Joel Simpson, Human Rights and Our “Collective Response” to Equality!

Dear Editor, I refer to the article captioned “Human Rights: Our Collective Responsibility to Equality” (SN Dec 9, 2013) and would appreciate the opportunity to comment. For the anti-Christian and (unfortunately and simultaneously) the gay-activist communities, the death of Madiba represents another opportunity to cannibalize the reputation and body of an icon who has not even been buried as yet. Such is the nature of the social vultures that infest and infect those movements. We will surely revisit this issue in greater detail after Madiba's funeral, but this short response to Simpson will suffice for now...
The instinctive ... if not de facto ... position of the Christian community in Guyana (and I daresay South Africa and other nations) has always been that the public, and policy-makers, would be best served on this contentious issue by attending to fact, truth, detail and evidence.

It begins with pointing out the following online articles which Simpson has obviously missed these last two days: “India's Supreme Court reinstates law criminalizing gay sex” (,0,3560836.story#axzz2nPJ9LfiA ); and “Australian court rejects law allowing gay marriage” ( ). Will Stabroek News give these articles the prominence they gave to Simpson’s mischief?
To this end, we had addressed sasod's "strict child-protection policy" in the online article "Sasod, Molestation and Homosexuality: What are the Facts for Guyana?" ( ). Simpson has not addressed any of the issues therein, but unashamedly cannibalizes Madiba's legacy instead. We had further submitted the following online articles to the Special Select Committee: 1. "Universal Periodic Review: Open letter to Guyana’s Parliamentarians September 2010 (UPDATED)": ( ). 2. “The Case Against PANCAP and the Decriminalization of Homosexuality" ( ) 3. “The Case Against Crossdressing or Transgenderism in Guyana" ( ). 4. “The Case for Corporal Punishment in Guyana II” ( ) The evidence in these articles remains undisputed, and provide a basis upon which all Guyanese can make an informed decision against "gay rights', and instead urge provisions for medical/psychiatric/spiritual treatment and recovery. It is noticeable that, in the height of Simpson's delusion and deception, not one repeat one sentence in the above exercise in misinformation represented by “Human Rights: Our Collective Response to Equality” speaks to the issue of treatment and recovery of/from obvious psychosexual distress, or assesses the realities of the medical/psychiatric hoax being foisted upon Guyanese as outlined in the online article by Dr. Charles Socarides: "Sexual Politics And Scientific Logic: The Issue Of Homosexuality" ( ). Joel Simpson will not touch Dr. Socarides’ document anytime soon.

That, both by itself and with the avoidance of treatment and recovery issues, is tantamount to criminal irresponsibility! And our collective responsibility is to address such criminal irresponsibility with every legal and democratic means at our disposal!
Yours faithfully Roger Williams December 13, 2013

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