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Tuesday, October 8, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 25


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That awkward moment when you lose the way in the lingerie section at Doza market

Dear Readers, Eid and Puja are right around the corner, and that means a lot of shopping, followed by tailor/grooming/ preparation drama, and then nally, family time. If that doesnt sound like the formula for a Hindi soap, were not sure what does. Thats why were getting our Bollywood on this week. From style tips (page 4) to music (page 10) to a serious discussion on the misleading life lessons we learn from Tinsel Town (Page 6&7), weve got the ultimate masala mix for you. Also, a little boo-boo on Written in the Stars a couple of weeks back: in our story about Farah Maliha, we had mistakenly mentioned she had graduated from NSU. She is, in fact, two semesters short of graduation, and therefore technically still a student for that. We regret the oversight. Send your doodles, relationship stories, ash ction and feedback to Love from the TMAG desk

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I dont have an attitude. You have a personality I cant handle

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Toto The deshi answer to totes. Yup, it means totally Usage That guy is a toto nut job

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Sabiha Mahmud

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Sarah Khan

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Shirin Usha

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Allah Ke Bande by Kailash Kher


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Every doll has her day

Songs and their subliminal messages
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 25 Dhaka Tribune Tuesday, October 1, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 24

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The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri

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Filmi Fantasies

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When bollywood tries to fool us

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The dhol

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Get your Bollywood on in style Photographer Adib Ahmed Model Shabrin Islam Wardrobe Viola by Fariha Accessories Sparkling Emotions Make-up Figurina

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Magnicent Maharani

4 Beauty Check
Bring out the star in you

8 Written in the Stars

Salman Hossain Beg

TM AG TU E SDAY, O CTOB E R 8, 20 1 3

Funk up your room FYI



Bollywood songs and item numbers that many of us take as pure enjoyment may have subliminal messages that are creating the wrong kind of impact in the psyche of teens and middle aged people. Lets take a look at a few of the songs that may be more than just good humour
Main toh tandoori murgi hu yaar, gatkaale saiyyan alcohol se- Fevicol (Movie- Dabangg) Translation: Im as delectable as tandoori chicken, consume me with alcohol. If girls are compared to a popular food item and suggested to be taken with a side of alcohol, why are we not surprised with all the alcoholism and drooling at women? Also, the actress here is posing as a sex seller, coaxing men towards that sort of mentality. Sadly though, even women who are not into inviting men for tete-a-tete as such, are generalised as being the ones to initiate the act. Joban pe chunri gira ke chali thi, haatho me kangna saja ke chali thi, churi tooti, chaney ke khet me Chaney ke Khet Mein (Movie- Anjaam) Translation: I had my scarf hiding my youth and bangles on my wrist; bangles broke in the eld. The song simply means that the girl lost her innocence in the elds. The fact that she performed it at a wedding and the scene showed that such a song was appreciated by the guests, goes to show



If you really like your masala movies, theres no reason why you cant display your interest in your personal space. On a big budget, you can really go all out with custom paint jobs, fancy furniture, and the like, but not all of us are blessed with inexhaustible wallets, so this week were going to toss out some simple items you can incorporate into your room to give it that Tinseltown glam Wall Display
For guys, your option is a little more limited, unless youre super secure. You could put up retro posters of the old-time movies. You could also add spice by picking pictures of your favourite silver screen sirens and pinning them up. They look great in black and white. You can either have them framed, or create your own frames using photo lm strips (or make your own with poster paper, if youre crafty). Another option is to get those Mughal-style paintings and put those up (looks great if you already have an accent wall in your room, but not too bad if you dont). Girls, you can do all of the above, and then some. Create a mood board using cut-outs from wedding cards (the nice bright ones with paisley prints). Frame swatches of mirrorworked chundri material (scraps from old kameezes, maybe). You could get those pretty brocade runners for your bed covers, or invest in mirror-worked covers for your throw pillows. Another way you can simply add some colour into your soft furnishings is to use a lot of vibrant silk scarves. If you have four-poster beds, plait the posts with them. Or hang a few from the knobs of your dresser drawers, or from the corner of your dressing table mirror, and youve got that exotic feel.

that people may take this act lightly and even gives room to the popular excuse, You were asking for it.


Knick-knacks and crafts

Badtameez dil, maney na, maney na.Badtameez Dil (Movie- Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani) Translation: Bad mannered (playboy) heart, just doesnt listen. While the overall song is all fun, the fact that bad manners are endorsed by a popular star, it is really no wonder why women have to deal with such uncouth behaviour, be it in buses, on the roads in the form of eve teasing and such. Tu han kar, ya na kar, tu hai meri Kiran - Kiran (Movie- Darr) Translation: Say yes or no, you are mine (Kiran) The song portrays a hopelessly obsessive lover/stalker who has the girl terrorised to bits by his offensive and dangerous advances. The words go to say how the girls refusal is simply not respected, she would still have to be his property. MUNIRA fIDAI

Soft Furnishings

Over the years, Bollywood has acquired an image that is rich, vibrant, and exotic. You can drape some old silk saris (bright colours) over your windows as pelmets.

