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Phrasal verbs

AGREE agree to agree with ASK ask sb out ask around ADD add up to sth BACK back sth up back sb up BE be about to be a&ter be along be away be back be down be &or be in be into be o&& be on be on be out be out be out be out o& be over be up BEAR bear with BLOW blow in,toblow out blow up blow up blow sth up arrive une/pectedly e/tinguish e/plode lose one's temper add air 0ues who's 'ust blown into my o&&ice. (he little girl blew out the candles on her birthday cake. (he racing car blew up a&ter it crashed into the &ence. I'm sorry I blew up at you yesterday1 I was in a rather bad mood. .e have to blow #" balloons up &or the party. tolerate, be patient with I can't bear with his &oul temper any longer. be on the point o& want, seek arrive, come be absent &rom home, o&&ice return be depressed be in &avour o& be at home, o&&ice be interested in be cancelled be showing ,&ilms, going to take place be out o& the house, o&&ice... be on strike be wrong have no more be &inished, be ended be out o& bed (he match is o&& once again. I wonder what &ilms is on at the cinema. (he meetin is on again despite the rain. (he manager is out &or lunch. %iners are out again. (hey were out in their calculations. .e are out o& bread. (he present heat wave is e/pected to be over soon. (he children were up at &ive this morning. (he ceremony is about to &inish. )e's only a&ter her money. (he doctor will be along any minute now. %rs. (hompson is away on holiday this week. I'll be back as soon as I can. John's a bit down because he &ailed his driving test. )e's &or the *emocrats. I'd like to see *r. Bentry. Is he in+ reverse support You'll have to back up your car so that I can get out. %y wi&e backed me up over my decision to quit my 'ob. equal Your purchases add up to !"#.$!. invite on a date ask many people the same question Brian asked Judy out to dinner and a movie. I asked around but nobody has seen my wallet. accept, consent to have the same opinion as She agreed to our proposal. I can't agree with him in this matter.

BREAK break down break down break down break sth down break in break into sth break sth in break in break o&& break o&& break o&& break out break out break out in sth break up break up break up BRING bring back bring sb down bring sb up bring sth up bring sth up CALL call around call sb back call &or call &or call in call sth o&& call on sb call on sb call out call out call sb up CALM calm down CARRY carry away carry o&& carry on carry out CATCH catch on catch on catch out become popular understand ,caer en la cuentatrap, trick (his kind o& song is likely to catch on with the younger generation. She's a shrewd woman. (rust her to catch on to what they are doing. 9re you trying to catch me out with these smart question s o& yours+ deprive o& sel&=control handle ,llevar a cabocontinue e/ecute, per&orm (he speaker got carried away by his enthusiasm. She had a di&&icult part to play, but she carried it o&& e/tremely well. She carried on with her work:reading her book. 9 plan such as this will be too costly to carry out. rela/ a&ter being angry You are still mad. You need to calm down be&ore you drive the car. phone many di&&erent places:people return a phone call require, demand go and &etch summon to a place cancel ask &or an answer or opinion visit sb announce in a loud voice summon to strike phone .e called around but we weren't able to &ind the car part we needed. I called the company back but the o&&ices were closed &or the weekend. Such delicate matters call &or considerable tact and skill. I'll call &or you at yor o&&ice at &our o'clock. .e can't a&&ord to call in a technician every time the (3 brokes down. Jason called the wedding o&& because he wasn't in love with his &ianc;. (he pro&essor called on me &or question 6. .e called on you last night but you weren't home. .ill you please be quiet while I call out the results+ (he <nion o&&icers decided to call the workers out. 0ive me your phone number and I will call you up when we are in town. return make unhappy raise start talking about a sub'ect vomit I'll lend you my car provided you bring it back tomorrow. (his sad music is bringing me down. (hese children are very badly brought up. %y mother walks out o& the room when my &ather brings up sports. )e drank so much that he brought his dinner up in the toilet. stop &unctioning ,vehicle, machineget upset, break into tears interrupt divide into smaller parts, classi&y &orce entry to a building enter &orcibly wear sth a &ew times interrupt detach stop &or a break, or rest terminate, end a relationship start suddenly escape develop a skin condition end a relationship start laughing ,in&ormalbreak into pieces 2ur car broke down at the side o& the highway in the snowstorm. (he woman broke down when her son died. (he negotiations were broken down. 2ur teacher broke the &inal pro'ect down into three separate parts. Sb broke in last night and stole our stereo. (he &iremen had to break into the room to rescue the children. I need to break these shoes in be&ore we run ne/t week. (he (3 station broke in to report the news o& the president's death. (he child broke o&& a piece o& chocolate and gave it to his sister. 4et's us break o&& 'ust a &ew minutes. (hey decided to break o&& their engagement. (he 5irst .orld .ar broke out in 6768. (he prisoners broke out o& 'ail when the guards weren't looking. I broke out in a rash a&ter our camping trip. %y boy&riend and I broke up be&ore I moved to 9merica. (he kids 'ust broke up as soon as the clown started talking. (he ship broke up on the rocks.

