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Foreword Introduction

1. Who is the Experiencer? 2. Knowing Fear and Sorrow 3. Change 4. Dreams and Achievements 5. Understanding the Right Intelligence 6. Repentance 7. Science, Theology and Clairvoyance 8. Association and Identification 9. Consequence 10. Truth 11. Life after Death 12. Diseases and Cure 13. Suspicion 14. Understanding the Understanding 15. What are they doing? 16. General 17. Love 18. Renunciation

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FOREWORD NOW, In the name of that HOLINESS; In the name of that ETERNAL BEING; In the name of that MOST SACRED; the following, has been written.
Respected readers, This book carries with it, not mere words; but Love. The writer is glad to humbly dedicate this book to all the honourable readers. To rightly convey the contents, this book has been written as a one to one oral communication, as a friend talks to another intimate friend; as a son talks to his parents; as a brother talks to his brothers and sisters. The writer hopes, that the honourable readers will forgive him, if he is wrong. Thanking you Mahesh (Author)

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Now, Here, in this one earth where we live in, there are many different worlds. Erudite live in one world and ignorant in another world. Likewise, rich, poor, theist, atheist, agnostic, youth, old and so on; each live in their own world. Right through many centuries, the scholarly world dominates the ignorants world. Likewise, higher the lower, and strong the weak. And this domination is intentional. This intentional domination has perpetuated for millennia. The whole past which one calls History, reveals this even to an ordinary naked eye. No erudition or specialization is required to perceive this simple fact. The TODAY, the NOW, is the seduction of this whole past. The TODAY, is the result of so many wounds of the past. Thats why TODAY seems so unholy. TODAY is in an abyss. This intentional domination upon the ignorants and the youth, by the erudite scholars, authors, politicians, priests, leaders and so on, is ever perpetuating and flowing in the NOW. And if the NOW or TODAY is to be cleansed, made holy and healthy, the poisonous breath of these dominants,
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which is the continuation of the cruel past, is to be stilled.

Due to this poisonous breath which has infected almost everybody, the NOW, the TODAY, forces one to dominate the other. Its force is so much that a human being is puny in front of it and unable to protect herself or himself from this poisonous
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breath, which leads one to inevitably pursue the path of domination. Hence, in one way or other almost everyone has fallen as a prey to this beast. Wherever one turns, wherever one sees, there is only domination and wanting of power; power to dominate more. Scholars and authors dominate the ignorants and also completely ruin the younger generation and their potentiality. Younger generation being potential to find out the actual truth of the issues of life, are being exploited intentionally by the wrong authors, scholars, celebrities, leaders, priests and politicians right throughout the world, through many centuries, merely for the satisfaction they derive out of dominance. On the first hand, what is domination at all? The term domination means, it is the expression of complete selfishness, hypocrisy, self aggrandizement, greed, demanding instant results, inferiority complex, claiming more than what one actually is and so on. All these traits act as reasons for domination. In short, people of this category deliver only domination. Nowadays the visual media, film makers, politicians, scholars, authors, analysts, priests, celebrities, who have the upper hand in this society,
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except may be a very few, belong to these traits and hence they dominate the whole world. And as a consequence, the whole world is terrible now to live in. Truth has been submerged and hypocrisy overwhelms. How can the ignorants and the innocent people who are our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, children, friends and beloveds to be saved at all from this domination, which breeds chaos? Will they allow a change to happen in themselves? A change that will put an end to this fearful life! Will they war against this ugly past and its promises? Surely this is possible, if the TRUTH is sufficiently revealed. It is the absence of Truth that has made this world turbulent and intolerant to live in. To look at all the details of these matters vividly, can one touch the very basic issues of life, hold on to it, observe it as it is and then understand it probably rightly? To save our people along with the younger generation, there is no need to describe in detail, with a lot many examples and metaphors, neither in a logical way nor in a poetic manner, the Truth about the exploitation of the youth and ignorants
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by the film makers, visual media, erudite scholars, authors, politicians, priests, revolutionary leaders and so on. So, can one directly come to the point and say YES these dominants exploit every generation and hence there has to be a clear cut understanding, which eradicates all the wrong knowledge and puts one in a state, where one is not deceived anymore by these dominants? Or, if one says that one wants detailed report to prove that we are dominated, then one can possibly never be explained and made understood, because a person who is unable to understand the TRUTH which is directly in front of her or him, can never ever understand the Truth in the other way round, which is via arguments. Those who deny direct perception and rely only on arguments, actually denies the REAL. And without the REAL, whatever be their ideology and philosophy, it is but sheer imaginary and hypothetical. If one thus perceives the Truth directly, then the real goodness and the real transformation will bloom, which leads in the ending of the catastrophe and the beginning of a new, uncontaminated NOW. The intentional domination of these dominants upon the ignorant people, by making
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them slaves to lust, crippling their minds with their poor unhealthy ideologies and by misdirecting the peoples intelligence in the matter of gauging and rightly valuing things in their life, has made the people futile in choosing the right path and to lead a comprehensive life. Adopting wrong ideologies, wrong views and wrong purpose about life, leads to giving wrong values to right things and right values to wrong things. These given values as such lived with, puts the life in turbulence. For, to what one gives much value, decides ones peace and happiness in life. Hence, can one give right values to things with which one lives in? Not going much into the details of how people are being exploited by these dominants, shall we directly come to the point and say, what should be learnt by our people, and how should it be learnt, rather than merely finding faults on these dominants? Because, once if one knows what is to be known, then one can never be deceived and fall as a prey to these dominants. So, what is this what is to be known all about?

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Actually, one should attend so very very carefully and understand this matter of WHO IS THE EXPERIENCER? One who understands this, attains to Reality and Peace. We always experience something. It be pleasure, pain, happiness, grief, loneliness, fear, sorrow or any such sort of things. Actually, are we really experiencing or are we dreaming that we are experiencing? When you are asleep at night, dreams occur to you; it may be any dream. While you dream, you forget that you are sleeping. In that dream, you see an event taking place. You will see a street, houses side-by, persons who move in that street and so on. In that street, YOU will also be standing somewhere and talking to your friends. Suppose a dog chases you and your friends, you all will split
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and run. You may take a turn into some lane and start running. To you - the dog is real, the street is real, your fear is real and your running is also real. You are wearing a particular colored dress - that is real; a lady who shouts at you is real, her voice is real. What all you see in that event is real and the experience which arises out of that perception is also real. You have seen that a dog chases you and in that perception you experience Fear- That fear is real.

Now, to whom does the fear arisen in the actuality?

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Is not to the person who sees a dog and runs? Are you really THAT person? Or, the person who is sleeping in bed is really you? The person who sees a dog and runs, who resembles you is the real Experiencer; not you. When you wake up from bed, the person who experienced fear, is no more. You will see that the dog is a dream, the street, friends, houses, lane, the lady and her voice, all are dreams. But the most essential thing to know is, the Experiencer of that Fear, who resembled you is equally a dream entity. The real you, who is lying down on the bed is not the Experiencer at all. You come to know that, only when you wake up. Now, watch out your various dreams. The same thing happens in different situations and events of dreams. The entity or the person, who is Experiencing, is a fictitious entity. Watch out your dreams carefully. The pain in it is real, the pleasure in it is real, and the fear, sorrow, happiness and all the feelings are real. And the experiencer of all these, is not really you, but a dream entity - a fictitious entity who resembles you; who reside in the same field of dream world and dream street. That dream person can run, walk, sit, laugh, cry,
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sleep and can do everything that your real body does. And in that doing, that fictitious entity or fictitious person experience things accordingly. And because you identify yourself with that fictitious entity or person which resembles you, makes you say that I am experiencing. Now, making yourself very very clear with this understanding and perception regarding the Experiencer, can you now see, what happens when you experience in the real world after you wake up from bed? Suppose you experience suffering in the wakeful state; do you really experience it? Does your real physical body experiences it or does the same fictitious entity which you saw in your dream, experiences?

The same Dream entity which was experiencing in your dream, still exists subtly in your wakeful state also and starts Experiencing in your wakeful state.
If one starts seeing this, then ones ignorance is torn and everlasting peace exists just in front. Let us see this once again, of who is experiencing in the wakeful state.
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In the state of your suffering, do you really suffer or are you thinking that you are suffering? What is thinking? If you think of some event, do you not project a world? Do you not think of the other person? What happens there?

In your thinking, you see a street or a house or someplace where you see some person over there and at the same time you see you also
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entering that place and talking to that other person, as same as it occurred in dream. In that situation, the YOU that has entered and talked to the other, is Experiencing that event or situation in your thinking; but actually the Real you is sitting somewhere else. We give a term to this as THOUGHT. But in actuality, it is a dream. The same dream entity which has experienced when you are asleep, is still the experiencer now too even in the wakeful state. The only thing is, this fictitious entity is not so vivid in your wakeful state. Since it is not so vivid in your wakeful state, that doesnt mean that YOU are experiencing. Still that dream entity only is the Experiencer; not you. Why is that dream entity not so vivid in your wakeful state? It is because; your eyes are open to this real world. And since your eyes and consciousness are open to this real world, you are unable to see that fictitious entitys movements vividly. But that dream entity, that fictitious entity, when loses its strength in its visual form in your Wakeful state, gains strength in the Audible form. Its sound as words, become so vivid in your wakeful state and in turn visual in the sleepy state.
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Visual state also is ever present in the wakeful state without any decrease, but we are unable to see it vividly, since our eyes are open thats the point here. If you think about the other person, that other person is a dream entity in your thought. At the same time the you, who is looking at that other person is actually not the real you; it is that fictitious dream entity who resembles you, is looking and talking to that other person in your thoughts. That fictitious entity is experiencing the fictitious other person in your thoughts. The seen, which is the other person, and the seer which is You, both are thoughts. The other person is a thought; the seer of that other person, which you claim you is also a thought. The experienced is a thought and the experiencer is also a thought. The term thought is nothing but dream. Holding on to the word Dream, let us now see; the other person in your dream whom you think is a
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dream entity, the seer of that other person which is you, is also equally a dream entity. The Experiencer is a Dream. The Experienced is a Dream. When you experience happiness, pleasure, pain, sorrow, fear and the like, you imagine that you are experiencing. In that imagination, you imagine the other person and in the same way imagine yourself in a particular dress, in a particular pose, in a particular place with a particular set of words and allow your imaginary Entity to experience the imaginary scenario. And you identify yourself with that imaginary entity which resembles you and got convinced that it is you who are experiencing. Actually, you are not really experiencing anything. You are not the reason for Thoughts or Dreams also. You are not thinking intentionally, although it appears so. If you watch carefully, you can see that Thought comes automatically like a dream, taking a scenario, which consists of the other persons and the you-like entity, and it itself chooses a temperament, it itself chooses the
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dialogues, it itself plays a skit and gets away. It gets away taking the you- like entity, the other person and the objects seen - altogether. You believe that the other person and the objects perceived are thoughts and the you-like entity who is the Experiencer of those, is real. But, thought brings the you-like entity too, as it brings the other persons and the objects. And the whole of Human Beings and the scholarly world believes that the Experiencer is Real and hence teaches you what to do and what not to do for the Experiencers peace, for the Experiencer not to get disturbed. They have tried all the formulas and philosophies on themselves and on others to give Peace to the experiencer, but ended in vain. Now, one who understands this properly, should understand it directly while experiencing something. After understanding it directly in yourself, look at your physical body and be with it, because that is the real you as of now. You should make yourself, saying, let my physical body experience anything; either it is pain or pleasure, happiness or sorrow; I dont mind, but let me see whether I am
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Really experiencing dreaming.




And if you see the Truth, then that Truth will lead you. When thoughts arise, you must watch your physical face, physical hands and physical body and try to settle with it. You must not watch in the mirror. See and feel your physical body and its reactions totally because, you want that the Real you should experience something the real you being your physical body as of now. Once a youth went to a company for an interview to get a job. The interviewer questioned him, Think yourself in a situation, where you are trapped in a small hut which is burning heavily. And when you tried to escape through the window, you see a hungry tiger standing there waiting for its prey. The whole of hut is going to fall on your head in a minute. How will you escape from this danger? In asking this question, the interviewer gave a poor look at the youth, which gestured that there is no answer for this question. He gave five minutes time to answer this question and was very
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confident that this youth cannot give an answer of escape, because no previously interviewed has answered it. The youth humbly replied Sir, it is so easy a question; I will answer it in three seconds. The interviewer got astonished by this reply and asked can you? Come on tell me. But be sure that you are escaping from that danger. Now tell me the answer in three seconds. The youth replied sir, I will stop thinking it. The interviewer got confused at this answer and asked what do you mean? The youth replied sir, you told me to think of a situation, where I got trapped in a burning hut and outside it waits a hungry tiger. The only real escape from this dangerous situation is to stop thinking it. The interviewers head dropped down on seeing the youths wisdom.

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In being the Real you, which is your physical body as of now and looking only Its reactions, one is free from the illusive experiencer, who experiences pleasure, pain, happiness and sorrow.

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One will never say a snake, a fearful snake. Since a snake bites somebody in fear, one will never name it a fearful snake. Its fear arises only when it is confronted with some danger literally; else it is free.

In the same way, a person who suddenly jumps out on seeing a snake, can never be called a fearful
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person. Her or his body automatically reacts on seeing a snake, having the knowledge that its bite is dangerous. The body tries to protect itself. Babies who cry at night on suddenly hearing some noise are not afraid of that noise. The protective nature of that body reacts and wants to protect its ear and other organs and also wants to protect its peace. In the same way, a child may want to protect its little growing mind, from an unsmiling face. So it reacts accordingly. This protective nature, naturally exists in all the bodies, beyond ones control. Hence, this protective nature of the body should not be identified or called as FEAR. This protective nature of the body, which is wrongly termed as fear, arises only when the body literally confronts a danger. And it is free when it is out of that dangerous situation. Protective nature of the body, which is wrongly termed as fear, may exist till the death of the body. There is nothing to be worried regarding this type of fear and it is unnecessary for a person to create a self image about her or him, that they are fearful persons. On knowing well that this is not ones own personal form of fear, a wise person puts an end in trying to solve this issue in oneself, because it is not only
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natural, but it is beyond the control of oneself. By not worrying and regarding these types of protective nature which we name as fear, one automatically is not afraid of these types of fears. And when the fear ends with regard to fear (protective nature), then one is free from fear. Protective nature may arise at dangerous situations; but now, one allows it to react in its own way and wont worry that one is afraid, because one knows the Truth that it is the protective nature of the body that is in charge on a situation and an individual has no place in identifying herself or himself with it and ascertain that it is MY FEAR. Now, other than the literal confrontation of some danger, if a person assumes that any danger may occur, then that too is called as FEAR. This assumption which is named as fear, should be resolved in oneself, else life will lack peace. To see the literal Truth of this type of fear, shall we call it Assumption, rather than calling it FEAR? In trying to understand the Truth of fear, shall we strip and see to exactly what fear is? The Truth is, one assumes. This assumption is named as fear. If one is alone at night, one may assume that a ghost may come. She or he names this
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assumption as fear. If she or he names it as assumption, which is the actual Truth, then one can see that the identification with fear fades away. Since one doesnt identify this particular feeling as fear, then that feeling is not fear anymore. Then she or he would say I am assuming. They wont say I am afraid, because fear means assuming. They are dealing with reality now, thats why they say I am assuming. Hence, the feeling which was identified and called as Fear, is now been identified and called as Assumption. If somebody is afraid of the future, one should say, somebody is assuming about the future, because that is the reality. In the same way, if one approaches all types of fears in the name of assumption, one would see a difference altogether in ones life. a. I am afraid that someone may insult me I am assuming that someone may insult me. b. I am afraid how the society will look at me I am assuming how the society will look at me. c. I am afraid that ghost may come - I am assuming that ghost may come. d. I am afraid that any danger may occur I am assuming that any danger may occur. Likewise, one should start identifying.
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Assumptions will end by itself from a person, if she or he sees clearly that it is mere assumption. Moreover, if one sees how assumptions occur, one would clearly see that it is merely a dream. And when one clearly sees that it is a dream, one would also be very clear, that the Experiencer of that dream, is equally a dream entity. Now, summarizing the above discussed matters with regard to fear, we come to a stage, that My body will react to dangerous situations due to its protective nature and hence I will not say, it is MY FEAR. It is its protective nature; Let it have it; I am not afraid of that now and I am not going to try to find a solution to stop it, because it is naturally existing in every bodies for protection and hence I let go it. Next, the fear with regard to the future, insult, others opinions, ghosts, fear of getting beaten up and many such types of fears of the mind are not fears, but assumptions. It should be called as My assumptions; not My fears. And when the mind sees that it is assuming, which means when a person sees that she or he is assuming, and also evenly understand that
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assumption is a dream, which carries the illusive and fictitious Experiencer, the intensity of her or his assumption(fear) will start decreasing in a greater volume.

If a bad event happens, one is put up with sorrow. One will suffer for a period of time, depending upon that event. Now, there are events which put one in sorrow for a few minutes and there are some which puts one in sorrow for a few days and so on. Now, we shall take the sorrow which lasts for a few minutes. An unfair event has happened and one puts up with sorrow. This sorrow is due to that event which took place. After a few minutes, one may suffer not to that event itself, but to the sorrow that one has experienced due to that event. Now, one may suffer, on seeing ones suffering. And that sorrow continues for more minutes. Somebody said a wrong word about you. To that you are put up with sorrow at that immediate moment. You may suffer, thinking that your image has gone and may find a way to repair it. Lets say you take ten minutes, thinking how to repair it or how to rationalize it - to regain your image. After
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experiencing the agitation or suffering for a few minutes, from there on you may suffer not to that unfair event, but unknowingly, to the suffering that you have experienced due to that event. You become too sorrowful from there on, by seeing, that suddenly you have been put up with sorrow. You dont want sorrow to happen in you. And since suddenly sorrow has happened in you due to that wrong word or event, you couldnt tolerate that sorrow. On seeing that sorrow, you are unknowingly worrying more. Your further suffering from there on will be, for the sorrow that has occurred in you. Now, you suffer not that event; you start suffering your sorrow, unknowingly. First that event was the object of your sorrow, and in a few minutes the sorrow experienced due to that event, in turn becomes the object for your further sorrow. i.e. Sorrow with regard to an event is gone; now, sorrow with regard to sorrow is occurring. Sorrow with regard to some event is acceptable and also natural, but we human beings are caught in the net of an illusion which is called Mind. Deciphering the reality is so essential for a healthy life.
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Now, to explain it a bit; if somebody insults you with a word or an unfair event happens, your mind gets disturbed at that moment, thinking how to repair your image. The person who insulted you would have gone away. You are suffering, because your mind got disturbed by that word or instance. Moments later, you will suffer, because you see that you are suffering. Now, your further suffering is not for that insult or event, but because you see suffering has occurred in you. On seeing that suffering, you suffer more. Wrong word uttered against you or an event, has created a sorrow in you. But, the sorrow experienced due to that, creates much sorrow in you (unknowingly). A mind is disturbed due to an insult or event; and since the mind got disturbed, it is disturbed more, and because it is disturbed more one suffers more, and because one suffers more, ones mind is further disturbed and suffers. The suffering becomes the object and that object which is suffering, intensifies your suffering, and that intensified suffering again becomes the object and so on. We at last say I was in tremendous sorrow. In all these activities of the mind, it repeatedly thinks of that insult or unfair
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event and gives a reason, that it is due to that word or event that I was put up with tremendous sorrow. But actually, if one perceives rightly, the disturbed reaction to that event or word, has gone with that event instantly. Since you are disturbed at that instant, you couldnt tolerate that disturbance, and that intolerance multiplies itself and go on disturbs you, which we name as sorrow. This is the case in each and every type of sorrow; not only with regard to insult. Now, putting it precisely, if someone insults you and sorrow happens; suffer to that insult only, but dont suffer to the sorrow that has occurred in you. If you lose a job, precisely suffer to that only; if some expected thing didnt happen, precisely suffer to that only. Likewise, precisely suffer to that which you really confront with. Do not suffer your suffering. To see it more clearly, a human being who seems to be normal right now, without confronting any sorrow, doesnt seem to accept that she or he is not in sorrow. Actually, at present they are not confronting any sorrow, but why do they seem to be carrying a burden of sorrow inwardly. If one asks How is life? they would reply its painful. Why this reply? Because, they turn to their past sorrows
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which they have experienced, and holding on to that, they are sorrowful now in the present. The presents sorrow is due to the perception of the past sorrows. That means, previous sorrows becomes the object for their present sorrow. Those previous sorrows may have some other reason, thats why they were sorrowful at that time. Now, their present sorrows reason is their previous sorrows.

