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Dr. Ahmed Elfatatry

Web Technologies Assignment 2 First Term 2011-2012

By Yasser M M Gharib

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Yasser Gharib

Assignment 2 FIREWALL Contents 1. b. c. b. FIREWALL TYPES a. Definition 3. References 7. d. Firewall Techniques a. Appendix Firewall Products a. 3 5 5 5 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 11 11 11 13 15 Hardware Firewalls Software Firewalls 4. Packet Filtering Circuit Relay Application Gateway 5. Introduction 2.Web Technologies. Conclusion 6. c. Packet Filtering & Stateful Inspection Firewalls Application Firewalls Multifunction Firewalls Other Types Of Firewalls Page 2 of 6 Yasser Gharib . b.

An e-mail bomb is usually a personal attack. By inundating a server with these unanswerable session requests. Others contain bugs that provide a backdoor. Denial of service . or hidden access. What happens is that the hacker sends a request to the server to connect to it. Application backdoors . Others provide remote access with insufficient security controls or have bugs that an experienced hacker can take advantage of.Some programs have special features that allow for remote access. a person can send unsolicited junk e-mail (spam) to thousands of users. Page 3 of 6 Yasser Gharib . When the server responds with an acknowledgement and tries to establish a session. E-mail bombs . SMTP session hijacking – Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) is the most common method of sending e-mail over the Internet. Introduction(1) There are many creative ways that unscrupulous people use to access or abuse unprotected computers: Remote login – Ability to someone to connect to your computer and control it in some form. Someone sends you the same e-mail hundreds or thousands of times until your e-mail system cannot accept any more messages. a hacker causes the server to slow to a crawl or eventually crash. Assignment 2 1.Like applications. This can range from being able to view or access your files to actually running programs on your computer. some operating systems have backdoors. This type of attack is nearly impossible to counter. it cannot find the system that made the request.Web Technologies. making the actual sender of the spam difficult to trace. This is done quite often by redirecting the e-mail through the SMTP server of an unsuspecting host. that provides some level of control of the program. By gaining access to a list of e-mail addresses.You have probably heard this phrase used in news reports on the attacks on major Web sites. Operating system bugs .

Be careful of clicking on these because you may accidentally accept a cookie that provides a backdoor to your computer. spam is the electronic equivalent of junk mail. many applications allow you to create a script of commands that the application can run. depending on the application.Probably the most well-known threat is computer viruses. Hackers sometimes take advantage of this to make information appear to come from a trusted source or even from inside the network. This is one of the ways that a denial of service attack is set up. Viruses range from harmless messages to erasing all of your data. Hackers have taken advantage of this to create their own macros that.In most cases. can destroy your data or crash your computer. This way it can spread quickly from one system to the next. Redirect bombs . Spam . advantage and disadvantage of each type.Web Technologies. Viruses . the path a packet travels over the Internet (or any other network) is determined by the routers along that path. Assignment 2 Macros . This script is known as a macro. Source routing . But the source providing the packet can arbitrarily specify the route that the packet should travel. location of this type. A virus is a small program that can copy itself to other computers.Hackers can use the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to change (redirect) the path information takes by sending it to a different router. So What is Firewall and its type. Page 4 of 6 Yasser Gharib .To simplify complicated procedures. Spam can be dangerous though. To determine and stop these threats we use firewall.Typically harmless but always annoying. Quite often it contains links to Web sites.

A software firewall will protect computer from outside attempts to control or gain access computer. Hardware Firewalls Hardware firewalls can be purchased as a stand-alone product but more recently hardware firewalls are typically found in broadband routers. depending on choice of software firewall Advantages of a software firewall(3) Page 5 of 6 Yasser Gharib . (1) The purpose of the firewall is to protect entities in one network from threats originating in another network.(2) 3-FIREWALL TYPES (4) Firewalls can be either hardware or software. allowing you some control over its function and protection features.Web Technologies. The security policy is usually enforced by a firewall rule set. Hardware firewalls can be effective with little or no configuration. Software Firewalls For individual home users. malformed or abnormal traffic at some layer of the protocol hierarchy or checks that help determine that the traffic comes from the claimed source. and. Software firewalls are installed on computer (like any software) and can customize. the most popular firewall choice is a software firewall. then it is not allowed through the firewall. against which traffic is checked. and should be considered an important part of the system and network set-up. b. a. and they can protect every machine on a local network.(1) Firewall checks for specified content. performing security checks on that traffic in accordance with a predetermined security policy. If traffic fails to match the security policy. Assignment 2 2-Definition Firewall is simply a software or hardware device that handles or mediates traffic flow between one network and others. especially for anyone on a broadband connection.

Web Technologies. Assignment 2 Free of charge or low-priced to install Easy to install Professional skills not required for configuration Levels of admission can be locate Advantages of a hardware firewall(3) Centralized management achievable Secure Speedy Fewer interference. can be maintained with no affecting other regions of network and does not make the applications to be time-consuming. Disadvantages of a software firewall(3) Might make the applications slow Might be intense on computer system resources Can be hard to eliminate Every host wants to be updated repeatedly No centralized administration Disadvantages of a hardware firewall(3) Costly to buy Specialist knowledge may be necessary to install and configure Takes up substantial space Difficult to upgrade Page 6 of 6 Yasser Gharib .

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