Pretty clay lamps, elephant gurines, incense holders, neon-framed glasses, and upholstered jewellery boxes are a few things you can collect and display to get the look. Just adding a bangle-stand to your dressing table would be a good way to start. You could use poster-paint or glittery bindis to create temporary decals on your dressers or closet doors. Hang a glass-bangle curtain from your door to create a screen. Using everyday objects, most of which is available at local handicraft stores, you can easily spice up your room.


SaBiHa MaHmUd SHaymOli We love how this wall comes to life with functionality and colours
Send in a picture of your room to and you may be crowned TMAGs room of the week!



TM AG TU ESDAY, O CTO B E R 8 , 2013




The Grand Nail Arts Carnival

4pm, October 8 Venue Niketon,10/A

Emergency Response with Volunteers: Community Emergency Response Team in Urban Areas
9am, October 10 Venue EMK Center, Road 16, Dhanmondi

IBA-JU Pre-Worlds

saRaH kHan did THis wHEn sHE RandOmly fOUnd HigH ligHTERs lying aROUnd

10am, October 10 Venue Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University

Underground Street Football Championship Season-1

10am, October 10 Venue Handball Stadiam

Live Video Mix With The Blast night

7pm, October 10 Venue Hazi Golam Morshed Community center, Bokshi Bazaar

If you are a classroom doodler, email your doodle to and see it in our weekly!

School Survival

10am, October 11 Venue Drik Gallery, House 58, Road 15A (New), Dhanmondi

Hum bhi hai josh mai, batein kar hosh mai is one song from the movie Josh that takes us backto the real life memories of gang fights. Its a little difficult to find movies in Bollywood without this sort of a sequence. The imperative fact is, from movies to reality; facing at least one such occurrence has become a common phenomenon in urban, suburban and even in rural teenagers. A pile of reasons are aggressively functioning behind this concern. Check out TMAGs surveillance towards the issue

Secret Hell Vol01

10am October 11 Venue National Library Auditorium

1st DCRC Super Cup-2013

9am, October 11 Venue Birshrestha Munshi Abdur Rouf Ries Public College, Peelkhana

Rock Ordinance Chapter: 1

1pm, Oct 11 Venue National Library Auditorium

Catharsis Concerts presents Absolute Annihilation



Any sort of physical or verbal altercations is what fuels most ghts between groups. A single word has the power of starting a war. Back, in grade 7, one of my classmates called me a loser, so I went to the playground and fought with him. He gave me an ultimatum, which continued for two sessions, but fortunately ended with mutual respect. This is the confrontation piece of Tamin, now a university student.



Protectiveness and intolerance can turn any issue into massive st ghts. Spreading rumours about people can sometimes inuence an individuals mind. A lot of conicts arise based on such circumstances.

People tend to make hasty decisions based on what seems to be right to them at that instant, especially at a younger age. To them, beating someone up is the easier solution. For the victims it is not at all safe to go out alone, especially if you picked a ght with someone at school. As a safety precaution, keep a help message ready in the draft folder of your mobile phone and also have nearby police station number saved on your phone. People in the surrounding tend to make situations worse, only if they handle the situation calmly, such ghts can be prevented. Fights only increase the hatred. Make peace with your enemy; a mutual understanding will benet both sides. SAUDIA AfRIN

2pm, October 11 Venue Russian Cultural Centre, Dhanmondi


9pm, October 11 Venue AIUB

Tea with Hijabis

11:30am, October 12 Venue Spectra Convention Centre

Samiahs Valentine & Spring Dhaka Exhibition

5:30pm, October 12 Venue Lemont, Apt A5-E5, House 30, Road 16, Block B, Banani

Eid Fair & Mehendi Night

11am, October 13 Venue Drik Gallery

TM AG TU E SDAY, O CTOB E R 8, 20 1 3

Wardrobe Check Look of the Week



BAND BAAJA OUTFIT Magnificent Maharani

Model Shirin Usha Make-up Taskin Sarwat Khan Wardrobe Viola; Jewellery Sparkling emotions Photographer Homayra Adiba

A synonym for the winter season in this country is wedding season. Imitating Kareenas look in Boley Churiyan or Preity Zintas in Veer Zaara, is not an easy feat by any means. It looks simple, just deck up all your finery and flaunt, but getting that particular symmetry is not as simple as just that. Take a look at some pointers that make getting this look, just a tad bit easier


This is staple. With a waist length or longer kurta, much like a lehenga top, and a pair of pants that are tight on the thighs and nicely ared from knee downward, this is a cross between a shalwar kameez and lehenga. Beautiful ones in bright colours and embellishments can be bought from Vasavi, Manyavar, and Ogan, and slightly on the lower priced end from Gawsia and Chandni Chowk. Go all out on these, the ashier, the better. Make sure your dupatta is either netted or pure chiffon so you can see through it.

work. Heavy antique looks good for both colours. You have tiklis, bindis, bangles, nose rings, or go all Bollywood with those long chained earrings that start from your hair and end in your earlobe as heavy jhumkas. Oh, and dont forget the payal.



If your garara has gold embellishments, opt for pale gold jewellery, and silver oxidised if it has silver or sequined

We dont know how Kareena danced in them but her heels in Boley Churiyan, sure were drool worthy. Kick em off during the cha-cha-chas otherwise, make sure you have ashy shoes, preferably with a lot of elaborate stone work. Shoes look great in silver or gold so stick to those colours for safety. Opt for basic colours only when youre sure you have something worth the gold.


