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Marketing Management Term Report

Customer is the mirror of your marketing efforts. How strongly a company builds its brand image is dependant on the value that the consumers receive. More the value received, higher is the brand equity going to be. The behavior of customers towards a certain brand then reflects how well or bad a companys mar eting efforts have been. !ollowing are si" points that are lin ed to a brand.








Marketing Management Term Report

$s %ul $hmed also operates in the international mar et, it has its agents abroad who


Marketing Management Term Report

M'()*+ , -$*)+ C'MM)./C$T/'.


Marketing Management Term Report



$dvertising is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, and services by an identified sponsor. The advertising department is usually apart of each firms infrastructure. Their 1ob is to propose a budget2 develop advertising strategy3 approve ads and campaigns, and handle direct mail advertisements and other form of advertising. %ul $hmed uses an outside agency to help create an advertising campaign and to select and purchase a media which varies from country to country. The advertising program involves ma ing five ma1or decisions nown as the five Ms4 5. Mission3 6hat are the advertising ob1ectives 7. Money3 How much can be spent8 9. Message3 6hat message should be sent8 #. Media3 6hat media should be used8 :. Measurement3 How should the results be evaluated. "etting t$e ob%e&ti'es This is based on the target audience, mar eting positioning and the mar eting mi". The company can choose from the following ob1ectives M/;;/'. 5. /nformative3 aim is to create awareness and nowledge of new products 7. <ersuasive3 $ims to create li ing , preference, conviction and purchase 9. =eminder3 To stimulate repeat purchase #. =einforcement3 To convince current purchasers they have made the right choice "etting t$e bu(get# $dvertising is really an investment that builds up an intangible asset called >brand equity This is based on the following factors M'.+?


Marketing Management Term Report

5. ;tages in the product lifecycle3 .ew products need heavy advertisement budget to gain awareness 7. Mar et. share and consumer base3 This is done to increase mar et share which requires a large budget /f the brand faces heavy competition then it must advertise on the same level in order to stand out. #. $dvertising frequency3 the number of repitions needed to put across the brand s message to consumers requires a higher advertising budget. :. <roduct substitutability3 Arands in a commodity based class require heavy ads in order to establish a differential image. %leamed has set its advertising budget according to the sales of the product which means that product which has a high demand will be allocated the largest budget. =ecommended $ctions Messages must be effective in order to capture the audiences attention this involves four ma1or steps2 B Message generation3 must be creative and relevant to the target customers. The more ads that are independently created the higher the profitability of finding an e"cellent one. ?et, the more time spent on creation the higher the costs. B +valuation and selection3 a good ad generally focuses on one core selling proposition. Here mar et research must be conducted in order to determine which ad wor s best with the target audience. 'nce this is done a creative brief must be prepared which is usually an elaboration of the positioning statement. This includes ey message, target audience, communication ob1ective. Aenefits to promise support to benefits. B Message e"ecution3 The message impact depends on how the message is e"ecuted .this can either be done by rational positioning or emotional positioning. $ny message can be presented in a number of e"ecution styles3 slice of life, lifestyle, fantasy, mood or image, technical e"pertise, scientific evidence and testimonial. :C

Marketing Management Term Report

%ul $hmeds ;logan usually advertises on the basis of emotional positioning with the slogan /(+$; TH$T M$D+ $ H'M+4 This emotional communication strategy is further elaborated by assuring the customers of classy, e"clusive and special designs made by %ul $hmed. "o&ial responsibility re'ie)# The company must ma e sure it does not violate any social and legal norms. ;ome companies build ad campaigns on a platform of responsibility. %ul $hmed does not violate any social norms2 in fact it ta es careful consideration to cater to the needs of the different culture segments it targets. /t also loo s ma es sure it operations are environmental friendly and that it ta es care of employees as well as customer safety. *e&i(ing on me(ia an( measuring effe&ti'eness# This involves finding the most cost effective media to deliver the desired message to the target audience. The steps include2 5. Choosing the media based on desired reach, frequency and impact. 7. Choosing among ma1or types 3