Previous sorrows become the object of presents sorrow. Sorrow has become the object,
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and the subject who is an individual, puts up with sorrow, looking at the object which is also sorrow. This illusive cycle of sorrows has no end, if one continues holding on with it. It is an evading illusion. When a stone is dropped into a silent pool, there occur many circles of ripples. The last circle of ripple is formed by its previous circle of ripple. That previous circle of ripple is formed by its previous and so on. In the same way, we are trapping ourselves with sorrow upon sorrow, due to the unawareness of it. One accumulates so many sorrows of the past - past being the previous day also; perceives it, and inwardly is in sorrow. Sorrow with regard to sorrow is Ignorance and Illusive. One who gets caught in this prison is never free. Sorrow with regard to an insult, a death, and to some outward situations of life is natural and acceptable. Those types of sorrows will end by itself when the situation changes. A wise person who thus perceives and understands the reality of sorrow, which a human being ignorantly carrying on in their mind, will
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automatically be released from that prison of sorrows, instantly. Since a human being puts an end in making sorrow an object for their worry, there occurs a transformation, and one would feel a greater release. We have been taught by the society in understanding the causes of sorrow. Perhaps, we all know the causes of sorrow. But, one who doesnt know what is sorrow itself, even in her or his greater understanding of the causes of sorrow, will never ever get a release from sorrow. If one understands rightly, one will not worry any sorrow, either of the pasts or may be of the futures and will be free in the Now. When one is alright in the Now, when one is free in the Now, then, that is the real path for one, to touch the bliss. Moreover, if one clearly sees how a sorrow occurs, one would clearly see that it happens by thoughts. And when one clearly sees that it is a thought, one would also clearly see, that the Experiencer of that thought, is a fictitious dream entity; not the Real You.
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The whole scholarly world, through many centuries, teaches the people saying change your thoughts, to change yourself. But actually, the Truth is vice versa; only if you change yourself, your thoughts will change. There are so many volumes and volumes of books written by so many scholars, analysts, psychologists, celebrities, priests, leaders and the like; all who preach the same thing over and over again to the youngsters and to all the people of the world, saying Bring change in your thoughts, so that you will change. They say, if you are a non-believer of anything, then change your thoughts and start having belief. If you are a fearful person, then change your thoughts from fear to bravery. If you have destructive thoughts, then exchange it for constructive thoughts and so on. Can a mere
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exchange of thoughts literally transform oneself? If this logic were practically True, then the whole world will not be in such a mess and chaos. If a persons thoughts are negative, fearful, destructive, agitative, stressful and so on, that means, that persons Being is negative, perhaps at that particular situation or as a whole. Thoughts are the outcome of a Being. Only if the Being changes, thoughts will change; not vice versa. Have you ever seen that a person is always the same person in their Being, throughout their life? Their thoughts, views, approach, anger, self-sympathy, all will be the same. Even if they change their thoughts and views, it will not last longer, since it is their Being which handles it once again. Depression, frustration, happiness to things is of course due to their thoughts, views and approach; but those thoughts, views and approach are due to their particular form of Being. How can one classify the Being? While you are sleeping, your Being is in a state of sleep, i.e. You are in a state of sleep. Thoughts which flow out of you will be in accordance with your State of Being, which is sleep. You cant
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control your dreams, because your Being is in a sleepy state. While your Being is in a semi sleep state, then thoughts or dreams will change itself accordingly. While your Being is in deep sleep, then thoughts will not occur to you. If a person is affected by a virus, then her or his thoughts would turn abnormal. If a person is so joyful, he would forgive his enemies at that moment. If a person has consumed alcohol, then his thoughts outflow will be different. It is the State of Being which determines ones thoughts. As everybody are Beings, each and every human being differ in State. That State can never be defined or deciphered by a normal mind even though it is erudite. What then shall one decide upon now in this context is, how should one transform ones own State of Being, so that
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eventually ones thoughts change. Conversely, if one starts from changing the thoughts, one will never end in changing ones Being. To put it in another way, the so-called negative Being is unconscious than a positive Being. Both the Beings are unconscious; but a negative Being is more unconscious than a positive Being in comparison. A negative person who is filled up with negative thoughts and emotions, if becomes more and more conscious, her or his Being changes into positive Being. And from there, her or his thoughts, views, approaches, anger, selfsympathy and the like, would turn positive. It is the centre which is in rift; its expression is the circumference, which are Thoughts. How could one become more conscious? Are there any steps, any chemicals, any prayer, any recitals, or any knowledge? The only path which leads the contemporary human being to the conscious state easily without much difficulty, directly without indirectly, Truly without hypothetically, is the path of ones own Body.

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If there is a wound in your palm and if somebody touches it slightly, that very touch will cause you pain. If that wound is pressed a bit, it causes you much pain. The pain is due to that wound; not due to somebodys touch or press. You argue that since it is touched by the other, it caused you pain, but indeed your wound is the real reason. If you cure that wound, then others touch or even a very good handshake will never cause you pain. Similarly, now our Being is in such a wounded state, that it brings all the negative thoughts, emotions and sufferings when encountered even a slight touch of situations in life. That touch may be of others words, failure in some endeavour, not getting the expected or some other situations alike. Therefore, how could our Being be cured and changed, so that eventually our thoughts and views change?

Ones own Body is that path.

No mental path will help. No assumptions, no prayers, no recitals, no knowledge, no yogic steps will possibly change a human being. And when a human being encounters a change in their Being, through the path of their own body, that changed Being will know what is the real prayer,
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real recitals, real steps, real contemplation, and real knowledge. From thereon, ones wound is cured and path is cleared. To change your Being, see your real physical bodys reactions and its silence both. See to how your physical Face and Body is reacting to a situation. Be with the expressions of your physical face and body only.

When your Mind talks by itself creating its own dialogues, See the Gap between two words that your Mind utters. You will feel an Alive Silent consciousness. When the Mind starts talking again, you again and again See the Gap between two words. That Gap will automatically start extending itself. That GAP is the DIVINE. Be with it.

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If anybody teaches a child or a youth to DREAM for their achievements, even if that gentleman be a president of some country or a record holding sports man or a renowned author or even a great psychologist; consider their teaching to be false and ignorance. These gentlemen may claim, that since they have dreamt something in their young age, they have achieved the same now in reality. Due to that reason, they spread this so-called logic all around the world in the child and youths mind, shouting from the roof top. Children and youth have started dreaming continuously nowadays, not knowing the danger of it, since this teaching is from the so-called great people of the world. Dreaming is such a big issue, which will put one away from reality. Its impact is such that, even if one faces reality, it will never allow one to live with reality. It is due to this Dream, human beings

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are unable to attain peace by whichever mode they try. Children and youth should be taught to live in Reality, so that their lives will be tremendously happy, peaceful and Truthful. If they are taught to dream, then it is like adding oil to the flame. By nature, they dream up to a certain level to a certain period. Elders should maturely bring them up from their Dreams and show them the Reality. Conversely, if Dreams are emphasized, life with its Beauty and Reality gets away through the front door. If a mango tree, in its young age, dreams continuously that itll grow so many coconuts at its branches in its future, is it possible? What will happen to that mango tree, after putting all the strenuous efforts towards achieving its dream, end in vain? Will it not be depressed? Will its mind not get deeply hurtful, thinking that it has failed in life? Will not that poor mango tree, even cannot bring mangoes properly due to its unhappiness? Will a dream come true? The fact is, the whole of human beings are attracted by this philosophy, that if you continuously dream your desire to become something, you will achieve it.
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Since it appeals too much, nobody wants to deny it or even analyze it. Knowing well that this philosophy has a greater appeal, the celebrities knowingly or unknowingly propagandize this path in their speech and writings to the youngsters and eventually exploit and corrupt the whole future world as they have corrupted the past world. On the first hand, what are your dreams? Is it not your desires? Now, to become something or achieve something, is desire a primary need or potentialities? Can one first of all know ones potentiality and from there on taking that as a source, create target for achievements? Rather than sourcing from dreams or desires? If in a young Mango trees mind, mangoes occur very often in its dreams, even if it is lonely planted among coconut trees, is it a Dream of that mango tree or is it its potentiality which is highlighting in its mind?

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Is it not its potentiality? And eventually in its future, if it grows bunch of mangoes all over at its branches, can that Mango tree ascertain that since it continuously dreamt about mangoes in its young age, now in reality it has become true? Or in turn, can it preach every other young trees around, to Dream continuously about any fruit they desire and work hard toward it, so that those young trees will achieve the same in their future? Is it not condensed ignorance on the part of that Mango
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tree, howsoever big it has grown or howsoever much fruits it bears? If in a youths mind, automatically certain dreams or thoughts occur often targeting something, then that is really from their source and from their particular potentiality, which highlights through the mind. In following that one achieves the same. It is ones potentiality which exists as a seed within, comes out as dreams or thoughts often or occasionally to ones mind and at last the same seed grows into a tree or a plant or a bush. After growing into a tree, one thinks that it is due to their strong thoughts about it made them achieve it. Actually it is vice-versa, and the efforts taken toward achieving the same are also pushed up by those potential thoughts behind. If you sleep at night with an empty stomach, what dreams will occur to you? Have you ever watched it? In your dream, you will be surrounded with various foods. You will be eating something in your dream. The next morning if you dont take your breakfast, then consciously, thoughts about food will arise in you. Those thoughts will push your body toward the food. After having a meal with full content, will you say My dream has come true? or will you say since I continuously dreamt about
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food, situations happened automatically and I have achieved it at last? First of all, did you intentionally think about food or those thoughts are a happening in you? Those thoughts happen in you; it is a highlight without your control, to fulfill something. What is the source of those thoughts? Is it not hunger? Without hunger, if you go on intentionally think about food continuously, will your body be really moved towards food? Even if you find food, will you eat it? Will your heart and mind which has put all the efforts to achieve food, be satisfied, seeing the served food in front of you? Dreams or Thoughts which are not from a proper source which is hunger, ends in dissatisfaction even after achievement. The whole of human beings live in utter unhappiness and dissatisfaction, even after accomplishing so many things in their life. Why? Before accomplishing something, they take their desire as a source and not hunger as a source. Thoughts which are the outcome of desires are completely different in dimension from the thoughts which are the outcome of hunger. Without knowing this, if you go on chase your dreams, because your celebrities
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have said so, you will be living an unhappy life, a frustrated life and a life of mental agony, like the people which you confront now. Those who preach so, will always be on a go without knowing where to end, because it is their self comparison with others that is on a go. And they cover up this dirty attitude with an alluring philosophy Achievements are endless. There is no apparent demarcation line to find out which thoughts are from hunger. This chaotic society has crowded ones mind with desires for achievements - in the name of making proud ones country, in the name of making proud ones so-called cult, in the name of success and so on. When a person make less her or his desires and dreams, she or he would probably confront their real hunger. Hunger often highlights its thoughts via crowded desires, but one is forced by the V.I.Ps of their society, to follow the crowd. If the current generation starts discriminating between the right knowledge to be known and the wrong knowledge to be thrown, they become a New river, uncontaminated by the ignorant past.
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Find to really what your real Being hungers for and then achieve it. Dont simply dream.

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Intelligence in a technology or in an outward system is different from possessing intelligence with regard to life, which consists of relationships, happiness, sorrow, fear, disease, competition, accomplishments, hopes, death, and so on. Right intelligence means, that which shows things as they are. Right intelligence will show the truth of what is sorrow, fear, hopes and the like and hence right approach would be taken. Right intelligence uses its intelligence to Know the lifes issues. The wrong intelligence which tried to Solve the problem of relationships, sorrow, fear, hopes, loneliness and so on, by the way of explanation, analysis and rationalization, have never solved those yet.

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Now, how can we further deal with it? If any of the dominants asserts that they will Solve the human problems, shall we confirm that it is wrong intelligence? Or shall we go into this matter a bit? Except a certain things, too much of detailing a thing about the main issues of life, is actually to be considered as wrong intelligence. Thats why things should not be explained too much. For an example; if somebody explains about some Truth, that explanation alone is actually not the Truth. Holding on to the explanation, the learner may arrive at the Truth, in due course of time. Truth is different from the explanations about it. To the major issues of life, if detailed too much, the learner will get stuck in the details of it and will not proceed towards the actual Truth. Why? Because, explanations will lead to arguments. Explained content does not contain the whole Truth in it. It contains a shadow of Truth only. One may get confused if the other gives the opposite explanation, because those opposite explanations also may contain a shadow of Truth in it. Arguments take its stance only in Explanations; never in Truth. One may tend to forget, that Truth is entirely different from the explanations about it. She or he
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may take the explanations for Truth and hence may not proceed towards the actual. On knowing the explanations, they may think that they know the Truth. In following the explanations, they may think they follow the Truth. One may completely forget, that Truth and explanations about it are entirely different things. If somebody explains about colours to a blind man in an understandable manner, does that mean that the blind man has understood what colours are, even if he possesses greater acumen and intelligence? In turn, after learning volumes of explanations about colours, if the blind man explains so beautifully about colours to the other blind men, does that mean he really knows colours? What then is actual knowing? If eyes are given to a blind man, instantly he will see the Truth of colours. And he will throw away all the explanations in which he lived with before, for he now knows, all those explanations are wrong & illusive, and indeed one need not have any explanation at all. The only need is Eyes.

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With Truth, there is no argument. If one knows the Sacred, then there is no argument. If one knows only the explanations of the Sacred, then there is no end to argument and moreover one will never proceed towards the Sacred at all, because these too much explanations will never allow her or him to arrive at the Sacred. One is oblivious of the fact that knowledge about the Truth is different from Truth. Thats why one must be very careful with the wrong authors, scholars, elucidators and the brainy birds of this world. Giving importance to knowledge, which are mere explanations, denies the attainment of the Truth. Whatever Truth it may be; not necessarily about the Sacred. Therefore, that which promises a solution by the way of too much explanation, is actually to be considered as Wrong intelligence. If one sees a simple Truth, one should act accordingly. And from that act, knowledge about it follows. But, if one goes after knowledge and explanations on the first hand, then possibly action is denied.

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Wanting to act first and then know; wanting to know first and then act are two completely different things. The knowledge which the action gave, may be entirely different from the knowledge which was prescribed for action. Wanting to know first, before action, is the path of wrong intellectuals. Wanting to act first and thereby Knowing is the path of right intellectuals. The centre of the wrong intellectuals is fear, because she or he wants to be safe and be confirmed before Acting. The centre of the right intellectuals is innocence, because she or he acts first, like a child. How can one learn swimming? If one continually asks questions and go on acquire knowledge on the first hand, from books or from the swimming teacher, until one is satisfied with the confirmation on their safety, can one learn swimming? Can such a type of person get
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convinced with regard to his safety, to whatever answer been given? Will he jump into the pool? They will go on postpone their action till the end of their life. Conversely, the innocents will jump into the pool and with the help of the teacher, she or he will learn all types of swimming. In following the path of wrong intellectuals and wrong scholars, there is no end in Understanding, and therefore there comes no moment for one to completely act. At one point of time, wrong intellectuals will get caught in contrary Truths in the field of knowledge, whereby ones action is totally at stake. In following the path of innocents, one acts first and out of that direct contact with things, one knows. Action is powerful than knowledge. Knowledge is never the power in understanding lifes issues. One shall ask, Are explanations unnecessary for Action? Explanations are necessary for action, but it should contain only the crux of the matter. One should condense many lines of explanation, to one or two lines. And with the support of that, one shall
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Act. And in that right action, one shall arrive at the Truth, which surpasses all lines. What if the innocents act wrongly a few times on something and learning from it, then rightly act? Is Right action of the innocents and right action of the intellectuals both mean the same? Is not the innocents Right action has life in it? Energy in it? Learning in it? Is not the wrong intellectuals Right action, mere a photocopy of their partial knowledge? It is from the fearful persons, that the wrong intelligence had sprouted. Wrong intelligence ceases innocence and babyishness. Without innocence and babyishness, peace is a mirage. The whole of the scholarly world which explains the meaning of life, purpose of life, saying what to do and what not to do to attain peace, are themselves not in peace. Their peace is also a photocopy. We are not targeting the right scholars and wise people of the world here, please. People are being exploited by the wrong intellectuals for so long a time. People, who are being able to see only the intelligence part of
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these scholars, are unable to see its wrongness and its destiny. One should adopt only right intelligence, and under that light should see whether all the problems of life could be solved. If a human being observes his previous state of maturity or stage, itll be beneficial in understanding certain major issues. If one observes her or his childhood days and the problems and experiences occurred therein, she or he would also observe that the same experiences and problems of childhood do not exist now. While in childhood, you were in one world. In it, you possessed many things and due to that, you would have experienced the feeling of joy, grief, hope, jealousy, love, hate, fear, compassion and so on. Suppose there lived a few scholarly and intelligent children who promises the way of ending your cry, ending your grief and put you up in everlasting joy; you will probe them for guidelines. And of course! They give dozens. And in following a dozen steps or in analyzing and learning about sorrow, fear, hate, jealousy and so on, will you be able to get rid of those experiences? Or, actually
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there are no answers or solutions to those problems, while being and remaining in that stage?

