A History of the Prince Edward Island Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries 1964 – 2014


50 Years of Working Together
April 26, 2014

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50 Years of Caring and Sharing
On May 8, 1964, a very caring and dedicated group of women gathered at the PEI Hospital in Charlottetown to form the PEI Association of Hospital Auxiliaries. Twelve auxiliaries were invited to this meeting, and nine auxiliaries were represented by fourteen people. So began our history as a provincial association. Since the first annual meeting on June 14, 1965, there have been many changes – within our auxiliaries, within our healthcare facilities and within our provincial association. This booklet is an update of a 40th anniversary history complied in 2004 by Thelma Phillips from the Stewart Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary. She built on the work of those who took such excellent minutes and kept good records for us over the years. Thank you, Thelma. Our accomplishments have been many over the past 50 years and it is truly amazing what we dedicated auxilians have accomplished. We have always set our goals high and have spent thousands of hours doing every kind of fundraiser imaginable to raise money. This money has been used to buy vital, life-saving equipment for our hospitals and getting much need items for the comfort, care and wellbeing of our patients and residents. Not only have we made a tremendous difference in our own healthcare facilities, we have made our communities and PEI a better place in which to live. Congratulations to every auxilian who has helped us achieve a very proud 50-year history. We now look to the future and, when we say our Auxiliary Prayer, let us remember who we are, what we do and who we do it for. This is what has made our auxiliaries and our past so very special. With sincere admiration for you all,

Doreen Wooder PEIAHA President 2013-15

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


History of the Prince Edward Island Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries 1964-2014
On May 8, 1964, a group of women gathered at the PEI Hospital to form the PEI Association of Hospital Auxiliaries (PEIAHA). At that time there were twelve hospital auxiliaries on the Island and representatives from nine of those groups were in attendance. The first slate of officers were inducted that day: President – Mrs. George Buntain, Charlottetown 1st Vice-President – Mrs. Harris Rogers, O’Leary 2nd Vice-President – Mrs. Vera MacDonald, Montague Secretary – Mrs. J.A. McMillan, Charlottetown Treasurer – Mrs. Lloyd Cox, Charlottetown Also present at that meeting were the following ladies: Mrs. E.H. Stewart, Montague Mrs. MacLeod, O’Leary Mrs. Charles McQuaid, Charlottetown Mrs. T.D. DeBlois, Charlottetown Mrs. W.E. Callaghan, Summerside Mrs. E. Kassner, Souris Mrs. Byron Burns Mrs. Reginald Mahar Mrs. Clive Stewart The first annual meeting of the Association took place June 4, 1965, once again at the PEI Hospital, with 16 people in attendance. Reports were presented by representatives from the following auxiliaries: Montague, St. Charles Auxiliary of the Charlottetown Hospital, Senior Ladies Aid of the PEI Hospital, Junior League of the Charlottetown Hospital, Junior Ladies Aid of the PEI Hospital and O’Leary Community Hospital Aid. The secretary was asked to contact the auxiliaries in Kensington and New Glasgow to see if they intended to join the organization. Membership in the provincial association was set at $2 per auxiliary. A discussion was held about joining the Canadian Association of Hospital Auxiliaries (CAHA) and also about the possibility that the new provincial association might overlap with the Maritime Hospital Auxiliary Association, which existed at that time. The November 1965 meeting minutes record the first of many inspiring reports from member auxiliaries outlining the ways in which their groups had raised money and what they had purchased for their hospitals with those funds.
50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014 3

In November 1968 the formation of a regional auxiliary for the Charlottetown area was delayed until the proposed amalgamation of the two hospitals in the capital city took place. This amalgamation was finally realised in 1982 with the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), which replaced the Prince Edward Island and Charlottetown Hospitals. The Kings County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary won a photo contest sponsored by the CAHA in 1977. The September 1977 meeting in O’Leary saw the creation of the Keep In Touch (KIT) newsletter. A committee to create the Provincial Constitution and By-Laws was also formed at that meeting and that document was later adopted by the membership on October 27, 1979. Over the years, member auxiliaries raised funds at a local level to benefit both the PEIAHCA and CAHA. In the early 1980’s, cookbooks published by the CAHA were being sold and throughout the 1990’s auxiliaries sold products including note cards, t-shirts and tote bags to benefit the national organisation. In 1982 the provincial dues were raised to $3 per member. The Queen Elizabeth Lodge opened in Charlottetown in February 1984. This facility provided accommodation for outpatients and families of patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital who lived in areas outside of Charlottetown. It was supported by all Island auxiliaries, who raised and donated funds towards its upkeep. It closed May 15, 2002. The suggestion to have a memorial book to commemorate those auxiliary members who had passed on was made at the June 1983 meeting. Jean Carr, then the CAHA National President, presented it to the group on May 25, 1984, at the 20th Annual Meeting held at the Britannia Hall in Tyne Valley. The PEIAHA donated $2,500 to the QEH CAT Scan fund at the June 1989 meeting. Provincial pins were made available to the members starting at the November 1989 meeting and auxiliaries were encouraged to use them to honour their members. The Provincial Expenses Policy was adopted in May 1992. The Association changed its name from PEI Association of “Hospital” Auxiliaries to the PEI Association of “Health Care” Auxiliaries at the May 8, 1993 meeting. A motion was then made to invite other health care facilities, such as manors, to join.