Beauty Check


The foundation
Prep your skin with a matte foundation lightly and blend it in well. Use a brush pencil and a gel liner to line the end of the eyes with a quick ick upwards. Make sure the crease of the eyes are lined thickly; make your eyes bold by using short strokes to ll it in well.

The Bollywood make up scene is all about elaborately done eyes, rosy cheeks and blushing red lips. But this week we are going slightly off track with Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoors sensuous yet retro look. Be ready to dazzle!

Use adhesive to line the back of the mascara and place them close to the lash line carefully.

Midnight blush

Vixen eyes

Instead of rosy red cheeks use a brownish pink blush across your cheekbone, which gives your face Kareenas oomph.

Use a soft precision white eye liner for the inner eye and line the inside of the eyes for a wider look, use lesser strokes in the centre. Start at the tip of the eyes and go heavy on the corners and blend off in the middle. Go all out on the extended lash effect with mascara and to add dramaticism wear false lashes.

Berry my lips

Outline with a deep berry lip liner and coat the lips with a shade of wine berry matte lipstick. Finish it off by adding a velvet matte berry purple lipstick to nish off with a perfect glossy touch and we have a head turner right there.

TM AG TU ESDAY, O CTO B E R 8 , 2013




Rank Team Manager GW TOT 1 Sesc17 Shadman Haque 83 405 2 ENFORCERS FC SHAKIL MAHMUD 67 401 3 #KORBANINMYHEART Isham Ul Haque 65 397 4 FC Wenger 49 Z Mission 69 394 5 Team Masti Mirza Mostafa 49 393 6 Breakthrow Rezwan Shovon 94 391 7 Ghastly FC Gunner Farabi 77 387 8 Hall Of Fame Zonaid Zaki 38 387 9 gRAVe Redowan Zaman Anik 71 386 10 007 FC Mahbubul Islam Boby 42 385 The code to join FFPB fantasy league is 975-707

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

A certain somebody seems be on your mind these days. This is a good week to nd out exactly how you feel about them.
Taurus (Apr 20-MaY 20)

If you arent in the mood for the jokes, let your surroundings know about it. Dont bottle it up and then lose it on loved ones.
Gemini (MaY 21-Jun 20)

Car Talk


From shiny fast cars to alluring stunt bikes, Bollywood action movies no longer shy away from giving their audience the ultimate thrill ride
If theres one thing that Bollywood lms are never empty of, it is the glamour proportion that only seems to be growing with every new lm making it to the theatres these days. Fast cars, bikes and beautiful women seem to just t in so smoothly, regardless of what the script of the movie is. Keeping that in mind, Bollywood would do just about anything to ensure the glam sham in their lms. Here are a couple of examples of how its done in Bollywood. Bollywood will go in order to attract its younger audience, even if that meant for these lm directors to bend the laws of physics.

Out with the old should be your motto for this week. When was the last time you organised your wardrobe?
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

If you feel sensitive at the beginning of this week, you might want to let that best friend in on it. Why suffer in silence?
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)



With Dhoom, Bollywood has opened its arms to the world of stunt biking, and it is here to stay. In the movie, actor John Abraham is being chased by the cops in their typical Mahindra SUV, where John is on a Suzuki Hayabusa. If the specs are studied, the Suzuki can outrun the Mahindra without even breaking a sweat, but in the movie, John is having difculties losing the tail. John solves this by taking off his helmet and throws it towards the cop car. It hits the front left wheel of the cop car and it ips over in a very extravagant manner. End of problem. With Dhoom paving the way for a biking revolution in todays Hindi cinema, exaggerated stunt biking and super bike racing scenes in the movie is a clear indication of the extent to which

Now its quite safe to say that true car and bike fans around the world choose to believe that they are diverted to the gossip and unending musicals that come with Bollywood movies. Even the action scenes seem so overstated time after time with some hero always dodging a rain of untimely bullets. But the star in this movie, Ajay Devgan, redened physics. He got out of a speeding vehicle with a stand still motion while his car kept on going and parked itself right behind him. He aimed his gun towards the villains car and shot the front tire and the inevitable happened, it went ying and spinning over his head, and while that happened, Ajay managed to pull out the villain from his car. All this happened in the space of just 10 seconds. This leaves you wondering if your 6th grade physics teacher taught you the wrong theory. When it comes to high-octane car chases, the sky is the limit, from ying cars to supersonic bikes, Bollywood makes everything possible.

Sulking and throwing a tantrum really wont get that prize youve been eyeing for so long. Patience will do you good this week.
Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22)

Find out whats bugging you; it might serve you well if you do it on your own for a change. Dont worry too much, youll survive this.
Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22)

New ideas need to be tried and tested rst before they go ofcial. Things have a way of backring when you least expect it, so be very careful.
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Make yourself at home; there is nothing wrong with spending some quality time with the family.
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

If your judgements are clouded, its best you put off making plans for the future. Try chaining your impulses a little.
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

It isnt too late to count your blessings. Hold on to your loved ones while they are with you.
AQuarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Avoid making snap decisions at the beginning of this week. There is no point planning in advance if none of it falls into place.
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar20)

If the adults in your life arent making much sense, knock some of it into their noggin, without losing your cool.