But now, after coming out of that childhood and being a youth or aged, the doll which was a problem to you or so many things alike which haunted you and put in grief, have altogether come to an end by itself; without you giving a solution to it, without you finding an answer to it. How? It is because of a shift of one maturity to another, from one stage to another. There are no solutions or answers to problems in the childhood world.
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In the same way, there are no answers or solutions, while living and remaining in the same field of maturity or stage. When a shift of maturity happens naturally, then the stage or maturity which you lived in previously, and its un-solvable problems ends entirely.

Only in this way the problems can be ended. Not in sitting and solving it with the help of scholars or priests. The scholars or priests, who offer

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solutions and answers, do equally live in the same field of maturity. Now, what the youth perceives as problems and joy experiences will end by itself when they grow up to other maturity level. So, childhood is a world, teen is a world, middle- age is a world and very old age is also a world. There are no answers or solutions anywhere to anybody to the problems and issues pertaining a stage. One who enters a world of certain stage or maturity and starts experiencing, should not say I will solve all the problems, answer all the questions pertain to that world or stage, and then will come out maturely and an all-knowing person. The lifes truth is formulated in such a way, that one can only shift her or his consciousness or maturity or wisdom to a level forward, and cease the previous level. Not by solving it, by remaining in the same field of maturity or stage, by using any formula even of the highest standard. Hence, a girl and a boy, women and men, should possess right intelligence and understand that the problems which exist in this life, belongs to its stage and maturity, and that stage determines
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ones desires, views, hopes, satisfaction, violence, greed, fear, sorrow, self-centered activities and the like, and one should understand it basically in their Heart. It is not that one should not solve the problem when faced. Ones mind will automatically go into the process of relieving itself from a problem, with the background of right intelligence, wholeness and wisdom. How to shift the conscious level or the maturity level, so that the problems and experiences end? The shift of maturity should not be horizontal, from youth to middle-aged maturity or from middle-aged to old-aged maturity - It should be VERTICAL. Vertical shift ceases the entire stages problems. This vertical shift happens, when one sees ones own physical bodys reactions and feelings, while experiencing something; i.e. While experiencing some sorrow, one should see how their physical face and body reacts and experiences sorrow.

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While experiencing fear, one should see how their physical face and body reacts and experiences fear. While experiencing happiness, one should see how their physical face and body reacts and experiences happiness. In the same way, one should see how their physical face and body reacts and experiences to whatever one is confronted with. On being with ones own physical bodys reactions and activities, suddenly ones maturity is shifted Vertically. This vertical shift of maturity, ceases all the horizontal stages (youth to middle-aged maturity or middle-aged to old-aged maturity) of ones life, along with its problems of sorrow, stress, fear, frustration and the like, and places one in an ageless state. If this shift happens, then she or he possesses Right Intelligence.

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As in an audio system, the quality of the bass, treble, voice, is the outcome of its frequency level, which has been adjusted through an equalizer, the inward structure of a human being contains Love, kindness, Jealous, Pride, Fear, Greed, lust, Self sympathy, Hatred, Robbery, Acumen and so on, all of which comes out in its level of frequencies, which we normally call human features, which varies in quality, according to the outcome of its frequency level. For an example, the frequency of Love and kindness in a particular human being may be to its seventy percent level, hatred may be to its forty percent, jealousy may be to its thirty percent, acumen to its fifty percent, greed may be to its sixty percent level, robbery to five percent and so on. To the other person, these frequencies may vary, i.e. the frequency of robbery may be to its seventy percent, love and kindness to its twenty percent, greed may be to its seventy percent and so
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on and so forth. A person contains all these features in a particular frequency, in her or his being. As these features vary in percentage, she or he confronts all these traits in her or him in its level of frequencies in the course of their life and confuses whether their character is good or bad. To put in a nutshell, in a human beings character, all the seeds are sown. The seed of love and kindness, the seed of jealous, the seed of greed, self sympathy, pride, fear, hatred, robbery, acumen, lust and so on. A few seeds are already grown to a particular level, at the time of birth itself. For instance, love and kindness to a particular height; jealous to a particular height; greed, sexual desire, hatred, acumen etc. all to a particular height. A woman or a man who sees their love & kindness which has grown to seventy five percent level, may also see their greed or sexual desire to the same height. They are love & kind to other beings, and at the same time they may be sexually driven or they may see that, at times they are jealous also. At times, when their sexual or jealous or greed flow through them and act in its particular way, they regret for that action which took place.
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These courses of actions repeatedly occur in their life, and as a result one starts repenting for their past actions. This has formed a basis for the evil doers to argue and even win in their argument. How? A thief can argue that all around him are thieves. A thief is called a thief, because that stealing seed in him has grown up to the maximum than the other seeds. With the other persons, this stealing seed might have grown to five percent only and still with the others, this seed
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may remain only as a seed, without even grown to one inch. A thiefs argument will be, Are you not desiring for others property? Are you not evading tax? Are you not taking extra commission than your work? Are you not providing with false bills to your company and claim money? And so on. In this situation, the victim of the argument may have provided with false bills, but her or his Love seed might have grown to its seventy percent. In no way she or he is compared to that thief. Due to the non-perception of this truth, they lose the argument with a thief and also start regretting for their actions. An evil person can argue to a good person saying were you not jealous? Were you not greed at that instance? Did you not show your hatred on that occasion? And so on; merely to justify his own jealous, greed and hatred. A good person doesnt have any argument. But, Truth lies beyond arguments. The Truth is,
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since everybody contains all the seeds in their being naturally, to which seed they pour more water and made it a big tree, reveals a particular human being. Life is such that, if you grow a mango tree, side by side other small plants, bushes will also grow; even thorn plants. See how a sexually addicted person rationalizes his act? He will argue, Dont you have sexual desire? Did you not do mistakes in your life with regard to sex? What is wrong in sex? And so on. Using this ignorant argument, the filmmakers go on justify their dirty pictures. How does a seed grow? If you go on create situations to a particular seed, that particular seed starts growing. Continuous situations are the manure for a seeds full growth. Does not this society go on create situations for the seed of lust, hatred, pride, violence, Greed, jealous, crooked intelligence and so on, in the name of knowledge, competition, in being top than the other, being dissatisfied with the present level and the like?
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These situations, which has been continually created by this society, which consists of so many dominants, totally deny the manure for love & kindness, humility, acceptance, patience, forgiveness, deep understanding of what is what and so on. If in a human being, love & kindness has grown to an enough level by nature, they need not repent about their other traits activities.

They need not regret for their occasional ugly acts, because it is like many small plants
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surrounding that big tree of Love & Kindness. They should identify only with their big tree. They should not identify themselves with their small plants of lust, jealous, greed and the like and regret for the acts, which came out of their small plants. Ones originality is their big tree only; not the small plants that is surrounding that big tree. If she or he wisely stops watering those small plants, itll lose its strength. What is watering? Dont be in a situation which kindles those seeds. How to avoid situations? Disassociate from the evil persons. It is the wrong association which brings situations and provokes the evil seeds, and puts one in regret and makes the life turbulent. What does the term evil and good denote? We need not go into the fanciful explanation of it, but rather put it simply.

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If in a human beings character, love, kindness, forgiveness is not present to an enough level, then her or his act is evil, even though they may possess high intelligence & acumen, knowledge, various skills and so on. A highly intelligent person who denies love & kindness will ruin the world with his intelligence. A skillful person, whether she or he be skillful in sports, technology, art, music, dance, communication, administration and the like, who deny love & kindness, can only be ruthless and cruel to the world. Hence, that which denies love & kindness is Evil. See to how the whole world right now at present, gives much importance to self comparison, pride, popularization, lust, violence, self sympathy, competition, crooked intelligence, invalid knowledge, unnecessary skills and the like? Are they providing manure to love, kindness, acceptance, endurance, humility, right knowledge or do they totally deny these? It is like a group of doctors go on operating a patient, who is already dead. Their intention is
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success in their operation, but they are ignorant to the fact, that the patient is dead long before. The corruption today, which one faces in all phases of life, is due to the lack of love & kindness on the part of the corruptionist. Other than love & kindness, the dominants and the tainted dictators of the world, in almost all the fields, continuously manure the seed of lust, fear, greed, envy, pride, self sympathy, self comparison and so on, in the hearts and minds of the people, cunningly in so many ways and intentionally make the people Repent, which converts the peoples life from light to darkness, from practical to delusive, from bravery to fear, from joy to depression, from life to death. What is it that acts as a barrier to love and be kind? What is lacking in a person, which denies love, kindness and forgiveness? Is it self awareness? Actually, one of the reason is lack of understanding ones own self. One has never understood, that the feelings of the other and ones own are both one. If one observes ones own sexual feelings and its ways, she or he comes to know the
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sexual feeling of everybody & every creature. If one observes ones own longing in it, she or he understands that others longing in it, is as same as ones. If one observes in oneself, that in sex, occasionally one slips and does some mistake, she or he will understand others slip and mistakes also. This understanding of ones own feelings, leads to the understanding of the others feelings, which eventually leads to forgive others. It is not- My sexual feeling . That feeling is common; not yours in particular. If one understands that these feelings are not ones own, but common, then there is the right understanding of the other. In the same way, if one sees ones own jealous or greed in certain situations, one should know that it is the same in others also. Others may live permanently with it, but the way you wish to rationalize it, others too are rationalizing it. It is a chance to understand the other. Thats why self awareness or self understanding is so essential. Every happiness, every sorrow, every fear, every longing, every mistakes, etc; that one sees in
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oneself in the course of her or his life are common feelings; not ones own in particular. Hence, in understanding that all the feelings are common in every creature; by the way of seeing it in oneself, one throws away their feeling of guilt, and also forgives, loves, and be kind to the other. Now, if somebodys Greed, Hatred, Pride, violence, sex, Jealous seeds grow into big trees denying the seed of love, kindness and the like, they cant rationalize their act by pinpointing others greed, jealous, hatred, which exist as small plants around the tree of love & kindness. Why should plants of Greed, Self sympathy, Jealous, Hatred, lust and the like exist in a kind person? The prime reason is, to live the life of all the personalities around and understand. An ugly persons life, with which she or he lives throughout, will be lived by a kind person for five minutes or occasionally or still even for a period of time, in their life. Having done ugliness for five minutes or occasionally or for a period of time in their life, a kind person need not repent for her or his act, but rather should understand the other
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personality, who lives with that trait of ugliness permanently. One should see ones own self during the time of an ugly act if done, and understand its origin, ones helplessness and ones justification upon it while acting. If in this way one understands oneself, it is the understanding of the other human beings also, who lives with that ugliness permanently. That is why, nature forces the lovable and kind people to do ugly matters, sometimes. A wise person thus understands the proceedings of nature, and throws away their guilt feeling from their heart and mind. Those who have grown the poisonous trees in themselves other than the tree of nectar, which is sheer Compassion & Love, should cut those poisonous trees to the root, with the axe of wisdom and right knowledge; else consequences will be unbearable. A sexually addicted persons sex completely different from a kind persons sex. is

Sex without love & kindness is cruel. Sex with love & kindness is normal. It is the love & kindness which balances every attitude and feelings, and
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controls one in not becoming a corruptionist, because her or his kindness and love will pull them and balance. This is not only with regard to sex, but to every other attitude. Love is the cure. A mind which always repents, is an ignorant mind - Ignorant to the proceedings of life. Such a mind is a weak mind, by which real peace will never be attained. The so-called do-gooders of the world, forces one to repent, as if they are aware to what mistakes are really. Change will happen in a human being naturally on its own accord, to the very right level and at the very right time, if one understands the proceedings of life. But, if repentance is emphasized, then one starts acting Repentance; one starts doing repentance, which is so poisonous to the mind, and which will put the human society in an unfathomable pit. Such a human being will never come upon the real Truth, for she or he is prisoned forever in illusion.
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They will perceive laughter and joy as sins; floods of regretful tears from their eyes as virtue. They have lost their life and make others lose their life. They can never know even an iota of REAL PEACE. Hence, dont repent intentionally. Understand wisely the proceedings of life, and act righteously now in the present, throwing away all the evil.

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We are discussing about the science, which is discovering the origin of this universe; not the science of technology. The physicists, who prove innumerable Truths about this universe, taking every matter into account, can never be argued just like that. To know the origin of all, one naturally goes into some object and its root, to find out the Truth of the matter. And to every layer they peel, another supports the previous and acts as a cause for the previous. So, what is that one that lies interior and acts as a cause for everything outside and also omnipresent? Physicists who recently discovered something, names it as HIGGS BOSON. First of all, a physicist, who wants to discover about the cosmos, is part of cosmos. A person who sees a mountain, the valley, the forest, the trees, the animals, the human beings, sun, moon etc and

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astonished by the beauty of nature, belongs to that nature.

Similarly, physicists who discover about this universe are not apart from it as a subject and then
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analyze the object, which is universe. He belongs to that object, which he is discovering. He belongs to the same universe, which he is discovering. The root of the object and the root of the subject who is discovering must be the same, since both belong to the same universe. The observed and the observer are one. If he finds the root of something outward in an object, it is the same root lies within the subject, who is the discoverer. If he says HIGGS BOSON is the root of everything and is OMNIPRESENT, then the sayer of it is inevitably HIGGS BOSON. When the sayer is HIGGS BOSON, then it should be the HIGGS BOSON, which has discovered HIGGS BOSON. Observer and the observed must be one. If it is one, the term both is meaningless, because the term both creates duality and hence Truth is denied. There is only that so-called HIGGS BOSON. If a physicist say HIGGS BOSON is the root of everything and it is omnipresent and that it is the
Redline Foundation | 78

final and end of discovery, then that gentleman must feel the HIGGS BOSON within himself and as himself. If He doesnt see directly, that He is the so-called Higgs boson, then his discovery is not complete. For the kind information of these gentle physicists; To find out the actual origin and root of this cosmos, which is OMNIPRESENT, one should not go into the objects for discovery. Since objects and subject are same, one should go deep into the subject, which is oneself. If one goes into the object, one creates duality instantly as subject and object, analyzer and the analyzed. And whatever the analyzer discover and utter about the analyzed, how can it be OMNIPRESENT, when still DUALITY persists? With regard to OMNIPRESENT discovery is concerned, how can the DUALITY between the analyzer and the analyzed exist? The Truth of the objects discovered, will be naturally the same as the Truth of the subject, which is the perceived mind. The inward structure of ones mind and the inward structure of the objects should be naturally the same.
Redline Foundation | 79

Mind, Space and the Objects are one. If Mind is not; Space and the whole cosmos is not. How? When you see something in this world through your mind, what is that Seeing? In your seeing, only objects are present. Isnt it? In your seeing, is there a demarcation line which determines, from here on starts the objects? Is there a line which demarcates between the seer and the seen? You can demarcate from your physical body, but where is the demarcation in your very Seeing? Between the seer and the seen, at the time of seeing, at which point end the seer and at which point begin the seen? There is no line drawn between the seer and the seen. There is only Seeing, which consists of the Objects and Mind both. And hence, there is no duality between the seer and the seen. Mind and objects are one unitary process. You can say that the brain see through your eyes. That means your mind starts from your brain and end in your eyes and that the objects start from your eyes. You say this, because if you close your eyes objects are not seen. But actually, after closing
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your eyes, you see your eyelid which is dark. Now, that eyelid is the object. Since your eyelid is dark or black, that doesnt mean that it is not the object. Objects are always present in one form or other. The seer is always connected with the seen (objects). If the Seen is not, the Seer is also not. The seer is not aloof and independent of the seen(objects). The Mind is not aloof and independent of objects. In fact there is no mind, but only objects exist. Or in other words, in fact objects are nothing but your Mind only. If Space is not; Mind and Cosmos is not; because, to perceive something, there must be Space between the perceiver and the perceived; if Space is not, perceiver as Mind and perceived as Cosmos is not. Hence, the mind and the cosmos dont exist, if Space is not. If Cosmos as objects is not; Mind and Space is not; because, the concept of Space comes only when objects exist. Objects exist in certain forms. Space exists between two forms of objects or among many forms of objects. When objects with forms dont exist, then Space is naturally not, eventually Mind is not. Now, what is ones mind as of now?
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Mind is nothing but all the perceived outward objects put together and its automatic movement within. In your mind, what all you see is nothing but the objects, people and the like, which you have seen outside you, in this world. How does it actually move in your thoughts, as if it has life in it? In your thought, if a person walks, how does he actually walk? Who makes him walk and move in your thoughts? Suppose an object is moving in your dreams; will you take that object and analyze the cause of its movement and at last find that it is Higgs Boson that is present within that object? Even if you really find that it is Higgs boson which has moved that object in your dream and it is omnipresent, who is the seer or analyzer of it? Does not the seer belong to the same field of dream? If you touch a car in your dream or thoughts, are not the car and the hands which touched the car, both are dreams? So, as per the discovery is concerned, the socalled Higgs Boson which is omnipresent, is both in
Redline Foundation | 82

the car and also in the hands and body of that person who touched that car. But in the actuality, is not the car, the hands which touched that car, the space, the people whom you saw, all are dreams, which exist upon the consciousness of yours? Is not your consciousness the real origin and the root cause for all the movements of the objects and people in your dreams? In your dream, the perceived - which are objects and people, is a thought; the perceiver which is the you-like entity is also a thought; the space perceived is a thought; that world is a thought; what all existed there is a thought, isnt it? Within that field, can a discovery about the origin and the root of all those things done by a perceiver, who belongs to the same field of dream, be True and Complete? It can never be; but within that dream field, one can see and experience everything as real; but the Really Real is your consciousness behind. Could one be aware of that consciousness, while one experiences a dream? It is due to the forgetfulness of that consciousness one has been thrown into a dream world, isnt it?
Redline Foundation | 83

Is not the whole thought or dream, run on consciousness? Is not consciousness, the real reason and base for thoughts and its projected worlds existence? Is not consciousness, the real origin and cause for the movements of that dream world? First of all, how can that perceiver find out consciousness, when he exists as a perceiver? Are not perceiver, perceived and the space, all are upon consciousness? Hence, to come upon consciousness, should not the Thought or Dream, which consists of the perceiver, perceived and the space, end? Or vice versa; is not consciousness should wake, so that Thought or Dream, which contains the perceiver, perceived and the space, end? Is this true only with regard to a dream world or is this also true to the actual world which we perceive and experience?

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The consciousness which created the dream world and made move the perceiver and the perceived, may exist in the head of a person in her or his wakeful state, in the throat while in a dreamy state and at the chest area in the deep sleep state. The consciousness which created this socalled actual world and make move all the perceivers and the objects, cannot be in the perceivers head, throat or chest; because the perceiver, her or his brain, body, their movements, space, objects, all are upon that greater consciousness. That Greater Consciousness is the origin and the sustainer of cosmos. Even as, the iron moves by the pull of magnet; perceiver, perceived and everything move by the presence of this Sacred Consciousness. The movement of the iron is not from the core of the iron; actually it is not at all inside the iron. In the same way, the movements of the objects, sun, moon, people etc, are not from them.

