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Third Year B.Tech. Student Department of Computer Science and Engineering IIT Kanpur Address: 264, Hall 2, IIT Kanpur Mobile: (+91) 8171880676 Email:

Machine Learning Data Mining Computer Security

Year Degree 2011 - 2015 B.Tech 2011 AISSCE (XII) 2009 AISSE (X) Expected Year of Graduation Institute Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur John Milton Public School, Agra (C.B.S.E.) St. Clares Sr. Sec. School, Agra(C.B.S.E.) Performance 8.5/10 (3.4/4) 95.8% 95.2%


Represented India and won a silver medal at the International Junior Science Olympiad, 2009 held in Baku, Azerbaijan amongst 300+ students from 56 participating countries. Awarded Gold medal by HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education), Mumbai for performance in the Indian National Physics Olympiad, 2011. Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for performance in the academic term 2011-12 at IIT Kanpur. Awarded the prestigious Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Scholarship by the Government of India in 2011. Selected among the top 1% students in the country for Indian National Chemistry Olympiad, 2011 and Indian National Astronomy Olympiad, 2011. Received merit certicate for being successful in Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO) 2009. Secured All India Rank of 249 amongst 485000 students in IIT-JEE 2011. Received CBSE Merit Certicate for being in the top 0.1% students in the country in the intermediate Mathematics examination.


TRANSPORT LAYER SECURITY OVER ZEROMQ Summer internship project at Idea Device Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (May 13 -July 13) - Successfully implemented Transport Layer Security (TLS) over the Zeromq messaging protocol using GnuTLS library. - Developed a C library and its python binding to provide an API for secure communication over Zeromq. - The library supports conguration of cipher suites and ZMQ connection patterns (request-reply and routerdealer). AUTOMATIC GENRE CLASSIFICATION OF INDIAN MUSIC Under Prof. Arnab Bhattacharya, IIT Kanpur (December 2012) - Identied and extracted features from a dataset of Indian music from various genres. - Experimented with several techniques including random forests, logistic regression and naive bayes. - Achieved a classication accuracy of 81%. TRANSFER LEARNING FOR CHARACTER RECOGNITION USING NEURAL NETWORKS Under Association of Computing Activities (ACA), IIT Kanpur, (Jan 12-April 12) - Developed an autoencoder for unsupervised feature learning from the MNIST dataset of handwritten digits. - Developed a neural network to classify handwritten alphabets using the features learnt from the dataset of digits. ONLINE JUDGE FOR PROGRAMMING CONTESTS Self initiative(December 2012 - present) - Worked on the open source project, Domjudge to develop a platform for hosting online programming contests. - The platform has been used to host two international contests and several intra college contests at IIT Kanpur. - Leading a team of four students for further development on the project.

SANDBOXED ENVIRONMENT FOR EXECUTING PYTHON CODE Summer internship project at Idea Device Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (May 13 -July 13) - Set up a server to accept untrusted python scripts from users and run them in a sandbox. - Used pypy-c sandbox for intercepting sensitive system calls. WEB CRAWLER Course project: Computing Laboratory (April 2013) - Built a web crawler in python which reports the paper submission deadline, given the name of a conference. - Selected among the best projects from the course showcased to the computer science department. GENERAL PURPOSE COMPUTER ON FPGA Course project : Computer Organization(March 13 - April 13) - Designed and implemented an 8-bit MIPS-like load-store instruction set architecture on an FPGA kit using Verilog. - Selected among the top 5 projects out of a total of 22 projects. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT - Browser Plugin(Yahoo HackU, August 2012) Developed a browser plugin for vocabulary-building that replaces random words on a webpage by their synonyms. - Android App: Screen-stabilizer(Hackathon, Techkriti, the technological festival of IIT Kanpur, March 13) Developed an android app that facilitates reading in a moving vehicle by negating movement induced disturbances. Won the second prize for the hack.

Programming Languages: Web development: Operating Systems: Others: C, C++, Python Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora), Windows A Matlab, Octave, Weka, L TEX, Bash scripting, Vim

Overall Coordinator, Association of Computing Activities, IIT Kanpur (July 13 - present) - Leading the student body of the Department of CSE, IIT Kanpur. - Responsible for all student activities of CSE, including organization of regular programming contests, hackathons, lecture series, semester long projects, programming training camps and cultural activities. Assistant Coordinator, Software corner, Techkriti 2013 , the annual technological festival of IIT Kanpur - Handled the web server for online programming contests. - Prepared problems for the qualication rounds. Student Facilitator at the National Junior Science Olympiad Camp HBCSE, Mumbai (May, 2012) - Accredited as a resource person of Indian team for International Junior Science Olympiad, 2012 onwards. - Part of the 20 member team respopnsible for organization of training and selection camp for the top 35 students in the country. Secretary of Programming Club, IIT Kanpur - Conducted lectures and workshops for rst year students to promote the programming culture in the institute. Peer group mentor, Introduction to Computing - Mentored a group of three students for the course ESc101(C Programming). - Helped the students overcome diculties in the theoretical and practical aspects of the course.

Selected among the top 20 teams in the country for the machine learning contest, National Technical Challenge organized by IBM. Developed an outlier detection model for detecting credit card frauds. Ranked expert on Codeforces (handle: ery falcon). SPOJ handle: harshar Completed a course on Machine Learning on Coursera by Stanford University with an overall score of 100%. Reached the nal round of the TV quiz show Bournvita Quiz Contest, 2009 telecast all across India. Part of the winning team of Codesprint,2012 an intra college online hacking competition. Secured 4th position in IIT Kanpur in an AI design contest organised by Hacker Rank in 2012.