TM AG TU E SDAY, O CTOB E R 8, 20 1 3



filmi fantasies
Hearts are stomped on, lies are showered and there are bucketfuls of tears. Stars shoot their way across countries, sleeping in sarees and jewellery is a thing, and slaps are delivered in three parts Where singing over the phone is as common as dancing with an entourage on the streets, heres MUNIRA AHMED FIDAI and NATAsHA RAHMAN taking you through a plethora of ways Bollywood tickles all your unrealistic senses and leaves you craving more ...

dhishum dhishum
Boys, sure get your dhishum dhishum skills nice and shiny, but dont expect to be able to save your girl from thugs after having 3 or more bullets inside you, much less, have the energy to physically carry her out to safety. Girls, know your self-defence. You are not fragile dolls made out of rainbows.

Not every guy you date will have Salman Khan type beef cakes to aunt and there may not be a Bollywood hero driving through glass houses, coming to save you. In the 21st century, where womens rights and equality issues are all over the place like dirty laundry, be your own hero.

From Swades to Pardes and vice versa

Expecting to see saree clad women dancing to Rabindra Sangeet on the streets of London? Theyll more likely be hustling about their own business, wearing next to nothing and youll be a gawking intruder. Hoping to nd a deshi bhai for free lodging? Not likely. Chances are, theyll give you their numbers and never answer your calls. For Bangladeshis coming from Pardes to Swades for the rst time, there are slim chances your stomach will adjust to the air of Dhaka city, let alone your fathers village. So youll possibly be too busy puking all the way, to see the Yash Chopra style mustard elds or tribal women running around with colourful dupattas billowing behind them.

TM AG TU ESDAY, O CTO B E R 8 , 2013



Hes not

Shah Rukh Khan

Love is friendship, so you suddenly fall for your best friend who was, till now, nothing more than an adorable brother gure. And then begins the drama- Why does he not take you to romantic places and sing songs with you? Why does he not make a wish with you every time you see a shooting star and why, oh why does he not tap on your window asking owers or chocolates?



no matter what
She could be a runaway convict in the forest where twigs and dirt should tarnish her beauty but NOT the Bollywood actress. She always looks like as if she has just stepped out from a refreshing dip in the ocean. She could be wailing in tears, in tatters and ruins, tossed back and forth by the villains - but always looking like a million bucks.

without cause
You have an anguished heroine, who just broke up with the hero, running as quickly as her feet can take her in the stormy rain. For a moment you are thinking she really needs to get somewhere, but then she enters the house, leans back on the door and starts breathing laboriously, sinking to the ground. So, if you need an outlet to let your otherwise restrained emotions to erupt, this is the right place for you. Heroes throw punches on guys who merely glance at their girlfriend, who is clearly very provocative in a see through chiffon saree.

Because girl, he may not have the time to dance on a rooftop with a long stemmed rose but he might manage to go out of his way to do other extraordinary stuff for you. Life is not a movie - so, dont expect him to hold his hand out while you run alongside the speeding train. Appreciate his presence of mind instead, when he pulls the chain for you and enjoy the ride.

Of latkas and jhatkas

Dreaming of breaking out into a perfectly choreographed Nimbooda and charming the lungi off your Ajay Devgan? People nowadays spend months in getting the latest dances choreographed to perfection and still managing to mess it up because their tiklis got tangled in their dupattas! If youre a good dancer, more power to you, but what of those who are in a relationship but have two left feet? Do they live in perpetual fear that their more graceful partner will start dancing in the middle of the street and they wont be able to keep up?

Definite justice
Hindi movies thrive on a deadly villain whose torturous ways have destroyed families, seized hereditary property, and enslaved women and children. The protagonists go through gruelling struggles and have no ways to escape, but in the end its either a hero who jumps through a glass window or a witness or lawyer who saves the day, vanquishing the evil. No matter how phantom-like the villains are, they usually always die with a bullet shot through their chest or are driven off the cliff, or behind bars. (Unless its Shah Rukh Khan from Don, every other villain meets justice).

Forever love

Whoever has watched Veer Zaara knows that waiting 20 years, silently loving that one person that you may never be with, is a little too unrealistic. The idea of forever love is tightly ingrained in most love stories; either the lovers are born again to come back to each other, or they stay, grow old and die together. In reality, people either move on to someone else and then are termed heartless because Bollywood taught us that waiting is the form of true love.

The influence of Bollywood is terribly ingrained in our minds, however much we want to discard it. We know its unreal, but Bollywood has a way of making us have faith in miracles, and hence paves the way for a broken heart, a few injustices and that one lonely lover who thinks waiting for their partner forever and ever will one day bring them back.