catch up CHECK check in check out check out check out CHEER cheer up cheer sb up CHIP chip in CLEAR clear away clear o&& clear o&& clear sb out CLEAN clean sth up clean sth up COME come about come across sth come apart come down with come &orward come &rom sw COUNT count on sb:sth CROSS cross sth out CUT cut back on sth cut sth down cut in cut in cut in cut sth o&& cut sth o&& cut sb o&& cut sb out

get to the same point as sb else

You'll have to run &aster than that i& you want to catch up with %arty.

arrive > register at a hotel :airport leave a hotel look at care&ully, investigate look at ,in&ormal-

.e will get the hotel keys when we check in. You have to check out o& the hotel be&ore 66?"" 9%. (he company checks out all new employees. @heck out the craAy hair on that guyB

become happier make happier

She cheered up when she heard the good news. I brought you some &lowers to cheer you up.


I& everyone chips in we can get the kitchen painted by noon.

disappear, vanish go away ,largarseget rid o& a debt throw out, e/pel

(he clouds are beginning to clear away. You'd better clear o&&. )e's accumulate so many debts that he couln't clear them o&&. )e was cleared out o& the pub &or causin a disturbance.

tidy, clean make clear, solve

Clease clean up your bedroom be&ore you go outside. I'd like to clear up this matter once and &or all.

happen &ind une/pectedly separate become sick volunteer &or a task originate in

(heir quarrel came about through a slight misunderstanding. I came across these old photos when I was tidying the closet. (he top and bottom come apart i& you pull hard enough. %y nephew came down with chicken po/ this weekend. (he woman came &orward with her husband's &inger prints. (he art o& origami comes &rom 9sia.

rely on

I am counting on you to make dinner while I am out.

draw a line through

Clease cross out your old address and write your new one.

consume less make sth &all to the ground interrupt pull in too closely ,vehiclesstart operating ,engine, deviceremove with sth sharp stop providing take out o& a will remove part o& sth ,with scissors-

%y doctor wants me to cut back on sweets and &atty &oods. .e had to cut the old tree in our yard down a&ter the storm. Your &ather cut in while I was dancing with your uncle. (he bus driver got angry when that car cut in. (he air conditioner cuts in when the temperature gets to !!D@. (he doctors cut o&& his leg because it was severely in'ured. (he phone company cut o&& our phone because we didn't pay the bill. %y grandparents cut my &ather o&& when he remarried. I cut this ad out o& the newspaper.

