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The Red Dragon Grimoire Review

The Red Dragon Grimoire
Detailed Review by the Red Dragon Order of France Jacques de Payens

The Red Dragon Grimoire

"o matter your occult tradition or location on the &lanet' the most sought after Grimoire is the Red Dragon Grimoire( )erious occult &ractitioners in Haiti' Peru' *ra+il' $e,ico' uro&e and even -hina see. out this Grimoire( #n the )ecret Orders of uro&e' each Order has their own s&ecial version of this Grimoire( /es' )ee.ers' there are many versions of this im&ortant Grimoire( The vulgar versions have been translated and &ublished recently for the masses( *ut' there are secret versions .e&t for only a select few to use( There are secrets within secrets in Occult Orders few will ever .now( The Dar. world of the *lac. 0odge must always be watched and countered' sto&&ing them from gaining too much &ower and thus enslaving the world( ! thin line of 1hite 0odges .ee& the world safe' at least for now( The Red Dragon Grimoire &ublished in the %2334s in French was a &ublic version' it was first com&letely translated into nglish by $aster Occultist Robert *lanchard Ph(D( from the #nternational Guild of Occult )ciences in %556( 1hile there has been a few recent other 7translations8 of this Grimoire' they are all using the original *lanchard translation almost word for word( ! great com&liment to $aster Occultist *lanchard( 1hat few .now is that there are secrets within secrets in all ancient Grimoires( ncoding' secret systems' hidden )igils and much more( /ou will understand only u& to your level of 1hite 0odge #nitiation' as it was meant to be( 1hat the Grimoire reveals to the average &erson' is very different then what it reveals to the #nitiate( # will detail the vulgar teachings held within the Grimoire and elude to the mysteries( Grimoires were a business much li.e it is today in ancient times and in the %2334s( #t is interesting to note the forbidden was sought after then as it is now( The Grimoire name is a misnomer( The Red Dragon Grimoire and the Grand Grimoire are very similar but'

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to the #nitiate there are huge differences( There are different secret encoding and they were designed for different level #mitates( The Red Dragon Grimoire was designed for higher level #nitiates that needed the secret encoded information but' were unable to 7&ublicly8 obtain it( #t was' for the time mass distributed' and made 7se,y8 for increased &ublic sales( The title Red Dragon was a &rovocative title eluding to Demons and )atan( The ty&e of Dragon &ictured on the boo. is a symbol of )atan or Demonic &ower( 0i.e the most &o&ular boo.s of modern times' there is a strong draw to evil magic( -onsidering that in ancient times the study of magic was not allowed and was 7mas.ed8 in religious terminology( The understanding that Demonic forces would hel& you in the &hysical material world was a common belief( !ngels and Gods were for s&iritual needs or &rotection from evil( They would not assist you in material worldly &ursuits( #f you needed love' money or success' you needed to call u&on a 7demon8 to assist you( This changes the understanding of what demons really meant to ancient man' com&ared to the modern understanding( The whole term of *lac. $agic is totally misunderstood in its &ro&er occult use and has fallen into common slang understanding( *ut' that is for another detailed article( The first &erson to translate the bible into nglish was e,ecuted for this terrible act( This is not to say that Occultists of the $iddle !ges were &agans' far from it( The ritual magician of the $iddle !ges was an educated &erson brought u& in the -hristian religion and a strong believer in it( There were still a lot of Pagans or believers in the Old Gods which &racticed witchcraft and were more rural based( *ut' the educated Grimoire user was a semi9educated &riest( The only &eo&le able to read and write were involved with the church( This was the only way of getting educated( #n the %2334s when there was a magical resurgence in France after the French revolution with the -hurch having more limited &owers' Grimoire became &o&ular and there were more educated &eo&le that could read and write( )till' even here there were large numbers of #nitiates that could not read or write and were
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trained by the old methods of 7doing8( Published Grimoires had &icture codes in them for the large number of #nitiates that needed this ty&e of training( France was one of the few countries that occultism was tolerated in to some degree( Of course' this occultism was -hristian based' as were the &ractitioners( #t is wrong to thin. that &ractitioners of magic were non9-hristian' devil worshi&&ers or &agans( There was well over a thousand years of the new religion of the -hrist( veryone was brought u& in this tradition e,&ect for a few Jews and some country fol. that followed the old ways( *ecause of the lac. of instant communication and old belief systems' religion was' while having detailed dogma' &racticed differently de&ending on the location or distance from the Po&e or ;atican( $any heretical &ractices were followed in some cases by large numbers of &eo&le( The -ather Gnostics is one of these -hristian offshoots that had a great following and was finally destroyed by the sword by the -hurch( $agic was never allowed in the -hurch as it was not God4s will' it was your will or )atan4s will if magic was used( !s a good -hristian' you are e,&ected to 7follow8 God and do as God wants' not as you desire( $agic is about manifesting your desires' whether this be s&iritual or material and as such not God4s will( #f it is not of God' it is of )atan( This is im&ortant to understand for all occultists( #t is interesting to see a )atanic Dragon on the cover of the Red Dragon and the Red Dragon itself' is another term for )atan( #f you loo. at the Red Dragon cover you will see a unique ty&e of Dragon that has more of a )atanic loo. to it with horns' along thin tail' claws' wings etc( are all not the classical Dragon of myths( #t is a shadowy figure' a slimy figure of sna.e or re&tile origins' not the strong Dragon figures commonly .nown and used( Dragon mythology is fascinating and varies greatly from country to country and is far too com&licated to detail here( To sum it u& for this article' there are three Dragon Orders in uro&e( The *lac. Dragon 0odge or evil occultists' the 1hite Dragon 0odge or &ositive occultists and the Red Dragon 0odge or