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


President Beverly Deelstra presented the Prince County Hospital Junior Auxiliary with a $500 Education Fund Award at the November 1993 meeting. The money was used to send two of their members to Boston to a “Life Line” workshop. The Constitution and By-laws were changed at the April 1994 annual meeting to: reflect the name change to Prince Edward Island Association of Health Care Auxiliaries; remove the office of second Vice-President; institute the regional twoyear rotation of provincial executives; and to address other membership issues. At the May 1998 annual meeting, President Gail MacLean and Secretary Norma Lee Storey were selected to attend a 100th Anniversary celebration dinner for the Moncton Hospital Auxiliary on Thursday, May 28th, 1998. A motion was made at the May 1998 meeting to send a letter to the then Minister of Health, The Honourable Mildred Dover, to request that a second mammogram machine continue to operate and be retained at the QEH. At the November 7, 1998 meeting, the group decided to invite the CAHA to hold their National Convention on PEI in 2001, which would be the 50th anniversary of the CAHA. This was the first time that the National Convention would be held on Prince Edward Island. It was decided at the October 1999 meeting that the Provincial Executive would be determined by auxiliaries rather than by counties. Irene Fraser reported at the May 2000 meeting that the Kings County Memorial Hospital Junior Auxiliary had disbanded and at the April meeting their members had joined the Senior Auxiliary, which in turn dropped “Senior” from their title. Early in 2000 a committee was formed to plan the May 2001 National Convention. This committee worked hard throughout the year and produced a very successful event. National President Lorraine Grant noted in her 2001 Annual Report that “The annual meeting and convention held in Charlottetown, PEI topped all expectations and proved that small provinces with fewer Auxiliaries can successfully host a national convention. The largest number of delegates in recent history attended three days of education, networking activities and super PEI hospitality.” The conference was held May 27-29, 2001 at the Delta Prince Edward Hotel in Charlottetown and was called “East to West – Rising to the Challenge/ D’est en ouest – Relever le defi.” Over 300 delegates attended from across Canada. Entertainment for the 2001 convention included: pianist Doug MacEwan at the President’s Banquet; Roy MacCaull and Friends on PEI night; and The Singing Strings, Policemen’s Choir and piper Jordan Cameron at the closing banquet.

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


There were five bus tours that carried convention delegates to the Confederation Bridge, Gateway Village, Rainbow Valley, and The Dunes. Auxiliary members acted as guides on these tours. There was also a walking tour and hospital tour. In the end, the CAHA made $28,000 on the convention and the PEIAHCA cleared $1,884.91. The first Life Membership in the PEIAHCA was presented to Pauline Millar from Stewart Memorial Hospital Auxiliary in November 2002. In May 2003 it was decided to purchase a special book in which to record PEIAHCA Life Memberships. A special 40th Anniversary meeting was held at the Ellerslie Legion on May 8, 2004. Two of the ladies present at the first meeting in Charlottetown on May 8, 1964, Irene Kassner and Mary McQuaid, attended and were honoured at the meeting. Two other charter members, Eileen MacMillan and Jean Dewar, had been unable to attend. A history of the Association was distributed. A new provincial pin was adopted at the October 2004 meeting, at which time the PEIAHCA logo was changed from a pink to a blue background. Pins were available for purchase in 2005 and included past president and life member bars. Life Membership Guidelines were adopted in October 2004. The name of the Association was altered slightly when it was decided that “Healthcare” become a compound word and not two separate words, changing the abbreviation from PEIAHCA to PEIAHA. May 2006 QEHA VP Jean Tingley reported that their auxiliary had raised more than $2.5 million for equipment since their inception and had celebrated their 25th anniversary. Doreen Wooder became the first PEIAHA archivist in November 2007. She had been keeping wonderful scrapbooks to collect and highlight the history of the PEIAHA and its member auxiliaries since 2004. The Archivist position was added to the executive roster in 2010. In May 2008, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Auxiliary pledged to raise $800,000 for a new digital mammography unit. They met their goal in less than 2 " years, much sooner than their 3-5 year timeline Planning for the 2009 CAHA National Conference started in 2006 and a committee with representatives from all PEIAHA member auxiliaries began meeting in 2008. The theme for the conference was “Lead By Example.” We were asked to plan for 150 delegates, smaller numbers than in the past because Ontario, BC and Quebec had left the organisation. The conference was a great success and netted $40,000 for the CAHA.

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


NSAHA president Sandra Reinhold attended the October 2009 PEIAHA annual meeting, the first time on record of an official visit from another Maritime association provincial president. Our executive attended some New Brunswick and Nova Scotia association annual meetings and conventions during this time. In 2010-11, Auxiliaries contributed spare change to the PEIAHA’s wish fund. To increase the Association’s public profile, President Linda Patterson-Gibson created a PEIAHA blog in 2011, and a banner and two flags were purchased. The Prince County Hospital Auxiliary celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2011. Frank Lewis, husband of Dorothy Lewis, former PEIAHA Treasurer and member of the QEH Auxiliary, was appointed Lieutenant Governor of PEI in 2011. Mrs. Lewis hosted auxiliaries at Government House during her term. A final CAHA convention, the 61st, was held in St. John’s, NL in April 2012. The process of dissolution of the CAHA began at this meeting. MLA for Alberton-Roseville Pat Murphy attended the April 28, 2012 semi-annual meeting in Alberton. On behalf of Premier Robert Ghiz, Mr. Murphy presented a declaration that the last Saturday of April of each year is to be observed as “Healthcare Auxiliary Appreciation Day” on PEI. It was noted that PEI was the only province to have such a day. In 2013, Stewart Memorial Hospital was converted to a manor and the auxiliary changed its name to Stewart Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary. !!!!! As of April 2014, the PEIAHA has five member Auxiliaries: Kings County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, Montague Prince County Hospital Auxiliary, Summerside Queen Elizabeth Hospital Auxiliary, Charlottetown Stewart Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary, Tyne Valley Western Hospital Auxiliary, Alberton

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


History of PEI Association of Hospital Auxiliaries
(A history prepared in 1983)
The organizational meeting was held on May 8th, 1964, with representatives from nine out of the twelve local auxiliaries or aids in attendance. The nominating committee presented the following names for office: President – Mrs. George Buntain, Charlottetown 1st Vice-President – Mrs. Harris Rogers, O’Leary 2nd Vice-President – Mrs. Vera MacDonald, Montague Secretary – Mrs. J.A. MacMillan, Charlottetown Treasurer – Mrs. Lloyd Cox, Charlottetown At this time there existed a Maritime Hospital Auxiliary Association as well as a National Association known as C.A.H.A. An item in the minutes of November 1966 stated that a motion had been put forward to disband the Maritime Association, and that each individual province could choose on their own to become members of the Canadian Association of Hospital Auxiliaries. Also of interest in the minutes of the November 2, 1968 annual meeting was the following motion – that the forming of a Regional Hospital Auxiliary for Charlottetown area be delayed until the proposed amalgamation of the two city hospitals would take place. Thirteen years later this has taken place. On February 10, 1981, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Auxiliary has officially been formed to support and serve the new Hospital facility. The following Hospital Auxiliaries and Hospital Ladies Aids are members of the Provincial Auxiliary: O’Leary Community Hospital Auxiliary Prince County Hospital Ladies Aid Kings County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Souris Hospital Aid Tyne Valley Health Center Aid Western Hospital Ladies Aid Charlottetown Hospital League PEI Hospital Junior Aid PEI Hospital Senior Auxiliary Kings County Memorial Hospital Junior Aid It is with great pleasure that the Executive welcomed the latest member, the Kings County Memorial Hospital Junior Aid, who have just recently joined the provincial association. We feel that they will benefit from the Provincial Association, and I’m
50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014 8

