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$ow I %ame &o &he 'aharshi ( )I
*iro+a &aleyarkhan

'any people ask me why I am living here in &iruvannamalai, so I would like to write about my e,periences and how my Lord Ramana brought me here and kept me here. I have been very fortunate from childhood up in coming in contact with high souls and saints, amongst them the renowned woman saint -abajan whose life was a mystery, no one knowing where she came from or how old she was. It happened one day that I took her for a drive in Poona when we were there and as we passed the *ort she pointed to it and said, ./ing 0hivaji and I used to play here.. I was stunned because that would make her several centuries old. 0he was a great saint. &housands of people benefited from her blessings. Poor people

&hen there was $arilal -aba who stood in the 2anges at -enares looking at the sun from sunrise to sunset. 0wami 5ogendra and I planned to open an ashram for ladies together called 6&he $ome of 7evotion6. I left thinking that I . so I dropped the idea of going there. $e became blind from staring at the sun.9 :e started trying to organise it but then I thought that before embarking on our new venture I would go to &iruvannamalai to ask the 'aharshi for $is blessings. I had the wonderful e. $is love and kindness were overwhelming. 0he showered her 2race on me and played a great part in my life. 4f course. -ut I felt that politics were not my line3 I was in search of something real which I did not know. there was great benefit and I had wonderful e. 8&he 0wami now has an Ashram at /har. 4ne day of 2race I met someone who told me about Ramana 'aharshi. I immediately wrote to Ramanashram but did not receive an encouraging reply.periences3 still my heart was aching to meet someone who could really show me 2od.perience of his 2race and blessings. I became attached to dear 2andhiji and -a. 1ven now prayers made at her shrine are answered. I was in -udh 2aya for ten years making sadhana. I could have chosen that kind of life. &he moment I opened the book about him I was struck by the beauty of his face. his wonderful wife. but here I have no space to write about all that. but his inner light was powerful. I had never heard of him before. who was a little saint. I stayed there for four days and showed him the prospectus of our scheme and asked for his blessings on it.became rich and others became sadhus or saints. 2andhiji invited me to stay with him. $e never stirred even when there were storms and floods and the water passed over him.

I really lost my temper with 0ri -hagavan. I went back to &iruvannamalai longing to say< . 'eanwhile a lady came to the Ashram and told -hagavan that she was working hard to collect money to help people in distress and asked him whether that was not a good thing to do. -hagavan took a book and showed her a passage to read.. 5ou can imagine my disappointment. . -ut to my great surprise we shortly received a refusal from the government to rent us the land and buildings on /adevly $ill which they had promised us. I needed to cure myself before trying to cure others.$ow can I believe in you after what has happened to my cherished scheme." &hat very moment something within me told me that he was right. I will tell one or two things that happened later. I could read it too and it made me smile.A frail woman who has the peace of God can do more to help a country or mankind than all the intellectuals put together. -hagavan looked at me and said< "It's for you too. I was wondering why they called him 6-hagavan6. for what sort of blessings were these. mind and heart changed and I felt his unbounded 2race flowing over me. As I was sitting beside her. $e knew that I was not yet ripe for the responsible work of helping others. It was only much later that I understood that I had had his 2race all along. *or the first time I got up and prostrated before him and from that moment my life." It said< . as it was not his way to say definitely 6yes6 or 6no6 when people told him their schemes.had them.

I decided to leave it to -hagavan and thought no more about it. $e said that there was a school in the house. -hagavan6s birthplace. $e has brought about many seemingly impossible things for me. I ran straight away to the office of the 0arvadhikari. an underground cavern where -hagavan had sat performing austerities as a youth when he first came to &iruvannamalai. =iranjanananda 0wami > and asked him about it. &iruchu+i has now become a much more important town. I asked him to write that very evening and say that I wanted to buy it. Author of the article on Sri Ganapathi Muni in this issue. if one6s entire life and soul are laid at his feet. $e said that he had no idea.. took up my plan for renovating the Patala Linga. &arapore. a Parsi friend.(Editor After this the 0arvadhikari asked me to go to 'adras and see the 'inister 0ri -haktavatsalam about the possibility of getting a railway connection to &iruchu+i.I was sitting on the $ill talking to )isvanathan. $e did this beautifully at his own . an old devotee one afternoon and asked him what had happened to the house where -hagavan was born. and even more so that of -hagavan should belong to us and be kept as a place of pilgrimage. I Also had the grace of -hagavan when 'r. I was shocked to hear this and told him that in :estern countries the birth places of great men were preserved just as they were left. big or small. ??????????????????????????????????? 1. but imagine my joy some years later when 0ri -haktavatsalam became %hief 'inister of 'adras and the line was actually constructed. I went but I was shocked when I heard how much it would cost. =ow it is Ashram property and regular puja is performed there. -hagavan6s 2race is sufficient to accomplish anything.

e. &his also has now become a place of pilgrimage. -efore I close I must mention also the loving devotion of the 0arvadhikari and the strong faith and selfless service with which he worked. the then 2overnor( 2eneral of India. It is due to him that we have these whole magnificent Ashram buildings where formerly was nothing but bare ground.- . ??????????????????????????????????? 1.pense and 0ri Rajagopalachari. (Editor !. "or an account of whom see our #Ashram $ulletin# of %anuary 1&'( (E)*+. Author of the article on Sri Ganapathi Muni in this issue. came over to perform the opening ceremony.

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