DO do sb:sth over do sth over do away with sth do sth up do sth up DRAW draw back draw in draw into draw on draw out DRESS dress up DROP drop back drop in:by:over drop sb:sth o&& drop out EAT eat out END end up $ALL &all apart &all away &all down &all &or &all in &all in with &all o&& &all out &all out $IGURE &igure sth out $ILL &ill sth in &ill sth in &ill sth out &ill sth up $IND &ind &or ,sb&ind out make a decision in &avour:against sb (he 'ury &ound &or the de&endant. discover .e don't know where he lives. )ow can we &ind out+ complete a &orm &ill sth completely to write in&ormation in blanks ,9E&ill to the top Clease &ill in the &orm with your name, address, and phone number. (he hole has been &illed in. (he &orm must be &illed out in capital letters. I always &ill the water 'ug up when it is empty. understand, &ind the answer I need to &igure out how to &it the piano and the bookshel& in this room. break into pieces disappear, vanish &all to the ground &all in love with sb i& soldiers &all in, they &orm lines agree to sth separate &rom an interior become loose and unattached decrease in quantity or quality %y new dress &ell apart in the washing machine. 9ll our doubts &ell away. (he picture that you hung up last night &ell down this morning. (hey &ell &or each other instantly. (he sergeant ordered his men to &all in. 9ttendance at my lectures has &allen o&& considerably. She &ell in with my idea at once. (he money must have &allen out o& my pocket. )is hair started to &all out when he was only $#. ,hair, teetheventually reach:do:decide .e ended up renting a movie instead o& going to the theatre. eat at a restaurant I don't &eel like cooking tonight. 4et's eat out. move back in a position:group come without an appointment take sb:sth sw and leave there quit a class, school etc 9ndrea dropped back to third place when she &ell o&& her bike. I might drop in:by:over &or tea some time this week. I have to drop my sister o&& at work be&ore I come over. I dropped out o& Science because it was too di&&icult. wear nice clothing It's a &ancy restaurant so we have to dress up. move away &rom sb:sth involve sb :make them take part in approach, come closer become lighter in the evening )e came close but she drew back. (he nights:days are drawing in. Fight was drawing on. (he days eve!"!#s are drawing out. youngsters drawn into a li&e o& crime become dark earlier in the evening beat up, ransack ,br.e., in&ormaldo again ,9Ediscard &asten, close repair and decorate a house, etc )e's lucky to be alive. )is shop was done over by a street gang. %y teacher wants me to do my essay over. She she doesn't like my topic. It's time to do away with all o& these old ta/ records. *o your coat up be&ore you go outside. It's snowingB )e makes money by buying old houses and doing them up.

&ind sth out GET get across:over get along:on get along get around get around get at get at sb get away get away get away with get back get sth back get back at sb get by get sb down get sth down get in get in get in,to- sth get in,to- sth get on get out get on sth get over sth get over sth get round to get together get up get up GI)E give sb away give sb away give sth away give sth away give sth back give in give sth out give sth up give up GO go about go a&ter sb go a&ter sth go against sb go ahead


.e tried to keep the time o& the party a secret, but Sam &ound it out.

communicate, make understandable get on good terms ,withleave a place move &rom place to place manage reach keep criticiAing sb go on a vacation escape do without being noticed:punished return receive sth you had be&ore take revenge manage to live or do sth make sb &eel sad or depressed to make a note o& sth arrive at a place win an election be involved in to become interested in sth become known step onto a vehicle recover &rom an illness, di&&iculty overcome a problem &inally &ind time to do sth meet ,usually &or social reasonsget out o& bed stand

I tried to get my point across:over to the 'udge but she wouldn't liste I was surprised how well my new girl&riend and my sister got along:on. It's time we were getting along. %y grand&ather can get around &ine in his new wheelchair. )ow do you e/pect me to get around without money+ (he &iles are locked up and I can't get at them. )e's always getting at me. .e worked so hard this year that we had to get away &or a week. (he prisoner managed to get away Jason always gets away with cheating in his maths tests. .e got back &rom our vacation last week. 4iA &inally got her Science notes back &rom my room=mate. %y sister got back at me &or stealing her shoes. She stole my hat. I &inally got back into my novel and &inished it. )ow does she get by on such a small salary+ *on't let it get you down too much. *id you get his number down+ (he train got in late. She &irst got into Carliament in !""#. )e got into debts, trouble... I'm really getting into 'aAA these days. H%& d"d y%' #e( %! at the interview+ I& this gets out there'll be trouble. .e're going to &reeAe out here i& you don't let us get on the bus. I 'ust got over the &lu and now my sister has it. (he company will have to close i& it can't get over the new regulations. I don't know when I am going to get round to writing the cards. 4et's get together &or a BBG this weekend. I got up early today to study &or my e/am. You should get up and give the elderly man your seat.

get ahead ,o& sb- make progress ,&urther than others- )e soon got ahead o& the others in his class.

get back into sth become interested in sth again

how well sb is doing in a situation

reveal hidden in&ormation about sb take the bride to the altar ruin a secret give sth to sb &or &ree return a borrowed item reluctantly stop &ighting or arguing give to many people quit a habit stop trying, surrender