The origin of this physical cosmos perceived is not in the physical cosmos at all.

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Actually, do we name as Space, to something which exists or are we calling nothingness as Space? Can anybody see Space or could one see only objects? Can anybody feel Space? We are feeling the things which exist in Space; we are seeing the things which exist in Space; not the Space itself. For the moment, taking Space into existence; if you walk from one place to other in Space, are you moving or are you not at all moving? If you move, then that movement happens in Space. If you go to the other town via car, are you really moving or does the car move?

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It is the car that moves; not you. Similarly, while you walk, does your body move or you? What are you? Are you not same in your sitting, standing, lying or walking? Does that sameness move? If you are the same sameness in all the movements of your body, then actually, you are not moving; because you are that Sameness right from your childhood. Only the body moves and grows; not the sameness which is you. As we sit in a car without moving and experience different scenarios due to the movement and turn of the car, our Being doesnt move by the movement of our body. This can be confirmed, by watching ones own physical body continuously in all its movements, starting from the tiny movements of ones fingers to major movements such as running or spinning. If you consider yourself as mind, then that mind also moves. Taking you as mind for the moment, the mind moves even while the physical body is not moving, isnt it? Now, the mind moves into its projected world, taking a fictitious body. And that fictitious body moves in fictitious Space. Is that
Redline Foundation | 87

really your movement? You are not moving, even if your mind moves to other continent, Isnt it? Similarly if you watch, you are not moving in the physical world also. You are seeing and experiencing different scenes in front of you; thats all. Like a car, your body takes you to different places and you see and experience all those, without moving inside. As the identification with the mind makes you feel that you are experiencing, the identification with the body makes you feel, that you are moving. Are you not really immovable, both in your mind world and in the physical world? What is that SAMENESS in you? Is it not a WATCHFUL BEING? Is not that WATCHFUL BEING, veiled by thoughts and body? Is it not, only the thought and the physical body move, and not your WATCHFUL BEING?

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Is not your WATCHFUL BEING same, while being in the physical world or while experiencing the mental world via dreams and thoughts? Does that WATCHFUL BEING move or does the mind with its fictitious body and the body of this physical world move? Is not, WATCHFUL BEING immovable? And when WATCHFUL BEING is immovable, does that not mean it is beyond Time, since Time is related only with movements? Is not therefore, that WATCHFUL BEING ageless? Is it not, hence, Eternal? Is not that WATCHFUL BEING, the Real YOU? In a nutshell, you are a Being, combined with non-movement and also with movement. The nonmovement part of your Being is larger and the movement part of your Being is superficial like waves of the Ocean. To that which moves, of course there is Space and Time.

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Taking ourselves as bodies at the moment, we will see that, between two persons there is a space. Between your body and others body there exists space. So, space starts from your body and ends in another body. Your body is in a form. That form determines the space. If you are in a very small form like an insect, then to you, space exists starting from your small form. Your form is the reason for the experience of space. If you are formless, then can space exist? Can you see space? If you then too see the space, then actually you are in a very minutest form; not in a formless state. If you are really formless, then there is no space to you, because there is no line drawn between you and space. And in that formless state if you observe the objects, are those objects outside you or upon you? It can never be outside you. To say something as outside, there must be something as inside. To say something as inside, there must be a form of any kind. If there were no form, there is no concept of Inside at all. To a formless, there is no inside or outside. Hence, the observation of all, entirely differs. The observation of all the people, creatures, world, sun, moon etc. is not from a particular centre as observer, because any centre is a form. When the
Redline Foundation | 90

form ends, movements end, because movement is related only with forms. If a person identifies with the non-movement part of her or his Being, then She or He merges and tastes that ALIVE SILENT BEING, that exists beyond forms and which exists as all. So, space exists as long as form exists. Distance and Time are the particulars of space. Time comes into being when there exist movements. Movement happens only to forms. To a formless being or to a being who has identified and merged with the non-movement part; Space, Distance and Time do not exist. In your dream, your mind carries the perceiver, space and the perceived. The perceiver being the You-like fictitious entity, the perceived being the people, sun, moon and the like, all existing in space. The total dream takes place upon your consciousness and it is this consciousness which moves everything, and this consciousness is the origin, source of the mind and its particulars. This Consciousness is that WATCHFUL BEING.

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When you suddenly wake up from your dream, what happens to the persons you perceived, the space you perceived, the objects you perceived, in fact where is the You who touched a car? The You, the space, the perceived do not exist. All become illusion. All the forms that are confronted in dreams, ceases to be. When you wake up from your dream, you immediately identify yourself with the gross bodys form and thats why again one is caught in the same net on a different dimension of existence. If one is watchful over ones physical body, by and by one will taste that CONSCIOUSNESS or WATCHFUL BEING, which is Alive and Serene and which exists as ones I am itself. Or, if one watches the gap between two words of their mind, whenever words occur, one would have the taste of that Immovable and Immortal Consciousness or WATCHFUL BEING, which exists as the I am in oneself. This Greater WATCHFUL BEING can never be said as WITHOUT FORMS; but can be said as BEYOND FORMS, because it includes all Forms. It is an ALIVE BEING. This Greater Consciousness or WATCHFUL BEING is the real
Redline Foundation | 92

IAM or Amness in everybody, in every beings, in every stone and mud. BIG BANG THEORY?

What does the theory of Big bang proposes? According to that theory, if a honourable scientist propounds, that the Big bang is accidental and one can even create an artificial Big bang; we, as a normal human being, would like to clarify only one thing. At the time of the Big bang, does the
Redline Foundation | 93

future of every human beings and creatures were pre-destined? Suppose every persons future is predestined; i.e. right from the beginning, how many people will be born on this earth, what are all the professions each and everybody will choose; with what diseases a particular human being will be affected and at what age; how many children a particular person will have and how long those children live; what are all the inventions and discoveries will happen, when and by whom it would happen and so on and so forth. In a nutshell, if each and every thing is pre-destined, then that Big bang is not accidental; it is incidental. It doesnt stop with creation alone; it is in charge of all the events, even to the very minutest; like the fall of a leaf between two stones, in a deep forest. The gentleman, who proposes Big bang theory, should first of all kindly know, that He is not thinking on his own. That wise person should watch over himself on this matter. And moreover, He should discover where is He in his deep sleep? If He discovers it, then that would be a valid discovery, which would reveal him the undisputed Truth.
Redline Foundation | 94

Above all, that fine gentleman should go, search and find out very sincerely, whether the future of everything is pre-destined? Right from the beginning of the cosmos till the end of this cosmos, are things pre-destined in it, including human beings, animals and all creatures each and every days lives? Even if one human beings life is predestined, then naturally everything is pre-destined.

We wonder whether it was a BIG BANG or it was like a bud BLOOMING!

THEOLOGY AND CLAIRVOYANCE With the previously discussed matters as a background, itll be easier to understand the issues of theology and clairvoyance. Theologians and the so-called clairvoyants, who claim that they are being guided by the masters of higher realms of existence and think that one day they will also become like their masters through hierarchically or evolutionarily growing, still exist as perceivers; Isnt it? If there is a perceiver and the perceived, then it is a mental phenomenon, because the Perceiver or the Experiencer, is a fictitious entity. Sacred Truth is
Redline Foundation | 95

denied, if a so-called theologian or a clairvoyant doesnt see this. Just as same as one speaks to the other person in this world, they may speak to some other in the other world - if at all they really speak! What difference does it make? They simply go on speaking. And because they speak, they receive so many answers either through auto writing or through inner voice or through some other auto movements and so on. But, if answers are given, those answers are literally according to the nature and ignorance of that particular questioner. It is in no way the absolute answer, because after having had the absolute answer, there exist no questions. All the answers are merely to the questioners nature and ignorance only. The questioners ignorance remains the same. He doesnt want to eradicate his ignorance, because he thinks that his growth is hierarchical and evolutionary, i.e. step by step. He believes that his growth is hierarchical and evolutionary, because he has been answered so by his masters of higher realms. But the Truth is vice-versa; his masters have answered him so,
Redline Foundation | 96

because he believes only in hierarchical and evolutionary growth, to attain Divinity. Not knowing this, they waste their entire life depending on the answers given, which is nothing but the shadow of their own ignorance. As long as one is a novice in these matters, then there is nothing wrong if one continues with this attitude for a while. But, if one propounds or get convinced that it is illumination or so, and continues this attitude throughout their life, then it is condensed ignorance. Not only that, they tend to exploit the real seekers, by inducing their ignorance upon them via showing some simple and valueless miracles. As we have discussed a short while ago about the mind and its world, wherein perceiver, space and perceived exist upon the consciousness, and that the consciousness is the only alive thing which gives movements to all the particulars of the mind - the same is the Truth here. A theologian or a clairvoyant, who exist as a perceiver upon consciousness, whether he perceives and interacts with the world which is in front of him or with the world which is subtle, both are same, as far as perception, experience and ignorance is concerned.

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The so-called pure spirits who give answers, if belongs to any world, then they are equally ignorant as far as SACRED TRUTH is concerned. They may have more knowledge about this world than us; they may even see the near future of this world and utter the same to the questioner; they may have certain powers; but that doesnt mean that they are the rulers or Masters or the decision takers or the saviors of this world. The real savior is the SACRED Himself. In oneself, there are two things virtually, as we have seen. That is, CONSCIOUSNESS and MIND. Consciousness which is beyond forms and immovable, and Mind with its forms and movements. Mind lives on Consciousness; Without Consciousness, Mind is not; Without Mind, Consciousness is. Mind with the perceiver, space and the perceived is moved by the Consciousness.

Redline Foundation |


And that consciousness which is immortal, can directly answer to a perceiver, who has wrongly identified herself or himself with their mind and their physical body. That Consciousness or Divine, can even take hold of the perceivers hand and guide towards itself. He is the Real Master within. All are His choices only. There is no hierarchical or evolutionary growing at all for a real seeker. There is no caste, creed, colour, country, age, sex, knowledge, to attain the most SACRED and HOLYs feet. A person who understands this, will find the Real Master, who is the ocean of bliss and serenity, and who doesnt exist in any higher worlds or realms, but just in front, for so long a time, as the I am. That which exists as the I am in everybody and in every creature is the Real Master and Savior, who guides from within, towards ITSELF. If a theologian or a clairvoyant sees somebody in front of him or if he sees an angel or other spirits, what difference does it make with regard to his ignorance level? In fact, people who claim that they see angels and other spirits, can never come upon the Sacred Truth, although they talk a great deal about
Redline Foundation | 99

it, because, their attitude itself proves that they want to hold on to the same old experiential way of life in another dimension, with more power. They intentionally perpetuate their ignorance avoiding the simple Truth, because it is their ignorance which strives for power. A lad wishes to have a friendly or affectionate relationship with a girl. So, he wished to know about her fully. Instead of making himself suitable and directly talk with that girl, he collected her blood sample and had a research on which group her blood belongs to, how does the white blood corpuscles and RBC work, what is her Hemoglobin level and so on. After a few days with the results in hand, he thought that he knows a little about that girl. He doesnt stop with that, since he wants to know fully about that lovely girl, whose pretty eyes never turn to anybody who is unworthy. Now he started having research on how many bones are there in her, which bone is linked with the other, what is her skull and how strong it is and so on. After completing the bone research, he believes that he now knows more than before, about that girl. Then he started researching her organs. After a very long research, he found out
Redline Foundation | 100

many interesting and astonishing things. Then he researched about the veins and found out many facts. He was so happy that day by day, month by month, he is coming to know more and more about that girl. With the knowledge he acquired, he still goes on deeper and deeper into the DNA and acclaim, that he now know ninety-five percent about that Girl. Now, the issue here is, even if he knows the balance five percent and makes it into a Hundred percent, do all these mean that he knows about that girl and now that he is ready to relate? Actually, dont you see, that even One percent also he doesnt know what that Girl was about? Theologians and the so-called clairvoyants are exactly like physicists. The only difference is in the dimension. Physicists try to discover this physical world, whereas theologians and so-called clairvoyants try to discover the meta-physical world and existence or think that they have discovered. Not knowing the simple Truth, that by knowledge one should not approach the Reality,
Redline Foundation | 101

these people go on accumulate knowledge, which throws them away from Reality. Knowledge is always dependent on ones mind, whereas Reality is independent of ones mind. All knowledge can never be attained, because to attain all knowledge, one should first of all know what is the ALL. If that lad argues to you saying How can you say that I dont know anything about that girl; see how many facts I know about her; you dont even have the knowledge of what her blood group is; I have full knowledge, because I know by what law she is conscious and by what law she falls unconscious, by what law she is kind and by what law she is selfish. How can you say that I do not know anything about her? How will you look at that lad if he argues in this way? Does that seem to be a sane argument? Does that approach seem sensible to lead a sane life? In the meantime, another lad goes at the back of her, tries to talk with her. If she doesnt talk in return, the lad tries in various many ways to talk
Redline Foundation | 102

and have friendship with her. He approaches through her close friend; he quit his bad habits and behave in a decent manner; he always show that he is fond to talk with her; he shows that his love on her is so pure and so on. On seeing all these things for quite a period of time, the Girl at last accepts him as her friend or beloved and has a very good relationship.

In this relationship, this lad need not know how many bones are there in her or how many veins does she carry. He really knows her and she knows him. Both live together.
Redline Foundation | 103

Scientists, theologians, clairvoyants and other private researchers and preachers, exactly do the same as the former lad. Clairvoyants usually feel strong and powerful because, they say that they know the future of this world and so on. What if they know the future even if it is right? The same person who sees the future is going to live in that future. What difference does it going to have on the ignorance level of that clairvoyant? The clairvoyant denies the argument that he is ignorant, because he argues that he is illumined, since he knows the future. See to what he assumes as illumination? Illumination means, knowing what ignorance is and eradicating the ignorance through that illumination. And in that eradication of the ignorance, an illumined person lives in the present. And to whatever the future may be, she or he will encounter and live with that future, which has turned into present, with an illumined mind. Seeing the Present in front of one or seeing the Future in front of one, both mean the same. Both are mere seeing only. The seers mind,
Redline Foundation | 104

attitude, greed, self comparison, emotions, approach, ignorance, all remain the same. The seer, on seeing the future, is in no way illumined or should be called an illumined person, even though he may be a great prophet or a great occultist of this world. Hence, Knowing the future or Saying the future is not illumination. Similarly, healing some diseases by hand therapy should not be considered as illumination, because even an ignorant person can learn those types of therapies. It is mere a practice; thats all. Using this touch therapy, the person who claims himself to be a clairvoyant, thinks that he is very near and dear to the Sacred Truth, which is sheer ignorance. There are still other clairvoyants and psychologists, who claim that they can hypnotize a sub-conscious mind and direct them to their wish. First of all, if the other doesnt allow, one can never hypnotize anybody to the fullest. Only after a mutual understanding, when a person allows intentionally to be hypnotized, the hypnotizer can hypnotize and give certain orders to the subconscious. Its not that all the persons who claim to
Redline Foundation | 105

be hypnotizers can really hypnotize. There may be only a few in this world who can rightly hypnotize.

Recently, some hypnotizer hypnotized a person. He ordered the hypnotized sub- conscious mind, saying that He should go out to the coffee shop after an hour, which is next to his street, and that he will find a person wearing a yellow shirt, who would be sitting in the second row of the table. He should sit behind him for a while and then should drag the silver Briefcase which is placed between that persons knees, run and come home.

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After an hour, the hypnotized woke up, opens the door, goes to the coffee shop in the next street, finds a person with a yellow shirt sitting in the second row, sees a silver briefcase placed between his knees. He sits behind him for a while and then dragged the silver briefcase, ran and came home. The hypnotizer lifts his collars, saying that he is illumined and enlightened to what Sub-conscious is. He says that the person who sat in a yellow shirt and all the other persons in the coffee shop are actors which he has appointed and that to prove his knowledge and skill he has done this. Here, the hypnotizer should understand one thing clearly. That is, according to his theory, a persons each and every act and decision taking, is determined by their sub-conscious. Even a minute act is already determined by their sub-conscious and it is the sub-conscious that makes a person move, think, see, wish and decide on each and every day. That is what he has proved, isnt it? Now, why did this hypnotizer, hypnotized that person on that particular day? First of all, why did he choose that particular person? Why did he choose that coffee shop and why did he create that particular skit?
Redline Foundation | 107

Is it not because this hypnotizers subconscious has already been hypnotized by some other Greater force? Is it not due to this, that this hypnotizer woke up on that day at a particular time, gone out, seen certain things, thought certain things, chose this particular person for hypnotizing, who was wearing of course a particular dress, done certain things to him and then came back home and rested? As per this hypnotizers theory, all the decisions and movements of a person is already determined by their sub-conscious and it is their sub-conscious which directs the action of each and every moment. Hence, naturally this hypnotizers decisions and movements in each and every day of his life is also directed and determined by his subconscious. If this hypnotizer doesnt know this or disagrees with this, then his knowledge and skill about sub-conscious is valueless, because it lacks Truth. It is not due to the choice and the will of this hypnotizer, that he hypnotized that particular person. It is the choice and will of this hypnotizers sub-conscious, that has driven him to hypnotize
Redline Foundation | 108

that particular person, on that particular day, with a particular skit. The hypnotizers sub-conscious is beyond the hypnotizer. Similarly, no ones sub-conscious belongs to anyone. All sub-conscious are beyond the control of everybody. In fact, all are under the control of the sub-conscious. If this is the case, then how was that person who got hypnotized by this hypnotizer, allowed this particular hypnotizer to hypnotize him on that particular day? Is not, that hypnotized persons subconscious was already hypnotized by a Greater force, and is it not due to that, that hypnotized person woke up on that day at a particular time, went somewhere, met this hypnotizer, talked with him with a particular set of words and agreed for hypnotizing? Without his sub-conscious decision and will, how could he ever meet this hypnotizer, and how could he ever agree for hypnotizing? As per this hypnotizers theory, the time one wakes up, in the direction one walks, the things one sees, the decision one takes, the words one talk, all
Redline Foundation | 109

are determined by ones sub-conscious already, isnt it? Hence, it is the sub-conscious choice and will of that hypnotized person, which has driven him to this hypnotizer. At the same time, it is the sub-conscious choice and will of this hypnotizer, to hypnotize this particular person. This is the Truth behind that particular day - indeed all days. Hence, the hypnotizer should understand very clearly, that it is not his choice, will or skill that was exhibited. Now, with the background of this understanding, if one perceives about the Truth of sub-conscious, are there many sub-conscious or is there only one Supreme sub-conscious, which is present in everybody? In the above discussed scenario, is it not very clear, that both the hypnotized and the hypnotizers sub-conscious choice and will are same? It is due to both the sub-conscious choice and will, that both have woke up on that day at a particular time, gone in a particular direction, met each other, and decided something, isnt it? If both the subconscious choice and will are same, then, are there
Redline Foundation | 110

two sub-conscious or only one? Is it not very clear that there is only one Supreme sub-conscious, and that, it is its choice and will that is occurring every day to everybody? There is only one sub-conscious which exists within all the physical forms and also outside the physical forms. Like many balloons are filled with the same air, all the physical forms are filled with the same, ONE sub-conscious. So many types, structures, sizes of physical forms are filled up by the same, ONE sub-conscious, and move, see, wish and experience, assuming that each and everybodys stuff is unique and individualistic. Hence, it is the choice and will of this ONE Higher, which is in charge of each and everydays activities and experiences of all the human beings, animals and creatures. This TRUTH, and the direct perception of it is what is called ILLUMINATION; not any skill or knowledge. If the hypnotizer knows that he himself is hypnotized and it is due to that he exists as a hypnotizer, then he will stop claiming something, and end his doer-ship and will just be a Witness of his actions only. If he sees this Truth of himself, in
Redline Foundation | 111

himself continuously, then there is a possibility of him, becoming really illumined. Knowledge, skill, clairvoyants, clairaudience, performing miracles, occultism, are all very very far away from WISDOM. Other than Wisdom, all are ignorance. There are some good persons who claim themselves as clairvoyants. They assume that they are the selected few to save the human beings from catastrophe. Hence, they fanatically induce their ignorance upon others, such as preparing the human beings for a wonderful next birth and so on, by making their followers to follow some deeds in this birth. If goodness is directed by ignorance, then it is another form of evil to humanity. These gentlemen claim their vision as Truth, because they believe only in hierarchical or evolutionary growth, to attain the sacred feet of the Divine. Not knowing the effulgent Beauty and the sheer Compassion of the Divine, they and their celestial Masters revolve in their own ignorance and completely ruin themselves and their followers.
Redline Foundation | 112

If any Deed has a MOTIVE for the future, then it is condensed ignorance. Action, without future in Mind or a consequence in mind is the Sacred Action, with regard to real Spirituality is concerned, because the idea of living in the Future, is nothing but perpetuating the life of the ignorant Mind. The ending of the Mind is the beginning of real Spiritualism, wherein lies Eternal life; the Eternal life being beyond Time, is free of Past, Present and Future. The ending of the Mind, ends the idea of the Future and also curtails the idea of Consequence from ones Actions, because the idea of Consequence, pertains to the Future and in turn the idea of the Future, pertain to the Mind. If one ends Acting with a Consequence in Mind, then one automatically ends the idea of the future. When ones idea of the future ends, one is face to face with the NOW. When one is face to face with the NOW, ones Mind Ends, opening the SACRED DOOR.