sure we will catch some of their enthusiasm for volunteer hospital work as we share together our common concerns in health care. The three organizations, which have served the two hospitals in Charlottetown for so many years, have joined forces, and shall be the nucleus of the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital auxiliary membership. This was officially formed on Feb. 10, 1981. The following ladies have served terms as president of the Provincial Association: Mrs. George Buntain Mrs. Harris Rogers Mrs. Vera MacDonald Mrs. Charles McQuaid Mrs. Roy Gillis Mrs. George Dewar Mrs. Lester Johnston Mrs. Vera MacDonald Mrs. W.H. Thompson 1964-67 1967-69 1969-71 1971-75 1975-77 1977-79 1979-81 1981-83 1983Charlottetown Coleman Montague Charlottetown Montague O’Leary Charlottetown Montague Summerside


(This was an update submitted to the CAHA archives in May 1987, written by Martha Brooks)
The PEI Association has continued its growth since the last update in 1981. Some changes should be noted. When the Queen Elizabeth Referral Hospital officially began its operation on April 25th, 1982, the two existing Auxiliaries associated with the two older hospitals terminated their operation. Then the Queen Elizabeth Auxiliary was formed. This has become a very active Auxiliary, staffing a Gift Shop, Coffee Shop and the B.U.B. Service, with hundreds of volunteers working in three-hour shifts for a seventy-two hour business week. Kings County Memorial Hospital and Prince County Hospital have both organized Junior Auxiliaries, which have become members of the Provincial A.H.A. making a total of nine Auxiliaries. It became evident that there was a need for a Hospital Lodge in Charlottetown. This has materialized and a beautiful home is now available for patients and families needing treatment or with family illnesses, close to the QE Hospital. Guests can remain there for a period of time for seven dollars a day. When the
50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014 9

Prince Edward Island Association of Health Care Auxiliaries 1981 – 1987

house was purchased it was in a poor state of repair. It has been completely renovated, furnished and is now operated by the Q.E.H. Auxiliary, with assistance from the other Auxiliaries and some service clubs. Because of the cut back in government funding for hospital equipment, all Auxiliaries have had to direct most of the monies raised for much needed hospital equipment. We have been privileged to have had Mrs. Jean Carr serve as Treasurer of the CAHA from 1976-78. Then she served as Vice-President, until assuming the office of President in 1982. Mrs. Gail Kennedy served as Secretary of the CAHA during the time Mrs. Carr was President. Gail was honoured with Provincial Life Membership in 1980 for her work in setting up a Volunteer Program, which she directed for eight years. In 1982 she was presented with the Life Style Award from the Department of Health and Welfare Canada. She, at the present time, is President of the QEH Auxiliary and Director of the newly formed Hospice Association. The Provincial Auxiliary of Hospital Associations continues to be a strong link in auxiliary communications through good leadership and members who are concerned for health care on Prince Edward Island. !!!!!

History of The Charlottetown Hospital League
The Charlottetown Hospital had its beginning in the year 1879, and many of you remember the Centennial celebrations. It has a rich heritage, serving the sick in this area for over a century. One of the outstanding yearly spring events of the League was the Spring Bonnet Tea; very few Charlottetown ladies missed this event. Another popular moneyraising event was their autumn buffet. The dollars piled up, and the members worked harder on a variety of fund raising projects. More equipment was purchased wherever the need was greatest. The League has had a distinguished record of assistance to the hospital through the years, since it was first pioneered by Mrs. Jack Ledwell and Mrs. Fred MacMillan, who saw the need for a support group for the hospital. During the forty-three years since its beginning, the League’s name and membership have changed; it has branched out to other areas or concern, but their purpose – “To assist in providing for the material needs of the Charlottetown Hospital and to provide such volunteer services as are within our capabilities” has continued to be their goal.
50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014 10

Community Hospital O’Leary July 10, 1977
At the February 1977 meeting of the Community Hospital O’Leary Ladies Aid we celebrated our 20th birthday. Our first monthly meeting was held January 16, 1957, in the basement of the O’Leary School. Our Ladies Auxiliary had been organised in November 1956 – this organization was due to the fact that the Community round about O’Leary PEI were building a new 25-bed hospital. This facility was badly needed in the area and its 20 years of service has certainly proved this need. Our first president was Mrs. Donald MacKenzie, and one of her first duties was to present for our approval a set of by-laws and a constitution. Through these twenty years the members of our Aid have worked faithfully and diligently. Many necessities have been provided by us. In reading the minutes of these meetings, some interesting facts were noted. Our first baby born in the hospital received a gift of a dozen Curity diapers. We purchased a complete institutional laundry equipment; filing cabinets, Wagenstein Suction machine, O.R. Table, O.R. light, O.R. instruments, nursery refrigerator, dishwasher, mobile x-ray, Isolette, furnished a TV room, an ice maker, a foetal monitor, Liquid Air for O.R., contributed to a mammography machine for all PEI women, made generous donations to the Hospital Building Fund, donated a Heart Monitor for the Intensive Care Unit, and other items. Through these twenty years, we raised over $52,000, and all our monies have been spent on hospital equipment. Some of our fund-raising projects have been – a supper served at our Hospital opening 1957, which proved to be our biggest single fund raising event. The hospital at that day had only one patient, and we set up our tables in the basement corridor. For twenty years we have held an annual Fall Fair, which has brought in about $8,000. In the early years we held a winter Variety concert, in which the 32 districts belonging to the Aid sent in their star performers – this was very popular and great fun. We had one memorable baby show at our O’Leary Day Festivities, on a day which the temperature seemed almost 100 degrees – babies cried, mothers felt like it, everyone deserved a prized. Through the years we catered to many suppers associated with boat races, and just plain suppers. These past years we have catered to a Know Your Celebrity Dinner as the official opening of our Annual PEI Potato Blossom Festival, held in O’Leary; Fashion shows, Spring Auctions, and donations from interested people. Through these twenty years we have seen a new wing added to CHO, bringing our bed capacity to 33 beds. This is a busy little hospital served by four doctors, carrying on medicine, surgical and obstetrical practices. We have seen the advent
50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014 11