)is wi&e gave him away to the police. %y &ather gave me away at my wedding. %y little sister gave the surprise party away by accident. (he library was giving away old books on 5riday. I have to give these skates back to 5ranA be&ore his hockey game. %y boy&riend didn't want to go to the ballet, but he &inally gave in. (hey were giving out &ree per&ume samples at the department store. I am giving up smoking as o& January 6st. %y maths homework was too di&&icult so I gave up.

move &rom place to place &ollow, chase sb try to achieve sth compete, oppose start, proceed

(hese men always go about in gangs. %y brother tried to go a&ter the thie& in his car. I went a&ter my dream and now I am a published writer. .e are going against the best soccer team in the city tonight. Clease go ahead and eat be&ore the &ood gets cold.

go back go on go on go out go out with sb go over sth go over go without sth GROW grow apart grow back grow up grow out o& sth grow into sth HAND hand sth down hand sth in hand sth out hand sth over HANG hang out hang up HOLD

return to a place continue, last happen, take place leave home to go on a social event date review visit sb nearby su&&er lack or deprivation

I have to go back home and get my lunch. .e *a!+( #% %! l",e (h"sHwe seem to be always arguing. .hat the hell is going on here+ .e're going out &or dinner tonight. Jesse has been going out with 4uke since they met last winter. Clease go over your answers be&ore you submit your test. I haven't seen (ina &or a long time. I think I'll go over &or an hour. .hen I was young, we went without winter boots.

stop being &riends over time regrow become an adult get too big &or grow big enough to &it

%y best &riend and I grew apart a&ter she changed schools. %y roses grew back this summer. .hen Jack grows up he wants to be a &ireman. 4iA needs a new pair o& shoes because she has grown out o& her old ones. (his bike is too big &or him now, but he should grow into it by ne/t year.

give sth used to sb else submit to distribute to a group o& people give ,usually unwillingly-

I handed my old comic books down to my little cousin. I have to hand in my essay by 5riday. .e will hand out the invitations at the door. (he police asked the man to hand over his wallet and his weapons.

spend time rela/ing ,in&ormalend a phone call abruptly

Instead o& going to the party we are 'ust going to hang out at my place. )e didn't say goodbye be&ore he hung up.

hold sb:sth back prevent &rom doing:going hold sth back hold on hold sb:sth up KEEP keep at keep away keep back keep down persist in, persevere in ,cause to- stay away conceal, keep secret opress hide an emotion wait a short time rob

I had to hold my dog back because there was a cat in the park. Jamie held back his tears at his grand&ather's &uneral. Clease hold on while I trans&er you to the Sales *epartment. )old on to your hat because it's very windy outside. 9 man in a black mask held the bank up this morning.

hold on to sb:sth hold &irmly using your hands:arms

@ome on, keep at it, you've nearly &inishedB )er illness kept her away &rom work &or several weeks. I'm sure she's keeping sth back &rom us. (he people have been kept down &or years by a brutal regime. Ieep on stirring until the liquid comes to a boil. .e kept our relationship &rom our parents &or two years. (ry to keep the wet dog out o& the living room. I& you keep those results up you will get into a great college.

keep on doing sth continue doing sth keep sth &rom sb not tell keep sb:sth out keep stg up KNOCK knock around knock sb back knock sb back knock sb down knock down knock down knock o&& knock o&& travel and live in various places prevent sb &rom achieving sth surprise or shock sb demolish reduce the price o& sth stop doing sth, especially work stop &rom entering continue at the same rate

)e spent a &ew years knocking around Europe. )earing the news really knocked me back. (hese old houses are going to be knocked down. )e knocked down the price &rom J" to #". .hat time do you knock o&& work+

hit sb, make them &all to the ground She was knocked down by a bus:her opponent.

complete sth quickly:without e&&ort )e knocks o&& three novels a year.

knock out knock up knock up LEA)E leave sth aside leave o&& leave o&&:out LET let sth down let sth down let sb down let sb in let sb:y& in &or let sb o&& let o&& let on anyone. let sth out let sth out let up LOOK look a&ter look at look down on sb look &or look &orward to look into sth look on look on look out look out &or look sth over look sth up look up to sb MAKE make &or make &or make o&& make o&& with make out make out make sth up make up make sb:y& up make up make up make up

make sb become unconscious wake sb by knocking on their door prepare quickly

(he blow knocked her out. I told the maid to knock me up at eight. She knocked up a meal &or us.