TM AG TU E SDAY, O CTOB E R 8, 20 1 3




Inspired by his father, he wanted to join the military, however, with the passing of time, his thinking became clear and constructive. As a result, he chose to channel all his creativity and innovation into the corporate world. Salman Hossain Beg, the first founding vice curator of the Dhaka hub, Global Shapers, chats to Saudia Afrin about his work

- Salman Hossain Beg

Begs philosophy about revealing secrets is if theres any secret that is kept hidden from the world, then it might be for a good reason. He thinks people who dont admit their limitations and show no interest in learning from others only makes them weaker for their choice. An integral part of his life is music its often hard for him to concentrate without it. He loves reading online but writing is yet to be on his everyday list, although he says I can smell its coming soon!

TM AG TU ESDAY, O CTO B E R 8 , 2013

ith aims of tying the youth together and creating a platform to encourage their creativity and passion, Salman Hossain Beg started Dhaka hub. In the month of May, while planning this hub with his colleague and friend Mohammad Tauheed, he rst heard about the global shapers community. After receiving the ofcial charter for setting up the hub with the global shapers team from the World Economic Forum, Dhaka hub was incepted in the beginning of July 2013. The Global Shapers Community is a network of city-based hubs striving to develop leadership potential in young leaders, between the ages of 20 and 30, seeking to serve society. The Hub carries out local projects to improve communities. About Dhaka hubs present situation, Beg says: Since Dhaka hub was established recently, we are working on spearheading our shaper recruitment initiative and scouting local talents who can jointly work to contribute for a bigger cause. Among participants from 267 cities around the world, Beg along with Founding Curator Tauheed, represented Bangladesh, as young leaders at the Annual Curators Meeting in Geneva. According to Beg: This was by far

the best meeting I had ever been to, considering the level of training we received. The part that made it so special was the quality training and dialogue. The passion for doing different in contrast to others is not new to Beg. Subsequently after his graduation in marketing from East West University, he chose a different line of work. He says: I chose to work for companies where I will be able to challenge myself by elements that Im not trained for. Hence he joined Prothom Alo as their rst brand executive and launched the much appreciated Bodle Jao, Bodle Dao campaign with the team. Afterwards, to experience a different side of the world, he became a leadership facilitator and project coordinator at Bangladesh Youth and Leadership Centre (BYLC). While there Beg conceptualised the agship BYLC Youth Leadership Summit. Subsequently he moved to QUBEE and for over two and half years overlooked their brand and communication. To further build his expertise in the eld of digital advertising and online marketing, he joined G&R Ad Network as their head of sales and marketing, earlier this year. Beg personally feels that instead of overhauling the current awed education model, it should be totally remade.

He has a vested interest in organic education where giving an environment to individuals to grow their own food, in contrast to, being fed whats already there, helps them use their creativity to explore the unknown. For the next ve years, Beg aims to learn more about known things, he believes: Its more important to be aware of what my limitations are and curing them before its too late. I just plan to pursue my passion, always, to discover what the world has to offer me or nd what I can make out of it.






I glided into my classroom, sleepy and groggy when I noticed the twinkle in everyones eyes. I got slightly hopeful, expecting the good news that my teacher wouldnt be showing up. Some of the students huddle into a corner, excited with glee. My eyes fell on the small crowd at the back of the classroom. Sarafa had gotten herself the limited edition dancing doll that could sing and dance and everybody was going bonkers over it. It was wrapped in a box and she took her sweet time unwrapping it every time someone wanted to take a glimpse of it. She was a nuisance as it was, with her long clicking heels, her forged laughter and her condescending ways, and now having the whole class drool over a rag doll would play up to her already high and mighty persona. From the crowd of bodies, I could see her little doll sit down gracefully and do a few moves that led to a round of applause from the class. It was unbelievable that as A level students, we were all so hyper over a little doll. Inspite of myself, I wanted to go over and touch it and look at it more closely. But knowing Sarafa, I knew how she would snub me away. However, I was hoping everyones enthusiasm would soften her today. I went by her side and meekly asked, Hey, thats an awesome doll, can I see it? She looked at me, feeling self -satised and said, No, its not for cripples. Smug and cold, she crushed my already limp state. As tears began forming in the corners of my eyes, I turned my wheelchair around and glided away, realising the irony that a lifeless doll was worth more than my living breathing self.





Jhumpa Lahiris writing avoids the curryavoured clichs coming out of the South Asian diaspora. Theres not much poverty porn, nor is there an unnecessary glamourisation of the Bollywood elite. Her stories are peopled with members of the middle class, revolving around everyday events, ordinary lives. And yet it is worth reading her because she paints pictures with such an exquisitely delicate hand, drawing out secret pains and underlying dramas beneath the facade of normal life. Lahiri rst exploded into the scene with Interpreter of Maladies, an anthology of shorts, which garnered the Pulitzer Prize in 2000. Her debut novel The Namesake got her a movie deal. She followed this up with the best-selling Unaccustomed Earth. Small wonder that the literary world waited with bated breath for her most recent novel The Lowland, which is sitting on the shortlist for the Man Booker Prize. Without giving too much away, The Lowland follows the story of two brothers, Udayan and Subhash, who have opposite personalities, and yet, close ties, until life events pull them apart, taking each down a very different path from the other. Set against the backdrop of Bengal in the Naxal movement in the 1960s, it is a saga that spans four generations and two continents. There are some complaints about the monotony of the narrative voice, but as far as capturing the Immigrant Experience, theres none better than this Bengali wordsmith.