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those that &ractice the 0ight and Dar. !rts for the good of man.ind( To the #nitiate seeing the Red Dragon cover and title' it tells him that this is 0ight and Dar. 0odge &ublication( To the average &erson it has the forbidden a&&eal of )atan while actually containing' rituals based in -hristian beliefs( The .ey )igil in the Red Dragon drawing is the stars in the wings( This re&resents divine order and its control over chaos and evil( #ts actual symbolism is the control or domination of evil( For the common &erson and the common buyer this is a forbidden te,t dealing with demonic s&irits and thus having greater a&&eal' resulting in greater sales( ! similar Grimoire of similar content was named the Grand Grimoire to have a&&eal for those not interested in )atanic magic( 1hile these a&&ear similar there are different encoded secrets in each one( The Red Dragon Order of France' is .nown by this name because of the traditional Red Dragon s&irits that guard the vast networ. of tunnels under our control that house relics and ancient te,ts( !nyone venturing into these tunnels will come face to face with these Red Dragon s&irits( The actual Order4s name is not the commonly used one' it is .nown only to #nitiates(

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The Red Dragon Grimoire #nternational Guild of Occult )ciences dition
!s # have already stated' this is the only translation that can be used by &racticing occultists( !ll other translations are terribly bastardi+ed from beginning to end and dangerous to use( # warned you' so ta.e res&onsibly for your own foolish acts( The French90atin edition was translated from the %=>% manuscri&t' all those the magic detailed in the boo.s goes bac. at least a thousand years and more to ?ing )olomon' and was &assed on from his magicians to numerous other societies and other Rabbis( 0i.e most grimoires .nown today' their origins come from ancient Jewish sects' which were greatly influenced by all the cultures in the $iddle ast' including the gy&tians' )umerians' *abylonians' Gree.s and others( This information filtered into uro&e through church scribes and latter reached the educated &ublic in France in mass in the %2334s( 1hile the Grimoire does instruct you in contacting demons and )atan' it is all done from a -hristian magicians understanding( )ince the demons stated in the Grimoire are based in Judeo9-hristian tradition' they are also controlled by the use of Judeo9-hristian gods' i(e(' Jesus' God and the Holy )&irit( )omething that seems to be missed by ignorant occultists stating that demons do not res&ect -hristian Gods( Peo&le forget how &owerful and destructive the Old Testament God is' even destroying the entire earth and the &o&ulation on the earth( The -hristian God and his !ngels beat and cast out Satan from heaven( ! fact )atanists seem to forget' when s& about how &owerful )atan is over God and his !ngels( !nother twisted fact of disinformation )atanists li.e to s&out( #t is not God that is wea.' it is his followers that are wea. and easily give into evil(

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1hen the Red Dragon Grimoire uses the name of God against demons for general control and &rotection from' it is doing it in the manner for the Grimoire( #t is all based in the same Judeo9-hristian tradition( The Demons described in the Grimoire are all from ancient Jewish sources' regardless if the reader wants to believe they were ta.en from older systems or cultural( #t does not matter' as they were brought into the Jewish tradition and as so' are controlled within that system by God( #t is interesting to read how the loser !ngel 0ucifer is given so much credit and abilities when he was defeated and cast out of Paradise to the hell of the earth &lane' and some how is now a winnerA The feeble minded stri.e again' giving us their flee belly de&th of wisdom( #t is im&ortant to understand this as the demons used in Grimoires all come under the control of God and his !ngels( these are all &owerful demon9gods is a fool4s o&inion best left unstated' so you are not loo.ed u&on as a total fool' let &eo&le thin. it' instead of .nowing it( This is why all evocations in the Red Dragon include &rotect and control by God' Jesus and the Holy )&irit and usually a statement for )atan to stay away( The Grimoire o&ens with' on &age %3 a )igil of the )olar God' the all mighty )olar God resting ato& the !r. of the -ovenant( ! very im&ortant encoded symbol for the #nitiates to use( For the common &erson it Bust can be noted and understood as a )igil of the )olar God or the -hrist( The Grimoire also states that it too. @> years to write this Grimoire and com&ile it in this e,act form and as such' it must be used e,actly as written here( This is im&ortant to the user as well' it clearly states to use e,actly as written here and further shows how critical the translation is to the user( # am not going to e,&lain each &age to you' this is for the new edition coming out in a few years that will ta.e the user through the Grimoire line by line( # will now start to review and sum u& the boo. in general(

