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Denmark And The Burkha

Why Danes Hate Islam?

By Philip Jones 26 th August 2009.


Denmark And The Burkha Why Danes Hate Islam? By Philip Jones 26 August 2009. THIS? OR


Denmark And The Burkha Why Danes Hate Islam? By Philip Jones 26 August 2009. THIS? OR

“Let me state it clearly: Muslims ought to live in Muslimland - and that's not here.”

Danish member of the European Parliament, Mogens Camre:

don't like the Burkha; but then again I don't have to. It's not my choice, it's the choice of those who wear it. On the other hand, I don't like the way Danish women dress themselves these days either.


Perhaps instead of considering as to whether the Burkha, which let's be fair is only worn by a small number of Muslim women in Denmark should be banned, perhaps we should consider banning those awful `half mast`pants` and all the other pseudo masculine clothing which has become the uniform of choice for the vast majority of Danish women today.

  • I have lived in Denmark since early 1996, and my overriding impression of the Danes, (with some

exceptions) is of an arrogant, unfriendly, self aggrandising and bigoted little people who due to decades of indoctrination and State sponsored programming, are `locked ` into a narcissistic and uniform (almost `Borg`)[6] like mindset, which in its application to those who do not share the same insular and prejudiced world view and stunted culture, is anything but benign; but rather, is malevolent, Sociopathic[7], all pervasive and extremely effective in its ability to degrade and demoralise.

Having written at length about this country previously,[1] it will suffice to say that there is much more that is rotten in the state of Denmark than its just its `pork.`

The Danish Government is the most dictatorial in Europe without question. There can be no doubt that it has been at the very least, the bureaucratic model for the European Union, and like the latter, churns out laws which proscribe almost anything relating to personal choice, liberty and independence. It is no exaggeration to say that in Denmark, a person's life is micromanaged not only from cradle to grave, but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 52 weeks a year, every year. It is difficult to think of any aspect of one's daily life which is not legislated for.

What makes this scenario all the more uncomfortable for those who come to live here from elsewhere, is the abject acceptance and compliance, nay, the glorification of their imagined `perfect` model of life, by the Danes.

It is not my intention to allow this article to run into multiple parts so I suggest to the reader that he or she visit the links at the reference section and read my previous essays which expose the sorry state of things here in this old European land.

To the point:

“There is no place for Islam in Europe and our first priority must be to repatriate the Muslims.”

Danish member of the European Parliament, Mogens Camre:

There can't be too many people who consider themselves politically `aware` who have not seen, read or heard something about the blasphemous cartoons published a few years ago by the Danish `Newspaper` Jyllandsposten, depicting the Holy Prophet of Islam in an outrageous and highly derisive manner.

At the time, I was incredulous as to why a major national daily would commit such a provocative act, considering the tense relationship between the Muslim community and the host population here. The pretence of `taking a stand for free speech` certainly made me suspicious, as any non-Dane who has lived in Denmark will know; free speech is reserved for Danes only.

Today, I fully understand the thinking behind those ridiculous caricatures; Provocation !

Muslims in Denmark are treated very differently to those living elsewhere in the west. For example their attempts to build a Mosque have been thwarted time and again by the weight of Danish bureaucracy [8]. In 2009, there is still no purpose built Islamic house of worship in Denmark, nor for that matter, any dedicated Muslim cemeteries either.

Unlike in other countries in Europe and the West, Muslims who display their faith publicly by their mode of dress for example, are purposely kept out on the fringes of Danish society, and looked down upon simply for being different. I have had many contacts within the local Islamic community and there is a sense of desperation therein. They feel socially and politically impotent. They are relegated to the lower end of the Job Market and are victims of a form of social injustice which is intensely xenophobic.

