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March 20, 2007

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Week in review

Week in Review
This past weekend marked Barack Obama’s second visit to New Hampshire and his first stops in Denver, Colorado; Oakland, California and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma since he announced his plan to run for President just over one month ago. After meeting with seniors in Claremont, New Hampshire he flew to California where he spoke about his plan to end the Iraq war. He stopped in Denver and Oklahoma City for kick-off fundraisers that each attracted thousands of attendees. With the 4th anniversary of the Iraq War this week, Senator Obama appeared on Larry King LIVE on Monday to talk about his plan to bring all combat troops home by March 31st, 2008 and his opposition to the war from the beginning. Yesterday, he delivered remarks on the Senate Floor focusing on his commitment to bring this conflict to an end. Obama will return to Nevada this weekend for a healthcare forum sponsored by the Service Employment International Union (SEIU) and a rally hosted by the Culinary Workers of America, before traveling to West Palm Beach and Miami. Obama begins the following week with a reception in Atlanta, Georgia.

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‘Obama Draws Enthusiastic Crowd in Oklahoma’ by Tim Talley. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama brought his Democratic presidential campaign to Oklahoma for the first time Monday with a promise to end the war in Iraq and change the culture of political gamesmanship in Washington.” (Associated Press: 3/19/07) Full Story
"At every juncture when the people decided to change this country, it changed.” -Senator Obama; rally in Oakland,
CA; March 17, 2007

‘Obama Rouses Crowd’ by John C. Ensslin. Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama urged a cheering throng of supporters to make his campaign their campaign and to "take back their country. (Rocky Mountain News: 3/19/07) Full Story ‘Obama highlights antiwar stance in Oakland’ by Maeve Reston. As protesters geared up around the country to mark the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama on Saturday railed against the Bush administration's handling of the war with words that also served to implicitly criticize his own party's competitors for the White House. (LA TIMES: 3/19/07) Full Story ‘Better Future for America’ by Josh Richman. "This campaign is a vehicle for you, this campaign is a vehicle for your hopes, for your dreams," -(Inside Bay Area: 3/18/2007) Full Story

-12,000 supporters at Senator Obama’s rally in Oakland, CA; March 17, 2007

‘Obama Greeted Warmly at Famous N.H. Site’ by Beverly Wang. The Illinois senator spoke Friday at the Earl M. Bourdon Senior Center where former President Bill Clinton and House Speaker Newt Gingrich shook hands in 1995 and promised to create a bipartisan commission on campaign finance reform. The commission never materialized. Associated Press: 3/16/07) Full Story



News Room Continued
‘Obama pitches Iraq exit strategy’ by Ed Tibbetts. Obama pitched his plan to get American troops out of that country in a year during stops in Dubuque, Clinton and, finally, Davenport, where he was greeted by a packed gymnasium at North High School. Aides said 3,700 people were there for the evening rally. (Quad City Times: 3/12/07) Full Story ‘Iowa Students Help Drive Election Bus’ by Jennifer Hunter. Just after his presidential announcement in Springfield, Barack Obama winged his way to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He spoke at John F. Kennedy High School, and when the speech ended and a few hands were shaken, he and his wife, Michelle, were whisked away. They scooted aboard a yellow school bus full of college-aged Democrats. The Obamas spent an hour driving with the 25 students from 10 Iowa colleges, chewing over policy issues such as the war in Iraq and munching on trail mix. (Chicago Sun Times: 3/14/07) Full Story
‘Young Voters Find Voice on Facebook’ by Jose Antonio Vargas. There are more than 500 Obama groups on Facebook. One of the first, "Students for Barack Obama," was created on July 7 by Meredith Segal, a junior at Bowdoin College who first heard of Obama when he gave the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. (Washington Post: 2/17/07) Full Story

“When I opposed this invasion
in 2002, I said that I am not against all wars… I believed that authorizing this conflict would lead to a US occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequence.”

