A Law Enforcement Holiday

Instructions: You’re about to read 10 excerpts from imaginary reports with a holiday theme. Make any corrections that would enhance the report. o to http:!!www.scribd.com!doc!1"1#$%"$1!&aw'(nforcement')oliday' *ui+',nswers for suggested answers. 1. I -uestioned .udolph about the problems he was experiencing. )e ad/ised that the other reindeer were calling him names. I asked .udolph what names they were calling him. )e ad/ised that they were calling him 0.ed 1eak0 and 0.osy 2osy0. 3. 1ishop 2icholas denied that he intended to break the widows window. )e said he was tring to toss bags of money to ser/e as dowrys for her three unmarried daughter4s. )e said he though the window was open when he through the bags. %. Mr. &ane ad/ised me that he had purchased the birds as a gift for his girlfriend. I asked how many birds he had and what kinds they were. )e ad/ised me that they included a partridge5 two turtledo/es5 three 6rench hens5 four calling birds5 and se/en swans a'swimming. I asked if he was aware of local regulations regarding ownership of poultry. )e responded that the birds were a gift for his girlfriend. I asked where she li/ed. )e said she resided in a domicile outside city limits with no restrictions about keeping birds. #. I determined that Mrs. 7arker was telling the truth about two boys named 8cut 6arkus and ro/er 9ill that had attacked her nine'year'old son .alphie 7arker. :. ;pon examining <ing Melchior4s paperwork5 I ascertained that the gold in his possession legitimately belonged to him and was indeed intended to ser/e as a gift to a new king whose abode the <ing and his two royal companions were seeking. $. Mrs. 8mith is the owner of the 1ethlehem =o+y Inn. I -uestioned her about two suspicious persons reportedly seen in the /icinity of an outbuilding on her property. >he abo/ementioned innkeeper confirmed that permission had been granted for a young couple to inhabit the premises for a nighttime period on account of the o/ercrowded inns in the 1ethlehem and surrounding areas during the period of the census.

?. @n 9ecember 3# at approximately 11:0: pm5 I was dispatched to in/estigate a report of a suicidal man at 1edford 6alls 1ridge. ;pon arri/al5 the man5 eorge 1ailey5 was -uestioned5 and it was determined that he was contemplating Aumping off the bridge to his death. Medical assistance was sought. B. I ad/ised =lement =lark Moore that neighbors had called "11 to complain about a noisy disturbance on the Moore4s roof. Moore ad/ised that a team of reindeer5 a sled full of gifts5 and an o/erweight dri/er had landed on the roof about %0 minutes pre/iously. Moore confirmed what his neighbors had said about the /isitor4s loud laughter and exuberance. I reminded Moore about the town4s noise ordinance5 which mandates -uiet acti/ities after 11 pm. Moore ga/e the /isitor4s address as >he 2orth 7ole. Moore did not ha/e a telephone number or email address for the /isitor. Moore promised to try to contact the man about making less noise in future /isits. ". Mr. =rosby ad/ised me that he was depressed about the lack of flaky5 white5 crystalli+ed5 frigid precipitation this year. I ad/ised him to make an appointment to talk with a mental'health professional. , brochure listing local pro/iders was gi/en to Mr. =rosby. 10. =indy'&ou Cho was inter/iewed and asked to pro/ide a description of the intruder who had stolen her families4 =hristmas tree and gifts. 8he ad/ised that he was male5 tall5 and green in color. )e had slanting eyes. I asked what he was wearing. 8he ad/ised he was wearing a red Aacket and a stocking hat trimmed in white. 11. 1onus: .ewrite the information below in bullet style. Mr. 8crooge described the intruder as a male ghost5 about :4 11.0 >he intruder had spectacles on his head5 which was wrapped with a blue kerchief. >he ghost5 whom Mr. 8crooge identified as his former partner Dacob Marley5 was wearing a brown waistcoat5 black tights5 and black shoes. ,ccording to Mr. 8crooge5 Marley was dragging a chain approximately 1:4 long. >he chain was made of hea/y iron links connected to ledgers5 keys5 padlocks5 and cashboxes. Mr. 8crooge described the intruder as 0transparent0 and 0frightening.0 )e said that Mr. Marley had been dead for

se/en years.

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