While bollywood has developed a lot in the recent past, and the industry has more talented actors and people behind the camera as well, a part of the fraternity seems to take the easy-way out as they seem to value the nancial success more than the creative success. Here are a few of the many movies in the list of plagiarism in Bollywood.

Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta (2001) | Liar Liar (1997)

Like Jim Carrey, Govinda is a lawyer, going through a bitter family time due to his compulsive lying attitude.

Dostana (2008) | I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)

Two straight men with immigration problems who act out to be gay in order to straighten things out, Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Jessica Biel starred in the actual version whereas John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra were casted in the Bollywood ick.

Koi Mil Gaya 2003 | E.T. the ExtraTerrestrial 1982

Chachi 420 (1997) | Mrs. Doubtre (1993)

After his divorce, the husband disguises himself as a female nanny to stay near his kids. The role of Robin Williams was portrayed by Kamal Haasan. One notable change is that, instead of three kids, the Indian version had only one child.

Probably the rst ever sci- movie in the history of Bollywood, and inspired mainly by the blockbuster E.T. (arrival of an Alien which helped the lead out) and with the hints of Independence Day, Forrest Gump etc., KMG was a big hit.

Sarkar 2005 | The Godfather 1972

Partner (2007) | Hitch (2005)

Again, the storyline of both the moves are same. Salman Khan and Govinda played the roles of Will Smith and Kevin James. Katrina Kaif played Amber Vallettas role whereas Lara Dutta played Eva Mendes.

Sarkar is probably better known as the dire attempt of Bollywood trying to remake the classic Godfather with Amitabh Bachchan playing the iconic role of Vito Corleone played by Marlon Brandon. Abhishek Bachchan plays that of Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino in the original movie.

If youve ever been to Nilkheth or New Market on a hunt for books you mustve come across the Gotham Comics; they feature good artwork and your favourite superheroes, but theres something a bit off about them why are Batman and Wolverine in the same comic? Why is Superman getting advertised inside an Incredible Hulk comic? Gotham Comics were designed especially for the Indian sub-continent and entered into afliation with major comic book publishing houses. Their most high prole creation is none other than Pavitr Prabhakar aka Spider-Man: India, Peter Parkers classic origin story gets a drastic Bollywood makeover as we see him obtaining his powers from an Indian hermit. Pavitr, much like Peter, gets bullied in high school and teased for his crush on Meera Jain, despite this he can always count on the support of his Aunt Maya and Uncle Bhim. Things take a dramatic turn when Pavitr tangles with the evil Nalin Oberoi, a local crime lord who performs a ritual that leads to him becoming possessed by an evil demon who isnt particularly fond of planet Earth. Pavitr has to learn quick if he is to save all thats dear to him and learn in true desi fashion that with great power comes great responsibility. Gotham Comics always has fun, bright and cartoonish art which makes them a real page turner. This brave re-make is no award winning book but its a fun read (albeit unintentionally most of the time) that you might as well collect for the sake of novelty.

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Artist Kailash Kher Song Allah Ke Bande Tuning Standard
Intro - D D A D G A A D




The dhol is a double-sided barrel drum, widely used in traditional and regional music variations mostly throughout this part of South Asia, and can be dated back to the 15th century. It can refer to any type of similar double-headed drum, and is usually played as an accompanying instrument. The dhol is probably best known worldwide for its apparent use in popular Punjabi bhangra music. The dhol is typically played with two wooden sticks, usually made from bamboo and cane wood. The stick thats used to play the bass notes, or the atter side, of the dhol is called dagga in Punjabi. The dagga is usually thick and bent on the end that strikes the instrument. The other stick, known as the tihli, is thinner and exible. It is used to play the other end of the instrument, producing the higher notes. The drum consists of a wooden barrel with animal hide or synthetic skin stretched over its open ends, covering them completely. These skins can be stretched or loosened with a tightening mechanism made up of either interwoven ropes, or nuts and bolts. Tightening or loosening the skins subtly alters the pitch of the drum sound. The instrument can be slung over the players neck using a strap and then played either with the sticks, or in some cases, hands. The typical size of the drums vary slightly from region to region. In Qawwali music, the dhol represents two instruments that come together to make one, most know it as the tabla. However, in the Punjabi musical form, the dhol remains the big and loud bass producing instrument that you sling around your neck and beat your heart out on, and not to mention that it is widely used and heard in most Bollywood music.

Toota toota ek parinda aise toota G Ke phie ud na paaya D A

Toota toota ek parinda aise toota G Ke phie ud na paaya D A G

Udta hua woh aasma aakar gia zameen par D A G

Khwabo mein phir bhi baadal hi the wo kehta raha magar D A D A

Ke allah ke bande has d allah k bande D A G


Before we begin festivities for the upcoming Eid, the head-bangers are getting their last chance to witness a packed gig with a fabulous line-up of the heaviest bands of BDs underground scene. On October 11, Absolute Annihilation will be pulverising the pacic circumstance of Russian Cultural Center, Dhanmondi. Powersurge, Sent Men Revolt, MirrorBlaze, Jahiliyyah, Abominable Carnivore, Trainwreck, Arch Angel, Exalter, Friday The 13th, Surprise Of The Evening, Roman Sacrice and Absentia will burn the stage with their talent. Moreover, this will be the comeback gig for MirrorBlaze after a year of hibernation. The gig is being organised by Catharsis Concerts and supported by,, and The show will start at 3pm and the gate will open at 2:30pm. Ticket is priced at TK250. If you are in search of heavy tunes then TMAG suggests you to relish the concert and headbang your brains out at this concert. For more details, visit events/407156802724094