The current fires of civic unrest seen recently here in Denmark involving young Muslim boys, are most certainly being fuelled by what can only be regarded as an intentional policy of defamation and degradation of all things Islamic, orchestrated at the very highest state level

Those who have taken an interest in the post 9/11 world, will not be surprised when I say that the numerous Anti Islamic reports which frequent the national `ruse` papers here, on an almost daily basis, bear all the hallmarks of a state sponsored `agent provocateur` operation. In the aftermath of the `French Intifada` some years ago, the OAS (French Intelligence) are believed to have played a major role in stirring up racial and social hatreds. This is almost certainly the case here in Denmark, although I have no proof of this, the whole thing stinks.

The New Unlikely Crusaders:

“Islam is a new totalitarian plague sweeping Europe.” Member of the Danish Parliament, Soeren Krarup.

In his article; “Is Denmark being Set Up, Why Is A Nation Known For Pork Attacking Islam?” [2]Researcher and writer Christopher Bollyn writes:

“One might reasonably ask why one of the smallest and weakest countries in the world, with a population of less than 6 million, would want to inflame the passions and provoke the 1.5 Billion Muslims of the world? It just doesn't make any sense, especially for a nation like Denmark that depends on its exports.”

He continues:

“Why would Danes be so eager to offend Muslims? Are they simply trying to spice up a long winter and an otherwise boring existence, or is there a foreign agenda at work here. Is Denmark being set up for a false-flag terror attack? That seems very likely, given the absurdity of this latest anti- Muslim offence.”

and : “Denmark is an active member of the anti-Muslim crusade known as the "War on Terrorism." Knowing that this fraudulent "War on Terrorism" is nothing but a Zionist scheme to drag corrupt Western nations into illegal wars of aggression against Muslim nations -- on behalf of Israel -- it stands to reason that Denmark must be both corrupt and dominated by strong Zionist-Jewish forces. There must, after all, be a good reason why other Scandinavians have traditionally called the Danes the "Jews of Scandinavia."

I think Mr. Bollyn is very accurate and insightful in his appraisal of the Danish State as being on an Anti Islamic Crusade, both at home and abroad, and only this past week, another `front` in their declared war against the believers was opened up and can fairly be termed, the `Battle Of the Burkha.`

How Danes hate the Burkha, along with all the other visible signs of Islam, which represent an ideal they cannot nor wish to comprehend. Surely, the way people choose to clothe themselves is an intensely personal matter to be left to the individual alone?

Not in `Gulag` Denmark, where once again, as with the cartoon charade, we are witnessing all the hype and baloney about democracy, freedom of speech and the Christian way of life dragged out ad

nauseum. Christian? I don't think so.

Denmark is a secular humanist society with strong Luciferian overtones. Christianity for most Danes is a tradition to be manipulated for material gain at Christmas and during the annual `Mammonistic` rite called `Confirmation,` where Danish 14 year olds who attend church for a few weeks prior to accepting supposed confirmation into the `body` of Christ, receive countless gifts and monetary advantage, and thereafter in the main, stay as far away from their attested religion as possible, except at weddings and funerals.

Anyway, let's take a look at how the Danish papers are reporting the `Burka Battle.`

The Propaganda Dialectic:

“Islam has since its inception been a terrorist movement. Islam is by its very nature an evil, which must and will be combated.” Member of the Danish Parliament, Martin Henriksen:

The junior minority coalition Conservative Party stated recently that it wants to introduce a ban on the Muslim Burka or Niqab dress codes, which require women to completely cover their faces in

public. The Danish State's Puppet Muslim MP , Naser Khader, a Syrian-Palestinian and the Conservative Party’s recently-appointed `integration spokesman` said in Jyllandsposten (no surprise there):

We don’t want to see burkas in Denmark. We simply can’t accept that some of our citizens walk around with their faces covered.”

(Does Mr Khader honestly believe that the `we` he mentions above, regard him as one of their own?)

Mr Khader says the Burka is un-Danish and oppressive towards women and should be completely banned, although he and his party say that what people do in their own homes is their business, (for now) but as soon as they walk into the public domain, one should be able to see their faces.