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Once you start reading this Grimoire you will see the detailed direct manner it is written in( For a Grimoire is it easy to understand and user safe( #t details the 7Thunder Rod8 and how it &re&are yourself for rituals' what to ma.e and wear( #t does describe an animal sacrifice commonly used in ancient times and even to this day in Jewish &ractices( Few seem to .now this' for one reason or another( #t is im&ortant in this system to 7charge8 the Thunder Rod' as it is the &rotector of the magician( The ritual sacrifice and the 7old ways8 can be modified by the s.illed magician but' this is the &roblem with Grimoires in general' they are for advanced occultists with .nowledge of ritual magic and how old &ractices can be modified for use in modern times( 1hat seems to the average 7city dweller8 today as e,treme' because we all believe food comes from the bac. of the su&' the .illing of an animal was common &lace and done by everyone to survive( "ot in a cruel factory farm manner of modern times but' in a ty&ical farm fashion as much needed food( The o&ening ritual is Bust that ty&e of ritual( ! ritual to )ummon 0ucifer is the first offered with how is done( )&irits need to be commanded and threatened to obey you for &ersonal safely and to get their hel& &eriod( 1ithout this there is no reason for them to hel& you' nor should they care about obeying you or you' after all you are not in control of them( That is why s&irits are commanded' something modern ignorant magicians do not understand( !ll the training needed is detailed here( #f you thin. being nice to 0ucifer or any demonic s&irit will get you results' you need a lot more training' to say the least( The Grimoire also e,&lains how to get a demon to bring you treasures( !ll the original )igils' and 7illustrations8 are given to you in the #GO) edition( "othing has been changed( # was shoc.ed to read a recent !d for another Grimoire stating the )eals were corrected' redrawn and restoredC -orrected by who in what manner and who gave you the corrected original )ealsA This means the writer and