Policy& Legislation
Dignity for Wounded Warriors Act This week, working with Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Barack Obama introduced a bill to address the problems revealed by a recent Washington Post series on Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. The bill improves the condition of soldiers’ rooms, streamlines the process for seeking care, provides greater information to recovering soldiers, requires the hiring of more caseworkers, and provides more support to family members who help to care for soldiers. The bill now has 29 cosponsors, including three Republicans. Fuel Economy Reform Act Barack Obama and Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) reintroduced their bill to raise vehicle fuel economy standards by 4% a year – a move that could reduce U.S. gasoline consumption by half a trillion gallons by 2028. The bill cosponsors include senators from both sides of the aisle, including several who have voted against CAFE increases in the past. Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007 Barack Obama joined Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) to introduce the Citizenship Promotion Act to reverse large fee increases for legal immigrants seeking to become citizens. The fees are scheduled to rise 66% which would impose a significant financial hardship on many families. The bill would also provide grants to states to educate immigrants about the citizenship process.
fundraiser, 3/18/07.

–Senator Obama; Denver, CO,

"It is time to bring this conflict to a responsible end so we can bring our troops home and refocus on

Obama’s statement on the anniversary of Iraq War
“There is no military solution to this war. No amount of U.S. soldiers can solve the grievances that lay at the heart of someone else’s civil war. We must begin a phased redeployment of our forces starting May 1st, with the goal of removing all combat forces by March 30th, 2008. Letting the Iraqis know that we will not be there forever is our last, best hope to pressure the Iraqis to take ownership of their country and bring an end to their conflict.” Link to Obama Statements on Iraq.

. the wider struggle yet to be won.”
-Senator Obama on Iraq.



Students for Barack Obama
Students for Barack Obama (SFBO) is a student-led organization with representatives from universities, community colleges, and high schools around the country that have taken grassroots organizing into their own hands. The student movement for Barack Obama is much more than a single organization; SFBO currently has over 160 school based organizations around the country and aims to have chapters in all 50 states by March 31st. Since their first major organizing event in January at George Mason University in Virginia, the national leadership team has signed up over 20 state coordinators and they aim for 50 by March 31st. Various tools like, mybarackobama.com, facebook.com, youtube.com, flickr.com and myspace.com, have all contributed to the exponential growth of the SFBO.

Hope Action Change: Call to Action!
The field department is focused on the next campaign Call to Action, which is our community action kickoff on March 31st. This marks the first nationwide event in support of Barack Obama’s candidacy. The purpose of the nation-wide community action kickoff is to inform other people about ways to not only get involved on a grass-roots level, but also to get acquainted with Barack Obama and his mission for the country. Please visit www.barackobama.com and click on the HOPE ACTION CHANGE link to host your own community action event or get involved in other ways with the campaign. We’re asking supporters throughout the country to join Barack Obama in this discussion by opening their homes on March 31st at 3:00 pm Central, and gathering their friends and family to watch Barack Obama in a live webcast from Iowa. For those who would like to host an event but do not have Internet access, you will be able to dial into a conference call number and listen to the Iowa discussion. All groups hosting a community action event will recieve a special DVD with a message from Barack Obama. The Obama campaign is also proud to have the support of Illinois’ Senior Senator Dick Durbin, Chicago Mayor Richard M Daley and several other leaders from Illinois who plan to host community events parties of their own on March 31st. During the upcoming weeks, our field team is also working to develop a political organizational meeting with over 400 political activists, local politicians and community leaders to discuss ways we can all work together to support Obama for America.

- Senator Obama; SFBO Kickoff Event at George Mason University rally; Fairfax, VA; January, 2007.

"We are here today because the country calls us, we are here today because history beckons us, we are here today because we face a series of challenges as significant, as daunting as any generation has face”Obama, rally in Oakland, Ca. 3/17/07. Senator

- Senator Obama; rally in Oakland, CA; March 17, 2007

“This campaign is a vehicle for you; this campaign is a vehicle for your hopes, for your dreams," -Senator Obama; rally in Oakland, CA; 3/17/07

-12,000 supporters at Senator Barack Obama’s rally in Oakland, CA; March 17, 2007 - Senator Obama; Earl M Bourdon Centre; Claremont, NH; 3/16/07



Events Calendar
Below is a list of events, fundraisers, coalitions, and rallies we have scheduled for the next few months. • Culinary Workers Rally, Las Vegas, NV • New Leadership on Health Care Presidential Forum, Las Vegas, NV • Obama for America Reception West Palm Beach, FL • Building and Construction Trades Candidate Forum • Hope, Action, Change Nation-wide Community action event March 31st March 28th March 25th March 23rd March 24th

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