Talk about the `pot calling the kettle black.` The whole of Danish society is oppressive. Isn't the proposed introduction of a law which dictates how people dress `oppressive.` Who's next in line for a ban. Women in dresses, men in suits? (not that one sees very many of them in Denmark, the `Uni- Sex` capital of the world).

The Hegelian Dialectic:

nauseum. Christian? I don't think so. Denmark is a secular humanist society with strong Luciferian overtones.

Drawing all concerned into their dialectical trap, the extreme Right-wing National Socialist Danish People’s Party and the Social Democratic Party have played the role of thesis and of course have welcomed the proposal, while the senior coalition Liberal Party, providing the antithesis soundly and vocally reject the idea of legislating about citizens’ clothing as long as they are not in a public function:

“It’s going too far if we start legislating on what sort of clothes people can and cannot wear. The

Burka and covered faces should not be allowed if you work with people in the public sector – but that is where we draw the line,” says Liberal Political Spokesman Peter Christensen who sensibly adds that it is important that politicians know where to draw the line in introducing policy.

The highly treacherous Khader however, insists a ban is the only solution regarding the Burka.:

“My view is that (the Burka) is not Islamic at all. The modern Burka was introduced by the Taleban when the movement came to power. So I associate the Burka with the Taleban,” Khader says.

This is simply not true as Mr. Khader being a Muslim himself will know only too well. This type of dress has its origins with desert tribes long before Islam arrived. It had two functions. Firstly as a sand mask in windy conditions. This would be worn by men and women and is still common today. For women only, the masking of the face and body was used when one group was being raided by another. These raids often involved the taking of women of child bearing age. With all women hidden behind a veil, and the home team fighting back, the chances of being taken were substantially reduced as the women of child bearing age could not be quickly distinguished from the very young and the old. [9]

We are told that the proposed Burka ban is part of an `integration` initiative that the Conservative

parliamentary group approved recently, although the party has not decided what punishment should be meted out to those who break the ban. “Initially we’re sending out a signal by saying that it should be banned. Then it’s up to the lawyers to find out what sanctions should be introduced,”

Khader tolds Jyllands-Posten. Integration for Muslims in Denmark means only one thing; give up your faith, your values, your morality, your traditions, your language, your culture and accept absorption into the secular Luciferian Matrix. Ensuring the dialectical trap is set, we are presented daily with the public consensus angle, with all

the national `rags` of any import reporting thus: “The Conservative Party proposal to ban the Burka and Niqab dress codes in public may have caused controversy across the parliamentary spectrum, but it does seem to have the support of a majority of the electorate. A representative Megafon poll for Politiken and TV2 shows 56 percent of the electorate in favour of introducing ‘a general ban on wearing the burka in the public place in Denmark’. Only 30 percent oppose such a ban, according to the poll.”

Establishing the credibility of a phoney democratic consensus is paramount in a society such as Denmark, where the illusion of democracy is all pervading, and a much used tool of political manipulation. Simply telling Danes through the State media that the majority are in favour of something is enough for the `sheep chip` to activate and for the rest of the herd to willingly follow.

The dialectic line up looks like this: The Conservative proposal receives extensive support from Liberal, Conservative, Danish People’s Party and Social Democratic voters while Social Liberal, Socialist People’s Party and Unity List voters are generally against a ban.

The people are then told that the decision by Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Lib) to set up a commission to study his Conservative minority coalition partner’s proposal to introduce a ban on the Muslim Burka and Niqab, has caused dismay within his own Liberal Party:

Former Liberal integration spokesman and current Environment Spokesman Eyvind Vesselbo says:

“More than 50,000 people have lost their jobs in the past six months and we may be seeing a further 100,000 in the next nine months. We have an economic crisis that has to be handled, we have a climate conference, we have people who cannot be treated due to waiting lists, we have children with psychological problems who can’t be treated, we have a gang war in which people are shooting at each other – an officer was shot last night - and people are wasting time talking about Burkas. It’s out of all proportion,”

Another senior Liberal politician, Former Home Affairs and Agriculture Minister Britta Schall

