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1 Pray as they leave

Canada today for their

new area of ministry. They
6 “It is thrilling to see
people come to the
Lord each Sunday.” Mike
11 Pray as they travel
on a short furlough
in North America for a few
16 “Continue to pray
for the resources
we need to do this very
are joining a team aiming preaches, Sue plans and months. Praise: God’s Word important ministry.” They
to see small fellowships leads music. Praise: several recently received extensive train facilitators in closed
of Muslim background Alan & Helena, One Son expatriates recently put Mike & Sue, One Son news coverage in a Boaz & Ruth areas and there are many Vic & Gwen
believers gather and Closed Country their faith in Jesus; for Closed Country dominantly Islamic country. Closed Country opportunities as they move Closed Country
multiply. Pray as Alan good friends. Pray for new The underground church is more into new languages
teaches English and Helena helps with business. believers to spend quality time in the Word. beginning to impact the culture. and countries. Ask for scholarship funds.

2 The first term at

Tsukuba U ended July
1. Praise--18 people were
7 Pray for Oscar--and
six other Christians--
as they look for the small
12 Intercede for
thousands of
children who have given
17 Rita arrives this
month for a short
vacation--pray as she
involved in the BEST club village of an un-contacted their hearts to the Lord travels to North Carolina,
(began with 8); for students tribe (Isconahua) living in a through Children’s Bible Washington and Iowa,
that seem to be very open Wayne & Miyako Meyer remote jungle area. Ask for Peter & Marta Hocking Clubs in India. Ask Him to John & Atts DeVries visiting friends and relatives. Rita Ibbotson
to the Bible; for Kazushi Navigators, Japan protection, that they will be Segadores (Reapers), Peru surround them with mature Mission India, Michigan She asks us to pray for good TEAM, Zimbabwe
who has joined their campus able to win their friendship believers who will disciple leadership in Zimbabwe and
staff. Pray as classes resume. and send a missionary family. them in their new faith; for churches to be planted. that things continue to improve there.

3 This Saturday,
September 5, plan to
attend Hope Ministries’
8 The Finkes have been
serving in Greece
since 1984. The Lord has
13 Praise for the
campaign held in
June/July in Puebla with the
18 Pray for non-
Christian students
at Rice U who feel out of
first annual Walk-a-Thon blessed churches there team from Cedarville. They place and uncomfortable
at Copper Creek Lake in through the Greek Bible finished all work projects participating in planned
Pleasant Hill. Visit www. Hope Ministries Institute’s graduates. Pray Jim & Ruth Finke for city hall and painted the Don & Paula Cabeen events. Ask for God’s Kurt &Kathy Ritz for details. Des Moines, Iowa for the Institute to become Greater Europe Mission, Greece inside of their church facility. TEAM, Spain wisdom and guidance in Campus Crusade, Texas
Join in walking to ease the a recognized college by the Pray the experience serves strategizing for ways to come
burdens of our homeless neighbors in central Iowa. government and for financial needs. as a life-changer for all involved. alongside students to draw them closer to Christ.

4 Pray for six expedition

teams currently in
remote parts of Russia
9 Pray God will continue
to bless the Story
Runner staff, training
14 Praise for a $250,000
matching gift. Pray
as they raise funds for
19 Pray for funding
to train 600
programmers and
to provide free medical and Story Bible strategy literature and DVD’s in broadcasters ($150 apiece)
consultations, medicines, partnerships. Praise for many languages to be used for this country that is home
health kits and eyeglasses to Dr Bill Becknell God’s stories changing Mike & Brenda McCalley in training and encouraging George Verwer to over 200 million Muslims, Far East Broadcasting Company
“forgotten” people. Ask for Agape Unlimited, Russia lives in non-literate cultures Campus Crusade, Washington leaders in 50+ nations. Ask Operation Mobilization, England including many religious Indonesia
safety, no harassment from worldwide. Remember Mike provision for OM India, the extremists. The training
authorities; souls won for Christ. as he battles physical challenges with MS. ships, other OM fields and ministries. program is in place and people are ready. Please pray.

5 They plan to fly from

Wisconsin to their area
of ministry early this month,
10 Read stories, look
at photos, and
watch video related to
15 There is increased
persecution toward
new believers of the X tribal
20 Pray as they serve
among Albanian
Muslims, reaching out to
heading into an ongoing Wycliffe’s work by visiting group. Pray as they endure Albanian youth in an 80-
struggle there. They ask us the following sites: twitter. beatings and harassment mile radius. Praise for a hot,
to pray for strength, wisdom Dave & Pam com/Wycliffe_usa; apps. Wycliffe Bible Translators when they gather. May the Steve & Pat busy summer at camp and Keith & Pam Zellmer
and power to stand faithful WI/Closed Country; Global government officials meet Closed Country for hundreds of campers. SEND International, Kosova
and fruitful in the midst of Jesus even as Saul did on the Pray for work on the
this time of turmoil. Pray for translation worldwide. road to Damascus. Blessing House to be completed by winter.
21 The family plans
26 Intercede as they
First Federated

Daily Family
to arrive in Iowa work to record
today. Pray as their children messages of salvation in the Missionary
enter a US public school
for the first time; for health
heart language of 32 ethnic
groups in their country.
1. Amsden, Pat Camp Appanoose, Iowa
and safety; good times Vaughn & Jennifer, Four Children Pray for the deep needs of Tim & Iris, Two Sons 2. Anderson, Jeff & Carolyn