and establishment of Hospital Commission Services – but we still are active and feel that the Hospital needs our services. Our hospital has been accredited since 1965 and has kept our accreditation status. Our president is a voting member on the Board of Trustees of CHO and just recently the Board of Trustees applied to become an Associate Member of the CAHA. In these past years we have expanded our services from purely financial help to the educational and public relations fields. In the spring we held a very successful Panel Discussion on Cancer in Women. On our panel was the Director of Cancer Control for PEI, Dr. Temple Hooper, our CHO staff surgeon, Dr. Terrence Verma, our Public Health Nurse, Mrs. Margaret Ellis, and a consumer of Cancer Treatment, Mrs. Felix Arsenault. This panel was well received and many questions were answered for the audience. We had invited all the various Hospital Aid members from West Prince County. This coming year we hope to hold another “Health Awareness” panel. Although we are happy with our work the past twenty years, we are not ready to rest on our laurels, but hope to continue our work with our hospital in the future years. Audrey Weeks Secretary, CHO Ladies Aid !!!!!

History of the Hospital Aids of The PEI Hospital Situated On Brighton Road, Charlottetown
Generations of service have been carried on through the “Hospital Ladies Aid Society”, which was the original name, and later through the Hospital Auxiliary as it became known by in more recent years, by a group of devoted, Christian women. The PEI Hospital was officially opened on January 28, 1884 on a property bought from Mrs. H. Haszard. It was situated on the corner of Cumberland Street and Longworth Avenue. The wooden structure still stands and serves as an apartment dwelling. This was the second hospital in Charlottetown, as five years earlier the Charlottetown Hospital was founded. This was referred to as the Catholic Hospital. The PEI Hospital was built to serve the whole Island upon a nonsectarian basis, but was referred to as the Protestant-supported hospital.

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


The Hospital was entirely supported by voluntary subscriptions, through donations from churches, societies, individual contributions and fund raising by the Ladies Aid Society. Goods, gifts of food, farm produce, bedding, jams, pickles and many other items were donated to support the hospital. The first hospital was a twelve-bed unit and during the first year of operation, fiftysix patients were care for, with the total cost for the hospital staff amounting to $343.16. The Hospital Ladies Aid Society was formed soon after the opening of the hospital in 1884, and is the oldest Hospital Auxiliary in the Maritime Provinces. In a yearly report for the hospital, dated May 30, 1888, the trustees commended the Ladies Aid Society for their contribution to the hospital. Also early reports tell of the “Flower Mission” and visiting the patients on a weekly basis by the Aid Society. The first President of the Ladies Aid Society was Mrs. Richard Johnson; VicePresidents were Mrs. Laird and Mrs. Charles Palmer; Secretary-Treasurer was Miss F.K. Mayne. In 1903, the Ladies Aid offered to pay $100.00 toward maintenance of a public health nurse who was to be on call to any physician in the city and to attend patients who needed care outside the hospital. On April 10th, 1909, the first Hospital support Tag Day was initiated on Easter Saturday. This continued until the Aid Tag Day became a part of the United Fund about sixty-two years later. In 1913 a Cook Book was compiled and published, and there are a few copies of the original book still possessed by some ladies. The graduation costs of the nurses who graduated from the PEI Hospital School of Nursing were covered by the Aid for many years. In 1900, a new hospital was built on the Kensington Road, and is still in use as a Home for the Aged. It was of brick construction, and served the pubic until 1933, when the present PEI Hospital on Brighton Road was officially opened, with 100 beds to serve the patients. The institution at the time was considered to be overbuilt for the needs of the community, but only 10 years later demand determined that more space was necessary, and in 1947 a Veterans Wing was added; later in 1960 sixty more beds were added in a four-storey section. All these years the Aid was working for and supporting the hospital. Membership was drawn from the churches in the greater city area by having representatives named each year to attend the Aid Society. By 1946 the membership had grown very large, and it was decided to form a Junior Aid. Now each organization had about 40 members. As the increased demand for service soared, so did the need for more volunteer dollars. Many interesting, time-consuming endeavours were undertaken. Probably the Junior Ladies Aid’s most outstanding contribution was the
50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014 13

presentation of the “Ladies of Confederation” Pageant for the centennial celebrations of our country in 1964. The Junior Aid has supported the hospital in the area of equipment. In this they were responsible for achieving the installation of the Mammography machine during the “Year of the Woman”, and later the ultra sound equipment. Numerous pieces of hospital equipment have been supplied through the funds of the Junior Aid over the past thirty-five years. The Senior Aid has always made the comforts of the patients and their surroundings their goal. To achieve this many drapes, slipcovers, furniture, TVs, etc., have been provided for the hospital and the nurses’ residence. In earlier years the windows were hung with curtains all made by the Aid members; in later years the funds to purchase these things were made available. After almost a century - ninety-seven years - of loyal, devoted and concerned members who have supported their hospital, the time has come for a change. To those who have laboured in the past – they have left a rich heritage which should not be forgotten. With the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital well along in construction, and expected to be patient-occupied in early 1982, the very newest in health care will be at the disposal of the residents of this province. A continuation of volunteer support is anticipated as the three hospital Auxiliaries have joined forces in the new Queen Elizabeth Auxiliary, and we look forward to a happy and exciting relationship as we work together in a common cause, that of auxiliary support to “our” hospital. !!!!!

The Junior Ladies Aid of the Prince Edward Island Hospital
Like the oak tree, from small beginnings many worthwhile things have grown, and looking back on the 20 years of service that the Junior Ladies Aid has given the Prince Edward Island Hospital, it is easy to conclude that the Junior Aid is one of these things. The Aid has outlined in its constitution five principal objectives and in every respect the organization has lived up to these same endeavours. The first aim is to bring together young women interested in the work of the hospital, and certainly the Aid has served to do this most effectively over the past twenty years. The second is to raise funds to purchase equipment for the hospital, and in the 20 year history over $45,000 has been raised by Aid members, and this money has for the most part gone for the purchase of equipment that will provide both better medical care for patients and also make hospital stays more pleasant for patients. The Aid