not consider sth stop doing sth omit, e/clude sb:sth on a list:party

4et us leave this matter aside &or the moment, shall we+ Start reading &rom where you le&t o&& last time. You've le&t o&& a Aero. .e le&t him o&& the list

let or make sth go down &ail to support or help, disappoint allow to enter involve in sth unpleasant:di&&icult not punish sb tell a secret give a cry, etc make a shirt, coat looser or larger become less strong

.e let the bucket down by a rope. I need you to be on time. *on't let me down this time. @an you let the cat in be&ore you go to school+ K2h no, what have I let mysel& in &orBL She was let o&& with a warning. (he boys were letting o&& &ireworks. I'm getting married ne/t week, but please don't let on to She le( %'( a s*rea- o& terror (he dress needs letting out a little round the waist. (he pain &inally let up.

make a dress, skirt, coat, etc. longer (his skirt needs letting down.

&ire a gun or make a bomb e/plode

take care o&

I have to look a&ter my sick grandmother. I haven't had time to look at the papers yet. to look back on your childhood Ever since we stole that chocolate bar your dad has looked down on me. I'm looking &or a red dress &or the wedding. I'm looking &orward to the @hristmas break. .e are going to look into the price o& snowboards today. Cassers=by simply looked on as he was attacked. She's looked on as the leading authority on the sub'ect. 4ook outB (hat car's going to hit youB *on't &orget to look out &or snakes on the hiking trail. @an you look over my essay &or spelling mistakes+ .e can look her phone number up on the Internet. %y little sister has always looked up to me.

e/amine sth closely1 consider think less o&, consider in&erior try to &ind be e/cited about the &uture investigate consider, regard be care&ul, vigilant, and take notice be especially vigilant &or check, e/amine search in&ormation in a book, etc have a lot o& respect &or

look back ,on sth- think about sth in your past

watch sth without becoming involved in it

move towards sth lead to, result in escape steal distinguish, discern pretend, claim, maintain invent, lie about sth Mhacer las pacesN apply cosmetics to constitute invent a story, an e/cuse compound1 put together

(he ship was making &or *over. %oney does not always make &or happiness. (he thieves made o&&. Some boys had made o&& with our luggage. I could 'ust make out a &igure in the darkness. )e made out that he had been robbed. Josie made up a story about about why we were late. .e were angry last night, but we made up at break&ast. %y sisters made me up &or my graduation party. .omen make up #OP o& the student numbers. )e made up some e/cuse about his daughter being sick. (he chemist made up the doctor's prescription.

make up MI. mi/ sth up PASS pass away pass down pass sb:sth &or pass o&& pass sth on pass out pass over pass sth up PAY pay sb back pay &or sth pay in,topay o&& pay o&& pay up PICK pick sth out pick up pick sb up POINT

compensate &or sth con&use two or more things

)ow can I make up &or the way I've treated you+ I mi/ed up the twins' names againB

die transmit be accepted as1 be taken &or take place1 be completed give sth to sb else,a&ter using it y& &aint ignore or avoid sth1 overlook decline ,usually sth good-

)is uncle passed away last night a&ter a long illness. (hese &olk songs had been passed down &rom generation to generation. )e speaks the language so well he could pass &or a 0erman. (he demonstration passed o&& peace&ully. Cass the book on to me when you've &inished with it. It was so hot in the church that a lady passed out. (hey chose to pass over her rude remarks. I passed up the 'ob because I am a&raid o& change.

return owed money be punished &or doing sth bad

(hanks &or buying my ticket. I'll pay you back on 5riday. (hat bully will pay &or being mean to my little brother. I'd like to pay some money into my account. .e paid o&& our mortgage a&ter &i&teen years.

put money into a bank account &inish paying money owed &or sth

be success&ul and bring good results (he gamble paid o&&. pay all the money that you owe to sb I had a hard time getting him to pay up.

choose, select improve go sw in your car and collect sb

I picked out three sweaters &or you to try on. Sales have picked up 68P this year. I'll pick you up at &ive.

point sb:sth out indicate with your &inger PULL pull back pull down pull down pull in,topull o&& pull out pull out ,o& sthpull over pull through pull together pull y& together pull up PUT put sth about put sth aside put sth aside put sth away put sth back spread news that may be &alse ignore, disregard save sth or keep it available to use postpone withdraw get better a&ter a serious illness co=operate1 work in harmony take control o& your &eelings withdraw ,Mecharse atrQsNdemolish weaken ,train- enter a station and stop

I'll point my boy&riend out when he runs by.