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If a person is a suspicious person, who suspects any issue of life - starting from the suspicion in relationships to the major facts of life; what will happen to you, if you are associated with her or him? It is not that you will change into a suspicious person, but possibilities are there; that is
Redline Foundation | 114

the point. Why? A suspicious person can argue and show to you that his views are right. She or he has the argument for their suspicion. You have all the possibilities to take their argument as Truth, atleast at some point of time, because argument means, proving something through thoughts. Thought can prove whatever it wishes, because it can take all the curves and turns hypothetically and will ask what if this particular situation occurs? And if you answer it breaking their argument, their thought will yet take another turn and will again create one more hypothesis, and will ask the unanswerable question. You will get stuck with certain hypothetical thoughts of them and tend to admit that the suspicious person is right. And you who admit to that argument are prone to take the same views of that suspicious person. By and by, you will change into a suspicious person as your friend. But, you will only assume that you are becoming more and more intelligent with regard to lifes issues. You will assume that you have a very great acumen to rightly analyze and so on. But, you will lose your life totally, due to those hypothetical thoughts, which all started from a WRONG ASSOCIATION.

Redline Foundation |


It can happen that a suspicious person can change into a decent person, due to her or his association with you. But, that can happen, only if you live in another stage of maturity. It may not happen, if you live in the same stage of maturity. Similarly, you are prone to take the views, behaviour, approach and the rest, from whom you are associated with. A youths world and its righteousness, is different from the middle-aged world and its righteousness. No one can contradict their own maturity level and try to live the righteousness, which pertains to the other maturity. In the same way, RIGHTEOUSNESS differs to each and every human being, according to their state of being or according to their inward growth. Even though others righteousness seem to be right when they argue, one should not follow and live others righteousness, since it is mere a righteousness. One should follow ones own inward growths righteousness only, till one is shifted to higher maturity and inward growth.
Redline Foundation | 116

To follow ones own Righteousness, one should completely see their physical face and physical bodys reactions, and be with it often. If one does so, one will know what their real Righteousness is. Since association has a very strong impact in life, which can put one away from ones Righteousness, DISASSOCIATE from the wrong authors, wrong scholars, wrong friends and wrong entities. ASSOCIATE only with the wise, generous, forgiving and the right intellectual people.

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Why are you emotive, while seeing a sentimental scene on your television?

Why is your heart palpitating much, when an alien is about to catch a person in films? Why are you afraid, when somebody explains to you about a disease? Is it not due to putting yourself in that position? Are you not vicarious?
Redline Foundation | 118

Are you not identifying yourself with the other? Is not this Identification, a major trait in oneself? It is due to this identification, that illusion persists. Since you always identify yourself with something or other, that you always seem to change. Sometimes you are happy, sometimes you are sorrow, sometimes you lose hope and so on. This identification with something is a major trait in all the human beings. While watching a film in your television, the television screen is in a distance. Knowingly or unknowingly, you identify yourself with somebody over there or you put yourself in that situation and experience accordingly. Now, as the television screen, your Mind exists in front of you, without much distance. The Mind runs a visual with dialogues, as same as a television programme and you identify yourself with those, in the same manner as you did with your television programme. But you cant help it, because identification is a
Redline Foundation | 119

major tool that one possesses. But, the choice you are left with is Identify with something Real. In identifying yourself with something Real, you become the Real. You are nothing but to what you identify with. The I am is nothing but, to what it identifies with. Now, while you see a programme or a film in your television, suddenly feel your physical eyes, face and body and be with it continuously for a few minutes. If your eyes close automatically, let it close. What you are doing here is, you are identifying yourself with your body, which is Real. After practicing it, do it in the same way, when your mind runs visuals and dialogues. When your Mind creates a scene and talks by itself, let it create and perpetuate, but suddenly you see and be only with your physical face, eyes, tongue, teeth, lips, for a few minutes continuously. What you are doing here is, you are automatically changing your identification from non-real to Real. If one does this often for a few minutes, then automatically a transformation will happen in a human being,
Redline Foundation | 120

where a human being will directly enjoy the PURITY of the DIVINE self. Body is more Real than the mind. Minds movements are illusionary; Bodys movement is Real. Minds experience is delusion; Bodys experience is real. Hence, to live a beautiful life without worries and stress, Identify with the Real; see and be with the Real only, which is your body as of now. And if you go on identify with the Real, which is your body and face, the haunting mind will end by itself and the Reality will Bloom. There is still another type of identification, which is sheer self deception. A person, who identifies with her or his own language, saying that their language is older than any other language, identifies herself or himself with the persons who spoke the same language thousands of years ago. In identifying with the ancestors who spoke that same language, a person identifies herself or himself with the Intellectuality and the Achievements of those ancestors, saying that those achievements are OUR achievements.
Redline Foundation | 121

These types of people thus believe that they are so great, just because the ancestors, who accomplished something in architect, literature, science, spiritualism etc, spoke the same language, which they speak now. A person may be selfish, mean, arrogant, cunning or even a distilled idiot, but due to this Identification, she or he believes that they are so great, just because somebody who spoke the same language, accomplished something long back. These people do not wish to see their own simple Truth, which may be selfishness, meanness, arrogance, dominance, cunningness or ignorance; but rather to believe themselves great, they Identify themselves with the so-called great people of the past. This is a sheer self deception and there is no value at all in this type of Identification. To cover up ones own pettiness, a person Identifies and lives in this way.

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Exactly in the same way one Identifies with ones sect, creed, caste, country, religion and so on. A person who belongs to some religion, may Identify with her or his religious leader, who might had been generous, forgiving, loving and wise. This person, who Identifies with that leader, may not be generous, may not be forgiving, may be cruel, mean and may act foolishly also. By not seeing their own Truth, on mere Identification, they claim themselves great. What if you belong to any religion, even if that religious leader of the past is so great; what are you does matters for your greatness; not to whom you Identify with. Similarly, if somebody memorizes a sacred book and repeats the same thing to the people, does that mean he is sacred? He may be cunning,
Redline Foundation | 123

cruel, selfish or may lack common sense also; but because he has memorized the sacred texts of his religion and Identifies himself with that religion, in no way he is sacred like his religious leader of the past. In the same way, one Identifies with ones country, caste and so on and claim that they also are great, without seeing the simple Truth of what one personally is. Until these types of silly Identification are ceased in oneself, one will never come upon the Truth that exists in oneself.

A person who touches the Reality is protected forever.

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Chapter 9
If you act angrily, is that anger an act or a consequence? Something has triggered you and as a consequence you are angry. And the same consequence which is anger, continues for a while. That continuing consequences action at that moment, e.g. throwing away something harshly by hand, using foul language, etc; are also consequences; not actions. Although we identify it with action, yet it is a consequence. Anger is a consequence of something. Throwing something by hand or using foul language is a consequence of anger. Hence, only consequence exists; action is not. Similarly, happiness, sorrow, envy, fear and all the rest are consequences. And the actions which come out of these are also consequences. You are the continuation of consequences. Your body is in a particular complexion, your eyes may be large or small, your face beautiful; but these are all consequences of something. Your character, your emotions, your views, your wishes all are
Redline Foundation | 125

consequences of something. The actions which you think you do are really not actions, but consequences. In reality Action is not, only Consequence is. No one acts; everyone are consequences. Consequence of what? Of previous act? No! not at all, because previous act is also a consequence of something. One has never acted at all either now or in the previous or still in the most previous and one will never act at all in the future also. Since the illusion of action exists, the illusion of actor seems to exist; Since the illusive actor seems to exist, individuality seems to exist; Since individuality seems to exist, many others seem to exist; Since many others seem to exist, fear of protection seems to exist; Since fear of protection seems to exist, choice seems to exist;

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Since choice seems to exist, various paths seem to exist; Since various paths seem to exist, ignorance seems to exist; Since ignorance seems to exist, sin and virtue seems to exist. Bowing the head completely to the Noble Saints of the past, let us see this issue of Actions. The saints of the past, in all the directions of the globe, have taught many things to the people of this world to attain Truth, Divinity, Righteousness, Serenity, Bliss and so on. Different saints of the past prescribed different paths, such as The path of Devotion and Love; The path of Yoga (Union with the Divine); The mental path such as Concentration or Choiceless awareness; The path of cessation of the I; The path of Inaction via Surrender; The path of Identification with the Divine;
Redline Foundation | 127

The path of Contemplation on ones I am; and so on and so forth. Besides this, there were and are many people around the world, who pretend to be enlightened or pretend to be the knower of Divine and who claim themselves as masters, by dressing themselves like a clown, show various paths to the people, which are funny and valueless. There are still other bogus people, who hold some book and shout to the audience, preaching the people, their own condensed ignorance. These types of people, who by themselves had never confronted the REAL, preach the whole world about attaining the REAL. They argue and justify their act, by quoting some Saints words or quoting from some texts, which may be two thousand or four thousand years older. To what one quotes doesnt matter, because anyone can quote anything for their act of selfishness, ignorance, arrogance and domination. Billions of human beings, even if they could comprehend the paths which the Saints had prescribed, were and are unable to attain Serenity, Peace and Truth in their life. This is the fact.
Redline Foundation | 128

Now, the path or act of Devotion, Surrender, Cessation of the I, Choiceless awareness, Identification with the Divine, merging the mind in the Consciousness and the like had been possible by those noble Saints, only AFTER seeing or feeling the Divines presence in them; never before that. On feeling the Divines presence and action in oneself, Devotion, Surrender, Cessation of the I, choiceless awareness, Identification with that Divine, merging the Mind in that Divine are all CONSEQUENCES of it. Devotion, Surrender, Cessation of the I, Choiceless awareness, Identification, Merging the Mind and the like, are not ACTIONS that a human being can possibly perform. Due to the misunderstanding of this, we human beings grope in the dark for thousands of years. Peace and Serenity seem to exist only in words and lectures. Now, can one very vividly see the Truth of this and stay with this understanding? For, one who understands this, will also understand that attaining Peace, Divine and the Truth is not at the end, as a consequence of ones act; it should be the first attainment for devotion to happen and for the ignorant mind to get merged in it.
Redline Foundation | 129

Unless one first feels the Divines presence and action in oneself, Right path which takes to Peace, Joy, Freedom and Serenity is not possible. Conversely, a human being first chooses a particular path which their Saints had prescribed; either it be Devotion, Yoga or Being indifferent to the mind and the like and hopes, that by sincerely Acting it, one can reach the Divine or Peace, at last. But indeed, primarily on feeling the presence of the Divine and its actions in oneself, one would be automatically shown and taken in a particular path, by the same Divine itself, to attain the same Divine to the fullest, wherein lies Peace, Bliss, Freedom and Immortality. It is like giving the taste of water to a thirsty person and from there on showing the path to the river. It doesnt stop with showing the path alone; it will hold ones hand and make a person walk that path, until one touches that River.

Such is the Divine.

Therefore, to feel the presence of the Divine and its Actions in oneself, should be the primary aim of a person.
Redline Foundation | 130

For it to happen, should one DO anything or should one SEE oneself? Is not by SEEING alone, one will be SHOWN? In SEEING oneself, one will be SHOWN what is oneself. To SEE oneself, one should not See ones Mind, because Mind is nothing but ones Imagination. Imagination consists of an imaginary you who experiences imaginary fear, happiness, grief and all the imaginary feelings, which will always be in a flux. The whole stream of Mind and its experience is mere imagination. Therefore, one should See and settle only with ones own physical Body. If one Sees or observes ones own physical body and its Divine automatic movements, one would start feeling the presence of the most Sacred, acting within. One would be automatically placed in their Real I am, which is ever Peaceful and Serene, and which is ones own self already. Those who touch the most Sacred, the most Holy, by seeing and being with ones own physical
Redline Foundation | 131

body, will be washed from ignorance, which causes sins and virtues.

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the ages, human beings have believed that there is a Higher force, which has created everything and leads everyone to their destiny. And there are others who dont believe in it. Those who believed in a Higher force which leads everyone to their destiny, also believed that they can live by their own choice. And those who disbelieved in it, naturally are convinced that they live by their own choice. Anyway, both the believer and the nonbeliever of the Higher force, live in the same manner i.e. by choice. A few of the so-called believers of Higher force, by not looking at this simple Truth, that they and the non-believers both live in the same manner i.e. by choice; have considered themselves so pure & divine and claimed themselves as Spiritual leaders, and deceived so many on earth, generations upon generation. They consider themselves so pure because, they take belief as the criteria. They didnt take the manner of living
Redline Foundation | 133


as the criteria. Believing in something is so very easy for a human being and that doesnt make anyone pure or divine at all. Furthermore, to prove themselves as divine, these dominant exploiters, deceived the human beings by performing some valueless miracles, which any fool can do with a little practice and tricks, and also by predicting something, which any conceited can do with a little prejudgement and mathematics. Moreover, on knowing well that a fearful person can easily be dominated, these corruptionists started intimidating the humans by preaching them, that there exists a Powerful Evil in this creation, which destructs the peace of humans and which makes a human go astray from the Divine path. Human beings got caught in this type of ignorant preaching and took for granted that there exist an Evil force in creation, because they see that they often suffer in life without peace. Eventually, to save themselves from this so-called Evil force, people fall at the feet of these corruptive dominants, who claim themselves as Spiritual leaders, and follow to what all they preach, without knowing that these dominant preachers are that very Evil force, who are literally denying the real path to Divinity, acting as a strong barrier to the human beings in attaining Divinity, and who merely
Redline Foundation | 134

preach a mirage of Truth and Peace to human beings, and also make the people cry and watch it like a psychopath.

Human beings are unaware that theirs and these dominant exploiters very ignorance is that more Powerful Evil, which destructs ones Peace and denies the Truth of Divinity. Eventually, they follow more ignorantly to the preachings of these ignorant Evil dominants, who in the name of Spiritualism denies Spiritualism, by ever fuelling and perpetuating ignorance in the minds of the human beings.
Redline Foundation | 135

These exploiters, to make a distinction between themselves and others, started dressing themselves in a peculiar fashion, which the ancestors wore two thousand or three thousand years ago, as if Spirituality exists in the dress one wore. Now, to come out from the clutch of these bogus people and understand for ourselves the Truth very clearly and thereby freeing ourselves from these Evil Forces, let us see whether there is a Higher force or not; whether we live by chance or by choice.

You turn your head, lift your hands, walk, sit,

think and so on and say it is my choice. First of all, you breathe; is that breathing your choice? Are you breathing or breathing happens in you? Is not your breathing, in the hands of something Higher than you? To move your body, blood should circulate. Are you circulating your blood by your choice or does the blood circulates by itself? Are you pumping your heart by your choice or does it pumps by itself?
Redline Foundation | 136

In the same manner, do you function your liver and kidneys? Every organ of your body functions by itself; not by your choice. The function of your nerves and veins are not your choice. The brain and its function is not your choice; then how can Thought, which is the product of the brain, be your choice? Without breathe and the automatic function of all the organs of your body, can you turn your head, lift your hand, walk, sit, think? Therefore, that you call choice is grounded in something Higher than you, which is the cause, even for the tiny movements of your body. Is not your whole body very apparently under the influence of something very Higher than you? Is it not very apparently clear that you cant claim any of your bodys activities as your activities? Our body has never been born by our choice. The movement of our body is not our choice; the movement of thought is not our choice; and the movement of our breath is not our choice.

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Who was breathing, making movements and living in your body, when you were a child?