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


also endeavours to provide extra comforts and services for patients, by way of the hospital canteen services or cart. An integral part of any hospital is its nursing staff, and through the years the Aid has also endeavoured to help the hospital’s School of Nursing by providing annual scholarships and additional furnishings and equipment for the Nurses’ Residence. The Pediatric Department was opened in 1960, and has become a special love of the Aid. For planting the seed that has grown into the oak tree that is the Junior Ladies Aid, the credit must go to Mrs. Noel DeBlois. In 1946, Mrs. DeBlois, who was then a member of the Senior Aid, realized the contribution which a junior group could make to the hospital and spoke to several young Charlottetown women with whom she was acquainted. On May 7, 1946, these young women and some of their friends, twenty in all, met at the Cundall Home to further consider the idea. Apparently not much consideration was necessary, and a slate of officers was formed – President, Mrs. James Haslam; Vice-President, Mrs. Lemuel Prowse; Secretary, Mrs. H.S.A. Brown; Treasurer, Mrs. Wendell Barbour – and the Junior Aid was born. At the same meeting it was moved by Mrs. William Reid and seconded by Mrs. Brogon Stewart, that the name of the organization which was being born be “The Junior Ladies Aid of the Prince Edward Island Hospital.” The “tea,” which has always been a part of the Aid meetings, was also instituted at this first meeting, and serving at that time were Mrs. Haslam, Mrs. Prowse, Mrs. Barbour, Mrs. John MacLean, and Mrs. Gordon Drillon. A League of Mercy Tea was started in 1947, and was a yearly event until 1965.

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


History Of Prince County Hospital Ladies Aid 1911-82
The Ladies Aid of Prince County Hospital was formed October 31st, 1911, at about the same time Prince County Hospital was erected on Central Street. The first president was Mrs. Neil MacLeod of Summerside. The Aid at that time had many fund-raising projects. It would take a lot of space to name them all, but they had: Teas, Skating parties, Recitals, Concerts, Cook books, Flower sales, Strawberry festivals, catering to the Board of Trade, rummage sales, moonlight excursions on the SS Northumberland and the SS Empress, tag sales, fudge sales, etc. They achieved surprising results with the numerous projects. Worthy of mention was the result one zealous matron, Mrs. Annie Ross, achieved when she would borrow a pung sleigh and horse, and drive over the ice to Bedeque, and return in triumph with bags of oatmeal, sides of beef, and all sorts of provisions sticking out all over. There was no creamery in the town when the hospital was first opened, so the first article bought by the Ladies Aid was a cow. Hundreds of sheets, gowns and linens were made by volunteers. In 1926, sixty-four Women’s Institutes were contacted for donations of money or bed clothing, and they responded generously. Flourishing branches of the Aid were carried on for some years in Alberton and Kensington. The first rummage sale was held in the Crabbe Building in 1911, and they are still held twice yearly. In 1944, the organization joined the Maritime Hospital Auxiliary Association. The PEI Provincial Association of Hospital Auxiliaries was formed May 8, 1964, but the Prince County Ladies Aid did not join until 1970. Mrs. Lloyd Lewis was then president. The old hospital on Central Street became outmoded and too small, so a new hospital was built on Beatty Avenue, and it was opened in August 1951. The needs of the new hospital increased, and the Aid continued to support its many requisitions. An extension was made to the present hospital in 1962, and again in 1980, when our dream of a gift shop became a reality. Mrs. Joan Lefurgey is the capable treasurer and co-ordinator of the Gift Shop, assisted by Mrs. Eva Gallant. The gift shop is staffed by around seventy volunteer workers. Another very worthwhile project is the Memorial Fund, which was instituted by Mrs. Edith Burns (now Thompson). The Memorial Fund and the Gift Shop are our main sources of income.
50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014 16

In 1983 it was decided to operate a cart five days a week to provide a better service for our patients. Mr. Maynard Schurman provided a beautiful cart of which we are very proud. Mrs. Heath Strong was president from 1945-68, and during that period, “Our Island Story” by Miss Carrie Holman was edited, which she later gave to the Aid, and it is still a best seller at the tourist outlets. Mrs. Strong’s work over the years and the services she gave in the interest of the Prince County Hospital Ladies Aid will long be remembered. Other projects are: rummage sales, food sales, Island Cablevision, Steri Systems and Baby photos. One of our members, Miss Jean MacFadyen, complied a book “For The Sake of the Record”, and part of the proceeds from sales was given to the Ladies Aid, especially for geriatrics. Jean was honoured as a “Citizen of the Year” in February 1979, and our Aid is proud that she is still one of our active members. Some of the early presidents were: Mrs. Neil MacLeod Mrs. Horace Beer Mrs. Neil MacQuarrie Mrs. R.W. Tanton Mrs. Eleanor Green More recent presidents and dates are: Mrs. Heath Strong Mrs. Lloyd Lewis Mrs. William (Burns) Thompson Mrs. Marsha Schurman Mrs. Robert Palmer Mrs. Norman MacLeod Mrs. Gilbert Gallant Mrs. William Thompson Mrs. Jock Mungall 1945 – 1968 1968 – 1970 1970 – 1972 1972 – 1974 1974 – 1975 1975 – 1978 1978 – 1980 1980 – 1982 1982 –

Honorary Life Members are: Mrs. Heath Strong, Mrs. Harry Allen, Miss Jean MacFadyen, Mrs. T.D. Morrison, and Mrs. Ross LeFurgey. Submitted by: Marguerite Howatt & Eva Gallant

