Internships with OBAMA FOR AMERICA An internship in the office of Obama for America is an excellent way to learn firsthand how our political process works. Students will have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience by assisting the campaign’s professional staff with scheduling, advance, technology, new media, operations, communications, finance, field, policy, political and research. Chicago, Illinois Internships Internships will be located at the campaign headquarters in Chicago, IL. The internship will allow students to learn the entire political process through a presidential campaign headquarters. Intern will be placed in a specific department at the headquarters but may also work on such projects as compiling and entering data, staffing the front desk, answering questions from voters and assisting volunteers. Internship Responsibilities Interns will participate in a broad range of office activities, ensuring a thorough and well-rounded experience. Interns should expect a balance of work that includes working independently within your department and also working with fellow interns on group projects. Department Descriptions 1. Scheduling/Advance - Interns will assist in managing Senator Barack Obama’s national invitations. They will be responsible for helping track calls, relaying messages to scheduling staffers and acting as active liaisons to fellow OFA offices. 2. New Media - Interns need to have web and online production ability and be a strong writers. Interns will assist with web video production ,working to develop both the various video and web content the campaign staff produces. Interns will also work on all the video and content support submitted to the campaign. Ideally, interns will video production skills. Interns will also work with department management. 3. Operations/Correspondence/Compliance - 1. Vetter - This position is responsible for verifying donor checks are not from lobbyists or other prohibited campaign donors through online and database research. 2.State Desk - Assist in meeting early field state operational needs. 3.Call Center Duties related to the 800 number call center that could include but might not be limited to report writing, spreadsheet work, and follow up with callers. 4.Reception -Assist the front desk in answering and transferring office calls, greet visitors, and other front desk duties. 5. Correspondence - Assist in answering emails to the account. 4. Communications - Communications interns will get a firsthand experience of the everyday functions of a Presidential campaign press department. As a press intern you would work daily with news outlets from around the country while monitoring breaking news stories. Your responsibilities would include monitoring blogs and newspapers, building and updating press lists, transcribing Senator Obama’s speeches and press appearances and assisting the communications staff with press requests. Prior experience in political communication is not required, but is helpful. Strong writing, communication and problem solving skills are necessary. Communications interns will work on 2 shifts, one in the early morning (5-6am till 1pm) and one in the afternoon (12:00pm -8:00pm).


5. Finance - Finance intern duties include assisting in donor relations and the planning and execution
of fundraising events along with the day to day activities of getting donations through the door. Interns will be expected to process checks, manage record keeping, phone bank, stuff and stamp, and assist in our online fundraising efforts. Familiarity with Excel is a plus, long hours and weekends should be expected; this is definitely not nine to five. Direct Marketing - Direct Marketing intern duties include assisting in direct marketing projects which includes helping execute the coordination of house parties, online campaigns, direct mail projects and phone banks. Interns will be expected to help answer supporters questions, send out campaign material packets and participate in grassroots events in the area. Familiarity with Excel and a plus, along with the willingness to work long hours and weekends--endless energy and commitment to changing the future of our country are desired. Research – Interns with assist in transcribing, monitoring media, compiling and analyzing hard copies of newspapers, compiling and analyzing campaign finance reports. Field - Interns for the Field Department will be assisting the Director, Desks and Youth Vote Team with phone calls, research, outreach and assistance with the Illinois State Director’s “Camp Obama”. Political - Interns in political will do the following: General administrative work (copying, filing, stapling, faxing), assist with creating call sheets, assist with research for political briefings, volunteering at political events (rallies, fundraisers, etc), making notification calls, data entry, and other duties as assigned Policy - Policy interns needed to perform a range of tasks, which may include but are not limited to: answering the phone, running errands, helping to manage database of volunteers, research, and various administrative tasks. We are looking for interns in both our Chicago and Washington DC offices, and will accept applications from people with a range of backgrounds. IL Field Department - Interns will participate in field activities including, but not limited to, recruitment, training and supervision of volunteers. They will help organize groups of volunteers to travel to early primary states, participate in phone-banks, throw house parties and work events.


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Applying to be an Intern Applicants for the program should submit the following materials: • A completed application form three essay questions • A current resume • A copy of your most recent transcript • A letter of recommendation* To be considered for an internship, please submit your completed application, essay questions and resume by April 15, 2007. Please submit your application either via regular mail (see address below), via email at, or you can upload it to the website. *If you are not emailing your letter or recommendation, please have your letter of recommendation signed and sealed sent 1st class postal mail and postmarked no later than Arpil15, 2007 to: Obama for America Attn: Intern Coordinator P.O. Box 8102 Chicago, IL 60680 (312) 819-2008 Session Dates and Application Deadline Application DEADLINE: April 15, 2007 Summer Session: May 15, 2007 – August 17, 2007* These working dates are flexible depending on your school schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions Are internships paid? Interns work on a voluntary basis and do not receive financial compensation for their work. Interns must provide their own housing and transportation. Funding for internships may be available through university stipends or private scholarship sources. Who is eligible to apply? All currently enrolled undergraduate students who have a desire to change America, are able to work full time (40 hours per work week), may be considered.


Personal Information
Full Name:______________________________________________________________ School Address: _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ School Phone #: __________________________ Email address: ___________________________ Parent/Guardian Name:_____________________________________________________ Permanent Address:_______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _ Phone #: ________________________________ Alt Phone #: _____________________________ Social Security #: ____________________ Date of Birth: _________________ Gender: __________ Are you a U.S. Citizen? ____________

Academic Information


Please list most recent first School Name:____________________________________________________________ Year in School: ________________ Expected graduation date and degree: ____________________ Major/Minor: _________________________________ Grade Point Average: __________________ Does your school have a formal internship program: _______________________________________ Will you receive academic credit for this internship: ________________________________________

If needed: Previous School Name: _____________________________________________________________ Degree and graduation year: __________________________________________________________ Major/Minor: _________________________________ Grade Point Average: __________________

Resource Support and Objectives
Do you plan on receiving an outside stipend or scholarship for your internship? _________________ If yes, please list your possible sponsor: _________________________________________________ Relevant community/political activities: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________


_______________________________________________________________________ ___

Additional Information
The internship will have two sets of work time offered. Please indicate the work time you would prefer: ___ 8 am - 4 pm (Monday-Friday) ___ 1 pm - 9 pm (Monday-Friday) Area of interest (rank in order of preference from 1-12):
Scheduling/Advance Information Technology New Media Operations/Correspondence/Compliance Communications Finance Direct Marketing Research Field Political Policy IL Field Department

Other languages spoken (please indicate level of fluency and writing ability): _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ___

Please include the following with your completed application form*: 1. Completed application; 2. Document containing answers to the three essay questions; and 3. Current resume 4. Current transcript 5. Letter of Reccommedation (this can either be emailed to with the rest of the completed application, mailed to the address above, or uploaded with the rest of your application.)
All documents, minus the letter of recommendation, must be included at time of submission otherwise your application will be considered incomplete.


Directions: The following two (2) essay questions should be answered in a separate document. You may draw upon both personal and professional experiences in your answers. Please limit your word count to 500 words for each of the two questions. To qualify for an interview, all questions must be completed at the time the application is submitted via the website at 1. What characteristic of Senator Obama has inspired you to participate in the political process through an Obama for America internship? 2. Please explain a time when you had to multi-task in a time sensitive situation. Please explain the situation, the problem and how you solved the crisis.