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Time/Day Monday 4:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. ):30 p.m. T*esday +ednesday ):00 a.m. Th*rsday 6:4. a.m. 2:1. p.m. 2:1. p.m. 4:00 p.m. riday 4:00 p.m. .:30 p.m. ):00 p.m. %at*rday -:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m.

Date/Location December 16th: Home Home Home Home December 1)th: December 1,th: $oom 11, December 1-th: /00 $oom 21. $oom 22. 5(ay December 20th: Home 5(ay 5(ay December 21st: Home 5(ay 5(ay

Description Girls reshman !as"etball #s. $omeo H% Girls &' !as"etball #s. $omeo H% !oys '/&' %(im #s. $omeo H% Girls ' !as"etball #s. $omeo H%

PAW Meeting
1ey 0l*b %tand 3p 0hristian 0l*b Meetin4 /n#ironmental 0l*b Meetin4 Girls reshman !as"etball #s. L6anse 0re*se 7orth H% !oys ' +restlin4 8pen Date 0o*nty Meet !oys &' !as"etball #s. Michi4an 0olle4iate H% !oys ' !as"etball #s. Michi4an 0olle4iate H% !oys ' +restlin4 8pen Date 0o*nty Meet Girls reshman 0heer #s. 0o*sino H% Girls '/&' 0heer #s. 0o*sino H%

D/0/M!/$ 23$D 9 &5735$: 1%T 78;%0H88L H8L<D5: !$/51 CLASSES RESUME THURSDAY, JANUARY
• • • • •

2, 2014

The Environmental Cl ! "ill !e #olle#tin$ $entl% &e' Jean& (or Homele&& Teen& in o r area) The% are #olle#tin$ all &i*e& +i'& to a' lt, in a !in o t&i'e the Me'ia Center tho $h Jan ar% ,1&t) Math Help $oom- Mon'a% . /ri'a% 0 1A2 l n#h i& room 2034 152 6 1C2 l n#he& are room 217) 8( %o are not (eelin$ "ell ' rin$ the &#hool 'a% . D8 78T 3%/ :83$ 0/LL =H87/ T8 05LL H8M/ . #ome 'o"n to the (ront o((i#e an' &e the 9hone& there) St 'ent& "ho 'o not have a 9a&& to the Career Center #om9 ter& :or Me'ia Center an' there are no #om9 ter& availa!le; "ill !e &ent !a#+ to #la&&) %t*dents m*st ha#e a pass. :earboo" <n>ormation- The 'ea'line to 9re0or'er a %ear!oo+ at <3, the 'ea'line i& Jan ar% ,0th) Sim9l% $o to it&%o r%ear!oo+)#om, #li#+ on the lin+ (or =Ei&enho"er Hi$h S#hool> an' then the lin+ to =or'er a %ear!oo+)>  %enior Messa4es, the "ell "i&he& to $ra' atin$ &enior& that a99ear in the !a#+ o( the %ear!oo+, "ere ' e Novem!er 1, 201,. Late me&&a$e& "ill !e a##e9te' ntil &9a#e i&

(ille' an' in# r a <10 late (ee) 8n(ormation i& availa!le on the &#hool "e!&ite an' %ear!oo+ "e!&ite)

SENDING ELECTRONIC TRANSCRIPTS: Seniors who are applying to college must first register at Click on the SIGN UP tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions. Once you ha e created an account you can re!uest to ha e electronic transcripts sent to the schools they are applying to. Once you ha e re!uested transcripts" you can check the status online at any time. #$IS IS % FREE S&'(IC&. (Ne Listing!"F# INTERC#LT#RAL E$C%ANGE PROGRAM: #he Oli e #ree foundation is offering full scholarships for students to attend summer" semester and academic year e)change programs. (isit www.* for more information. %pplication deadline is ,anuary -." /0-1.

ACT TEST PREP CLASSES: Saturday" ,anuary -2th or Saturday" 3arch -st from 2450 a.m. 6 5400 p.m. 7 3CC 6 Center Campus. #his class fills up *%S# so register today8 Cost is 92..00 Call :/12; ../<=/0> to register. (Ne Listing! ACT TEST PREP CLASSES AT ACADAMIA&NET: Class options and times ary. Call for more information -<2??<5/0<1=.5 or isit COLLEGE FOR CREATIVE STUDIES PRE-COLLEGE COURSES: % wide range of courses are a ailable to high school students interested in enhancing their artistic talents and creating work to add to their portfolio. 3ore information is a ailable at www.collegeforcreati

Sc'olars'ip in(or)ation is no a*aila+le on t'e #tica,-. e+site/ Fin0 all t'ese listing an1 )ore at &#tica,-.&org& Clic2 on t'e 34ic2lin2 (or Sc'olars'ips/ SC%OLARS%IP E$PERTS&COM has a ariety of scholarships a ailable. Aeadlines and re!uirements ary and new listings are updated fre!uently. (isit www.scholarshipe) for more information.