(heir sponsors pulled back at the last minute. %any old buildinggs are being pulled down. 9 bad attack o& &lu has pulled him down a lot. (he police car signalled to us to pull in. .e pulled o&& the deal. 9 car suddenly pulled out in &ront o& me. (he pro'ect became so e/pensive that we had to pull out.

move to the side o& the road > stop succeed in doing sth di&&icult leave a station ,trainmove away &rom the side o& the road move to the side o& the road She saw the ambulance coming up behind her and pulled over.

(he doctors think she will pull through. .e can come through this crisis i& we all pull together. Stop crying and pull yoursel& togetherB )e pulled up at the tra&&ic lights.

,o& a vehicle or its driver- stop

Someone's been putting it about that you plan to resign. (hey decided to put aside their di&&erences. .e put some money aside every month &or our retirement. (he meeting has been put back to ne/t week.

put sth in the place where it is kept1 I'm 'ust going to put the car away ,R in the garage-.

put sth down put sth down to put sb down put in put in put sth o&& put sb o&& put sth on put sth on put on put sth out put sth out put sth out put sb out put through put sb to sth put sth together put up put up with RUN run across run a&ter run away ,&romrun away with run down run down run in run into sb:sth run out run over sb:sth

put what you are holding on a sur&ace You can put the groceries down on the kitchen counter. attribute insult, make sb &eel stupid install postpone1 delay cancel a meeting or an arrangement put clothing, etc on your body switch on a piece o& equipment gain e/tinguish produce sth, especially &or sale dislocate upset, annoy1 inconvenience, trouble continue with and complete a plan inconvenience, trouble make sth by &itting:collecting parts together lodge1 give lodging to tolerate .e can put you up &or the night. I don't think I can put up with three small children in the car. .hat do you put her success down to+ (he students put the teacher down because his pants were too short. .ho will the voters put in this time+ .e're having a new shower put in. .e are putting o&& our trip until January because o& the hurricane. It's too late to put them o&& now. Cut your coat onB I'll put the kettle on &or tea. She looks like she's /'( %! &e"#h(. (he neighbours put the &ire out be&ore the &iremen arrived. (he &actory puts out #"" new cars a week. She &ell o&& her horse and put her shoulder out. I hope our arriving late didn't put them out. .e managed to put the deal through. I hope we're not putting you to too much trouble. I have to put the crib together be&ore the baby arrives. elect a political party to govern

meet sb:sth by chance pursue, chase leave sb:sth suddenly1 escape &rom believe sth that is not true

I ran across an old school=&riend at the mall. She has been running a&ter him &ot years. )e ra! a&ay 0r%- h%-e at the age o& thirteen. I don't want you to r'! a&ay &"(h (he "-/ress"%! that all I do is have meetings all day. British manu&acturing industry has been running down &or )e's always running her down in &ront o& other people.

years. arrest

stop &unctioning :become smaller criticiAe sb:sth in an unkind way meet sb:sth by chance have none le&t

(he police ran him in &or indecent e/posure. I ran into an old school=&riend at the mall. .e ran out o& shampoo so I had to wash my hair with soap. 4et's run over:through these lines one more time be&ore the show.

drive a vehicle over a person or thing I accidentally ran over your bicycle in the driveway.

run over:through rehearse, review SEE see about see sb o&& see sb o&& see sb out seesth out see over o&&er. see through see to SEND send sth back return ,usually by mailrealiAe the truth about sb:sth deal with sth deal with sth &orce sb to leave a place last until the end o& sth

I must see about ,R prepare- lunch. (he dogs saw them o&& in no time. (hey had enough &uel to see the winter out. .e need to see over the house be&ore we can make you an

go to a station, an airport, etc. to say goodbye to sb who is starting a 'ourney last longer than the rest o& sb's li&e I've had this coat &or years, and I'm sure it will see me out. visit and look at a place care&ully

.e saw through him &rom the start. .ill you see to the arrangements &or the ne/t meeting+

%y letter got sent back to me because I used the wrong stamp.