When you were a child, you do not know who you are; you did not have any identity as I am. Your breath, hands, legs, head, eyes, everything moved and acted by itself. You were not doing all those things. The same body grows. After one year of age or so, you come into existence and start feeling an I am. After having felt the I am, you start identifying that I am with the body, which was already moving and acting automatically. After a
Redline Foundation | 138

little growth, you start identifying yourself with the automatic actions of that body as Your actions. If the head turns, you think that You have turned it; if your hand grabs something, you think that You are grabbing; if that body is afraid due to its protective nature, you think that You are afraid and so on. But, in the actuality, the same Higher force which was breathing, lifting your hands, grabbing something, shaking you legs, turning your head, scared, crying, smiling, while you were a child, is still the Doer of all these things, now too. The body may grow bigger, yet that Higher force lives in that body, acts through that body, which you touch and say I am. But, why do you have a feeling or conviction, that you are acting your body? That is because, before your hand grabs something outwardly, you have been given a thought of grabbing it; i.e. a spark of thought flashes in you, before the body acts. When you were a child, the same hand grabbed something, without having a pre-thought about it. But now, the same hand grabs, following a spark of thought. And because you identify yourself with the thoughts that are happening in you, makes you feel that you are thinking. And because you feel that you are thinking, you are convinced that you are acting the body (the body which follows a
Redline Foundation | 139

thought before acting). But actually, you are not thinking on your own; thoughts come through your brain, and that brain is not under your choice. Thoughts are sprouting out by the will of the same Higher force. As the body is governed and moved by the Higher force, thoughts too are governed and functioned by the same Higher force only. Since actions follow the thought, we feel that we are acting, because we have a conviction that we are thinking by our choice. If thought is our choice, then could one control it? Even if you try to control it, the decision to control it occurred to you, only after an automatic thought to control it, has happened in you; that thought, as well as all the other thoughts are in no way under the control of you. Are we under the control of thoughts or thoughts are under our control? Which is the bare Truth? We are under the control of the automatic movement of the body as well as the automatic movement of thoughts. This Truth is very very apparent for a person who just sees it in oneself. The conviction that We are the Doer arises due to the illusion of thoughts, which occurs in us, because our I am as of now, is the product of thoughts. Or in other words, our I am or our personality is grounded only in thoughts. To see it more precisely;
Redline Foundation | 140

What is your I am now? Whence your I am? For an instance, if we wipe away all the memories of a particular human being from his brain, through an electric device or so, how will he behave then? Can he assert who is he, after his memory is deleted? If we ask him, who are you? Can he reply his name or identity? Do the same, previous I am exist in him? No! Isnt it? So, now, what is ones I am? Ones I am is nothing but ones memories. Is not memory, a bundle of so many thoughts? If thoughts are deleted, the I am is also deleted. While you were a child, you lived completely in the present moment, without thoughts or memory. You didnt think of the past or of the future, because you never registered the happenings of yesterday or of the previous moment in your memory. Thats why you lived without an I am in particular. After a year or so, your mind starts registering the happenings, which takes place in front of you. By and by, the happenings registered by the mind, becomes the memory in you. And when memory as thoughts has happened, a past has happened. When past has happened
Redline Foundation | 141

through memory, an I am has happened. Thats why when memory is deleted from the mind, the I am is also deleted with it. That memory created I am is illusive and fictitious. That memory created I am is the personality in everybody. On the deletion of that I am, you are not deleted. But, You exist as the Real I am. We are now identifying ourselves with that memory created imaginary I am. This imaginary I am is the reason for all the bad and good experiences, because it is this imaginary I am, which experiences all via dreams and thoughts. Due to the association and identification with this imaginary I am, we have forgotten our Real I am, which is just in front, existing in the body and as the body, and which is ever in Peace, Serenity, Blissful, Divine and always Free from sufferings and experiences. Thats why one should very carefully understand that Peace, Serenity, Truth, Divinity, Bliss and the like are not something beyond us, up somewhere in some Heaven. It is not a new attainment, by walking in a specialized path or following somebody. Instead, it is a Wakefulness to the Truth. And when these issues are seen with the eyes of Truth, then ones entanglement is untied. One steps into the infinite sky of Freedom.
Redline Foundation | 142

Freedom means, ending ones Doer-ship, on the perception of the higher most Truth.
Truth, the Sacred, the Holy, exist very near oneself, as oneself. That Sacred is the Alive Silent IAM in all. In being with the Real I am, ones memory gets back and takes its own place and performs its duties, under the command of the Real I am. The body with the Real I am, which was living completely in the present moment when you were a child, without the memory created I am, now too lives completely in the present moment without any decrease. The body and the most Sacred I am, who breathes and functions the body, is just in front, available at all times. It is the most nearest. Those who See or feel ones own physical face, ones own breath, ones hand movements, leg movements, the whole body, in its movements and stillness and Be with that Seeing, then one is liberated from all sufferings, stress and depression, howsoever intrinsic it may be or howsoever unsolvable it may be and will be pulled into the ocean of everlasting Bliss and Peace, and attains to immortality.

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That Sacred, who breathes and lives in everybody and in every creature is the Doer; not us. If one settles to ones own physical body and See its movements and stillness, one would know, that one is not the doer of anything, even to the least; a blink of an eye too. That Divine is the Real I am in everybody and in every creature. When a person ascertains My body; My thoughts; My Breathe and so on, she or he must be sure that they are the doer of all these matters. But if it is not so, then the doer of all these things should ascertain I am; Not we. Now , if one sees ones own body, i.e. if one watches what is ones face doing [not in the mirror], in what position ones palms and fingers are, how does ones body breathes and settles in that watching, ones mind will merge in the Reality and there will exist Alive Silence. In the same way as one watches the other person, if one watches how ones own physical face and body is reacting to a situation or in aloneness, and be with it continuously for a few minutes, the body will become still. From there on, the only obvious movement would be Breath; that Breathing is not
Redline Foundation | 144

yours, but of the Divines. Hence, one should allow that Breathing, to Breathe in its own way. Sacred within will reveal itself by moving your head, hands and your body. You will see that you automatically smile. If you allow it, not giving much importance to the objects outward, you will see in due course of time, that your life is transformed from darkness to light. If someone praises you, please look at your physical face to how it is reacting; to how your lips, eyes and cheeks react. If someone hurts you, then look at your face in the same manner. Even in normal situations, try to look at your face along with your body, in the above said manner. How can one See and Be with ones Body effectively? One should make ones mind, Let me see what this physical face and body, which is functioning by the Presence and Will of the Divine, React in its own way to all the situations. Now I am going to just see, how this Face, hands, fingers and the whole body, responds to all the situations and I am going to see, how this physical Face and body is going to experience my suffering, my happiness, my pain, my loneliness and so on.
Redline Foundation | 145

I am just going to see it, because what all my physical Face and physical Body does literally, is my Real doing; what all my physical Face and physical Body reacts literally, is my Real reaction; what all my physical Face and physical Body experiences literally is my Real experience; other than that, all are my imaginations and dreams only. Those feelings which I experience through imagination may appear Real to me, yet it is a delusion. I dont want to falsely experience anything. I want to
Redline Foundation | 146

TRULY experience. Let my mind create its imagination; I am not going to bother it, because as the blood circulates by itself in my body, and as each organ of my body does its own destined duty, my mind also does its duty. Let everything function in its own way. But, I am going to shift my identification from the non-real experience to the Real experience; non-real experience being my imagination and dreams, and Real experience being my physical body, face, hands, fingers, legs experience. If my Face and Body is Silent, then it is Me, who is Silent; if my physical Face and Body doesnt experience anything, then I am also not experiencing anything. Those Gentle people who are Atheists, need not consider their Bodys movements as Divines, but should consider their Body as their Real I am and start seeing, how their physical Face and physical Body is going to React in a situation and Experience the feelings. If a person starts doing this, then unknowingly She or He does a very Great thing. That Great thing is Nameless. But, for an understanding purpose, if one is to Name this Act, then,
Redline Foundation | 147

It is called SURRENDER; It is called SATSUNG (Merging ones Mind in the Superior Self); It is called DEVOTION (Seeing Divines presence in oneself and Throwing all ones burdens on the Divine, so that IT will carry and experience ones burden); It is called ABIDING IN THE TRUTH; It is called SELFLESS ACTION; It is called CESSATION OF ONES I (On Seeing the Superior I, ones ignorant, dreamy I, vanishes); It is called ACTION WITHOUT THE ACTOR; It is called IDENTIFICATION WITH THE SUPERIOR SELF; It is called CHOICELESS AWARENESS; It is called INACTION in ACTION;
Redline Foundation | 148

It is called KNOWING THYSELF; It is called YOGA (Union with the Divine); It is called KARMA YOGA (Doing ones duty, with the conviction that one is not the Doer, but the Supreme Divine is the Doer through them); It is called JNANA YOGA (Contemplating on ones I AM and finding out that the Supreme Divine exists as ones IAM, and therefore renouncing ones Actions). It is called THOU ART THAT (YOU ARE THAT - Seeing that you and the Supreme I, both are One); It is called JUST BEING (knowing well that you are not the doer, you Just Be with the existence); It is called DHARMA (Knowing and Being with the Justice of Creation); It is called SHUNYA (Freedom from all concepts, images, experiences, and Freedom from freedom itself).
Redline Foundation | 149

All the paths which one considers as different are in fact not different. THE I AM IS THE ONLY WAY; THE I AM IS THE ONLY TRUTH; THE I AM IS THE ONLY SACRED. NOBODYS I AM is the WAY, TRUTH and SACRED to you;


TRUTH, ONLY SACRED TO YOU. You, who watch your Real physical Face and physical Body, should allow your body to act in its own way. If the eyes close, let it close. Again if it opens, let it open. If the hands and palms change its position, let it change. If the breath goes deep to your stomach, let it go; if your breath stills for a while and then get released, let it happen. You just be with it. If your head lifts and focuses on something, you be with your Head; not with what it focuses. If your eyes see something, be with your eyes; not with what it sees.
Redline Foundation | 150

As the sunflower faces only the Sun and be only with the Suns movements, one should face only their Self and be only with its movements. The self being the eyes, face and body as of now. Being totally with your physical Faces reactions and physical Bodys reactions is SURRENDER, DEVOTION, MERGING, IDENTIFYING, ABIDING, KNOWING and all the rest. You, who follow your own Real IAM, which is your body as of now, would be literally connected to the most Holy Being, who resides within you.

And from thereon, HE, the most Sacred, the most Compassionate, the most Holy, will take hold of you and walk in your walking, stand in your standing, sit in your sitting, move in your moving and do in your doing. HE will show that HE is the
Redline Foundation | 151

doer and not you. You will be hugged by the one and the only Divine. You are protected throughout. The real protection starts from thereon. You as a non-doer, HE as a doer, both will merge together and the action which comes out of you will be through you; not from you. Yours as an in-action, His as an Action, both will mingle together and will come out as Actionless action, Non-movement in movement, Silence in sound. Even if you do not want to go up till this point, you just watch your physical face and physical body when you are alone for a few minutes and get associated with that practice. Then, at times of fear, sorrow, happiness and the like, you watch your physical face and physical body alone, as practiced. Then see what happens to your Fear, sorrow, depression, self sympathy, greed, suspicion, mental agitation and also to your maturity level in due course of time. You will be TRANSFORMED. The unattainable state, becomes attainable. The impossible Divine, becomes possible. The unimaginable TRUTH becomes evident. This One Act alone is enough. One need not know all the explanations about things.
Redline Foundation | 152

One need not acquire any knowledge from any priest. This is an Escalator; not stairs. You just stand balancing in this Escalator; it will take you to the top without your effort.

Redline Foundation |


What is it that we call Life? To put it precisely WE EXIST. Since we exist, life exists. Somehow we have come into being and start existing. We do not know HOW, I am as an entity, suddenly came into this vast immemorial existence. We did not turn back and see from whence our existence. As we wake up every morning and take for granted our existence, without turning back and seeing where were we before waking up (in sleep), we take for granted our existence of this birth. When a person wakes up every morning, the person who slept eight hours ago, is waking. And because the same personality is waking, one doesnt argue the continuity of ones own existence during sleep, i.e. a person is convinced that she or he existed during her or his sleep also.

Redline Foundation |


Suppose one wakes up as a different personality, does that mean one did not existed previously, in sleep and before sleep? Since the personality which slept last night and the personality which woke this morning are same, we are convinced that the same personality existed during the intervened sleep also. But, if a different personality wakes up, there starts a confusion, whether we existed before. Here, in this scenario, what we consider ourselves, decides our conviction in this issue. Do we consider ourselves as a personality or do we consider ourselves as an Entity or a Being, who can exist even in sleep? If we consider ourselves as a personality, then the present personalitys birth is our birth; the present personalitys sleep is our sleep; the present personalitys quality is our quality and the present personalitys death is our death. After falling asleep, if the same personality wakes up, then that sleep is called a Sleep; if a different personality wakes up, then that sleep is called Death.

Redline Foundation |


In the same way as our Being continues and exists in our normal every night sleep, our Being continues and exists in death also, which is nothing but similar to sleep. Our Being is something that which permanently exists in this vast immemorial existence; not our personality. Now, what is ones sleep? When we lie down on our bed to get sleep, what are we actually doing? Are we not trying to quit ourselves? Are we not allowing the sleep to completely absorb us? And when sleep absorbs us, what does it actually absorb? Does it absorb our Being or does it absorb our thoughts and body consciousness? Thoughts and body consciousness is what personality is all about, isnt it? Does sleep absorb our existence or does it absorb our personality, which is thoughts and body consciousness? Sleep absorbs only the personality, isnt it?
Redline Foundation | 156

For an instance, If a peasant and a president sleeps beside each other (if at all it happens), their sleep absorbs their personality only; not their existence or their very Being, isnt it? Can a president feel that he is a president in his sleep? If he feels, then is he actually sleeping? No one can feel their personalitys existence in sleep. Sleep absorbs all personalities. But, sleep doesnt absorb ones existence, i.e. ones Being. Is there a presidents Being and a peasants Being? Are not all the Beings one? They differ only in personalities ( personality being thoughts and body); not in their very Being. Each and everybody, every creature, differ in personalities only; not in the very Being. The personality, which includes the body consciousness, is absorbed by sleep and one is put nearer to ones own actual Being. And because sleep puts one, nearer to ones original Being, one experiences an unknown bliss in sleep. Sleep puts one, nearer to ones original Being only; the original Being is behind sleep. That original Being is one and the only. There are no two Beings in creation.

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The sleep which absorbs the personality (which includes the body consciousness), into itself, can take another personality, with another body consciousness also. The original Being doesnt take another personality and body; the original Being is beyond Wakefulness, Experience, Sleep, Births and Deaths. It is the sleep which takes another personality and another Body consciousness, after it absorbs the previous, permanently. In the same way as the sleep releases the same body consciousness and the same personality in the morning, after a normal every night sleep, it will release a different body consciousness and a different personality after death. Re-Birth is just a wakefulness to a different personality after a deep sleep. By the release of a different personality with a different body consciousness by Sleep, the same Being identifies with the new personality and the new body and assumes that it is born anew. But, in fact the same Being had confronted innumerable personalities in the past, after each and every long sleep, called Death. The most important thing to know is, the original Being or the original I am does not take continuous Births. It is beyond Birth, Death and Rebirth; It is Eternal. But, Birth, Death and Rebirth,
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occur upon the Being, like various scenes occur in one television screen. The original I am is immovable; it doesnt move body after body. Then, what is it that moves body after body? It is the body that moves into another body. Apparently, a physical body can never enter another physical body. Our normal physical body is not the only body with which we live in. We have a few more subtle bodies also, accompanied with the existing physical body. Those few bodies can never be seen by a normal physical eye. Those few bodies will resemble the present physical body. We hold all these bodies and live with all these bodies together.

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As this physical body is combined with many organs, it is combined with few bodies also which are subtle, and which resembles the present physical body. Those few bodies also do not reincarnate in the next birth. But, among those few bodies, there is a body, which does not resemble the physical body of this birth or of any previous births physical bodies. That particular body is the centre of all those few subtle bodies that one carries. If that particular body is not present in a physical body, then a physical body will not be alive. It is this particular body that enters another physical body after death.

