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500Kg/Hr. 500Kg/h gasifier O&M manual

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Advice: Before using and installing this equipment, you should read this manual carefully, at the same time, pay more attention on every detail, accord to the requirements of the standard operation. All these aims to ensure the equipment safety and reliable operating. If the violation of this specification requirement caused damage, the user shall bear its own responsiblity.

Summary The gas processing unit is heated by steam cylinder with the water, then the water is converted into hot water, and using hot water heating cylinder for low temperature gas inside the heat pipe, the process of a heat exchanger with gas requirements.

JAEZQ-500 500 1.6 0.6-0.7 -40/10 0.2-0.4 60/80 kg/h Mpa Mpa MPa

Technical parameters Model Gas No.: quantity:

JAEZQ-500 500 kg/h 1.6 Mpa 0.6-0.7 Mpa

Tube design pressure: Tube side working pressure:

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Temperature of tube inlet and outlet: Steam pressure: 0.2-0.4 MPa


Shell side working pressure:

Pressure 60/80

Temperature of shell-side inlet and outlet e:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Installation Instructions 1. The pipeline between liquid storage tank and the processing unit can be used for the stainless steel tube in low temperature, and the installation of filters. During the installation, users should consider cold contraction pipe. 2. All piping shall be in accordance with drawing, installing the relevant instruments and values. 3. The steam inlet should be installed with check value, in order to prevent the back water heating steam makes the pipe run too fast. So as to produce bubbles in cylinder body and make the equipment produce vibration, noise. 4. All independent shall be set at the inlet and outlet of the equipment to cut off the value, in order to cut off the maintenance. 5. This equipment has the waterproof function, the leak feet are fixed with foot bolt. 6. The heating cylinder must be reliable grounding. 7. After the installation of all instruments, accessories, and pipes are completed, users should carry out the leak test. But the specific operation method must implement the requirements of relevant standards by the installation company. 8. Leak detection qualified, be sure blow-clean the pipe with oil free dry nitrogen or air, and then close. 9. Installed, cylinder shall be equipped with protective fence and label, in case of scald.


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a. b. 2.0 Mpa 30 c. d. e. f. g. h.
Operation 1. Equipment Operation a. Before using equipment, be sure all equipments and accessories are in good condition, and can be put into use. b. Check before use equipment stealing, heat pipe test pressure of 2Mpa, pressure for 30mins, no leakage. If leaking, must be removed before use. Pressure test source is used in non-fat dry nitrogen or air. c. Open the inlet value, the water into the cylinder. When it reaches a certain level, and overflow pipe overflow water, at this moment, confirm the water tube has been filled, and then close the inlet value. d. Open the circulating pump, the tube water circulation, maintain constant. e. In accordance with the heating temperature. (Steam system should be able to slowly open the steam valve. When it reaches the set temperature, then it can stabilize the valve opening, so that part of the steam can be added to the cylinder body, the water temperature accords with the temperature of the steam cylinder system.) Make the cylinder steam normal rotation, so that the equipment can be put into using. f. Slowly open outlet valve of the equipment, and make sure the equipment and the rear gas pipeline in open state. g. Slowly open the valve tube, the low temperature medium into the equipment, reliable control flow is less than the design value. h. Check all parts of running status, ensure the normal operation of equipment.

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Matters needing attention 1. Must be the person around 1 the processing unit in operation. 2. Water quality in the equipment requirements must be strictly controlled: concentration of chloride ion in the water, is strictly prohibited to be carbon steel ferrite pollution or carbon steel corrosion sources exist. 3. Equipment operating personnel to deal with water quality, water temperature often monitor, which need two times a day. If abnormal, it shall timely take measures, and is strictly prohibited equipment with "disease" operation. 4.Processing unit, we should always observe the change of water level, the water level is lower than the lower limit to replenish. 5. If the heating medium is flammable and explosive properties, the heating equipment should be in the explosion-proof area operation.

The product must be regularly leak detection

If there are other unknown matters may at any time with Jiangsu Antai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. or SUMEC.