Allah ke bande has de jo bhi ho kal phir aayega




The Psychedelic Singh Tumba Vajada Nar

2 Ishta Putiputi Pai 3 Jassi Sidhu feat. Superwoman Hipshaker



This week our spotlight is on a man who loves to maintain low prole; a man with big achievements but a humble stance. We talk about Zulqer Russell, a Bangladeshi lyricist working with stars like Anjan Dutta, Bappi Lahiri, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Runa Laila, Usha Uthup and the likes. He was the rst man to win over Anjan Duttas heart, and convince him to sing on Russells lyrics. This was a rst time for them both. A different sort of achievement came with Russell writing the ofcial welcome song for the ICC World Cup hosted jointly by Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India in 2011, called O Prithibi. On asking him how he embarked on his journey of song writing, he replied that it all started with him writing poems for the local newspaper Dainik Janakantha in 1994. While also doing features on musicians for the paper, he got to know many of them on a personal level and one of them suddenly popped the question, Why dont you write lyrics for us? His rst album Onnorokom Bhalo came out in 1996, sung by Ahmed Faysal thus starting off his journey. He teamed up with famous musician Bappa Mazumdar to create upto 350 songs and 14 albums. Among his long list of achievements, lies writing jingles for popular advertisements like Meryl and Akash Koto Dure, a movie in which Russell contributed to the screenplay, story, and dialogue. The movie had won a sponsorship from the government and is now running successfully at an Indian Film Festival. He attributes his talents to God and is thankful for all he has achieved so far in life. For this winner of Citycell Channel I Music Awards (twice), TMAG believes, the skys the limit. Keep an ear open for his newest album coming out this Eid called, Cholo Baancho.

4 Incontrol Indian Chief 5 6 Vardan Grigoryan New Way The Idan Raichel Project Boee (Come with me)

7 Karunesh Punjab 8 Arjun Teri Meri 9 10 Taal Tadka Im yours/Tere Bina Sanam Puri and Jonita Gandhi Pinjra

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Satyamev Jayate is an Indian television talk show that literally stands for the words Truth Alone Prevails. Hosted by the popular Bollywood actor and lmmaker, Aamir Khan, Satyamev Jayate premiered on May 6, 2012, and has been aired on various channels within Star Network, along with Doordarshans DD National. As the title of the show suggests, the show is a platform that highlights sensitive social issues prevalent in India, as well as the rest of the world, such as child labour and sexual abuse, female foeticides, dowry, medical malpractice, domestic violence, alcoholism, insensitivity towards the physically disabled, the troubles of senior citizens, water crisis, etc. While

the show is mainly recorded in primary Indian language, Hindi, dubbings of the series can also be found in many other different languages such as Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telegu, while subtitled in English. Since its premiere, Satyamev Jayate has received overwhelming positive responses and feedbacks from both the critics as well as the public. As Aamir Khan stated during the launch of the programme, Sataymev Jayate is made to meet the common man, understand their problems and issues, and connect India.

The talk show is not about solving issues that many are still ghting day in and out, but rather to lend an ear to these issues and help bring forth a nation that can unite to solve these problems together. The show was widely appreciated by several lm and television personalities, politicians and social activists for its research, format, presentation and content. As far as its been heard, work on the second season of Satyamev Jayate has started but no airing date has yet been conrmed.


As a prequel to the movie RA.ONE, the game is based on the key lm characters and various superpowers they possess in the lm. The story of the game has been developed by Shah Rukh Khan himself so there is an essential connection between the movie and the game. Gamers have the option to play the game as the key characters of the lm, RA.ONE or G.ONE. Apart from the two main characters, there are a few other key characters included in the game. For that unique feel, lms characters have been replicated closely for looks, and also used actual voice-overs from the actors in the movie. The game was developed locally in India by Trine, under direct supervision from the SCEE team in London and also the Red Chillies team for the characterisation and VFX. RA.ONE is loaded with instinctive action moves, together with hard-core combat and draws a striking attention to detailed graphical representations. The whole aura of the game is based on The Matrix and Terminator style and gamers, for the very rst time in the history of game development, can actually play various action sequences from the movie itself, that too on platforms like PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360. Featuring more than 20 gameplay environments and 6 unique characters from the RA.ONE Universe, the game shows off multi-player action levels, including an active set of different game mode options, and allows gamers to take part in countless challenges that put their gaming skills to the test.