SET set about set apart set aside set back set back set down set down set &orth set o&& set o&& set o&& set on set out set out set sth up set sth up set sb up set sb up start doing sth disregard1 not consider sth delay the progress o& sth cost ,bus- stop and allow sb to get o&& write sth down in order to record it e/pound begin a 'ourney make a bomb, etc. e/plode start a process or series o& events attack begin sth with a particular goal arrange or display things arrange, organiAe create sth or start it trick, trap provide sb with the money that they need in order to do sth SHOP shop around SHOW show o&& show through show up show up SLEEP sleep over SORT sort sth out STAND stand aside stand back stand by stand by sb move to one side move back &rom a place be present while sth bad is happening but not do anyth to stop it help sb or be &riends with them, even in di&&icult situations her &amous song, KStand by your manL She stood aside to let us pass. (he police ordered the crowd to stand back. )ow can you stand by and see him accused o& sth he didn't do+ organiAe, resolve a problem .e need to sort the bills out be&ore the &irst o& the month. stay sw &or the night ,in&ormalYou should sleep over tonight i& the weather is too bad to drive home. e/hibit, display, boast be seen behind or under sth else arrive, appear become:make sth become visible )e always shows o&& on his skateboard (he writing on the other side o& the page shows through. It was getting late when she &inally showed up. (he harsh light showed up the lines on her &ace. compare prices I want to shop around a little be&ore I decide on these boots. She set about the business o& cleaning the house. 4et's set aside my personal &eelings &or now. (he bad weather set back the building programme by several weeks. (he repairs could set you back over S!"". Cassengers may be set down and picked up only at the o&&icial stops. (he standards were set down by the governing body. (he Cresident set &orth his views in a (3 broadcast. .e set o&& &or 4ondon 'ust a&ter ten. 9 gang o& boys were setting o&& &ireworks in the street. Canic on the stock market set o&& a wave o& selling. I opened the gate, and was set on by a large dog. She set out to break the world record. )er work is always very well set out. 2ur boss set a meeting up with the president o& the company. to set up a business (he police set up the car thie& by using a hidden camera. 9 bank loan helped to set him up in business. keep sth &or a special use or purpose (wo rooms were set apart &or use as libraries.

stand down stand &or stand &or stand in ,&or sbstand out stand out &rom stand over sb stand up stand up &or stand up stand up STICK stick to sth SWITCH switch sth o&& switch sth on TAKE take a&ter sb take sth apart take away take sth back take sth back take sb in take sb in take sth in take sth in take o&& take sth o&& take sb o&& take sb on take sth on take sth out take sth out take sb out take sth over take to take to take up take up take up take up with TEAR tear sth up THINK

leave a 'ob:position in &avour o& sb represent, mean support sth take the place o& be prominent ,MdestacarNbe easily seen1 be noticeable be near sb and watch them be on your &eet support or de&end sb:sth resist

)e stood down to make way &or someone younger. K(he book's by (.@. Smith.L K.hat does the K(.@.L stand &or+L I hated the organiAation and all it stood &or %y assistant will stand in &or me while I'm away. 5our points stand out as being more important than the rest. She's the sort o& person who s(a!ds %'( "! a *r%&d. I don't like you standing over me while I'm cooking. (here were no seats le&t so I had to stand up. 9lways stand up &or your &riends. You must stand up &or your rights. )is argument simply doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. It was brave o& her to stand up to those bullies.

remain valid when tested1 resist

continue doing sth, limit y& to stop the energy &low, turn o&& start the energy &low, turn on

You will lose weight i& you stick to the diet. (he light's too bright. @ould you switch it o&&. .e heard the news as soon as we switched on the car radio.

resemble a &amily member break into pieces ,MdesmontarNremove1 carry away return ,an item to a shopretract1 withdraw ,MretirarNallow sb to stay in your home deceive make a piece o& clothing narrower go to see or visit sth such as a &ilm start to &ly remove sth ,usually clothingcopy sb's voice, actions or manner in an amusing way employ begin to have a quality:appearance obtain an o&&icial document:service remove &rom a place or thing go to a restaurant, theatre, etc. with sb you have invited gain control o& a business:company etc, especially by buying shares start liking sb:sth begin to do sth as a habit continue ,MretomarNlearn or start to do sth