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


History Of Stewart Memorial Health Centre Ladies Aid October 1978
On January 3, 1950, the Ladies Aid of Stewart Memorial Health Centre, or Institute Hospital Aid Committee as it was then called, came into being at a public meeting held in Tyne Valley Hall to bring the public up-to-date on the plans to build the Health Centre. The Trustees and Institute Committee then met together on March 13, 1950 and decided tenders should be called for the construction of a hospital at its present site. Through all of the early years of the existence of Stewart Memorial Health Centre much of the funds for new equipment were raised through tea parties. These were annual events which were looked forward to by all the community. The first tea party held for the benefit of Stewart Memorial was in the summer of 1950. The proceeds amounted to $1,707.27 plus a donation of $10.00. Although the Ladies Aid was in charge of these events, the Women’s Institutes of the area deserve a great deal of credit. If it had not been for their help and support the teas wouldn’t have reaped such profits. At the teas there was always much variety available and sometimes a lady would bake a cake and tickets would be sold on it, or an afghan might be ticketed off. On May 24, 1951, the Stewart Memorial Health Centre officially opened with some 400 people present to witness this ceremony. 1955 saw many fund raising events held. On March 4th a Carnival was held at Mount Pleasant Rink. On July 27th the annual tea party and dance were held at the Mount Pleasant Airport resulting in $1,389.65 in profits. On September 7th a dance was held at Ellerslie Legion with Bolgers Orchestra as accompaniment. So the funds were really drifting in. In 1955 the decision was made to purchase an XRay Machine although it wasn’t received until 1956. On September 20, 1956 the X-Ray Equipment was presented from the Aid as well as an incubator and croupette from the Department of Health. At this ceremony, Mrs. J.A. Stewart (wife of the late Doctor for whom the Centre is named) represented the Ladies Aid. Mrs. Stewart expressed sincere appreciation to the Department of Health and to the residents in the districts who had made it possible to obtain the new equipment. At the first regular meeting twenty members enrolled with the membership fee being 25¢. The first officers were: President - Mrs. J.A. Stewart Vice-President - Mrs. Sidney Enman Secretary-Treasurer - Mrs. Lorne Burleigh
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We are happy to have Mrs. James Milligan, one of the charter members, still active. Over the last twenty-eight years the Ladies Aid has slaved long hours in order to provide the Centre with needed items. It has provided an unbelievable amount of financial aid for a small group. In the span of 4 years (from 1964 to 1968) the Ladies Aid contributed a total of $3,497.40 in materials to the Health Centre. This kind of loyalty and support is of utmost importance to a small public institution as this. In addition to our Annual Christmas Tea, we raise some of our funds through the baby cupboard, pantry sales, lotteries and auctions. The women of Stewart Memorial Health Centre Ladies Aid have worked together and this co-operation and fellowship has added a great deal to each one of our lives and made us better citizens in serving both home and community. Our organization has stood the test of time well. Membership at present is thirty-three. We are extremely proud of our aid, knowing it has been kept together all those years and feel with continued co-operation on the part of everyone, it has a bright and prosperous future. Dr. J.E.B. Madigane and Dr. Roy Montgomery are presently the Physicians and Doris Gorrill is the Matron. The present officers are: Past President President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Mrs. J.A. Stewart Mrs. James Milligan Mrs. Richard Found Mrs. Oswald Yeo Mrs. Sidney Enman Mrs. Charles Frost Mrs. Clark MacQuarrie Mrs. James Livingstone Mrs. William Maynard Mrs. Angus MacLennan - Mrs. Stuart Montgomery (Orell) - Mrs. Eric Barlow (Verna) - Mrs. James Burleigh (Pauline) - Mrs. Herman Ramsay (Marilyn) - Mrs. Winston England (Blanche) Mrs. Spurgeon Dyment Mrs. Athol Colwill Mrs. Henry Maynard Mrs. R.R. Logie Mrs. Reginald Birch Mrs. Ivan MacLean Mrs. E.S. Burleigh Mrs. Lorne Burleigh Mrs. Ira Banks Mrs. Thomas Grigg

The following is a list of Charter Members:

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


A History of the Western Hospital Ladies Auxiliary
The Western Hospital Ladies Auxiliary was organized in 1945. Several ladies from the Charlottetown Hospital Ladies Auxiliary came up to Alberton and assisted our Charter Group get underway. They guided us with the formation of our ByLaws and advised us on other items of concern for our initial meetings. Members of the first Charter Executive were: President Mrs. Marie (John A.) Callaghan, Secretary Mrs. Helen (Waldo) Matthews and Treasurer Mrs. W.C. Lawson. The first meetings were held once a month in the lounge of the Hospital. The primary thrust of the Auxiliary was and still remains today to assist the Western Hospital with its ongoing mandate to care for the medical needs of the people of the catchment area. Means of raising funds varied from year to year, however the main stay was the Annual Lobster Supper. The lobsters were donated by the fishermen of Alberton and Tignish. The local women helped the auxiliary members with the salads, rolls, desserts, etc. Other moneymaking projects were catering to banquets, silent food sale, a fruitcake sale, pottery and pantry sales, lotteries, etc. When each new addition to the hospital was officially opened, the Auxiliary took an active part in the planning: 1948, 1961 and again in 1993. In 1948 and again in 1961 a meal was provided on the grounds and games such as bingo were held and a craft table, etc., sort of like an “old-fashioned Tea Party.” In the later case (1993) the Auxiliary hosted a reception in the Hospital’s dining room following the formal outdoor ceremony. The first lobster suppers were held in the Hospital. Tables were set up in the lounge of the first addition to be built onto the building and in two smaller adjacent rooms. The plates were served from a small supply room, which proved to be very cramped quarters. The suppers then moved to the newly built Community Parish Centre, and has also been held in the basement of Sacred Heart Church and the United Church Hall. The current site is the Alberton Community Centre. Each Auxiliary meeting ended with a nice lunch supplied by the hospital staff and a social hour would follow. The idea to purchase the Albion Terrace Hotel and use it as a hospital was hatched in the kitchen of Mrs. Jean (Alton) O’Brien, Church Street, Alberton. Mr. and Mrs. Merritt and Lorraine Callaghan rented rooms from the O’Brien Family while building their own home in Alberton. Lorraine’s uncle, Fr. Hughes, was visiting them from one of the Western Provinces. While the two ladies of the home were preparing the main supper meal, Mr. Merritt Callaghan took Fr. Hughes on a tour of the town of Alberton, accompanied by Fr. W. Monaghan. Fr.
50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014 20

Hughes noticed the then un-occupied Hotel known by the name of the Albion Terrace. Fr. Hughes suggested, “This building would make a great hospital for your area.” Fr. Monaghan then contacted the Sisters of St. Martha in Charlottetown and the rest is history! PAST PRESIDENTS Mrs. Marie (John A.) Callaghan Mrs. Charles Profit Mrs. Doris (Jack) Profit Mrs. Lorraine Callaghan Mrs. Eva Noonan Mrs. Marie (Wilfred) Griffin Mrs. Jean (Alton) O’Brien Mrs. Reta Rooney Mrs. Bertha (Wade) Whelan Mrs. Jean (Gerald) O’Brien Mrs. Gerald Milligan Mrs. Sheila (Leonard) Gallant Mrs. Donna (Dr. David) Crocker Mrs. Eva (Fred) Rennie

PAST SECRETARIES Mrs. Helen (Waldo) Matthews Mrs. Mary Cahill Mrs. Margaret Cheverie Mrs. Jean (Alton) O’Brien Mrs. Mary (Coleman) Morrissey Mrs. Angela (David) Broderick Mrs. Paula Crockett Mrs. Marlene (Fred) Smith Sr. Rita Matters