A project developed by Joanna Montgomery in 2010, Pillow Talk was a sensational idea that won awards for its creativity. For long distance lovers who have it hard being physically apart from each other, Joannas Pillow Talk is either a nightmare or a dream come true for distanced lovers. The Arduino boards inside the pillow contain a polar exercise watch, lights and speakers. The built-in wireless ring sensor senses your weight as soon as you put your head on the pillow. Hence, when one half of the couple sleeps, the pillow

on the other halfs starts glowing. And that is not even the best part ... the elastic bands with sensors transmit the sound of the lovers heartbeat wirelessly to the partners pillow. So, the distanced lovers lay on the pillow and can hear ones heart beating for the other. Some may nd the whole idea slightly redundant, because all this pillow does is glow and pulsate. However, for couples who cant see and feel each other for ages and

ages, this could be one miraculous way to connect with your signicant other. For couples who want a peaceful night of sleep without having to strap a possibly uncomfortable band around their chest, steer away from this pillow. But lovers who are depressed without each other and have an incessant need to feel connected to their far away partner, Pillow Talk is here to take away those sleepless nights.



All of Lillys superpowers is now available in one smartphone app. Superwoman, developed by Snaplion, gives you the opportunity to carry Lillys craziness everywhere you go. Right off the bat, you are welcomed by Lilly herself in her signature superwoman baseball cap on the home screen. Youre able to browse through her fabulous photos throughout her YouTube career. From the glitz and glamour to her many popular characters shes played on her channel, you are able to view and share the fun images through social media. Some of the characters even have their own album dedicated to them, so if you want more of Manjeet Singh and his pickup lines, you know where to gander. The photos are the rst stop, but not


the last. On the home screen, as you choose Audio, you are able to browse through the many audio clips extracted from her memorable videos online. The app will continue to play the audio les as you make your way to the other features in the app, like the news feed or the events calendar. Once youre done with the audio, press pause and head over to the video sections. You really thought they would leave out the fun videos? Now, you can share a laugh with your friends by showing off Lillys videos. Cant have enough of Lilly? Then, this is denitely a must have. Superwoman is available for free download on both the iPhone and Android smartphones.

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s y a s He e says Sh
Melodramatic fights, useless arguments and broken plates and glasses. If a relationship runs on these fuels then most probably its Bollywoods influence on couples. TMAG brings you two situations where couples are fighting Bollywood style

OCToBER 5, 2013 I knew it was time to come clean, and there was this immense guilt building up, the more I delayed. Thinking of how my boyfriend would take it set my heart thudding hard. Meeting up at the park and telling him everything face to face seemed like a viable option. When he arrived, his body language and expression spoke for itself and I could sense that he knew something was wrong. Throughout, I was the one doing the talking and he held a stoic expression on his face. When I was done, he just got up and walked out of the park swiftly. My mouth fell open and I kept staring in his direction until I could absorb the shock of his abrupt exit. The side effect of the confession lasted for weeks in the form of silent treatment. Where, anger is still manageable, silent treatment is the worst. It leaves you helpless and clueless. My only option was to wait. Then nally when he called, I sucked in a breath of relief and answered. At the beginning, he sounded very calm, but that soon turned into accusations paired with anger. This time it was my turn to listen and when he suggested a break up, I obediently obliged, since the feeling was mutual. However, unexpectedly, my heart felt very heavy from hurting him so much. Lessons learnt for the future: 1) Think, think, and think before where, when and how you leap. 2) Whoever said confession was good for the soul, forgot to mention about the drama that came along. DRAMA QUEEN
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The problem of not looking like a leading actor He says

Since John Abraham has started going shirtless, my girlfriend is on my case about bulking up. I train regularly but my physique wont allow me to bulk up THAT much. But my girlfriend insists that no matter what, I should try and achieve that body. How can I explain to her that its biologically impossible?

She says

I am not very comfortable in skirts, but every time we plan to go to the beach my boyfriend asks me to wear one. I later found out that this recent obsession started from watching the new line up of movies where all the actresses are wearing skirts. Well, if I had long lean legs I wouldnt mind either, but unfortunately I am not as blessed.


The problem of being over sensitive... He says She says
Im in relationship with a girl whos four Years older than me. We really like each other but our expectations are poles apart from each other. She wants to get married at the age of 24, and by that time Ill just be 20, and starting my undergrads. And on top of that, my parents are strictly against this relationship. What should I do? MY guY and I have been dating for 2 Years now and we are pretty serious about ending up together. The only hiccup in our relationship is that my boyfriend is Hindu and I come from a Muslim family. My parents have no problem with me being in a relationship, but they cannot accept someone of a different religion. How do I make this work?

My girlfriend and I went to watch a movie with friends. I was sitting beside her all throughout. I got an important phone call, hence I left the theatre and when I was back I sat on the rst seat beside my friend, as I didnt want to bother the rest of the people by crossing them and going to my girlfriend. By the end of the night, she blew her fuse, cried and screamed that I dont love her anymore while I drove her back home.

I was cutting my birthday cake and after I cut the rst piece I fed it to my best friend who was right next to me. My boyfriend who was on the other side got offended and ruined my birthday by stomping out of the house and blaming me for not loving him enough. All the Hindi movies must have really gotten to him.

If you can get past the social stigma of dating someone older than you then anything is possible. However, if the other person inuences your choices, then you really shouldnt get too serious about it.


If the both of you had stayed with each other knowing the differences, and still want to continue to do so, then you denitely shouldnt let this one go. Give it some time; your parents will come around.

Let us be the judge of your situation. Email your story today to

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