Holberg, says: “ We’ve reached rock bottom. While hundreds of people are losing their jobs. While many farmers and other companies are on their knees and battling each day to survive. While young people are unable to get traineeships and too few get an education. While the government is gearing up for a budget that for the first time shows a deficit – almost of the size that toppled Anker Jørgensen’s (Soc. Dem.) government in 1982, the government sets up a Burka commission,”

At the same time, as the `Theatricide` unfolds for the consumption of the Danish public on the one hand and the hapless Muslims on the other, what was billed as Conservative parliamentary group unity on the ban issue was broken when the party’s `Ecclesiastical and Education` Spokeswoman Charlotte Dyremose turned her back on the proposal, which appears to have been fostered by the party’s newcomer and newly-appointed `Integration` Spokesman Naser Khader.

Dyremose told `Berlingske Tidende` that she fears that a Burka ban will do more harm than good for the relatively small number of women who wear the Burka or Niqab, adding that some of the most important Danish rights are those of the freedom of religion and speech. Then Conservative Parliamentary Group Chairwoman Henriette Kjær, mentions that she is surprised at Dyremose’s statement.

“I don’t understand it. After a longer debate during our group meeting (last) Friday I concluded as Group Chair that as a group we supported a ban on the burka. And no-one objected. Hers is a strange attitude. But she’ll have to take it alone,” Kjær tells Berlingske Tidende.

Ms. Dyremose says she made her views clear to the party leadership prior to its announcement of the ban proposal.

It is vital that the reader understands that at the highest level, the desired outcome is a compromise solution which will erode yet more of the rights of private citizens (Muslim or otherwise), chip away at the culture and traditions of the Muslim community, who as intended, will breathe somewhat relieved that a total ban was avoided, establishing another precedent in how far the state can intrude into peoples lives, create more animosity between the Danes and Muslims, setting the stage for another dialectic exchange in a few months time.[3]

The Clash Of Civilisations in Microcosm:

“All Muslims must be thrown out of Denmark” Vagn Eriksen Danish People's Party.

The world is drawing seemingly ever closer to a financial crash and the possibility of global conflict, the so called `Clash Of Civilizations` between the West and Islam, as projected and planned for by Albert Pike and the Illuminati[4].

So what does this have to do with little Denmark ?

Both Politiken and Jyllandsposten are `Bildeberger` connected. Anders Eldrup, the Chairman of the Danish company `Dong` has been a regular attendee for the past five years. His wife, Merete Eldrup is the managing director of both publications. A further `participant` Toger Seidenfaden just

happens to be Executive Editor in Chief for Politiken. Is this all a coincidence? Not so long ago, Fleming Rose, the Editor of Jyllandsposten conducted a highly one sided and uncritical interview with Mr Daniel Pipes, a major Zionist propagandist and `Neo Con`, a la Perle and Wolfovitz. In typical `doublespeak,` this `Hawk` is a member of the US Institute Of Peace.

Since Politiken `bought` the Jyllandsposten, that paper's drift towards the Zionist position has been marked. In a world where nothing appears to be what it is, the Muhammad Drawings and the current provocative coverage by both these editorials on the `Muslim` question in Denmark, should be viewed with suspicion. The media in Denmark, being as it is, weighted from the top with Neo Con Bildberger types, how likely is it that the Muslim side of the story will ever get a fair `airing` ?

It is now my belief that the sole purpose of importing millions of Muslim people into Europe, was to destabilize the continent. I do not believe for one minute that the architects of the European Super State and subsequently the proposed New World Order, did not foresee the tensions which were bound to be caused when introducing a deeply alien culture into countries such as Denmark, which had always been highly homogeneous and somewhat isolated from the European mainstream. It has been done for a reason, and I fear we are beginning to see the true face of that reason.

The State in whatever form has always justified it's existence and domineering of it's citizens by the ever present threat of an external foe. With the `Cold War` filed away in the History Books, and no would be aggressors anywhere to be seen, it was necessary to invent a different kind of threat. Enter the `War on terror`. A war without end as it were. Is it purely coincidental that the very multitude brought through the gates of the Western Citadels, is now identified as this new threat.