Prayer Guide
of sharing as they visit Closed Country children there. The normal Closed Country New Life, Spain
various places; for good family consists of a drunken 3. Appleby, Dan & Jodi MAF/Moody, WA
rehabilitation of Vaughn’s foot after surgery. father and an overworked mother. 4. Armijo, Alejandro & Robyn
ABWE, Chile
5. Becknell, Dr. Bill Agape, Russia

22 27
6. Bridgman, Paul & Violette
Winter has ended Many children do TEAM, Japan
and Carachipampa not attend church 7. Cabeen, Don & Paula TEAM, Spain
Christian School has because their parents do 8. Dabson, Emmanuel & Mercy

september 2009
resumed classes. Pray as not. Pray for unchurched PI, Ghana
9. Decker, Sarah InterVarsity, France
Helen teaches first grade children in their Good News
10. Finke, Jim & Ruth GEM, Greece
and is elementary grade Arden & Helen Steele Clubs to start attending— Beth Lamb 11. Gallego, Pablo & Rosa PIE, Spain
school supervisor; for Arden SIM, Bolivia with their parents to follow. Child Evangelism Fellowship, Iowa
12. Goossen, Harold & Priscilla GMSA, Argentina
and son Jonathan teaching Pray for churches to partner 13. Hanna, Beth CAM International, Mexico
Bible classes; their 3 grandkids in 1st grade. to provide clubs in public schools. 14. Hocking, Peter & Marta Segadores, Peru
15. Hunt, Bill & Jenni CCC, Arkansas
16. Ibbotson, Rita TEAM, Zimbabwe

23 Pray teachers will

be diligent in their
lesson preparation and
28 Pray for God’s
protection of the
many ministry partners
Lamb, Beth Child Evangelism Fellowship, Iowa
Malik, Tony & Tsering GOM, India
McCalley, Mike & Brenda CCC, Washington
students will be disciplined throughout the Asia Pacific 20. Mayse, Matt & Rachelle Youth for Christ, Iowa
in their studies at the Bible Region. Pray their hearts 21. McCracken, Peggy CCC, Washington, D.C.
Institute; for their ministry would be guarded from 22. Meyer, Wayne & Miyako Navigators, Japan
Harold & Priscilla Goossen HCJB Global
in Monte Grande; for Gospel Mission of SA, Argentina discouragement, fear and Worldwide 23. Mok, Mony & Kunnery Partners Int’l., Cambodia
24. Pascual, Santiago & Yolanda Segadores, Peru
Priscilla’s fragile mother as doubts. The enemy wants to
25. Ritz, Kurt & Kathy CCC, Texas
she grieves over the loss of her husband. destroy/interfere with all that is happening.
26. Rogers, Dan & Sylvia MAF, Ecuador
27. Schwarze, Steve & Rhonda FEBC, Philippines
Daily Family Prayer Guide is published
24 29
Pray for open Pray now for the 28. Sonius, Lee & Michelle HCJB Global, Ghana
doors for ministry Radical Missions 29. Stark, Terry & Mary Avant Ministries, Iowa monthly by First Federated Church to help YOU pray
in this administration; for School being planned for
30. Steele, Arden & Helen SIM Int’l., Bolivia more effectively for our missionaries and their needs.
31. Steele, Jonathan & Monica Frontiers, Bolivia Jean Crabbs, with the help of a group of volunteers,
Christians in leadership April 6-May 20, 2010 in 32. Van Cleave, Jerry & Patty PCJM, Iowa
to live Christ-like lives Dresden, Germany. David reads through piles of mail and writes current and
33. Zellmer, Keith & Pam SEND Int’l., Kosova
before others; for spiritual and Jodi lead and provide urgent prayer requests from those we support. Put this
Peggy McCracken David & Jodi Pierce 34. Zumack, Leroy & Debbie GEM, France
multiplication to family and Christian Embassy, Washington. D.C. students with strong spiritual Steiger International, Massachusetts Daily Family Prayer Guide into your Bible and include in
peers among leaders; for 3 and practical foundations Closed Access Countries your daily prayer time.
1. Katy Asia 10. David & Vreni Europe
new staff as they transition; for fruitful ministry. necessary for a lifetime of radical service. 2. Steve & Pat Asia 11. Tim & Martha Asia
3. Michael & April Asia 12. Ron & Erin Asia First Federated Church
Lifelong Missionary Servants
25 Praise for safe 4. Vic & Gwen Asia 13. Alan & Helena Asia 4801 Franklin Avenue | Des Moines, IA 50310
1. Condit, Elroy & Gordia Wycliffe Bible Translators, Florida/Wisconsin 5. Jeff & Melissa Asia 14. Dave & Pam Asia |
travel to the US;
2. Congdon, Audrey TEAM, Illinois 6. Glenn & Carol Asia 15. Grace Asia
for smooth transition to 7. Boaz & Ruth Europe 16. Nathan & Kathy Asia
Japanese leadership at 3. Davis, Ross & Colleen International Church Ministries, Arizona
4. Griffiths, Dick & Char TEAM, Wisconsin 8. Tim & Iris 17. Vaughn & Jennifer Asia
Sanyo Grace Church; for 9. Mike & Sue 18. Matt Asia
5. Hesse, Don & Lois Jean Wycliffe Bible Translators, Texas
wonderful times with family. Paul & Violette Bridgman 6. Taber, Bob & Lois OMS International, Iowa
Pray for $500 per month TEAM, Japan
7. Vetter, Lenita Flagstaff Mission to the Navajos, Arizona
new support; guidance as 9. Weller, Elaine CEF, Missouri
they decide on goals for their next term in Japan. 8. Woods, Bill & Donna Campus Crusade for Christ, Colorado