ou watch T@+ "a# >es "'# 4o "c# ccasionall&

$or a 3as ime only [4]. regularly 13. in some con e# use$ul medium [3].gree .gree *eu ral 6isagree S rongly6isagree 2 )ind Cartoon Channel Entertain1ent )or children 2 0ind cartoon channel as the 1ediu1 o) education )or children . ?hat sort o) negati-e i1!act cartoon channel 1ake o-er children !s&cholog&+ "a# Educational "'# E1otional "c# Ph&sical "d# thers 1$. *o regularly [3]. yes ?h&+ ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ((((( 15.. Please indicate &our res!onse to the )ollowing state1ents S rongly . )es. *o [4]. 7ow do &ou de)ine cartoon channel )or &our children+ "A# Entertain1ent "'# Educational "c# Past ti1e d# others AA 14. %o &ou allow &our children to watch cartoon t-+ [1]. ?hich o) the !articular !rogra1 &ou allow to &our children to watch on cartoon channel+ "a# %orae1on"'# To1 B Cerr& "c# scoo'e& doo "d#!o!o&e [e] o hers 1. Anisur Rahman ID: 2006-1-10-112 12. %o &ou think cartoon !rogra1 can 'e a 1ediu1 o) education )or children+ [1].MD.

. Anisur Rahman ID: 2006-1-10-112 Cartoon 1ake a negati-e i1!act on children !s&cholog& Cartoon s!oil the -alua'le ti1e o) Children Cartoon Channel %i-ert children attitude 2 !re)er 1& children to watch a !articular cartoon 2 !re)er other ele1ents )or en*o&1ent rather than cartoon )or 1& children 2 will allow 1& children to watch cartoon channel Thank &ou )or &our coo!eration.MD.

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