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Retail, Classified & Preprint Rates Effective December 29, 2008

2009 Rate Card
A Proud Tradition
For more than 40 years the Foothills Trader has produced a high quality product with superior market coverage. The Foothills Trader is one of the best advertising values in Northwest Connecticut.

Remember, your ad is the news in The Foothills Trader!
190 Water Street, Torrington, CT 06790 (860) 489-3121 • FAX (860) 626-7196 Classified: (860) 489-5555 • Email:


Matt DeRienzo - Publisher,, ext. 350 Tilda Crossman - Advertising Director,, ext 314 Donna Musler - Classified Manager, ext. 309

Group rates are available for advertising in the The Register Citizen, Good News About Torrington,The Middletown Press, The New Haven Register, The New Milford Times, Litchfield County Times, West Hartford News, Thomaston Express, and Farmington Valley Times.

a. No combined discounts. All ads are billed net. b. These rates apply when one advertiser’s signature appears in the ad, and when the advertiser sells directly to the customer through one or more local retail stores with the same name owned or controlled by the advertiser. One owner of two different kinds of businesses shall be charged for each individual business at separate rates. c. All bills are due and payable in full upon receipt. d. Contract advertising and the applicable rate is determined by the advertising contract executed by the advertiser and the Publisher. The Publisher reserves the right to cancel the advertising contract at any time due to failure to adhere to payment terms. e. The Foothills Trader reserves the right to change the rates, terms, conditions, rules and regulations upon thirty days written notice to the advertiser. The advertiser has the right to terminate their contract, effective the date the change becomes effective, by giving written notice within fifteen days prior to the date the change becomes effective. Unless such notice in writing shall be received in writing by The Foothills Trader, the contract as modified by such change shall continue in full force and effect. f. Advertisers agree to abide by all the provisions of the applicable advertising contract. g. The Publisher does not accept assignment of payment responsibility by either an advertiser or agency without the Publisher’s written approval.

Black plus one color is available weekly. Color ads are sold on an “as available” basis. Color rates are per ad. Spot color of the week - Add $4.96 per column inch. Full color - $6.00 per column inch/$250 full page

(cost per thousand)
Tab Pages 2 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 1-12x $60.15 $62.82 $64.46 $65.82 $65.92 $68.67 $70.04 $72.82 $75.60 $78.38 $81.19 13-24x $58.71 $61.59 $63.52 $64.38 $65.82 $67.21 $68.67 $70.04 $71.41 $73.05 $74.26 25-49x $57.31 $58.79 $60.25 $61.59 $67.22 $64.38 $65.82 $67.05 $68.50 $69.01 $71.28 50+x $54.59 $56.03 $58.71 $60.26 $62.79 $63.52 $65.38 $65.82 $67.16 $68.67 $70.04

a. Reservations are required at least two weeks in advance of publication date. b. Call for specifications and delivery information. $150 minimum

All three zones: Green/Blue/Yellow $25.83 Per column inch

a. Ad layout, art, type and copy services are available at no additional charge. b. Confidential box reply service is available at a cost of $12.00 for office held, $17.00 for mailed replies. Box numbers are good for 30 days. c. Affidavits available. Commercial printing and Print & Deliver insert packages available. Call for information.


Save 0ver 38% from the combined zoned price
Combined Zones Green/Blue Blue/Yellow Green/Yellow Individual Zones Green Zone Blue Zone Yellow Zone Per Column Inch $18.60 $18.60 $18.60 Per Column Inch $13.81 $13.81 $13.81

a. Full size page: 10 -5/16” x 12” b. 1” minimum depth. 2” minimum ad size.

6 week contract - 10% discount 13 week contract - 15% discount

a. Acceptance – All advertising is subject to approval. The Publisher reserves the right to reject or revise any advertising copy at any time and acceptance of copy or prepayment does not imply agreement to publish. The Foothills Trader shall not be liable for failure to publish an advertisement. b. The Foothills Trader assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisements. c. Every effort will be made to meet reasonable position requests. Failure to meet these requests will not constitute cause for adjustment, refund or rerun. d. The word “Advertisement” (in 10 pt. type) to indicate paid advertisement, will be printed across the top of each column of any advertisment resembling news of editorial content. e. The newspaper will not accept ads of a fraudulent, misleading, controveresial or discriminatory nature. PERSONAL PARTY LINE ADS 3 Days, 3 Lines $15* Private party ads must be prepaid * Price includes web fee. BUSINESS PARTY LINE ADS 3 Days, 3 Lines $20* Ask about our combo rate for Register Citizen, Good News About Torrington and Thomaston Express. Combination circulation, including web, over 141,000! * Price includes web fee. All classified ads appear in all 3 zones!

$2.73 per agate line per zone.



The Foothills Trader is published each Monday. a. Display Ads Space and Copy 4pm. Wednesday (prior to week of publication). b. Classified In - Column Ads 4:00 p.m. Thursday (prior to week of publication).

a. Established in 1964 b. Published Mondays, 52 weeks a year. c. 52,500 distribution 40,103 direct mailed 12,397 dropped to key locations d. A Journal Register Company Publication

A full page for local retail advertising measures 72 column inches. (10 -5/16” x 12”) Minimum size 2 col. inches. DISPLAY COLUMNS 1 2 3 4 5 6 SAU WIDTHS/INCHES 1 9⁄16 3 5⁄16 5 1⁄16 6 13⁄16 8 9⁄16 10 5⁄16 COLUMN WIDTHS/PICAS 9.6 20 30.6 41 51.6 62

Due to variances in newspaper circulation draws on a day-to-day basis the quantity you send us may be over or under what we need to fulfill your distribution instructions on a given day. To assure efficient coverage we will, depending on whether your supplied quantity is over or under our need for that day, add distribution closest to each store or subtract furthest away based on your buy in home-delivery. In addition we will subtract from or add to single copy distribution based on variances in draws. In both cases, we understand that home delivery is most valuable and will act accordingly.

a. b. c. d. Demand Position 10% extra, net. Non-Profit rate: 10% discount (must provide tax ID numbers). Novenas...........$21.21 Political Ads must be paid in advance, no contract rates.

Foothills Trader 52,500 Copies Distributed - 76% Home Delivery

GREEN ZONE: 22,500
15,000 Direct Mailed
-Torrington Winsted Colebrook Riverton Norfolk Canaan North Canaan Salisbury Sharon Goshen Litchfield New Hartford Barkhamsted Lakeville

BLUE ZONE: 15,000
14,229 Direct Mailed
Avon Canton Simsbury Farmington

10,874 Direct Mailed
Harwinton Burlington Thomaston Plymouth Bristol Watertown

Foothills Trader Works For You!
“Whenever we need to inform our residents in our community about our courses, programs or events, The Foothills Trader is always an effective part of our advertising mix.”
Dr. Barbara Douglass President, Northwestern Connecticut Community College

“The Foothills Trader is a mainstay when advertising our pre-owned vehicles.”
Andy Maiolo Center Subaru

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