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Crocheted Curtains

Sue's MATERIA S !arn - 4 ply worsted weight "ook - 5.00mm or H hook

A##re$iations used: st - stitch ch - chain dc - double crochet

This pattern wi%% take some work on &our part to determine the si'e( as there are man& di))erent si'es o) windows. *ote: These curtains are worked lengthwise, from side to side, they are are not worked from the bottom up or top down. +irst &ou must do a sma%% piece to determine &our gauge. Here is a suggestion on how to do that. Chain 4, then make dc in the fourth chain from your hook !this counts as the first dc", dc in each of the ne#t $ chains. %o a few row of 0 dc. &easure the length of your 0 dc row. 'emember, length means from the first dc to the last dc of the row as these curtains are worked lenghtwise. Then measure the length of your window. Take the length of your window and di(ide it by the length of your 0 dc row. Take that number and multiply it by 0 !which is the number of dc you had in your sample piece" to get the the number of dc you need for your curtains. )ou can use any number of dc for a sample piece, * used 0 dc as an e#ample only. *f you used 5 dc and it measured + inches and the length of your window is 40 inches. )ou would di(ide 40 inches by + inches to get +0, then multiply +0 by 5 dc which tells you that you need 00 dc. ,ow you know how many stitches you need for each row. -ut you need to add more as it needs to end on an une(en number to make the edges works out right. Then you need to add . more for the starting chain which counts as the first dc. /o take the number you got abo(e and add 4 more to that, this is the number of stitches you need for your starting chain. 0or my curtains, * started with ch 1 . -ut this may not work for you as your window may be a different si2e !the width of the window that * made these curtains for was .1 inches from the top of the trim to the bottom of the trim and * e#tended the curtain width a few inches below the bottom trim board" and your gauge may be different than mine, as you may crochet tighter or looser than * do. /o it is best to check your gauge before beginning. +irst row: row, turn. dc in the fourth chain from hook !this counts as first dc". dc in each ch to end of

Rows , to -: Ch + !counts as first dc, here * e#perimented with ch + and ch ., but the ch + looked better. 3ust don4t do it too tightly". dc in ne#t . sts, ch , skip ne#t st, 5 dc in ne#t st. ch , skip ne#t st5, repeat from 5 to 5 to the last 4 stitches, dc in the last 4 stitches, turn. This gi(es your curtains a 6mesh6 look. Row .: dc in each st to end of row, turn. row of all dc until the desired width.

'epeat 1 rows of 6mesh6 and

"anging &our curtains. *f you ha(e the round type curtain rod, you can wea(e the rod through the top meshes of the curtains below the 4 dc on each row. *f you don4t ha(e the round type rod, add more to the length of your curtains so you can fold them o(er at the top and sew to make the slee(e for the curtain rod to slip through.