I take a&ter my mother. .e are both impatient. )e took the car brakes apart and &ound the problem. (wo burgers to take away, please. I have to take our new (3 back because it doesn't work. I take back what I said yesterday. )e was homeless, so we took him in. She took me in completely with her story. (his dress needs to be taken in at the waist. I generally take in a show when I'm in Few York. %y plane takes o&& in &ive minutes. (ake o&& your socks and shoes and come in the lakeB (he comedian took o&& several well=known politicians. She was taken on as a trainee. )is voice took on a more serious tone. to (a,e %'( a! "!s'ra!*e /%l"*y a -%r(#a#e a l%a! @an you take the garbage out to the street &or me+ )ow many teeth did the dentist take out+ %y grandparents took us out &or dinner and a movie. @BS Tecords was taken over by Sony. I took to my new boss immediately. I've taken to waking up very early. (he band's new album takes up where their last one le&t o&&. (hey've taken up gol&. (his skirt needs taking up. Your daughter has taken up with those boys

make a piece o& clothing shorter begin to be &riendly with sb

rip into pieces

I tore up my e/=boy&riend's letters and gave them back to him.

think back think o& think up THROW throw sth away throw in well.

remember consider invent ,Minventar, idearN-

.hen I think back on my youth, I wish I had studied harder. )e has his &amily to think o&. @an't you think up a better e/cuse than that+

discard, get rid o& ,MtirarN-

.e threw our old &urniture away when we won the lottery.

include sth with what you are selling You can have the piano &or !"", and I'll throw in the stool as without increasing the price

throw o&& throw out throw out throw out throw up TURN turn against sb turn ,a-round turn away turn back turn sth down turn sth down turn in turn sb in turn sth o&& turn sb o&& turn sth on turn sb on turn out

get rid o& sb:sth that is making you su&&er, annoying you, etc &orce sb to leave a place produce smoke, light, heat, etc say sth in a way that suggests you have not given it a lot o& thought vomit

to throw o&& a cold:your worries:your pursuers You'll be thrown out i& you don't pay the rent. a small &ire that threw out a lot o& heat to throw out a suggestion (he smell made me want to throw up.

stop:make sb stop being &riendly towards sb change position or direction so as to &ace the other way ,Mvolver, =seNre&use to allow sb to enter a place return the way you have come decrease the strength ,heat, lightre&use go to bed take sb to the police because they stop the energy &low, switch o&& make sb &eel bored:not interested start the energy, switch on make sb e/cited or interested prove to be

She turned against her old &riend. 9&ter the divorce he tried to turn the children against their mother. (urn around and let me look at your back. )undreds o& people were turned away &rom the stadium (he weather became so bad that they had to turn back. Clease turn the (3 down while the guests are here. I turned the 'ob down because I don't want to move. It's lateHI think I'll turn in. She threatened to turn him in to the police. Your mother wants you to turn the (3 o&& and come &or dinner. Ceople had been turned o&& by both candidates in the election. It's too dark in here. 4et's turn some lights on. She gets turned on by men in uni&orm. )e turned her on to 'aAA. It turned out that she was a &riend o& my sister. (he 'ob be harder than we thought.

have committed a crime ,Mentregar:seN-

turned out to

turn out turn sth up turn up TRY try sth on try sth out USE use sth up WAKE wake up WARM warm sb:sth up

produce increase the strength ,heat, lightappear suddenly

(he &actory turns out 7"" cars a week. @an you turn the music up+ (his is my &avourite song. 2ur cat turned up a&ter we put posters up all over the neighbourhood.

sample clothing test

I'm going to try these 'eans on, but I don't think they will &it. I am going to try this new brand o& detergent out.

&inish the supply

(he kids used all o& the toothpaste up so we need to buy some more.

stop sleeping

.e have to wake up early &or work on %onday.

increase the temperature

You can warm your &eet up in &ront o& the &ireplace.

warm up WEAR wear o&& WORK work out work out work sth out

prepare body &or e/ercise

I always warm up by doing sit=ups be&ore I go &or a run.

&ade away

%ost o& my make=up wore o&& be&ore I got to the party.

e/ercise be success&ul make a calculation1 solve

I work out at the gym three times a week. 2ur plan worked out &ine. .e have to work out the total cost be&ore we buy the house.

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