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KAPISANAN NG MANGGAGAWANG PINAGYAKAP (KMP) v. TRAJANO G.R. No. 62306, January 21, 1985; Relova, J. Digest prepare !

y Ja"#ie $anlas FACTS: % re&uest 'or a""ounts e(a)ination o' t*e 'inan"ial status o' t*e +apisanan ng ,anggaga-ang .inagya#ap /a!or 0nion 1+,.2, t*e e(isting la!or union at 3ran#lin 4a#er $o)pany in 5an .a!lo $ity, -as 'ile !y 0nion )e)!ers $atalino 5ilvestre an 1132 ot*er e)ployees 15ilvestre et al.2. 0nion %""ount 6(a)iner 7i"e o o' t*e ,inistry o' /a!or an 6)ploy)ent "on u"te t*e ne"essary investigation an su!)itte a report, -it* t*e 'ollo-ing 'in ings8 %. Disallo-e e(pen itures .1,298.00; 4. Non:pro u"tion o' t*e !oo#s o' a""ounts 'or t*e years 1999:99; $. 3ailure to )aintain segregate is!urse)ent re"eipts in a""or an"e -it* t*e 5 segregate union 'un s 1general, e u"ational, )utual ai , !urial assistan"e an union !uil ing2 'or -*i"* t*ey )aintaine a istin"t an separate !an# a""ounts 'or ea"*; D. Non:rati'i"ation o' t*e "onstitution an !yla-s !y t*e general )e)!ers*ip. ;*us, 5ilvestre et al. 'ile -it* t*e <$ Reg =''i"e o' t*e ,inistry o' /a!or an 6)ploy)ent, 'or t*e e(pulsion o' t*e 0nion o''i"ers on t*e groun o'8 o gross violation o' t*e /a!or $o e 2>2 paragrap*s 1a2, 1!2, 1g2, 1*2, 1?2 an 1#2; an , o gross violation o' t*e 0nion "onstitution an !yla-s, parti"ularly 5e"s. 6 an 9 t*ereo'. 0nion o''i"ers8 o ;*e isallo-e e(pen itures -ere )a e in G3 an 'or t*e !ene'it o' t*e )e)!ers, an t*at t*ey are -illing to rei)!urse t*e sa)e 'ro) t*eir o-n personal 'un s. o ;*ey s*oul not !e *el a""ounta!le 'or !oo#s o' a""ounts 'or 1999:99 sin"e t*ey -ere not t*e o''i"ers t*en an not one o' t*e 'or)er o''i"ers *a turne over t*e re"or s in &uestion. o ;*e non:rati'i"ation o' t*e "onstitution an !yla-s an t*e non:segregation o' t*e 0nion 'un s o""urre !e'ore t*ey !e"a)e o''i"ers an t*at t*ey *ave alrea y !een "orre"ting it. ,e %r!iter or ere t*e *ol ing o' a re'eren u) to e"i e -*et*er to e(pel or suspen t*e 0nion o''i"ers. 0nion o''i"ers appeale to 4/R Dir. ;ra?ano, reiterating t*eir e'en"e. 5ilvestre et al. also appeale , reiterating t*at t*e appropriate a"tion s*oul !e e(pulsion, not re'eren u). 4ot* -ere is)isse , an t*e ,e %r!iter =r er -as a''ir)e . 5u!se&uently, a general ele"tion -as -*erein all t*e 0nion o''i"ers 1e("ept Dela $ru@ an $elerio2, -ere ele"te !y t*e over-*el)ing )a?ority o' t*e )e)!ers, -*ile Respon ents 5ilvestre an %l'aro -*o also ran 'or t*e position o' %u itor, lost. ;*us, t*e 0nion o''i"ers )ove 'or t*e is)issal o' t*e appeal 'or *aving !een ren ere )oot an a"a e)i" !y t*eir re:ele"tion. ISSUE/RULING/RATIO: WON the petiti ! " # e$p%&'i ! " the U!i ! ""i(e#' i' )&#e)*+ , t )!* )()*e,i( -+ thei# #e.e&e(ti ! / YES A' t*e 0nion o''i"ers -ere guilty o' t*e allege violations, 5ilvestre et al., pursuant to /a!or $o e 2>2 an Duyag vs. Inciong, s*oul *ave )ete out t*e appropriate penalty on t*e), i.e. to e(pel t*e) 'ro) t*e 0nion, an not "all 'or a re'eren u) to e"i e on it. ;*e allege 'alsi'i"ation an )isrepresentation o' *erein union o''i"ers -ere not supporte !y su!stantial evi en"e. ;*e e(pen itures appeare to *ave !een )a e in goo 'ait* an t*e a)ount spent 'or t*e purpose )entione in t*e report is reasona!le. ;*e repu iation o' 5ilvestre an %l'aro to t*e *ig*ly sensitive position o' au itor at t*e re: ele"tion is a "onvin"ing )ani'estation an e)onstration o' t*e union )e)!ers*ipBs 'ait* in t*e 0nion o''i"ersC lea ers*ip, an a "lear "on onation o' an a"t t*ey *a allege ly "o))itte . ;*e $ourt s*oul never re)ove a pu!li" o''i"er 'or a"ts one prior to *is present ter) o' o''i"e. ;o o ot*er-ise -oul !e to eprive t*e people o' t*eir rig*t to ele"t t*eir o''i"ers. D*en t*e people *ave ele"te a )an to o''i"e, it )ust !e assu)e t*at t*ey i t*is -it* #no-le ge o'

*is li'e an "*ara"ter, an t*at t*ey isregar e or 'orgave *is 'aults or )is"on u"t, i' *e *a !een guilty o' any. At is not 'or t*e "ourt, !y reason o' su"* 'aults or )is"on u"t to pra"ti"ally overrule t*e -ill o' t*e people.