AMERICAN LEGION SC%OLARS%IPS B % ariety of scholarships and awards are a ailable to graduating seniors in 3ichigan. (isit MIC%IGAN ST#DENT 5ROADCAST AWARDS .6-7: Contest rules and information are a ailable on their website at Dea0line is Dece)+er -89 .6-:& NFI5 "O#NG ENTREPRENE#R FO#NDATION AWARDS .6-7: Graduating high school seniors who operate their own small business are eligible. Contest rules and information are a ailable on their website at www.N* Dea0line is Dece)+er -;9 .6-:& NATIONAL WILD T#R,E" FEDERATION COLLEGE SC%OLARS%IP B %pplicants are Dudged on their scholastic achie ements" leadership abilities" community and outdoor in ol ement. Eocal scholarship winners :9.00; will also compete for a state chapter<funded scholarship :9/"000;. %pplications are a ailable in the counseling office. Dea0line is <an4ar1 -9 .6-7& <O%N F& ,ENNED" PROFILE IN CO#RAGE ESSA" CONTEST B %ward %mount4 -st Place < 9."000F /nd Place < 9-"000F . finalists each recei e 9.00. #his contest is open to all high school students in grades ><-/. %ll students must register online at Dea0line is <an4ar1 =9 .6-7. GE>RONALD REAGAN FO#NDATION SC%OLARS%IP PROGRAM B %ward %mount4 9-0"000 scholarship for up to 1 years. %pplicants must write an essay to address the !uestion4 Cefore he became %mericaGs 10th President" 'onald 'eagan pursued leadership roles to inspire and ad ocate for those around him. Aescribe how your leadership and ser ice has made a positi e difference in your school" in your community" in your family and@or on the Dob" and how it will continue to make a difference in college and beyond. Nomination" recommendation and academic erification also re!uired. %pply online at4 Dea0line is <an4ar1 ?9 .6-7& #NI@ERSIT" OF MIC%IGAN CL#5 OF GREATER DETROIT 6 % ariety of scholarships a ailable to those intending to attend Uni ersity of 3ichigan. %pplications are a ailable online at Dea0line is <an4ar1 -89 .6-7& MIC%IGAN CO#NSEL OF WOMEN IN TEC%NOLOG" SC%OLARS%IP AND LAPTOP AWARD 6 3CH# *oundation helps women pursue educational goals and become leaders in 3ichiganGs technology industry. %pplications are

a ailable online at ersityIProgramsI->..html. Dea0line is <an4ar1 :-9 .6-7& (Ne Listing! @IRGINIA MILITAR" INSTIT#TE SC%OLARS%IP PROGRAM B &ligible candidates must ha e minimum 5.= GP% and 50 on %C#. %pplications are a ailable in the counseling office. Dea0line is Fe+r4ar1 -9 .6-7& NATIONAL CO>OP SC%OLARS%IP PROGRAM A Students are encouraged to apply for the ninth annual National Co<op scholarship. #o !ualify" students must4 ha e a cumulati e high school GP% of 5.. or better and complete all the re!uired admissions applications materials and be accepted for the /0-/</0-5 academic year at one of the H%C& Partner Institutions : Are)el
uni ersity" ,ohnson J Hales Uni ersity" Kettering Uni ersity" Hentworth Institute of #echnology" 'ochester Institute of #echnology" Uni ersity of Cincinnati" Uni ersity of #oledo ; #o apply"

complete an on<line application at< Dea0line is Fe+r4ar1 -79 .6-7& RO55" AT%ERTON FO#NDATION I,E 5AS,ET5ALL AWARD B % 9-"/00 scholarship will be awarded to a !ualified senior on the &isenhower (arsity Coys Casketball team. %pplications are a ailable at Dea0line is Fe+r4ar1 .;9 .6-7& MIC%IGAN ED#CATION ASSOCIATION (MEA! Se eral scholarship of 9-".00 will be awarded to young men and women that are graduates of a public high school and plan on attending an educational institution in the fall. %pplications are a ailable in the counseling office or isit<schoalrships Dea0line: Fe+r4ar1 .;9 .6-7 SOCIET" OF WOMEN ENGINEERS B DETROIT SECTION .6-: SC%OLARS%IP B o er 91"000 in scholarships are a ailable to e)ceptional high school senior women who intend to pursue a college degree in engineering. SH&" at a national le el" also has scholarships for outstanding high school female students. %pplications are a ailable in the counseling office or online at Complete applications must be postmarked or emailed by Marc' -9 .6-7. (Ne Listing! ST#DENTS ATTENDING # OF M IN T%E FALL B Southeast %sian Eanguage scholarships are being awarded to students who study an %sian language at U of 3. %ward amounts are 9-"000 < 9/"000. %pplications are a ailable at Dea0line is Marc' -.9 .6-7& (Ne Listing! CENTRAL MACOM5 COMM#NIT" CREDIT #NION SC%OLARS%IP B / 9-"000 scholarships will be awarded to / outstanding 3acomb County high school seniors. Students must ha e a minimum 5.0 GP%" ha e been accepted to a !ualified educational institution and be members of the Central 3acomb Credit Union. Students applying for the 3ilitary $onor

