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Amy Elizabeth Fietelson

33 Patterson Drive Oak Ridge, New Jersey 07438 973-224-98 0 a!iete"son#g$ai"%&o$

OBJECTIVE: 'o work in a veterinary (os)ita" to aid $e in )re)aration !or veterinary s&(oo"% EDUCATION* Pennsy"vania +tate ,niversity, ,niversity Park, P.a&(e"or o! +&ien&e in /eterinary and .io$edi&a" +&ien&es -nti&i)ated 0rad2ation* 3ay 2044 0P-* 3%4 14%00 Dean5s 6ist* 7a"" 2044, 7a"" 2042 J2"y 2043--2g2st 2043 3ay 2042--2g2st 2042

WORK EXPERIENCE* .863-R 9-66 -N:3-6 ;O+P:'-6 < /eterinary 'e&(ni&ian1-ssistant ,ti"i=ed :D8>> /et6a? +tation, 6aser@yte DA ;e$ato"ogy -na"y=er, and +N-Ps(ot DA -na"y=er -ided t(e veterinarian and veterinary te&(ni&ians in treat$ent roo$s and s2rgery% Per!or$ed !e&a" !"otation eAa$s12rine di)sti&ks1@(e$ 471@.@14D> +na) 'ests% Pre)ared and eAa$ined s"ides to deter$ine t(e )resen&e o! $ites and )arasites% 3aintained "a? eB2i)$ent and kenne"% Per!or$ed &"eri&a" d2ties and !i""ed and "a?e"ed $edi&ations

-668N9OOD -N:3-6 ;O+P:'-6 < /eterinary 'e&(ni&ian :ntern J2ne 2042--2g2st 2042 O?served and aided in s2rgeries, >-rays, and treat$ent roo$s% Pre)ared ani$a"s !or s2rgery, re&orded vita"s, re&orded vita"s, and set 2) !"2ids )ost-s2rgery% 7i""ed and "a?e"ed )res&ri)tion $edi&ations% P8NN+C6/-N:- +'-'8 ,N:/8R+:'C -D3:++:ON+ < Roo$ 6iason 7e?r2ary 2044- 3ay 2044 +erved as a )ros)e&tive st2dent residen&e roo$ "iaison ?y s(owing $y roo$ and answering B2estions% @o$$2ni&ated wit( )eers and !a$i"ies and grew &o$!orta?"e wit( )2?"i& s)eaking% SKILLS & ACHIEVEMENTS: 6-.OR-'ORC +D:66+* @entri!2gation, Di"2tion, 8Atra&tions 0as E '(in 6ayer @(ro$atogra)(y 0e" 8"e&tro)(oresis 0ra$ +taining E 6ig(t 3i&ros&o)y :no&2"ating vario2s $edi2$s and &2"t2ring1+treak P"ating :R E N3R !or 4; and 43@ -@-D83:@ -@':/:':8+ E -@;:8/838N'+* Nationa" +o&iety o! 6eader and +2&&ess @o$$2nity +ervi&e @o$$ittee 3e$?er o! t(e Nationa" +o&iety o! 6eaders(i) and +2&&ess 3e$?er o! t(e Pre-/et @"2? 2042-2043 .ig +ister 3e$?er o! t(e +$a"" and 8Aoti& -ni$a" @"2? F+8-@G 2040-2043

P@R Pi)etting, $i&ro)i)etting, and titrations P2ri!i&ation, Re&rysta""i=ation, Re!"2Aing +i$)"e17ra&tiona" Disti""ation ,nknown :denti!i&ations ,/1/:+ +)e&tro)(oto$etry

3e$?er o! t(e 9i"d"i!e and 7is(eries @"2? 20402044 3e$?er o! t(e Penn +tate Dan&e 3ara';ON 2044 and 2042 3OR-68 @o$$ittee 3e$?er 2044, 2042, 2043, 2044 3e$?er o! O;-NF';ON Organi=ationG 2042 O;-N- 7a$i"y 7a&i"itator

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE: 868P;-N'+'-C at t(e 868P;-N' ROC-6 DR-66 -ND /:66-08 < -y2tt(aya, '(ai"and 6ived wit( $a(o2ts and &ared !or 7 e"e)(ants !or 3 days% 3aintained !eeding and nig(t areas% O?served $edi&a" treat$ent to e"e)(ant ne&k1ear ?2rn wo2nds !ro$ "ig(tning%

J2ne 2043

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