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illustrator too. the &erfect original )eals and made them loo. &retty' or in this case destroyed the original )eals and made them not only worthless but' loo. terrible as well( a com&ass a thinned lined circle and inserting blurry scanned images' into these third grade circles( Of course' all this from a third rate )atanic thug( The occult &ublic is really getting screwedC #f all the illustrations and sigils are not from the original te,t' the Grimoire is worthless and little more than a comic boo.( *eware of clash se&tic tan. level Grimoires &roduced by *lac. 0odge vermin( The Grimoire details on how to bind and control 0ucifer' to bring 0ucifer under your control so he brings you treasure and will do your bidding( This includes the e,act wording and 7contract8 to use( This is &owerful rare information( #f com&leted e,actly as stated' thin. of the &ower you could yield with having 0ucifer at your command( This is a &ractical ritual for a Pact with 0ucifer without the negative of giving your soul' it is about 0ucifer assisting you or suffering the tortures of God( The ne,t section details on how to tal. to the dead( #t goes to give more details on how to ma.e Pacts with demons to get them to assist you and how to control everything on earth' minerals' animals and natural life( 0ists of demons are given with what demons control other demons( -ritical to .now who to evo.e to command other demons for a &articular use( #f you do not .now what demons are used for what &ur&ose' you cannot evo.e and command them successfully and they are not going to volunteer the information( Over eighteen demons are listed with who controls whom and for what &ur&ose( These demons are used for control of women' animals' treasure' wealth' cursing and more( The Grimoire details the -lavicle of )olomon and it is used to control and subdue demons( Here is real magic as &racticed in ancient and
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medieval times( The silly story of Faust' is nothing but' a tra& designed by demons to tra& man into offering his soul in return for so9called &ower( The &roblem is' why would a &erson do thisA The smart thing is to ma.e a Pact in your favor under threat of torment from God if the demon does not obey you( This is the smart .ind of 7&act8 that so rarely is tal.ed about yet' is the core of this and other Grimoires( Only a fool would deal with the Devil from a &oint of wea.ness' after all' the Devil can never be trusted( /et few occultists understand this basic &rinci&le of occultism and .now the 7gossi&8 or *lac. 0odge understanding of Pacts and not the actual facts( This is the reason there is always commanding involved' you are not but' commanding s&irits( That is why the subtitle of the Grimoire is the 7!rt of -ommanding )&irits8( 1hy occultists thin. this is a )atanic Grimoire or vil in nature is Bust #t also tells you that these &eo&le never read the boo.( They .now only gossi& about the Grimoire and what is in it( # can understand not using the Grimoire but' not reading it' that is very odd( The occult is loaded with 7do nothing8 occultists' many who not only do not &erform rituals but' few actually read or study( # have found this true time after time( This Grimoire as the subtitle e,&lains is about -ommanding )&irits to do your bidding( Of course these s&irits are demon' as they deal with the &hysical world of love' se,' money and control( "ot things that an !ngel would be li.ely to hel& you with( God and !ngels are there for s&iritual matters' not base level human desires' this is where the demons come into use( "ot only demons but' the highest demon of them all 0ucifer( The beaten demonic leader that now can be controlled and used through magic( "ot by offering your soul in return for gifts( *ut' through threats of torture and &unishment( # ho&e everyone understand now and reBects the silly Faust story and the terrible magic that story offers( 1hile the Faust Grimoire is interesting and has unique )igils' it is based in a false system of magic designed to entra& you and to ta.e your soul( "othing to &ractice lightly or get involved in at all(
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Here the Grimoire goes into a lot of fascinating rituals to obtain &ower( )& with the Dead is an art that can be most useful' winning 0otteries' *ewitch Firearms' #nsensible to Torture' Philoso&her4s )tone' Find Treasure' )&ea. to John the *a&tist' ma.e someone dance nude' ma.e someone love you' render yourself invincible' render yourself favorable to Judges' $utilate nemies' render yourself unyielding to steel' dissolve a fetus or end a birth' cure tuberculosis' cure edema' cures of a vast many diseases' of a )olomon4s $irror for manifesting anything and s& to s&irits' luc.y and unluc.y days' all detailed in e,act terms on how to do it( "ot old world language but' translated to be used( There is a wealth of magic offered here that has &ractical uses( From medical 7cures8' to se,' &rotections of all .inds( ven in modern life' these have use( 1hile some may seem odd' # see little difference from the old time desires to modern(

Part Two of the Grimoire

#t is common li.e in modern &ublishing' to follow u& a successful boo. with another or add9on to the first volume( Here the Grimoires goes into more detail about the all9im&ortant Thunder Ring and $ysterious Rod for finding treasure( )ince there were few ways of becoming rich' finding treasure was one of the a few ways you could( )ince there were no ban.s' &eo&le often buried treasures of all .inds( Details are given on these &owerful tools( 1hile requiring time to find a few items' it is very &ossible to ma.e the

P!G %3

Rod described here( The Grimoire than describes demons that can assist in every &ossible ability from !lchemy' magic' long life and everything else li.e invisibility( The demon that controls these &owers are detailed( There are hundreds of &owers offered here with the demons in charge of them( !rbatel Grimoire magic is discussed as well with added insights given( $ore information is given on Pacts with the Devil' the Dead' Divination by Heavenly *odies and general medieval !strology is given in detail' ,orcism' )ecret of the *lac. hen' )ecrets of Pentacles' Talismans' )ecrets on the Physiognomy' )ecrets of Dueen -leo&atra' )ecrets to render yourself #nvisible' )ecrets of the 1ise !rte&hius' )ecrets of $agical Philoso&hy' $agic 0ore' even for -hristmas and "ew /ear( # Bust listed a wealth of fascinating information accessible to the reader of the Red Dragon Grimoire that is not offered in other te,ts either at all or &ro&erly translated( This Grimoire holds the &ower to everything you every need9 #t requires dedication of study and careful and control of demonic s&irits( "o other Grimoire offers you what this one does( *oo. ##' the *lac. Dragon com&letes the Grimoire and your training( 1hile there are secrets within secrets in grimoires' the basic vulgar &ublic te,t is &owerful unto itself( #nitiated individuals are allowed access to even more &ower( !gainst my wishes' #GO) Bust released a Grimoire ncoded series' offering some secrets about Grimoires( This is the second level of &ower Grimoires hold and by far' not the last( 1ith a world dominated by the *lac. 0odge' only a few secrets can be revealed to the general &ublic( "ot only that but' advanced magic and the new e,treme magic to come' requires a great deal of monitored' guided instruction' without this' the magic is worthless( This is a must have grimoire for any serious occultist( The following resources are highly recommended and other lots of FR information(
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