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This particular Body will not have the usual shape of a body. Its shape and form is different in dimension. Within this particular body, all the remembrances of every birth is stored. It is this particular strange body, that sees through the Brain and also receives information through the Brain, and stores in its vast reservoir. It is this particular body that absorbs the personality and the body consciousness via sleep, every night. When a person is in deep sleep, she or he rests in this particular body only. When a person rests in this particular body, automatically, consciousness with regard to the physical body and the other few subtle bodies are shuttered. This particular body is neither masculine nor feminine. This particular strange Body is nearer to the original I am or the original Being. This particular body has a quality to reflect the original I am or the original Being, like the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. This particular body, which is not in the shape of a usual body, along with the other few subtle bodies and the physical body, function by the sheer will and choice of the original I am or original Being only. This particular body, by itself has no choice in it. As the light of the Sun reflects through the Moon and touches this earth,
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the original I am or the original Being, reflects through this particular strange body and touches the physical body. It is this particular body that moves and enters the destined fetus in a womb and identifies with that new body, after the physical bodys death. It stores the previous personalitys remembrances and releases a new body consciousness and a new personality. It is not that only the Brain is registering the happenings; it is this particular body, which is beyond physical Brain, registers all the instances in its reservoir via physical bodys Brain. Physical Brains registering is only a recording. It is this particular body that is seeing and experiencing the recordings of the brain. When this particular body sees and experiences the recordings of the brain, it only sees and experiences the past; i.e. it sees and experiences things that had occurred a fraction of moment before. For an example, if the physical eyes see a flower, this particular body sees and experiences that flower, only after the brain registers that scene; when somebody speaks to us, we are able to understand those words, only after an infinitesimal of a second, because this particular body sees and experiences only the entries of the brain. For the brain to register the flower or a word and for this particular body to see and experience
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the registration of the brain, there takes a Time. That Time may be infinitesimal of a second; but still, only after an infinitesimal of a second, this particular body sees and experiences the outside happenings. As this particular body sees and experiences the outside happenings via the entries of the brain, i.e. a fraction of second later than the actual scene or words happened, at certain times it directly sees and experiences the outward happenings, without the support of the brain and its entries. This direct experience of the outward happenings without the support of the brain, will happen for a few seconds. And because this particular body sees directly without the support of the brain, it perceives directly the present. And because this particular body perceives directly the present, it experiences a new, widened Awareness. Instantly after that direct perception, the memories of it are stored into the vast reservoir of this particular body. And while this particular body experiences directly the outward happenings for a few seconds, simultaneously the brain also registers the same outward happening, as usual. Hence, at this juncture, this particular body sees and experiences an outward happening Twice, within second to second duration of time. First it perceives
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directly and secondly it perceives the same occurrence via the entries of the brain simultaneously, within a fraction of second time difference. This type of experience will last for a few seconds only, at the most eight seconds. Since this particular body had seen and experienced an outward happening without the support of the brain, it is astonished when it sees and experiences EXACTLY the same happening once again via its physical brains entries. This second experience of the same happening is due to the normal brains registration of the things occurred, i.e. this particular body sees and experiences the past, since it perceives the entries of the brain. And since this particular body has experienced a happening directly a fraction of second before, it is amazed while seeing and experiencing EXACTLY the same happening via the entries of the brain, as it usually used to experience. This particular body is perplexed, thinking that it has had EXACTLY the same experience somewhere in its past. When it ponders over this, it could not come to any conclusion either logically, scientifically, poetically or spiritually, because it uses its brain to analyze the situation. Naturally, brain cannot recollect or analyze, because those remembrances are not in the brain, but in the reservoir of this particular
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body. The so-called Spiritual masters of this world conclude this experience as previous births memories. If it were previous births memories, EXACTLY the same happening would never occur. Psychologists, scientists and analysts name this type of experience as Deja vu and concludes, that this is some form of neurotic disorder, as they always conclude in the same way, when things are beyond their desirable logic. But, in fact, this experience is quite the opposite of neurotic disorder, because this happens occasionally to a human being, when her or his awareness unknowingly touches a certain beautiful height for a few seconds. And when the awareness touches a certain height, it doesnt depend on the physical brains registration and entries. It supersedes the physical. This particular body, which holds the awareness or consciousness with it, adapts itself to the physical brain due to the will of the Divine. In the actuality, this particular body can see without the physical eyes; hear without the physical ears; smell without the physical nose; move without the physical legs; think and register things without the physical brain. This particular body has the ability to prevent the brain from registering an unwanted thing or even a physical bodys pain, howsoever severe it is, by attaching itself with the original I am. Until it touches the original I am, it has to depend and
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live in accordance with the brain and its features only. On the very first hand, after a physical death, this particular body waits until a new physical body with particular features of the brain occurs in a womb. That new physical body along with its particular features of the brain is the destiny of this particular body, in its next birth. After entering a new, destined body, the previous births remembrances are dormant in this particular body. It is this particular body that sends energy to the brain and to all parts of the body and makes the brain and all the parts work. The energy which this particular body sends to the brain and all the parts of the body, has been borrowed by this particular body from the original I am. It is the original I am that sends the energy to this particular body and in turn this particular body sends it to the brain and other parts. If this particular body stops pouring the energy to the brain and the other parts, the brain and the other parts will not work. Ancient human beings, who adopted perfection in the art of painting, sculpture, dance with mudras (symbols), magnificent architects, music with certain principles, language, martial arts,
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medicines, creation of civilization, certain inventions and discoveries etc; did not adopted evolutionarily by the effort of so many hundreds of people, as we usually think; but the original I am, chose particular human beings and sent the KNOWLEDGE and the PERFECTION of the arts via this particular body to the brain. A human being, from whom the art of Sacred Dance has happened firstly, was made passive and still by the Divine, and then the Sacred Dance came automatically without that persons previous knowledge about it. While it came out, it came out very very perfectly. From there on, that particular human being was made to teach that art to the others. Similarly, the Divine chose a few for music and sent the knowledge and perfection to those few human beings and was made to teach the other human beings. While these few human beings were receiving a particular art, they were conscious, but only made inactive by the Divine. All the things happened only thus. In turn, when the received art was being taught to the others by these few people, the others started learning by IMITATING it. As the learning started by Imitation, the original Perfection of an art started fading little by little. In each and every generation, imperfection started growing. This imperfection is due to the learners mere imitation of an art and unawareness of their
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automatic movement of the body, and ignorance about the Divine Energy Flow. In the long past, an art was perfect, but from there on it took its journey towards imperfection. And if things have gone completely imperfect, the DIVINE will again send the PERFECTION through somebody. All the inventions and the discoveries made by the scientists are not made by them independently. It is the Divine who sends the essential knowledge via that particular body (which we have discussed earlier) to their brains and guide them. This particular body lives in the chest area of a physical body. While in a normal wakeful state, it extends itself to the physical head. During sleep, it pulls itself from the physical head via throat to itself. When it pulls itself from the head to throat, a human being forgets the physical world and confronts a dream world. And when it pulls itself from the throat area to itself in the chest area, a human being confronts deep sleep. Again in the morning, it releases in the same way. At the moment when it releases a person from sleep, if one is aware of that moment, then one experiences a taste of ones own original Being or original I am.

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One can argue that the awareness or consciousness is the result of ones brain and chemicals. It appears true until ones original I am is not touched. If a person, by and by touches and acquaints with the original I am, then she or he would be able to really feel her or his silent and blissful existence in deep sleep also. And that silent, blissful existence can be felt in the wakeful state and dream state also. Not only that, one would be able to free oneself from the physical pain which the brain produces. One would be able to see that, awareness or consciousness is not the outcome of brain only, but it is also beyond brain and its mechanical and chemical activities. For this experience to happen literally, logical approach or scientific approach will not help even to the least, because those approaches pertain to the realms of the brain and mind only, and hence will not take one literally to the real consciousness the real consciousness that exists without any contents, even to the least. The right approach is Just Seeing ones I am and being continuously with that Just Seeing. As this particular body moves from one physical body to another physical body, after each and every death, it doesnt take the original Being or the original I am with it; It only moves. When
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it moves to another body, the original I am or the original Being is already present in that new body, because the original I am or the original Being is everywhere; it is OMNIPRESENT. Hence, the original I am or the original Being does not move. This particular body that moves and re-incarnates in another body, moves and re-incarnates within the field of the original I am or the original Being only, which is omnipresent. For communication purpose, this particular body shall be called as INDIVIDUAL SOUL. This Individual Soul is not self existent. It is a reflection of the original I am, as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. In the same way as we do not see the Sun light during night, but only the reflection of the Sun light via Moon, we identify this Individual Soul as the I am. As occasionally we see the Moon in the morning while Sun is present, we would be able to see our original I am or original Being, along with this Individual Soul. The original I am or Being will shine Independent of all the bodies including this Individual Soul. And we would also be able to see that the Individual Soul which is subjected to Births and Deaths is not our original I am. When the Sun (original I am) is not seen, we take the Moon (Individual Soul) as the I am and experience
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the given personality, body consciousness, memories, death, heaven, hell, re-birth continuously. For the One who has identified the original I am or the original Being, Individual Soul with all its present and previous Births existence and remembrances are mere dreams and shadows, and that the original IAM has never BORN and will never DIE. There is no Birth, Personality, Body, Death, Heaven, Hell, Re-Birth to the original I am, which is actually YOU. Now, what happens after the physical bodys death? While we sleep, dreams occur for a period of time and only after that, deep sleep occurs, isnt it? Dreams means experiencing something. After experiencing something via dreams, we fall into deep sleep. Those dream experiences may be pleasurable or painful; it depends on the individuals previous Action and Attitude. Similarly, after the physical bodys death, the Individual Soul does not go into deep sleep immediately. For a certain period of time, the Individual Soul experiences many things; whether it is pleasure or pain, depends on the previous Action and Attitude of that personality, which has
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physically dead. The Individual Soul experiences pleasure or pain, using the balance few bodies, which are subtle and which resemble the physical body that has died. Some may experience pleasure even for hundred years and some may experience pain for hundred years. The count of the years varies to each and every Individual Soul. The count starts from zero to more than a hundred years. The count zero means, those Individual Souls who are Re-Born immediately after the Physical bodys death. If we watch in a normal every night sleep, the last thought before the sleep occurred will be the first thought in the morning, while we wake up. If one watches it keenly, one would be able to see it. In the same way, the last thought before death will be the first thought while one wakes up in a subtle body, after death. That is why it is so important not to commit suicide or die agitatedly, because the same thought will haunt and continue in the subtle body, after death. For a peaceful death, one should watch ones own physical body and face and Be with it, as discussed earlier. If one does so, then there is a possibility of attaining Freedom from the experiences that is to confront after death and also from further Births and Deaths and eventually hugging the infinite bliss of Divine.
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How does an experience happen now, while being with this physical body? Is not experience, something beyond physical body? Physical body may support and help the mental experience with its brain and veins, but experience will happen to the Individual soul in subtle body also after the physical body ends, because as we discussed a short while ago, consciousness and memories do not end with the physical brain; the Individual Soul possesses the consciousness and carries all the remembrances with it and experiences without the physical body, without any decrease in the quality of the experience. Physical body is a channel for the Individual Soul to experience something. Similarly, subtle body becomes the channel of experience to the Individual Soul, after the physical bodys death. The subtle body is subjected to experience, even while the physical body is Alive. Its not that it is subjected to experience only after the physical bodys death. Those who have a helping mind and an affectionate tendency while living in this world and who have engaged in virtuous deeds will experience JOY through their subtle body, for a destined period of time, after their physical death. Those experiences are not mere a dream. It is as real as
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the experience of this gross world. And they will surely see their relatives and friends who were already dead, if their relatives and friends live in that realm, without taking another birth yet. If those generous persons are very old in age when they die, their subtle body will not appear to be that old. They will appear like a 45 years or 50 years of age in that realm. Therefore, the good persons death should be enjoyed. Those politicians who are thieves, those priests who are wicked, those religious leaders who are hypocrites; those intellectuals who are crooked, those businessmen who are cunning, those judges who are biased, those doctors who are deceitful, those women who are ruthless, those men who are Brutal, those workers who are dishonest, those teachers who are mean, those leaders who are culprits, those artistes who are sacrilegious, those tainted who are panderers, those authorities who are conceited, those educationalists who are perverters, those fanatics who are murderers, those inventors who are hazardous, those cops who are offenders, those ascetics who are bogus - all of these, after their physical bodys death, will experience a multiple suffering and will be rooted with everlasting Fear for so many years continuously.
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Agony will enter their subtle body, in which they will experience the most severe torture that continues for many many years. It is like drowning in the mid of the sea, completely unsecured, bewildered, smothered, severely suffocated, heart and mind fully frightened, but not dying. How will be this experience if it continues for many years without break? And also, while the whole body is burning down with fire, how will be the experience of it? The unutterable pain of it? The mouth will shout with a ghostly voice, howls and one will swing without any centre. Isnt it? But it ends with the physical bodys death. The same type of experience will continuously be encountered by these people after their death. Physical body is not a necessity to experience it. Experience is mental phenomena. The mind which lives after the physical bodys death in a subtle body, will encounter the above said experience continuously for many years without any break.

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Unknown fears will enter their mind. Peace and happiness will never be experienced by them, even to the least. After the Individual Soul experiences the destined Joy or Pain, it rests in deep sleep and at the destined time, wakes in a new physical body as a beautiful Child. That new physical body need not
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be necessarily a human physical body. The Individual Soul can enter any creatures physical body, destined by the Will of the Divine. For the Individual Soul to free itself from the Great wheel of Births and Deaths, one has to See and Be with the Real I am, by Seeing and Being with ones own Face, body and its activities. The Seer which is YOU is that Real I am. Hence, You need not worry that the Real I am is somewhere away from You. Those who walk this path, will be protected from all the experiences, now and also after Death, even if they are big sinners. As the many drops of water is pulled by the Sun and made rested in the cloud and at the right time falls back again in this earth at the destined place, every beings and creatures live in the Great Wheel of Births and Deaths. The lucky is She or He, who by the Grace of the EVER PRESENT COMPASSIONATE DIVINE, attains the infinite Bliss of Immortality, liberated from the Great Wheel of innumerable Births and Deaths.
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We know that there are innumerable diseases in todays life. Doctors go on diagnosing and prescribing medicines. Since corruption has spread all over in all the fields, it entered in the medical field also. In certain countries of the world, particularly in certain so-called democratic countries, many corrupt Doctors are sprouting out. Human beings suffer when got caught in the hands of these deceitful doctors. Since we are ignorant about the medicines and the ways of cure, these doctors ego-dance has become intolerable in the globe. We are afraid that right doctors, who have the ability of righty diagnosing and honestly prescribing, are decreasing in greater volume. Corruption in the medical field has come to a level, where, even if there is a cure for some disease, these corruptionists are not letting out the medicines, because they want to earn in the lifelong support medicines.
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Similarly, there are many Heart specialists, who have been given targets in their hospitals, to each month for operation. Even as, a sales head who gives target for a month to the sales executives, many Hospital Heads gives target to the Doctors, as to how many Heart operations to be done in a month. These doctors and Heads, to earn money, literally lie to many patients, that the patients Heart condition is worse and that it should be immediately operated. In the same way, many corruptive hospitals and specialists, starting from Eye specialists behave in the same manner, lying to the patients. How do we know in what condition exactly our organs are? Putting aside these matters, shall we see whether there are any therapies which will cure almost all diseases! There may be a few therapies, but let us discuss about one therapy among that few. Is there a way for the arthritis problem to get cured?
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Is there a way for the kidneys to get rejuvenated, even if it is in a worst condition? Is there a way to cure a Heart problem from its toxic blockages? Is there a way to cure, any organ of your body? We are in a compulsion to find out the most needed energy for the body, which will cure the visible and the invisible diseases. What is needed to a body, for the diseases to get cured? The body is required with Far Infrared

rays (FIR).
This Far Infrared rays, when applied in a body regularly, will cure many diseases including cancer. To the Aids patients, it will give a remarkable change. To the mentally retarded children, itll give good results. Similarly, to paralytic, stroke, eye problems, tonsils, back pain, menstrual problems, stomach problems, brain problems, diabetic, B.P, constipation, frequent head ache, lung problem, liver problem, cervical
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problems, nerve problems, insomnia and so on, itll give good results; all without tablets and operation. This Far Infrared rays therapy, should be mainly given in the spinal cord, from top to bottom of the spinal cord. The green jade stone emits this Far Infrared rays and people are giving this therapy in certain countries, through Acupressure points. We are not promoting any product here. But, since one has to know it for the betterment of this worlds health, we are saying it, inspite of anything. This Far Infrared rays will remove all the toxins of your body and makes sure that each organ gets enough blood flow. Any organ which is dying, will get rejuvenated, when this therapy is regularly taken. Take this therapy with faith and dont bother about the deceitful doctors wrong advice regarding this therapy. In this therapy, when diseases are getting cured, certain improvement Reactions (Healing Crisis) will happen. Those are vomiting or nauseating sensation or frequent discharge of watery feces from the intestines or sweating or
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head ache or dizziness and so on, depending upon the intensity of the disease. These are not adverse reactions. These are improvement reactions or Healing Crisis. Dont get afraid about the healing crisis; it is purgation. Ones blood will be cleansed from toxins. Take your parents and friends to this therapy, who suffer with diseases and get cured. Even if one is healthy now, one shall take this therapy to prevent oneself from diseases. A kidney patient, after being uttered by doctor as Kidney failure, shall take this Infrared rays therapy, rejuvenate her or kidneys and can show the positive result to same doctor. the Far his the

A Heart patient, who has blocks in his valves, shall take this therapy and show the positive results to her or his doctor; the doctor if genuine will say there is no need for any surgery. A person, if her or his Disc in the spinal cord has been dislocated, shall take this therapy regularly with Faith, and shall show the results to their doctors. Without undergoing any surgeries, they can walk normally as before.

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In the same way, itll make the sugar level and BP level normal in the sugar and BP patients. But, one should take this therapy regularly. Many business crocodiles & deceitful doctors may spread Rumors about this therapy, but escaping from all that, you take this therapy and benefit you and also others.

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Suspicion in a relationship, will put an end to all happiness. The person who suspects and the one who is suspected, both will lose peace in life. A person who suspects, will suspect everything in this world, not only her or his partner in relationship.

What is suspicion?

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Is suspicion different from belief? Suspicion is nothing but belief - belief in what she or he Assumes. This is the real problem. Is inferiority complex different from superiority complex? If somebody feels inferior, then they start showing themselves superior. It is the inferiority complex, which strives for power, achieves a powerful position, thinks itself superior and lives with a superiority complex. So, there is only inferiority complex which exists. All that which one thinks as dual and opposite is not dual at all. It is the same, which expresses itself in a different way. In expressing in a different way, one thinks that they are expressing the opposite of a particular feeling. Superiority complex doesnt really exist as the opposite of inferiority complex. In the same way, suspicion is not opposite to belief. It is the belief, which one calls suspicion. She or he believes in what they assume and think; that is the reality here.
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Hence, the question should be not, how to eradicate suspicion from ones mind, but it should be, how to eradicate her or his beliefs (assumptions) from their mind. They may falsely believe something. That is their real problem. One shall ask, what action is it, when one ends ones pride, fear, inferiority complex, belief and so on? The action which follows in the ending of ones pride is not humility; it is Nameless. It is the onlooker who names that nameless, as humility. One who has ended her or his pride, doesnt name it so. Similarly, the action which follows from a human being, in the ending of their fear, hate, inferiority complex, belief and the like are Nameless. It is the onlooker who gives it a name and tries to follow it. Now, with regard to suspicion, if ones beliefs are ended, suspicion ends. If you see directly that a guest has come to your house, you wont say I believe that a guest has come to my house. If you see it directly, there is no belief or disbelief. If you didnt see it directly and someone comes along and says, that a guest has come to your house, there starts belief or disbelief.
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The concept of belief and disbelief comes, only when one has never directly perceived a thing. In the direct perception of a thing, belief and disbelief about that thing ends. Hence, one should see and be with the reality for the beliefs and disbeliefs to end. For it to end, one has to retire to ones own body and see how their face is reacting while suspecting the other or while being alone. One should see how ones mouth goes, how ones eyebrows goes, in what position her or his body is, in what position her or his palms and fingers are and how ones body breathes. All these are prescribed earlier itself. If one does so, all the darkness of mind, such as suspicion, fear, hate and the like will get away. Or, one has to watch the gap between two words, which their mind talks automatically. If one watches the gap between two words of their mind, the gap will extend. Ones mind will be then cured from negativity. Even as, a flock of birds fly apart seeing the one stone coming against them; birds of evil thoughts will fly apart from a human being, when on completely being attentive to ones body.

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Body is the reality than the mind. Catch hold of this reality which is in front of you. Itll show you what is what.

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We as human beings, understand many things right starting from our childhood. Each of us may understand in our own way, about the things of life and live accordingly. Same views, different opinions, misconception, arguments, all occur due to various types of understanding. We intend to understand many things, but we may not have intended to understand What is understanding? at all, How does one understand? at all? If one understands How one understands?, then that would be a valid understanding. Without knowing the nature of understanding, what all one understands or howsoever deeply one understands, may lack Reality. So, one should look at ones own way of understanding. For an instance, when your friend explains to you about an incident, how do you understand it?
Redline Foundation | 189

To each and every word that your friend utters, are you not imagining an incident accordingly? After imagining it, you say that you have understood it. So, is not our understanding based entirely on imagination only? And also, while your friend was explaining to you about an incident, was not she or he imagines and then explains? So, is not explanations based entirely on imagination only? The explanations and the understanding, both are the outcome of imagination only. If the person who explains, explains very rightly, then that means, she or he is imagining the content very rightly; if the person who understands, understands very rightly, then that means, she or he is imagining the content very rightly. If somebody is unable to understand a particular thing properly, then that means, she or he is unable to imagine that particular thing properly.
Redline Foundation | 190

If your friend says that a black dog was chasing a lamb, you will imagine a black dog and a lamb which you have already seen, and also imagine the chasing. In turn, your friend who explains to you, will imagine that black dog and lamb which she or he saw; isnt it? The very first step we take, is into the world of imagination only. Now, without imagination could one understand? Or in other words, is not all understandings are mere imaginations only? Although all the understandings are mere imaginations, yet it is useful to understand an incident; it is useful in understanding a machine, others feelings and so many outward things alike. The whole inventions, right starting from a chair to a rocket are the product of imagination only. But, in the same imaginary way, can one understand and know the main issues and Reality of life? If, in the same way one understands the reality and the main issues of life and lives with that understanding, is not one live only with imagination and nothing more? What is Understanding? Knowing? And what is

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When you look at something, you are knowing that something; When you understand something, you are imagining that something. When you look at a bird, you are knowing that bird; When you understand that bird, you are imagining that bird. Actually, do we want to Know something or do we want to understand something? Do we wish to Know the main issues of life or do we wish to Understand the main issues of life? Is not, Understanding act as a tool to Know something? Therefore, is not, Understanding different from Knowing?