Marketing Management Term Report


Me(ium A('antages !le"ibility2 timeliness2 good local mar et coverage2 broad acceptability2 high believability %ood mass mar et coverage2 low cost per e"posure2 combines sight, sound, and motion2 appealing to the senses High audience selectivity2 fle"ibility2 no ad competition within the same medium2 allows personaliFation %ood local acceptance2 high geographic and demographic selectivity2 low cost High and demographic selectivity2 credibility and prestige2 highEquality reproduction2 long life and good passEalong readership !le"ibility2 high repeat e"posure2 low cost2 low message competition2 good positional selectivity High selectivity2 low cost2 immediacy2 interactive capabilities +imitations ;hort life2 poor reproduction quality2 small passEalong audience High absolute costs2 high clutter2 fleeting e"posure2 less audience selectivity =elatively high cost per e"posure2 1un mail4 image $udio only, fleeting e"posure2 low attention Gthe halfEheard4 mediumH2 fragmented audiences *ong ad purchase lead time2 high cost2 no guarantee of position



*ire&t mail




*ittle audience selectivity, creative limitations ;mall, demographically s ewed audience2 relatively low impact2 audience controls e"posure



Marketing Management Term Report

9. selecting specific media vehicles #. deciding on media timings :. deciding on geographical media allocation $dvertisements3 %ul $hmed uses a combination of print media and electronic media. /t focuses more on print media egg. 6omens magaFines because it can be viewed more clearly compared to television ads. Aillboards are also a very important media for advertising. They are installed at the airports. $part form this nowadays %ul $hmed is using radio to promote the Aridal campaign. Then the results of these decisions must be evaluated. +valuation can be done by3 5. Communication effect research3 this is done before the ad is put into print media done to chec if the communication is done effectively. 7. Consumer feedbac 3 /nvolves as ing the consumers for their reaction to an ad. 9. <ortfolio tests3 consumers are told to view ads and recall the details. =ecall level indicates the ads ability to stand out. #. *aboratory tests3 )se equipment to measure physiological reactions. This measures attention getting power. ;$*+; <='M'T/'.3 ;ales promotion consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools, mostly short term designed to stimulate quic er or greater purchases of a particular product or service by consumers. This is an incentive provided to the customers to purchase the product. %ul $hmed does sales promotion by using one ma1or tool 5. Home card /deas introduce Home Card an e"clusive service to reward special customers. Ay being /deas Home member, customers can avail discounts besides earning points on every
purchase. /t introduces them to the world of innovative /deasI where they may en1oy

e"clusive benefits and a variety of services.


Marketing Management Term Report

Ay visiting /deasI store for an e"clusive range of fresh deals they can avail 5CJ discount

on purchases of =s.:CCC or above with your Home card. -ree -ore'er en1oys the benefits of the Home Card free of charge, as there is no 1oining or annual fee. Earn points %ul.$hmed offers an amaFing =eward <rogram that lets customers earn points while shopping through the Home Card. +very time they spend =s.:CCCKE they get one point. These points are accumulated in a balance. This can be redeemed for fabulous products of choice as per following schedule. Points Re)ar(s 5C ;hopping of =s.:CCKL 7: ;hopping of =s.5,7:CKL :C ;hopping of =s.7,:CCKL 5CC ;hopping of =s.:,CCCKL :CC ;hopping of =s.7:,CCCKL 5CCC ;hopping of =s.:C,CCCKL

This card also has the feature of free delivery of /deas %ift -oucher with a complimentary flower bouquet to a loved one as a gift. <)A*/C =+$*T/'.; M Auilding good relations with the Companys various publics by obtaining !avorable publicity, building up a good >Corporate image and handling or Heading off favorable rumors, stories and events. T$e (ifferent types of tools use( for PR Are as follo)s
B <ublications B +vents


Marketing Management Term Report B ;ponsorship B .ews B ;peeches B <ublic M service B /dentity media

Most companies have a public relations department that monitors the attitudes of the organiFations publics and distributes information and communication to build goodwill. The best <r departments spend counseling top management to adopt positive programs and to eliminate questionable practices to so that negative publicity does not arise in the first place. They perform the following functions3
o <ress relations o <roduct <ublicity o Corporate communication o *obbying o Counseling

;$*+; !'=C+ M$.$%+M+.T3 %ul $hmed is a firm that believes in sales force management with courteous, informed and well groomed sales force. $s they place importance on a sales force that not only nows about the tactics of selling but also is presentable and can communicate to the customers. The following procedure should be followed to ensure effective selling of the product.


Marketing Management Term Report

Ma1or ;teps in +ffective Communication


Marketing Management Term Report

<rospecting and qualifying

<re approach


<resentation and demonstration

'vercoming 'b1ectives


!ollowEup and maintenance