Scholarship must show military affiliation. 3ore information and scholarship applications are a ailable online at Dea0line is Marc' :-9 .6-7& DETROIT ECONOMIC CL#5 SC%OLARS%IP PROGRAM B %ward %mount4 /< 9/"000 scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors. Scholarships are renewable for up to three years. %pplicants must ha e a minimum GP% of 5./F demonstrate leadership and character through e)tracurricular acti ities" ser ice in school and in the community" olunteer in ol ement and paid work e)perience" demonstrated financial need based on completion of the *%*S%" and o ercoming hardship to achie e both academic and personal goals. (isit" click on scholarships" and scroll to the Aetroit &conomic Club. Dea0line is April -9 .6-:&

MIC%IGAN OIL C GAS PROD#CERS ED#CATION FO#NDATION B %ward amount4 9.00. Lualified applicants must ha e been accepted for enrollment at a 3ichigan uni ersity or community college" minimum 5.0 GP%" and demonstrate financial need. Lualified applicants must also be pursuing a degree in a field of study" which will allow them to obtain full time employment in the crude oil J natural gas industry. %pplications are a ailable in the counseling office or online at Dea0line is April .9 .6-7& RO55" AT%ERTON FO#NDATION EISEN%OWER @ARSIT" AT%LETE AWARD B % 9-"/00 scholarship will be awarded to a !ualified senior boy or girl athlete playing a arsity sport. %pplications are a ailable at Dea0line is April -;9 .6-7. (Ne Listing! AAA MIC%IGANDS SC%OOL SAFET" PATROL SC%OLARS%IP PROGRAM B 9-000 scholarship. %pplicants must be graduating seniors with proof of %%% 3ichigan School Safety Patrol participation in elementary or middle school" good academic standing and a strong record of in ol ement in the community and @or e)tracurricular acti ities. %pplications are a ailable in the counseling office and must be signed by your counselor. Dea0line is April :69 .6-7& (Ne Listing! COMM#NIT" FO#NDATION FOR SO#T%EASTERN MIC%IGAN B % ariety of scholarships and awards are a ailable to graduating seniors in Southeastern 3ichigan. (isit and click on Scholarships for a list of a ailable scholarships to apply for. Priorit1 0ea0line is Ma1 -9 .6-7& CREDIT #NION ONE WILLIAM G& CO"NE SC%OLARS%IP PROGRAM B #o !ualify you must be a graduating senior" whose family is a member of Credit Union ON& for a minimum of ? months" minimum 5.0 GP% and ha e completed 50 hours of documented" !ualified community ser ice during ,unior@Senior year. %pplications a ailable in the counseling center and online at Dea0line is Ma1 -9 .6-7. S%EL5" TWP CLER, STANLE" GROTDS RESPONSI5LE GO@ERNMENT SC%OLARS%IP B &ach year" Shelby #ownship Clerk Stanley Grot awards three scholarships to graduating high school students from &isenhower" Utica or $enry *ord II. %pplicants must ha e a /.. minimum GP% and attend college full<time in *all /0-1. %pplicants must submit a /.0<word essay e)plaining how they iew the importance of the U. S. Constitution and what is the best a enue for citiMens to get in ol ed in the democratic process . %pplications are a ailable in the counseling center. Entries )4st +e recei*e0 +1 Ma1 .9 .6-7.

(Ne Listing! EASTERN MIC%IGAN #NI@ERSIT" AL#MNI ASSOCIATION SC%OLARS%IP B %ward amount4 9-"/.0 per year for up to 1 years. %pplicants must be admitted to &3U" ha e a minimum 5./ GP% and must be sponsored by a parent or grandparent who is an &3U %lumnus. %pplications are a ailable online at Dea0line is Ma1 E9 .6-7& (Ne Listing! 5& DA@IS SC%OLARS%IP B%ward %mount4 9-"000. #his website has information about applying for other scholarships as well. (isit for more information and to apply. Dea0line is Ma1 .=9 .6-7& %OMER <& %OLLEN5EC, FO#NDATION B %ward %mount4 9/"000. %pplicants must attend a 3acomb county high school" maintain a GP% of /.. or higher" demonstrate a hardship which could otherwise pre ent you pre ent from attending college and attend college full<time in the fall of /0-/. Applications are a*aila+le in t'e co4nseling o((ice& Dea0line is Ma1 :-9 .6-7& A55OTT AND FENNER SC%OLARS%IP A %ward amount4 up to 9-"000 to the winner:s; each year. *ull details on the essay topic and application are a ailable on line at Dea0line is <4ne -79 .6-7. 5IG S#N "O#NG AT%LETES SC%OLARS%IP B 9.00 scholarship. %ll student athletes are eligible for this award" regardless of which sport they are participating in. *or more information" isit Dea0line is <4ne .69 .6-7.