PAST TREASURERS The Sisters of St. Martha were the founders of the Western Hospital and the first Sister to hold an office was Sr. Mary Ethel Doyle. She was Treasurer for many years while she was the Administrator of the Hospital. The other treasurers were: Mrs. Blanche (W.R.) Lawson Sr. Rita Matters Mrs. Francis Crane

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


History of Senior and Junior Auxiliaries of Kings County Memorial Hospital
SENIOR AUXILIARY Although no records are available, it is generally agreed that the Auxiliary was formed in the early 1930’s and that the first President was Mrs. Annie MacDonald and the first Secretary Mrs. George Hume Fraser. The purpose of the Auxiliary was to help raise funds for needed equipment for the Hospital that was incorporated in 1933 – this Hospital was in use until, in 1946, a new one was built. During these early years two other groups were also supporting the Hospital, namely the Beaver Club and the Nursery Club – a name mentioned most frequently in relation to the Beaver Club is that of Mrs. Alice McIntyre. By 1951 the Auxiliary was known as the Kings County Memorial Hospital Ladies Auxiliary, and membership fees were being paid to the Maritime Hospital Auxiliary Association. The Kings County Hospital Auxiliary joined the Provincial Association when it was formed in 1964. In 1971 the Hospital again moved to a new building. The Auxiliary was provided with a facility for a gift shop, to be stocked with personal care items as well as crafts, and various donated articles for the convenience of patients and visitors, as well as the hospital staff. 1971 was also the year in which a Junior Auxiliary was formed. This energetic group are very much a part of the overall Auxiliary scene. A good relationship exists between the Junior and Senior Auxiliaries, and both groups hold their meetings in the Board Room of the Hospital. 1975-76 saw the revision of the By-Laws, the auditing of Auxiliary books by the Hospital auditors, and the annual reports of the Auxiliaries included in the folio of reports for the Annual Meeting of the Hospital, the operating year of the Auxiliaries to coincide with the hospital year. In 1977, as a result of the united efforts of the Hospital Administrator, the Director of Nursing Services, and a representative from the Senior Auxiliary, a Teenage Volunteer program was launched. This venture has proven to be very successful, with benefits to both the Hospital and the teenagers. The program is co-ordinated by a staff member assisted by either a Junior or Senior Auxiliary member, and is supported financially by both Auxiliaries. By 1978 a mobile cart had been made and donated for the use of the volunteers. This cart is stocked from the shop and taken to the wards by the teenagers. Also, grants of Canada Council books were received. These books have been placed in the patients’ lounge, the family room and on the cart.

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


In September 1982, the Hospital Administrator was approached with a request for permission to establish a fund to be used by the Auxiliaries to promote new programs and activities, and encourage attendance at Auxiliary Conferences and meetings. This request received the support of the Board of Trustees and a fund has been established for this purpose. Many of the rooms and much of the equipment used in the Hospital today have been financed by the Auxiliaries and many and varied have been the means by which this money has been raised. Worthy of note is the booth at the Dundas Plowing Match – ongoing since 1956, when the Executive of that organization approached the Auxiliary with the suggestion that they have a bazaar table at the Dundas Fair. This has developed into one of the highlights of our year. A Kit-Making Project in 1979 consisted of assembling Do-It-Yourself Kits. These were sold mainly to the manors. In 1982, in co-operation with the Junior auxiliary, a Ceilidh was held in the pavilion at the summer residence of Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Rodd. This consisted of many different tables from food to white elephant. Also included were a canteen, fishpond for the children, a clam chowder lunch, a mini fashion show of handmade garments, and a musical program. A tour of the house itself, which was built many years ago and has been restored by its present owners, was an outstanding attraction. Presidents 1951-1983 Elsie Inman Vera MacDonald Florrie White Olive Poole McKnight Catherine Stewart Flora MacKenzie Florrie Stewart Ling Christie Machon Ruth MacLeod Freda Johnston Muriel Wigginton Annie Gillis Bessie Rourke Etna Amey Elsie Buchanan Marjorie MacKenzie Bertha Inman Doris Millar JUNIOR AUXILIARY The Junior Auxiliary of Kings County Memorial Hospital was formed by a group of young women, most with small children, who wanted to do something in the hospital for the Pediatric Ward. We have since branched out, and purchase equipment wherever it is needed in the hospital. Our very first purchase, however, was a new delivery table. We still keep the Pediatric Ward well supplied with toys, colouring books, crayons, PJs and such small items as they may need at any time.
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We are also very actively involved in the “Buckle-Up Baby” program here in Kings County, and can hardly keep up with the demand! Annually, we all enjoy an apple pie-making bee, and make over 500 pies to make money for the Auxiliary. Presidents 1971-72 1972-73 1973-74 1974-75 1975-76 1976-77 Andrea Wood Thelma Fraser Maxine MacPherson Sandra Herring Sandra MacLean Beverly Deelstra 1977-78 1978-80 1980-81 1981-83 1983-84 !!!!! Maxine MacPherson Anne White Pamela Colborne Georgina Dewar Mary Beth MacDonald

Visits by CAHA National Presidents
October 21, 1970 – Mrs. Walter Johns October 20, 1971 – Ms. H.S. Hay, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan November 10, 1972 – Mrs. W.H. Bennett, Halifax June, 1975 – Mrs. Victor Rosenfield April 21, 1977 – Mrs. W.S.H. Crawford October 20, 1978 – Louise Hughes, BC and Mrs. Eleanor Lobb, Secretary October 19, 1981 – Morag Robertson, Regina October 27, 1982 – Jean Carr and Gail Kennedy, Secretary October 29, 1983 – Jean Carr and Gail Kennedy, Secretary May 25, 1984 – Jean Carr and Gail Kennedy, Secretary May 16, 1986 – Evelyn Bains May 14, 1988 – Joan Durland, Nova Scotia May 8, 1993 – Ruth Martin May 6, 1995 – Anne Atkinson April 26, 1997 – Katherine Kelly May 2, 1998 – Katherine Kelly May 15, 1999 – Pat Dill, President and Deana Fairn, Secretary May 31, 2003 – Mabel Pratt May 6, 2006 – Diane Jackson October 25, 2008 – Judy MacLeod
50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014 24