What we are seeing in Denmark is an orchestrated means of instilling fear into the citizens of this small country. This will in turn give justification for the implementation of ever more restrictions on personal freedoms and the introduction of ever more Draconian legislation in order to `protect` the people.

Why change a winning formula ? We have seen this time and again with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, 7/7 et al. and through the manipulation of the public consciousness, the media whores of the likes of the Jyllandsposten advance the cause of the EU Superstate, and thereafter the New World Order, perpetuating the dialectic, and the population, now immune to common sense, free thought and the truth, will be led by the nose into the Totalitarian future planned for them.

Hobsons' Choice: Religious And Political Freedom In Denmark For All Except Muslims:

“All Muslims must leave Denmark. It's a harsh thing to say, some of them are human beings, but how are we to sort them out?” Ib Krog Hansen Danish People's Party.

The controversy now raging in Denmark over the Burkha, must be viewed as being only the most recent and intended affront to the Muslim population, committed by a deeply malevolent, oppressive and totalitarian regime, which takes its mandate to govern from an electorate so `dumbed down,` by over half a century of the most intense form of mass mind control [5]hitherto seen in the so called `free world` in national elections which are a `Hobson's Choice` at best, and irrelevant democratically at worse.

Since the blasphemous and perverse cartoon drawings of the Holy Prophet of Islam made international headlines back in 2006, and through the efforts of myself and others, more and more people around the world have become aware of the fact that there is something occurring here in this tiny country with regard to relations between the native population and the local Muslim diaspora which is negative in the extreme.

Relations have not improved and in fact, barely a day goes by where some `horror` story or another relating to Muslims does not hit the national headlines. But honestly, Denmark will just not leave these people alone. Islam is an anathema to the Danish obsession with uniformity and conformity in all things at all times. It's a little like that irritating catchphrase used in the `Highlander` movie;

“There can only be one.”

When the cartoons were published, we were told that it was as a gesture in order to preserve freedom of speech. But in Denmark, such a freedom is conditional on compliance, uniformity and adherence to the consensus. Yes, in Denmark, for most Danes, there can only be `ONE,` way of life, eating, dressing, living and being, and Islam, by its very nature, flies full in the face of the Totalitarian Danish conformist mindset.

Muslims live differently, worship differently, eat differently and dress differently. They follow the one true God, not the `Gods` of the marketplace as do the overwhelming majority of Danes, and generally live their lives apart from what they rightfully see as a Godless, perverse and corrupt society.


The Danish, who it must be said are a difficult lot to empathise with, should be very careful not to take this proposed overt and draconian action regarding the Islamic dress code in isolation. Banning things has become a part of the political ideal here in Denmark. Whereas once upon a time, adult people were allowed to make their own decisions concerning how they and their family lived their lives, ate, dressed, raised children, behaved at home etc. etc. In today's `Open Prison` complex that Denmark now is, nobody seems to question the `LAW.`

In Denmark, the letter of the law is everything and justice and reason nothing! And if the law tells you how to dress, or better still, how someone else is to dress, that's just fine. But it's a slippery slope, and what goes around comes around.

The `Burhka Battle` is a dialectical trap designed for all to fall into, and as is usually the case, people here in Denmark, both Muslim and Dane are queuing up to jump in. The Illuminati understand only too well that their path to total world power is through the separating of Christians and Muslims into opposing camps and letting them fight it out amongst themselves, to a standstill, whereby a synthesis compromise can be imposed in the form of a Global Government.

Who would ever have imagined that small and apparently insignificant Denmark would play such a major role in the drama?

Postscript: For those Danes out there whose `knee-jerk` reaction to this article is, “If you don't like it, go home. Buy my house and I will.”

Here is a well intended if naïve letter written by two Danes to Barrack Obama pleading for his intercession in what has become a national disgrace:

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