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Governments Descend To The Level Of Mere Private Corporations Supreme Court Annotated Statue; Clearfield Trust Co. v.

United States !" U.S. # $ %! !&'( Clearfield Doctrine )hereas defined pursuant to Supreme Court Annotated Statue* Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States !" U.S. # $ %! !&'(* +Governments descend to the Level of a mere private corporation, and ta-e on the characteristics of a mere private citi.en.../here private corporate commercial paper 01ederal 2eserve 3otes4 and securities 0chec-s4 is concerned. ... 1or purposes of suit, such corporations and individuals are re5arded as entities entirel6 separate from 5overnment.+ $ )hat the Clearfield Doctrine is sa6in5 is that /hen private commercial paper is used 76 corporate 5overnment, then Government loses its soverei5nt6 status and 7ecomes no different than a mere private corporation. As such, 5overnment then 7ecomes 7ound 76 the rules and la/s that 5overn private corporations /hich means that if the6 intend to compel an individual to some specific performance 7ased upon its corporate statutes or corporation rules, then the 5overnment, li-e an6 private corporation, must 7e the holder$ in$due$ course of a contract or other commercial a5reement 7et/een it and the one upon /hom demands for specific performance are made. And further, the 5overnment must 7e /illin5 to enter the contract or commercial a5reement into evidence 7efore tr6in5 to 5et the court to enforce its demands, called statutes. This case is ver6 important 7ecause it is a !&'( case after the 8rie 22 v. Tom-ins 9' U.S. #', :!& "; case in /hich the Le5islatures and <udiciar6 chan5ed from le5islatin5 under +Pu7lic La/+, /hich /as in consonance /ith the CO3stitution, to le5islatin5 under +Pu7lic Polic6+ accordin5 to the /ishes of the +Creditors of the US 1ederal Corporation.+ See =ideo* <ud5e )arns 3orth Carolina Police to Put Their Personal Propert6 into Someone 8lse>s 3ame http*??6outu.7e?r@e&$ADsBG' Also See* 1ederal reserve notes are not mone6* http*??///!C#&&9&'"?1ederal$2eserve$ 3otes$Are$3ot$Mone6