Executives of the Prince Edward Island Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries 1964 - 2014
1964 – 1967 Mrs. G.H. Buntain – President Mrs. Harris Rogers – First Vice-President Mrs. Vera MacDonald – Second Vice-President Mrs. J.A. McMillan – Secretary Mrs. Lloyd Cox – Treasurer Mrs. Harris Rogers – President Mrs. Vera MacDonald – Vice-President Mrs. Donald MacKenzie – Secretary Mrs. Alton Rayner – Treasurer Mrs. Vera MacDonald – President Mrs. Charles McQuaid – First Vice-President Mrs. Bessie Rourke – Secretary Mrs. Harold Behm – Treasurer Mrs. Mary McQuaid – President Mrs. Robert Palmer – First Vice-President Mrs. Ethan Stewart – Second Vice-President Mrs. Kenneth Parker – Secretary Mrs. Brodie Lantz – Treasurer Mrs. Roy (Annie) Gillis – President Mrs. E.H. (Florrie) Stewart – Secretary Mrs. Roddie (Marjorie) McKenzie – Treasurer Mrs. George (Jean) Dewar – President Mrs. Lester (Martha) Johnston – First Vice-President Mrs. Elsie Buchanan – Second Vice-President Mrs. Alton (Laura) Rayner – Secretary Mrs. E.W. (Lou) Turner – Treasurer Martha Johnston – President Elsie Buchanan – First Vice-President Ruth Thompson – Second Vice-President Bridgette Murray – Secretary Sandra MacMillan – Treasurer Vera MacDonald – President Ruth Thompson – First Vice-President Lynn Hodgson – Second Vice-President Marge MacKenzie – Secretary Pamela Colborne – Treasurer

1967 – 1969

1969 – 1971

1971 – 1975

1975 – 1977 1977 – 1979

1979 – 1981

1981 – 1983

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


1983 – 1985

1985 – 1987

1987 – 1989

1989 – 1991

1991 – 1993

1993 – 1995

1995 – 1997

1997 – 1999

Ruth Thompson – President Lynn Hodgson – First Vice-President Helena Rogers – Second Vice-President Marguerite Howatt – Secretary Eva Gallant – Treasurer Mary McQuaid – President Irene Fraser – First Vice-President Helena Rogers – Second Vice-President Rose Ellen Ghiz – Secretary (1985-86) Gail MacLean – Secretary (1986-87) Martha Johnston – Treasurer Marge MacKenzie – Public Relations Irene Fraser – President Helena Rogers – First Vice-President Lynn Hodgson – Second Vice-President Jean Thompson – Secretary Joan Livingston – Treasurer Lynn Hodgson – President Katherine Kelly – First Vice-President Beverly Deelstra – Second Vice-President Shirley MacKinnon – Secretary Brenda Beaton – Treasurer Marie Fudge – Public Relations Katherine Kelly – President Beverly Deelstra – First Vice-President Lillian Ryan – Secretary Carolyn McKean – Treasurer Judy Clark-Moase – Public Relations Beverly Deelstra – President Marie Salamoun-Dunne – Vice-President Laurel Martin – Secretary Lorna Bulpitt – Treasurer Marie Salamoun-Dunne – President Gail MacLean – Vice-President Rosemary Boyd – Secretary Carolyn McKean – Treasurer Gail MacLean – President Olive Parker – Vice-President Norma Lee Storey – Secretary Linda Godfrey – Treasurer Verna Barlow – Public Relations

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014

1999 – 2001

2001 – 2003

2003 – 2005

2005 – 2007

2007 – 2009

2009 – 2011

2011 – 2013

2013 –

Olive Parker – President Donna Crocker – Vice-President Jean Thompson – Secretary Anne Bruce – Treasurer Irene Fraser – Public Relations Donna Crocker – President Verna Barlow – Vice-President Norma Getson – Secretary Sheila Gallant – Treasurer Lynda Leard – Public Relations Verna Barlow – President Susan Cameron – Vice-President Thelma Phillips – Secretary Marilyn Ramsay – Treasurer Doreen Wooder – Public Relations Susan Cameron – President Linda Godfrey – Vice-President Valerie Owen – Secretary Pat Gallant – Treasurer Doreen Wooder – Public Relations Linda Godfrey – President Linda Patterson-Gibson – Vice-President Anne MacIsaac – Secretary Dorothy Lewis – Treasurer Doreen Wooder – Public Relations Linda Patterson-Gibson – President Norma Getson – Vice-President Jane Harris – Secretary Elinor MacLeod – Treasurer Jean Tingley – Public Relations Doreen Wooder – Archivist Norma Getson – President Doreen Wooder – Vice-President and Archivist Lynda Leard – Secretary and Public Relations Marlene Bolger – Treasurer Doreen Wooder – President and Archivist TBA – Vice-President Verna Barlow – Secretary Marilyn Ramsay – Treasurer Thelma Phillips – Public Relations

50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


Friday, May 8th, 1964 A meeting was held on Friday, May 8th, 1964, in the Cundall Residence of the P.E.I. Hospital for the purpose of forming a P.E.I. Association of Hospital Auxiliaries. Mrs. George Buntain was in the Chair and representatives were in attendance from nine out of the twelve hospital auxiliaries on the Island. Mrs. Buntain outlined the purpose in calling this meeting and the By-laws of the Provincial Association were studied in detail. After considerable discussion a nominating committee was appointed to bring in a slate of officers for the newly formed organization. The nominating committee consisted of: Mrs. E.H. Stewart, Chairman, Montague Mrs. MacLeod, O’Leary Mrs. C.R. McQuaid, Charlottetown The following slate of officers was brought in: President: Mrs. George Buntain First Vice-President: Mrs. Harris Rogers, O’Leary Second Vice-President: Mrs. Vera MacDonald, Montague Secretary: Mrs. J.A. McMillan, Charlottetown Treasurer: Mrs. Lloyd Cox, Charlottetown. Officers are to hold office for one year with the possibility of a two-year term. The annual meeting will be held the first Friday in May. The Nominating Committee for 1965 was then appointed: Queens: Mrs. T.D. DeBlois, Charlottetown Prince: Mrs. W.E. Callaghan, Summerside Kings: Mrs. E. Kassner, Souris On the motion of Mrs. Charles McQuaid, seconded by Mrs. Harris Rogers, the meeting adjourned. Lunch was served by Mrs. Byron Burns, Mrs. Reginald Mahar, Mrs. Clive Stewart and Mrs. T.D. DeBlois. Respectfully submitted


50 Years of Working Together ~ PEIAHA 1964-2014


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