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Hence, should one not make oneself clear, that mere understanding of something is not Knowing that something? One can understand something very rightly; that is not the point, but, first of all one should know, that understandings are imaginations only. On the base of this Truth, one should start understanding; else one will get lost in the field of understanding, imagining that one knows. One who lives their life with a certain understanding, lives only with their own imagination. That understanding about something may also be right, but the fact is, does one literally live with that something or does one live with the understanding of that something should be keenly watched. Living with that something means, really living with that something; living with the understanding of that something means, living with mere imagination. So, one should very clearly understand this matter of understanding. Understanding is a vehicle, with which one goes to the destined place. But, if one simply roams in that vehicle, without
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entering the destined place, one lives always in the street and loses the wonderful, safest house. Many main issues of life, can never be known by mere imagining and understanding. One may assume that they know a thing, since they have understood that thing. Understanding or Imagination will act as a strong barrier in knowing the main issues of life. Those main issues of life are actually deciding our Peace, happiness and our destiny. Knowing Suffering and Suffering are two different things. Understanding

While Understanding Suffering, we are imagining Suffering. To Know Suffering, we must end the Understanding of Suffering, for now we Know, that understanding is nothing but mere imagination only. To Know Suffering, SEE the Suffering. To Know Fear, SEE the Fear. To Know Pleasure, SEE the Pleasure. To Know Depression, SEE the Depression.
Redline Foundation | 194

On SEEING only, one will KNOW. One will KNOW, whether Suffering, Fear, Pleasure, Depression, Happiness and all the feelings, do really exist or are they merely imaginations. Hence, to KNOW, one should understand the Truth of understanding and thereby use the understanding only to a certain level and jump into the pool of Knowing Directly.

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Please look at to what many professionals, workers, businessmen, inventors and the like do. Actually what are they doing? Once upon a time there lived a wise man, who usually sit at the bank of a river. He would teach about wisdom to whoever sincerely asks for it. One day a middle-aged man came to visit this wise man. The middle aged man introduced himself as a great ascetic and boasted that he can walk upon water, and further said that he took ten years time to learn that art. The people around, astonishingly watched him. And in front of everybody, he started walking upon that river, touched the other bank and returned. The people who were gathered over there got astonished by his skill, except the wise man.

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He sat in front of the wise man and asked What do you think about my skill? The wise man replied what did you do? The man said I crossed the river walking on it, without drowning. The wise man said if I am to cross the river, I will give 10 paisa to the boat man. He will take me to the other bank. Why have you wasted ten years of your lifetime, just to cross the river? What you did is, you just crossed the river; thats all.
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Everybody can do it through any mode; some will cross by swimming, some will cross by a boat; you are crossing by walking upon it. For us, crossing the river and going to the other bank is for a reason. But, your reason is to cross the river only. Have you dedicated your life merely to cross a river? The middle- aged man looked into the depth of the answer and thanked the wise man for showing him wisdom. Now, can you look around and see what many people do in their life? What does a civil engineer do? He builds houses. He can build it so beautifully, thats not the point. He builds houses to earn money for his life; thats it. But, what is his life? His life is entirely different from building houses. Isnt it? By crossing the river, one should do something valid. Crossing the river over and over again without any reason in itself is not valid. On building houses, an engineer earns money to live his life. If he starts living, then, he doing something with his profession, has validity. But, if he considers that building houses and earning money itself is his life, then is he not equal
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to that middle-aged man, who dedicated his life only to cross the river, without any reason? With that attitude, will he not waste another fifty years and try to cross the ocean? Is not life different from professions and jobs? If one wrongly takes her or his profession itself as their life, then it is to be known as ignorance without wisdom, with which one lives so superficially like a bubble at the most a colourful bubble. Look at some of the inventions. If somebody invents a mobile phone even to its finest, what are they doing actually? Two persons are going to talk with each other from distant places. Do you think that the inventor has grown in his life? Or, these two people talking with each other from distant places have grown by it? There is no real growth at all to human beings in inventions and the rest. A car takes a person from one place to another swiftly; thats it. What growth can a human being have, when he moves from one place to another swiftly? He is what he is and as he is.

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Inventions are good and useful to the human society, but one should not get convinced that it is the real growth for humans. So, do not think that the contemporary man is a grown man. Growth should be inward. Do not think Crossing the River itself is life. Do not waste Ten years or twenty years of your life, just to learn how to cross the river, and from there on trying to run upon the river throughout your life, due to self comparison with others, in the name of competition or holding on to a philosophy that people around are running fast and achieving many things. Do not think jobs and professions are your life. Your life is entirely different from it. Let jobs and your professions yield some money for you to live. But you LIVE. It is due to the ignorance of life, one catch holds firmly their professions as life. Be with your job when it starts; come out of your job when it ends.

Retire each and every day; not after sixty years.

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GENERAL a.) Ravishment:

Since the rate of rape increases day by day throughout the world, how will one advice a female, if trapped for raping? Suppose they got
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caught at that situation, lets advice them to excrete the feces fully and roll in it. If they do, they have much possibility to escape from the seduction. Practically, one will never ravage her after that. Let her escape as soon as possible, when the ravagers move away from her in disgust.

b.) Ghost Fear:

What is fear of ghosts? If somebody says ghosts dont exist, the ghost feared person is ready to prove that it exists. So, not going into their proof, let us say something useful. Whether ghosts exist or not, the fear of it exists to many people; that is the fact. And those who are afraid of ghosts throughout their life, have never confronted it. Even if they think that they
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have confronted ghost, that ghost had never done anything to them. Let these things be as it is and lets not argue it. Now, at the time you are afraid of ghosts, you be aware of your face and then keep your hands in the symbol given below.

Step 1.

step 2.

You can do it in one hand also. If it pains, then do it in the other hand. If you can, then do it in both the hands. Be with this symbol for a while; atleast for fifteen minutes. You can keep this
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symbol at any time; you can keep it while you walk, stand, sit or while lying. You will see that nothing will happen to you.

c.) How does one decide a goal?

In the ancient times, many youngsters wished to become wise and righteous persons. This is due to the praise, the respect, and the importance given by the society at that time, to the wise and the righteous ones. Next came a different time, where the society forgot the wise ones and started praising and respecting brave persons such as warriors, who save people from the dreadful ones. As a result, youngsters started to become a brave warrior and their goals remained focused on that. In the next period, the society started praising and respecting the intellectual scholars, who says I KNOW. Hence the youngsters determined intellectuality as their goals. In each and every contemporary period, the previous periods importance started fading.
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Many youngsters, always determine their goals, with the concern that the society around should shower praise and respect upon her or him. In not choosing a goal according to their capacity, potentiality, interest and skill, unknowingly they choose the will and goal of the societys; fulfills the wish of the societys. Knowingly or unknowingly, youngsters wait for the societys approval in determining their goal. If the society doesnt praise a particular profession, a youngster doesnt choose it, even though she or he may possess skill and interest in it, than in the others. To what this society gives mush praise and importance NOW at the present situation, whereby our youngsters inevitably are going to determine that as their goal? Does this society give much praise to the wise, the righteous, the brave, and the rightly educated? Or to money, to an authoritative position or merely to a celebrity, though he may be a fearful person or a stupid? Can the society change itself and stop praising invaluable things; stop respecting unethical
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things; stop giving importance to mere popularization, and hence give way for a pure generation to occur? If the society praises wisdom more than money, if it respects the rightly educated than the powerful positions, if it gives importance to righteousness than the celebrities, if it concerns skill than dreams, then children and youngsters will surely prove their wisdom, righteousness, discrimination, and they will choose a goal not merely for popularity and praise sake; not live up to some kind of fantasy and flattery; but a sane and satisfied life without wounds and depression. Now, in other words, should the younger generation wait until the society changes and give way? The society may not change itself from its ignorant vision. Putting onus on the society for ones inaction, will a youngster help herself or himself from the turmoil of this life? No! But rather, youngsters should take the charge for themselves and start building a sane society, wherein things are rightly valued. And this sane society will create a new vision of life to its generation, in which Truth and peace will be the primary objective in ones life.

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c.) Understanding Sex:

When the mind is occupied by lust continuously, ones intelligence and basic attitude in relationships become crippled and unhealthy. But, when sex is in the body, then mind never loses its strength and its attributes, and hence sex is healthy. When sex takes body as the centre, its natural outcome is different from the sex, which takes the mind as centre. Bodily sex uses the mind at the right time to the right level, without allowing the mind to ordain sex. Conversely, if sex takes its centre in the mind, then the mind uses the body at the wrong time, to the wrong level and there is no end to it. Furthermore, there is no release from lust and its consequences throughout life. For the one who is in pace with the body sex, nature pulls back its sexual force from that body at the right time, fulfilling its needs. From there on, that particular human beings body, mind, heart and life, will be at peace. For it to happen, one has to look at ones own body and its real feelings only.

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Now, if Mind sex ordains the body, then it drives the body whenever it is haunted, for its fulfillment. Mind can never be fulfilled. Body can be fulfilled and made satiated also, but not the mind. It is very difficult for a mind to be free of sex. But the body can be free of sex in due course of time. Without release from the minds sex, one is never free. To release oneself from the mind sex one must watch over ones own bodys feelings attentively. Although bodily sex may still persist, one is free and at peace, in the eradication of the minds sex. Since ones sex is centered in the mind, peace is never attained even in the bodily sex. The art of sex means, pulling the sex from the mind and placing it in ones body, and from there on attaining complete silence in sex, and in the same way putting the partner in the same silence. The scholars and the brainy birds of this society, who make much fuss about the art of sex, actually lead one nowhere. Youngsters should learn right things and shun the wrong things, even if the wrong things appear colourful. Is there any other way to pull sex from the mind and placed in the body?
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If one daily practices the pose given below, in the morning and probably in the evenings also, one could see that ones mind will become free from minds sex by and by. At the same time, ones body will become potent with regard to bodily sex. It is for both girls and boys; in fact to whomever in need.

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There may be many poses and exercises, which may put sex in the right place. And there may be certain intake of food, which may give the same result. For certain reasons we are not discussing those things here. All these poses may not take sex from mind fully, but it will have an effect to the required level.

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Expecting love from somebody and Loving somebody are two different things. If we expect love from somebody, we think that we love that somebody. And if the expected love hasnt happened, we put up with sorrow and distress, due to the unfulfilled love. Why should we fill ourselves with others love, attention and care? Why are we convincing ourselves, that if nobody loves and cares us, then we are lonely? Why are we always examining, whether the other still love us or not? Why are we always confirming others love on us, by creating situations?

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Like a little child, why are we always dependent on others love? Throughout the end of our life, why should we always fill ourselves with others (son, daughter, husband, wife, friend, brother, sister, etc.) love? Are there any persons, who do not want to fill themselves with others love, but rather give their love to others? The problems which arise out of relationships are due to Trying to fill ourselves with others love. Unless one ends this attitude of depending on others (son, daughter, husband, wife, friend, brother, sister, etc.), with regard to love, ones life will continue with distress, because love can never be fulfilled at all, by the way of getting it from others.

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Love is fulfilled, only by POURING it on others. To overcome this Dependency Love from ones life, one must learn the matter of REACTION.

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Putting it simply, while we talk with the other person, we are looking at their Reactions, isnt it? But, we are not aware of our own Reactions. When you see the other person who is talking to you, you are looking at her or his reactions, isnt it? This means, the way they laugh, the way they talk, the way they stand or sit, the way they shake their head and so on. In the way we are aware of others reactions, we are not aware of our own reactions. First of all, what importance does reactions have? What is reaction in its simplest form? For an example, if our well known friend suddenly reacts strangely for ten minutes, with regard to a situation, how will we see it or take it? Our immediate response to our friend would be, oh! My friend; is it you or somebody else? Isnt it? What if our brother suddenly reacts like somebody else at our home? Our whole family will be shocked, saying that these are not his reactions. We would say is this our brother or somebody else, dont we? Actually, every individual has her or his own reactions. With a particular set of reactions, we identify the other.

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Similarly, we are a set of reactions. If we start seeing our own reactions, as we see others, then actually we see ourselves directly. In the direct perception of ourselves, the problem of DEPENDENCY LOVE, miraculously ends. Now, often look at your own reactions, particularly at your face. Not in the mirror. While you smile, feel your lips and cheeks. In the same way, watch your face while in sad moments, to how your face REACTS to sadness. WHEN YOU DONT GET LOVE AND ATTENTION FROM OTHERS, look at how your physical face and body reacts to that unfulfilled love. Dont give importance to thoughts; give full importance to your bodys reactions. Thought will flow automatically and also answering to it will flow automatically. There is no need to worry too much about thoughts and its conclusions. But, when you give full importance and watch your physical face, body, the way you breathe, lift your hand, your sitting position, the way you nod your head; while you talk to the other or when you are alone, then that perception will bear its fruits.

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See your bodys reactions and movements, in the same way as you see the others reactions and movements. It is not stopping your reactions. It is Seeing or Feeling your physical face and bodys reactions. If you See any reaction fully, then, that reaction will end by itself, permanently. As a result, one will be left with the reality behind the reactions, which is Joyful Silence. While confronting a situation, reactions happen automatically. You think that you have reacted. But in the actuality, reaction forcefully occurs through you; but you think that it is your reactions. If you possibly see how your reactions on your face, fingers and body occur in a situation, that seeing will transform your reactions. In the transformation of your reactions, the reactor who are you, is Transformed. Loneliness is also a situation to watch the reactions of your face and body. Hence, by watching ones own reactions, ones DEPENDENCY LOVE ends and POURING LOVE begins, because one actually tastes
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something very PURE and HOLY, behind the reactions.

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The very term Renunciation, creates unwillingness in a person even to listen about it. This is due to the misinterpretation of the so-called self acclaimed hermits and their funny way of dressing and with their nonsensical ideals. Does renunciation mean shunning away all the relationships and being lonely? Or, does renunciation mean shunning away that which is illusion? If renunciation mean shunning away the illusion, then, is the OTHER a root cause for illusion to persist? Now, let us see this matter of THE OTHER. To see this matter of THE OTHER, one should see to what ones mind is constructed of. What is ones Mind, precisely? If you see your Mind, you would be able to see, that your Mind is nothing but, constructed of THE OTHERS only.
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You will be always engaged with the Others in your Mind. Others are the ingredients of your Mind. Others are the only particulars of your Mind. Your Mind is full of Others as well as the dream objects only. If there were no Others in your Mind, then the normal Mind is not. The normal Mind which has ended the Other, will turn inward and will settle in its source which is the Pure I am. Now, a friend in your mind and the same friend in the actuality are not the same. The actual friend is the reality, whereas the same friend, whom you think about in your mind, is illusion. If you have a relationship with your actual friend, then that is not illusion and that is not going to hinder your Renunciation. But, if you have a relationship with the same friend who exists in your Mind as imagination, then that is an illusion and a great barrier for the Peace to happen. It is not only with regard to your friend, but it is with regard to
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all your relationships such as your husband, children, wife, parents and so on. It is not that you are cruel if you dont think about the other. But rather, it is settling into the Reality. The love and relationship with your beloved and others is different when it comes out from your Reality, than the love and relationship, which is the outcome of your imaginary Mind. Unless the Mind is shuttered down, Truth will never be encountered. For the Truth to be confronted, one has to renounce all the relationships with the people, who exist in ones Mind as imagination; not with the people who really exist around one. If one renounces the imaginary OTHER from ones Mind, then automatically the Mind is renounced, eventually the Divine Truth shines by itself. Renouncing THE OTHER from ones Mind is not renouncing the relationship with the actual Other around oneself, but rather, it is sheer renunciation of Illusion only. To renounce the Other from ones Mind, one should keenly watch, what is happening in ones Mind with the Others. The Truth is, WITH THOSE OTHERS, ONE IS ALWAYS TALKING.

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If one stops talking with those Others in Mind, then those Others will automatically fall from the Mind. When the Others fall from the Mind, the Mind too falls. And when the Mind falls, the original I am shines by itself, with ETERNAL PEACE, just in front. Not talking with the Other in Mind may appear simple, but it is too elusive and slippery. Many times a person will fail in this task. It is like walking on a well polished granite floor, where soap water is rubbed. A person who walks on that floor with a bare foot, will be very very cautious with each and every step taken, isnt it? Exactly the same cautiousness is required, while attempting to stop talking with the Others in Mind. On knowing well that a person will inevitably fail in this task for many a times, one should not worry even to the least, if one fails in this task, after attempting. Conversely, one should enjoy ones failure, on seeing how wondrously it slips and throws us in the illusive experience. Again and again one should try. If one succeeds for ONE MINUTE, then it is a very good attainment. If one succeeds for FIVE MINUTES, then it is utterly so beautiful. One need not worry even if one has slipped twice or thrice in those five minutes.
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If one thus does so, atleast for five minutes, one would be able to taste the Eternal, Pure, Silent Peace, just in front of oneself, AS ONESELF. Those five minutes will cure many of the known and unknown problems of ones inward mind. The love and relationship from thereon will be so PURE. (This is the Real Renunciation. Even if one renounces for five minutes, she or he is a Real Hermit for those Five minutes, who have tasted something very Real in themselves, which the socalled self acclaimed hermits have never tasted at all. The self acclaimed hermits with their ideals and a peculiar dress have never tasted the divine beauty at all, because if self proclamation and a distinctive way of dressing exists, naturally OTHERS exist in their mind. Self proclamation and a distinctive way of dressing their clothes proves that they compare, depend, satisfy themselves with others, and that their minds are not yet free from THE OTHERS. If Others exist, Mind and Illusion exists.)

If you are unable to do that, then be aware when your Mind talks by itself creating its own
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dialogues. See the Gap between two words that your Mind utters. You will feel an Alive Silent consciousness. When the Mind starts talking again, you again and again See the Gap between two words. That Gap will automatically start extending itself. That GAP is the DIVINE. Be with it.

Or Dear Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents,

Sisters, Brothers and Friends,

Completely retire to your physical body,

and watch how your physical Face and Body is reacting, turning, seeing, talking, sitting, standing, breathing, lying, sleeping and so on.

This is the Real Renunciation, which showers


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